Vigorelle Review: Does This Cream Really Work?

This Vigorelle review is not some random product review on the internet. It contains several essential pieces of information when it comes to Vigorelle.

On the other hand, it also talks about a user’s usage experience of Vigorelle. I have also added the sequence of events that led one of my friends to use Vigorelle.

She mentions most things from her using the product to the results that she could observe.


What Is Vigorelle?

Vigorelle is an exclusive product manufactured by Leading Edge Health Marketing Ltd. The company claims that its product could enhance lost sexual desire in women.

Vigorelle promises to bring back the excitement in the sex life, which otherwise suffers due to messed-up sexual desire.

As per the producers, Vigorelle for women increases arousal and provides the highest level of sexual fulfillment to rekindle desire in sex.

The official website states that many women experience vaginal dryness as a concern, particularly throughout menopause.

The company markets Vigorelle as a product of silky smooth texture that could easily glide on while producing a tingling feeling that paces arousal and stimulates the body’s natural lubrication.

You may have come to believe that you simply fail to reach orgasm because of past difficulties or failures during the same intimate situations.

This might not be with Vigorelle as the makers declare that the user may experience intense orgasms as it could amplify every touch.

The website details mention that Vigorelle is an all-natural water-based and natural product that doctors have also approved.

The makers of Vigorelle claim that this cream designed especially for women could help achieve the sexual height of a lifetime that could spark their sex lives.

According to the official website, Vigorelle is the secure and reliable option that women seeking to increase libido, lubrication, and overall sexual enjoyment want.

They further add that Vigorelle combines a unique combination of topical components derived from natural foods and herbs.

Vigorelle, as per the makers, is designed for health-conscious women, and they boast about it being free from synthetic flavors, colors, perfumes, or by-products of petrochemicals.

How Does Vigorelle Work?

The success of any product depends upon what ingredients are involved in their formulation and at what measurements they’re included.

Thus, the instant arousal cream, Vigorelle, is designed to be administered to the mucous membrane below the clitoris, where it is to be applied.

As per the website, Vigorelle functions by enhancing blood flow to the clitoris and stimulating the area around it to improve sexual stimulation.

Natural elements found in Vigorelle have been utilized for many years to enhance sexual health.

As per the official website, Vigorelle contains damiana leaf, which may increase sexual power. Therefore, it may attempt to increase its user’s sex desire, stamina, and endurance.

Gingko Biloba, which enhances moisture retention wherever it is applied to the body and is believed by the makers to be high in flavonoids, may also contribute to the effectiveness of Vigorelle.

Let us talk about the other ingredients in detail.

Ingredients Present In Vigorelle

The following are the ingredients present on Vigorelle-

  1. L-Arginine HCL

    L-Arginine HCL is included by the makers while formulating Vigorelle.

    It is an amino acid that may boost nitric acid levels which could increase blood flow and act as an indicator of sexual arousal.

  2. Gingko Biloba

    With benefits similar to L-Arginine HCL, the makers have also considered Gingko Biloba while making Vigorelle.

    It may encourage blood flow while also aiding in providing a calm effect on the soft tissue that may trigger a sexual response in women.

  3. Wild Yam Rhizoma Dioscorea Villosae

    Wild Yam is added to the Vigorelle formulation by the makers.

    Generally used to treat hormonal imbalances in women, It might as well help in increasing energy and sexual drive.

  4. Damiana Leaf

    They believe that Damiana Leaf could be used for loss of sexual power as it is thought to increase sexual arousal and stamina.

    Thus, the makers have included it in the Vigorelle formulation.

  5. Suma Root

    The makers have added Suma root to the Vigorelle formulation.

    Suma Root has estradiol hormone which may increase estrogen levels in women that could also boost female fertility.

  6. Peppermint Leaf

    The developers have also considered peppermint leaves while developing the Vigorelle mix.

    Peppermint leaves may stimulate sexual desire while also boosting performance and aiding in sex making it an enjoyable experience.

  7. Vitamin A, C, And E Complex

    Vitamins are also added to Vigorelle formulation by the manufacturers. Vitamin A may be considered essential for hormones while Vitamin E and C could be needed for female reproductive health.

Why Did My Friend Choose Vigorelle?

Everything was going on well with my friend when she moved to Boston along with her husband and a cute 2-year-old child.

They were a happy family, but after the birth of her child, she started feeling she had lost the spark in her sex life, which also disappointed her husband.

Initially, she thought that it might be the tiredness of being a toddler’s mom and the cultural shift took a toll on her.

But when this continued for months, she became stressed and felt sad and depressed for not being a good wife to her husband.

Even after several attempts to maintain physical intimacy with her husband, nothing seemed to help her.

She began to worry that if she did not figure out a way to cope with this situation, it may impact her marriage and cause her husband to grow distant from her.

She then turned to the internet to find potential answers to her situation. First, she looked for natural solutions to her problem because she was afraid of using manufactured products.

That’s when she bumped into Vigorelle instant arousal cream. What caught her immediate attention was the natural formulation of the product.

She felt like it was a good product when she also read positive reviews that were flooded over the internet from satisfied customers of Vigorelle.

Thus, she moved ahead and bought a pack of Vigorelle instant arousal cream for herself and decided to give it a try.

Vigorelle Usage Experience

With all curiosity, she started with her Vigorelle application. Then, she also started using apple cider vinegar in her daily routine. According to her, apple cider vinegar helped her with her digestion, which was another worry for her, and only after using apple cider vinegar, her mood improved.

This is when she also told me several other apple cider vinegar benefits.

According to her, she started using Vigorelle in the concerned areas. It was not something that could worry her. However, after a few weeks of its application, she felt tingling in her intimate areas.

She tried to get intimate with her husband, and to her surprise, it was the best sex she had experienced in a while. She felt like she was on cloud nine while also making her husband happy and satisfied.

My friend claims that Vigorrelle not only provided her with long-lasting pleasure, but its regular usage also enhanced her sexual sensations. Availing of such benefits, she decided to stick to the Vigorelle application whenever she planned on getting into the game.

Thus, one could say that Vigorelle Instant Arousal Cream helped regain the spark in her sex life and also played an essential part in saving her married life.

Vigorelle Review: How To Apply

The makers have suggested a simple application of Vigorelle.

They advised applying it regularly on the inner vaginal linings as it could enhance sensation.

To improve absorption, the maker has advised applying a small amount to the mucous membrane just below the clitoris and gently rubbing it in.

The makers mention that Vigorelle has a silky soft texture that may resemble a woman’s natural lubrication.

Benefits Of Vigorelle

The following are the benefits of Vigorelle-

  1. Restores Sexual Energy

    A regular application of Vigorelle could enable the user to not only restore sexual energy but surpass and make foreplay and sex an experience like never before.

    It could boost the energy required for sex for longer durations and end the sexual act on a satisfied and happy note with your partner.

  2. Reduces Vaginal Dryness

    It could also help in relieving vaginal dryness which might be a concern for many women out there who experience this while having sex or in general which could cause trouble during intercourse.

    Vigorelle’s regular application on the intimate area could improve lubrication and enhance the sexual experience.

    The intimate area could feel moistened and hydrated, encouraging the body’s natural lubrication.

  3. Improves Sex Life

    By addressing problems related to sex like vaginal dryness, reduced orgasms, and unsatisfied sexual encounters, Vigorelle might improve sex life by enhancing intensity and endurance.

  4. Based On Herbal Ingredients

    Vigorelle is formulated using natural ingredients thus leaving chances of any side effects. The cream is water-based and is also approved by the doctor.

Final Verdict

Thus, it could be concluded that Vigorelle worked for my friend and enhancing her sex life and saving her troubled relationship.

By enhancing her libido, Vigorelle assisted her in finding the lost luster in her sexual life, and she began to feel it after just a few weeks of starting with its application.