Zestra Essential Arousal Oils Reviews: Did It Really Work For Me?

In this Zestra Essential Arousal Oils review, I would like to bring my own usage story. By doing so, I might be able to help you with my own experiences.

Also, I have added a number of important points that could be really essential for you to know if you are thinking of using these Essential Arousal Oils.

Having said that, let me start with this Zestra Essential Arousal Oils review.


What Is Zestra Essential Arousal Oils?

zestraIf you are looking for something that could help you in problems related to arousal and sexual dysfunction then Zestra Essential Oils could be the right choice for you.

Zestra Essential Arousal oils may provide you with the solution to most of your sexual problems, as a result, with regular usage you could feel incredible pleasure effortlessly.

According to the manufacturers, this product has been in the market for years as one of the best female libido enhancers. This sex stimulant oil may help you in achieving better sexual performance via lubrication.

As per the manufacturer, Zestra essential arousal oil has potent ingredients that might help you in boosting sexual libido, sexual satisfaction and may as well improve your sexual drive that might ultimately lead to a satisfying sexual life.

The brand also claims that biological oils are used in making Zestra. All the products are proven to be effective in several studies. Also, it might have significant benefits for improving sexual health in most cases.

How Do Zestra Essential Arousal Oils Work?

A number of women complain that they are not able to feel intimate after a few years into their marriages. According to them, they are not able to feel natural as was the case when their marriages were new.

Very few of us talk about this issue and find the solution for the same. Zestra is a developer that introduces products for all women to provide an extra boost in their life.

This supplement is available in the form of oil. The manufacturer claims that it is safe and made with botanical oils and extracts. It may help women to feel more effortlessly.

Its main focus is to lubricate the genitalia, as lubrication is the major part if you want to feel everything effortlessly. When applying Zestra oil, might give you a tingling sensation that may lead to natural arousal.

Application of this oil may give incredible sexual pleasure as it wets the vagina. As it contacts the vaginal area, it may increase the blood flow to the genitalia.

Every time you apply this arousal oil it might help your sexual organs with an increased blood flow, a feeling of deep and pleasurable sensation.

Personally speaking, the effects of Zestra begins for me within 3-5 minutes and it lasts for up to 45 minutes in most cases.

Ingredients Used In Zestra Essential Arousal Oils

As per the manufacturer, the ingredients used in this supplement are natural ones. Thus, it may not cause any side effects to your body.

The ingredients come from the various plant varieties and they are clinically proven. Have a look at the list of botanical products used in this supplement.

  • Borage Seed Oil

    This ingredient is found in the extracts from the seeds of the Borago Officinalis named plant. According to the studies of the National Institute of Health, this ingredient contains a high density of gamma-linoleic acid.

    Which provides borage oil with its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Borage seed oil might also help provide relief from menopause symptoms.

  • Evening Primrose Oil

    Another plant-based ingredient is found in the seeds of native North American flowers. Evening primrose oil has been used for centuries for preventing medical issues like sore throats, hemorrhoids, bruises, and digestive distress.

    It might improve your blood circulation as it could balance your estrogen levels and progesterone.

  • Angelica Root Extracts

    This medicinal herb is known for its several health benefits. It has been used for centuries by native Asian tribes as a cure.

    This ingredient might be effective in providing treatment for hormonal imbalances, digestive distress. Angelica root is presented in Zestra maybe because of its healing properties from symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and night sweats.

  • Coleus Forskohlii

    Another medicinal herb extract, Coleus Forskohlii has been used for its several health benefits on glaucoma, asthma, and obesity.

    It has the properties to stimulate an enzyme named AC- III. Hence it could help your body in the transportation of chemical messages.

    However, there is no evidence of this ingredient in preventing female sexual problems.

  • Theobromine

    Theobromine is a compound found in chocolate, which may help elevate your mood. It is also a scientifically proven source that may help to increase brain function as well as sound sleep.

    This natural stimulant acts like caffeine in affecting your heart and nervous system.

  • Vitamin C

    Ascorbyl palmitate in scientific terms, this ingredient is known for its proven several health benefits. Your body cannot produce this vitamin itself.

    This ingredient plays an important role in maintaining your body’s functions properly. Vitamin C is present in several foods like kiwi, oranges, spinach and broccoli, and many more.

  • Tocopherol

    In simple terms vitamin E, tocopherol is used in various medicines because of their powerful antioxidant properties. It may protect your cells from getting affected by free radicals. Also, it might work as a fat-soluble element that could be stored in your body. Tocopherol could also lower your blood pressure, harden your arteries and reduce the symptoms of cancer.

All the ingredients used in this supplement are high quality and manufactured under the GMP guidelines.

Why Did I Choose Zestra Essential Arousal Oils?

As a wife, I always wanted to impress my partner in every way possible. From making food for him to give him pleasure in the bedroom.

But at some point in my life, things changed. This is when I crossed my 40 and had a total hysterectomy.

Because of the no mood for intimacy, most of the time I refused my husband sexual intercourse.

Whenever I tried to get intimate with my husband physically, I ended up feeling like doing nothing.

I have started feeling like I have to do something to save my relationship or else I will lose my husband.

Then I decided to work on this whole situation. I researched the subject and came to know that I was suffering from low libido issues.

This is when I started looking for something that could help me in boosting my libido and enhance my sexual arousal.

I have seen many reviews on Zestra essential arousal oil while I was scrolling on the internet about how to increase arousal levels.

After reading a few reviews I was convinced that this oil might be the perfect solution for me. Hence, without wasting more time I ordered the same from the official website of Zestra.

This is when I started using it regularly by following the instructions from the manufacturer.

How To Use Zestra Essential Arousal Oils

Using this arousal oil is pretty simple. As per the manufacturer you need to apply a few drops of this oil on your genital area, and then massage it gently in a simple motion.

The practical effects of this oil might be noticeable in just 3 to 5 minutes. You may feel a kind of warmth, pleasure, and arousal. These feelings last up to as long as 40-45 minutes.

My Zestra Essential Arousal Oils Usage Results

After completing 2 months of regular usage, I didn’t notice any benefits of this product. But I kept using it as I told myself that it may take time to show the results.

Eventually, I started getting disappointed with the absence of any kinds of results. It gave me a lot of mental stress.

As I was looking to enhance my sexual health but Zestra Essential Arousal oil was not able to support me at any level with the same.

In totality, Zestra Essential Arousal Oil really failed all my expectations.

Side Effects With Zestra Essential Arousal Oils

Personally speaking, I have used this product for at least one month. Although this oil never worked for me.

By the time of usage, I have experienced some unpleasant effects on my vaginal skin. These were just minor ones but had a little effect on the skin.

Thus, I would like to keep you aware of the side effects.

As the makers of Zestra® oil always claimed that it has natural and biotic components, hence it might not cause any rare side effects.

They also claim that it might have positive effects on treating female libido issues. Also, it might give you incredible satisfaction and prevent the dryness of the vaginal area.

As Zestra oil tries to work by stimulating your vaginal skin you may face some side effects or some allergic reactions. These effects could be long-term or short-term.

However, the results of this product vary from woman to woman. Some may feel discomfort after using it or some may feel pleasure.

Here are some of the potential side effects of using Zestra arousal oil:

  • Redness

    Redness could be caused after using this oil. As Zestra arousal oil increases the blood flow to the genitalia which results in a counter-reaction of blood to the skin surface. Also, it might be the result of dryness and itching that is experienced by most women.
  • Itching

    After using this oil, I suffer from constant itching and irritation. using Zestra arousal oil might result in extreme discomfort. It may happen because of exposure to allergens that leads to severe allergic responses like itching. If you face constant irritation after using this arousal oil, you must stop using it.
  • Swelling

    If the irritation and itching on the skin continue for a long time it could result in swelling of the vaginal area. This reaction may cause a burning sensation to the skin after applying the oil. As a result of which you may experience pangs, a lot of skin darkening, and soreness.
  • Rashes

    Most of the women have reported that using Zestra arousal oil causes rashes to their skin. These side effects appear when your skin comes in contact with the substances to which it is allergic.