Yoga Booty Challange Review: Does This Really Work?

If you are looking to enhance your booty then this Yoga Booty Challenge review is just for you. As I would be talking about first-hand user experience with the same.

At the same time, I have also added most of the essential pointers that could enable you to understand more about the Yoga Boot Challenge.

Having said that, I have also added the results in the latter part of this writeup hence, you should definitely read this  Yoga Booty Challenge review, until the very end.


What Is Yoga Booty Challenge?

The official website states that the Yoga Booty Challenge is an exercise that has been specially designed for women who seek to lose weight and gain a slim body.

The product instructors claim that it could help in reducing body weight and booty muscles without the use of any equipment and might as well prevent the wastage of money in gyms and dietary supplements.

It is a program that is stored in a Dvd set that contains various yoga programs and exercises. They state that it could help in reducing the weight without going to the gym and lifting weight and could be done at the own space of time and the own comfort zone.

It is also claimed by the producers of this program that it contains various nutritional programs which could help in losing up the weight of the body.

As a result, this could help you in transforming the musky booty to a new shape by doing various exercises. It may help in giving a toning booty and a transforming body.

It might help improve the overall health and could reduce the stress level in the body. This may help shred off body fat. This program might help give a good body shape and proper physique.

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How Does Yoga Booty Challenge Work?

The Yoga Booty Challenge tries to work on the method of prime activate and pump method. This method could help in transforming your booty by performing yoga exercises.

This might include rules such as performing the exercise at the right time and doing the right exercise to do the bodywork effectively.

It claims that it could help in improving health and could create flexibility in the body. This challenge might help in increasing the metabolism that could be designed by doing yoga as mentioned.

This might help in increasing the energy level in the body. This challenge claims that it could help to transform within 12 weeks by doing 3 unique exercises and by following the 15 minute routine for each.

This challenge is a digital program that might consist of 3 phases each phase revealing different exercises.

 Phase 1

  • The first phase is known as the priming phase which could help in solving the problem of sleep burn symptoms.
  • This symptom might be caused to women whose glute muscles probably become larger and inactive which could be unable to be engaged properly.
  • This phase exercise might help to activate the glute muscles which might be inactive because of women sitting at a place for a longer period.
  • This phase exercise might help to improve and strengthen the joints and ligaments. It could help to create a strong mind and glute muscles. This yoga could help to activate gluteus minimus, gluteus muscle.

Phase 2

  • The 2nd phase is known as the activate phase. It could help in engaging up the glute muscles of the booty and activating them.
  • Its exercises might help in igniting each glute muscle and activating them.
  • This phase could help strengthen and lift the booty.
  • It could help in toning up the 3 parts of the booty to tightening and to the maximum.
  • The author states that if the 2nd phase is working effectively it means this challenge might be working and suiting the body.


  • The 3rd phase is known as the pump phase which might help in pumping up the metabolism in the body.
  • It could help in increasing the energy level in the body that might last for 48 hours after the tiring workout sessions.
  • This might help to provide benefits to burn the excess fat off the body and may help to be energetic the whole day.

My Experience After Following the Yoga Booty Challenge

After seeing the models and girls in tv shows slaying themselves by the attire of their slim body I was quite encouraged by seeking them to achieve a fit body too but due to my muscle booty and the extra fat around my arms, legs, and stomach, I was not gaining that fit body.

I was in a craze to get that slim body and to start a career as a model. After having various research on how I could gain a fit body with the proper diet I came across a yoga booty challenge.

It claims that it could help in losing my booty muscle within 12 weeks by following the yoga exercises. I have been using it for the last 3 months and I am quite loving this.

I would not say that I got the result instantly but the results were quite effective. There has been suppression of my appetite and there was a good level of reduction in my booty muscles.

It has helped me in losing the extra fat from the body. In these 3 months, I had almost reached my goal and had yet to complete it.

There was a transformation in my body shape due to the regular exercise but the changes were in 2 months. It took a long time.

Since I was not using any supplements, just using the program challenge and following my diet chart, the results were not quick.

The physical exertion in yoga form takes time in working due to hormonal and physical changes. The exercise was sometimes tough for me but yet I managed to do them and then got used to them.

It has helped me in gaining a good sleep. It has also helped me to be out of anxiety and depression. It has helped me in gaining metabolism in the body.

But due to the exercise, there was less increase in my energy level. Thus I was using this product as it does not give any side effects to me.

Changes I Noticed After Following The Yoga Booty Challenge

I had felt positive changes from using this program. Although this takes time to provide the benefits, yet the benefits were quite good and effective.

The changes which I felt were as follows:

  • After doing this for the continuous 6 weeks I felt that there has been suppression of my appetite not to the extreme but to some extent.
  • I had felt the pain in my muscles after doing the yoga in the initial days but after quite a few weeks the pains were decreased and there was muscle recovery.
  • It provided my body with flexibility and also helped in weight loss by which there has been a toning body shape. I had got the tone booty of mine that is the rounded booty and got off those bulky muscle booty.
  • It has helped me in increasing the metabolism in the body but not for up to 48 hours. I didn’t feel it as my energy used to drain after some point in time in a day. But it has helped me in reducing the excess fat of the body.

Final Words On Yoga Booty Challenge

Personally speaking, I had felt the changes in my body after following the yoga booty challenge for those consecutive 12 weeks and didn’t find any side effects as it was a completely safe thing for me to try and work the better for me.

I had followed all the directions mentioned in the DVD video and had done according to the given instructions.

But truly stating no matter how long one does these exercises and changes the support of a dietary supplement act the best alternative because of their fast response.

Since I can’t wait for the long and slow process of this challenge which I could get by consuming the dietary supplement that too without affecting my lifestyle and without any side effects.

Having said all that, I did follow all the procedures as per the instructions.

Therefore I discontinued the yoga booty challenge and had started consuming the alternative Leanbean.
It has been 2 months since I am using it and will be using it ahead too.

After its regular consumption, I got to see the changes within myself from the second month.

I had felt changes in my weight and had felt there had been more of the suppression of my appetite than earlier.
It had stopped the formation of fat from the body.

I used to consume it on my non-workout days too and it did support me without those workouts and gave the best result.

I could easily do my work with the best energy empowered by it without being physically exerted and just by consuming the capsules. It had not led to any hormonal changes in my body and had given me the benefits naturally.

After consuming Leanbeans I used to be energetic the whole time along with a good nap of sleep which I was unable to get from the yoga booty challenge as my energy used to be drained out frequently.

It had helped me in maintaining my transformed body shape and figure and also helped to maintain my booty and keep the arms and leg tone.

It does not affect my lifestyle and my work schedule therefore I found it suitable for my body as it acted the best for me giving up the fast response.

I didn’t feel any kind of side effects from it and felt it was a safe product for me to consume. Hence I will be continuing with this in the future as well.

I had experienced the positive changes from the yoga booty challenge as well in a slow response but as I started using lean beans I had got the benefits from it more effectively and quickly.