Zantrex Black Review: Does This Really Initiate An Intense Weight Loss?

In this Zantrex Black review, I have tried to discuss some of the most important aspects of this dietary substance. At the same time, I have also discussed my own experience with Zantrex Black.

Hence, if you are also someone who is looking to start the consumption of Zantrex, you might want to give a read to this Zantrex review until the very end.

I have also added my consumption results as well in the latter part of this Zantrex review.



What is Zantrex Black?

zantrex blackAs per the manufacturers of Zantrex, Zantrex Black is an advanced capsule that could enable your body in receiving high-velocity weight loss results.

According to their claims, this fast-working dietary substance could even help you achieve appetite control, and hence, it may act as an appetite suppressant.

Not to miss, as per the official website, it could also help you with mood elevation as claimed by its manufacturing company.

Besides this, the manufacturing company also claims that Zantrex black might provide you with extreme energy. You could get it in the form of a soft gel capsule.

Generally, the manufacturing company, Zantrex 3 concocts a number of similar weight loss products. These products may be in the form of powder or liquid supplements or even in the form of capsules like Zantrex Black.

Created in the US, Zantrex Black might help you lose weight while you continue your exercise plans and diet. Though the formula present in Zantrex Black is similar to the formula present in other products of Zantrex 3, it could provide you enhanced weight loss benefits and better results.

The major aspect of this dietary supplement is that it might not only assist the weight loss process but also bolster your energy due to its caffeine content.

The caffeine content present in the supplement could be equal to at least three to four cups of coffee in a single day.

Initially, Zantrex Black was formulated by Zoller Laboratories approximately 20 years ago. Since then, Zoller laboratories have been creating a number of weight loss and energy-boosting supplements.

Before introducing Zantrex black, Zoller Laboratories had first formulated this Zantrex 3 in a red bottle and then Zantrex blue.

As claimed by the manufacturer, the substance may not contain any synthetic ingredients. You may purchase it either directly from the company or through various retailers and other Websites.

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Ingredients Present In Zantrex Black

As the manufacturing company claims the supplement has been formulated with a whisk of caffeine-rich and high-quality ingredients that could help you to lose weight faster in a natural way.

Hence, the people who want to gain energy and energy at the same time might consume Zantrex black. You could find different herbal extracts in the Zantrex black formula. Some of the most important ingredients present in this product are mentioned below.

  • Kola seed extract

    The major purpose of including kola seed extract in Zantrex black formula could be because it might help to ameliorate the process of fat oxidation. Due to this, it could even make it easy for the human body to burn stubborn fat.

  • Damiana

    The major benefit of Damiana is to slow the gastric passing in your body. Hence, it might help you to feel full by dissolving the gases in your stomach.

  • Cacao extract

    Cacao extract is included in Zantrex black because it could bolster the fat-burning process of your body.

  • Green tea leaf extract

    Green tea leaf extract has many benefits. When combined with the naturally occurring caffeine and catechins it could help to bolster your metabolism and energy.

Besides these ingredients, other ingredients that you could find in Zantrex black are as follows.

Yerba Mate Extract, Guarana (seed) Extract, Trimethylxanthine (caffeine), Schizonepeta extract, Black Pepper Extract, Rhodiola crenulata Extract, Asian Ginseng Extract, Maca Extract, Black Tea Extract, Purified water, white beeswax, soybean oil, caramel, glycerin, Gelatin, etc.

How Does Zantrex Black Work?

Zantrex black might be better as compared to other supplements because it could help your body to absorb the different ingredients present in it at a faster pace.

The major work of the supplement is because of the natural whisk of different ingredients that could help to truncate your stress, anxiety and bolster your energy.

Zantrex black may provide you results by interfering with an actual metabolic process of your body. The manufacturing company claims that it could provide you with more energy by truncating your appetite.

Lower appetite level might be linked to higher energy level and hence this may help you to lose weight and gain the energy at the same time.

Why Did I Choose Zantrex Black?

I had always been quite worried about my gaining weight. As a result of which, I started to follow a healthy diet to keep it under control.

However, when I thought that things were getting out of my hand, I decided to try out a supplement that could help to truncate my weight and provide me energy to perform the daily errands.

Due to this, I started consulting about different dietary supplements from my gym friends and colleagues. One day, one of my colleagues suggested to me the different products of Zantrex.

Then I started researching about Zantrex black and surfed the net to read its customer reviews and the different ingredients present in this dietary supplement.

I was pretty impressed with the manufacturer’s profile and experience of weight loss manufacturing products. Hence, once I was satisfied with the information, I decided to purchase Zantrex Black.

However, I should have understood it then only that the customer reviews were too good to be true.

Once I received my package, I read all the instructions carefully. Then I started consuming the supplement according to the recommendations given by the manufacturer.

My Experience With Zantrex Black

When I was consuming the supplement, I made sure to adhere to my strict diet and started a little exercise here and there.

Once I consumed two pills in a single day of Zantrex black, I felt how my heartbeat increased to an unbearable extent.

Initially, I got very scared about the consumption of this supplement. However, I waited and thought that after some time, I might be able to find the results.

Then I continued my consumption for a week. But, the other day I experienced unbearable stomach pain after consuming the pills.

The pain was so much that I could not even get up from my bed. It was only after a week that I started seeing other symptoms from the supplement.

Though I was not allergic to any of the ingredients present in Zantrex black, I could find certain symptoms and side effects.

Besides this stomach ache and a rise in my heartbeats, I also experienced diarrhoea, every time I started to work out after eating the pills.

At the same time, I even faced panic attacks, nausea and dizziness. This could be because the supplement had negatively affected the hormone levels in my body.

Then after approximately 1 month, I stopped consuming the supplement. It was then that all the symptoms had gone and I started feeling my old normal self again.

I had no mood swings and did not get irritated then. So I have been quite disappointed with the consumption of Zantrex black. Due to this, I had been looking for an alternative to this supplement.

My Side Effects With Zantrex Black

Since the time I had started the consumption of Zantrex black to truncate my weight and augment my energy, I had faced a number of side effects. Let us have a look at them.

  • Since the time I initiated the consumption of Zantrex black to lose weight, I did not see any benefits in terms of my weight loss process till the end.
  • Besides not helping me in my weight loss process, the supplement did not even adhere to its claims of augmenting my energy and truncating my stress and anxiety levels.
  • Though I did not see any benefits from the products I experienced an increase in my heartbeat as soon as I consumed the product. Initially, I got quite afraid of the increase in the heartbeat. Sometimes I even felt panic attacks.
  • I even experienced unbearable stomach pain while I was consuming the supplement. This could be because of the presence of green tea leaf extract in the supplement. The green tea leaf extract present in the supplement could even be responsible for an increased heart rate.
  • Sometimes the presence of soy in the supplement might even cause certain allergic infections in some consumers.
  • The manufacturing company of the supplement claims that it could help to ameliorate your mood. However, I did not see any such benefit while I was consuming the dietary supplement.
  • Since Zantrex black consists of gelatin, it may not be consumed by vegans.
  • Other symptoms or side effects of the supplement included restlessness, sleeplessness and irritating nature.
  • One of my friends was also consuming Zantrex black and she had a symptom of Niacin flush. In this condition, her blood cells had dilated and resulted in skin inflammation.
  • The niacin present in the supplement could also lead to an increased cough.

My Dosage With Zantrex Black

This supplement is provided in the form of soft gel-like pills. I used to consume it by adhering to all the recommendations and guidelines of the manufacturer.

I used to take two pills of Zantrex black along with one glass of water 15 minutes before my lunch. However, the manufacturer had even recommended I consume one or two extra pills to increase my energy.

But since I was facing different symptoms and an increase in my heartbeat after consuming the pills, I decided not to take up extra pills to increase my energy.

The manufacturer had suggested I did not consume more than six pills of the supplement within 24 hours.

At the same time, as recommended by the manufacturer, I even used to adhere to my modified diet and exercise schedule while consuming the pills.

Zantrex Black Alternative

When I searched for different alternatives to Zantrex black, I came to know about Phen24. According to the official website, Phen24 is a dietary substance that could be regarded as one of the best diet pills and may as well help your body to boost metabolism hence, help might help in losing weight.

The supplement functions due to a whisk of different natural ingredients that might provide you with a healthy lifestyle and even augment your chances of losing stubborn fat.

It consists of two types of pills- the day and night capsules. During the daytime, your body is more active and hence you may take up the day pills to increase your metabolism.

Once your metabolism is increased, it could also help to promote weight loss and boost your energy.

On the other hand, the supplement even has different night capsules. During the night, your metabolism is slower and is not more active.

Due to this, the night capsules might aim at truncating your sugar levels and regulating the cortisol levels of your body. Hence, the combination of both these types of pills could help you to reduce weight.

Personally speaking, after the weird experience of Zantrex Black I was pretty confused. But anyhow I started with the consumption of Phen24 since I was strictly following a healthy diet and proper exercise schedule.

I wanted a supplement that could really support my weight loss journey. As I write this, I am able to notice some positive results.

The energy level has been right up there and hence, I am able to see the initiation of a decent weight loss. As a result, I am pretty satisfied with the changes that I am able to notice.

Final Thoughts On Zantrex Black Review

Thus, I have been quite disheartened with the consumption of Zantrex black. It did not help me to lose weight or increase my energy.

Instead, it led to a number of side effects in me like stomach ache, sleeplessness, restlessness, diarrhea, and so on.

Not only this, but after sticking to a diet and exercise schedule, I did not receive the required result. Hence I felt quite disappointed.

Due to this, I started looking out for other alternatives to Zantrex black and this has resulted in me consuming Pehn24.