6 Best Thermogenic Fat Burners That Actually Work In 2023

Burning only fat while maintaining muscles intact was really hard for me. This is when I looked for some of the best thermogenic fat burners out there on the market.

After consuming a number of fat burners over a period of several years, I can finally add these thermogenic fat burners to my list.

I find the substances as some of the best thermogenic fat burners as they work for me most of the time when I combine a proper diet and a decent exercise routine.


Best Thermogenic Fat Burners

  1. PhenQ

    The makers of PhenQ claim that it could induce thermogenesis to increase the internal temperature of the body which might help you reduce your stubborn belly fat.

    They say it could help in boosting your metabolism and suppressing your appetite, both of which could aid your weight loss and help you hit your target weight.


    As per the website of PhenQ, ingredients like piperine added to PhenQ is to have the ability that could stop the fat accumulation in your body.

    My sister who uses PhenQ to reduce her weight says that curbing her hunger pangs was the biggest challenge for her, but she overcame this issue with the help of this product.

    She has lost a significant amount of weight with the regular consumption of this product in combination with a low-cal diet and exercise schedule.

    Ingredients Used In PhenQ

    • Capsimax Powder
      A blend of capsicum, niacin, piperine and caffeine could help you rapidly shred off the excess fat on your body by accelerating thermogenesis in your body.
    • Chromium Picolinate
      The major role of this ingredient is to help you suppress your cravings for sugar and carbs which could help in controlling your blood sugar level and may also contribute to weight loss.
    • Nopal Cactus
      Nopal cactus is a fiber that could promote the feeling of satiety and fullness in your body and the presence of amino acids could provide you with more energy.
    • Caffeine
      Caffeine could give a push to your metabolic cycle to promote weight loss and may also act as a stimulant to enhance your focus and alertness, and reduce the feeling of fatigue.
    • L-Carnitine Fumarate
      L-Carnitine fumarate is a naturally occurring amino acid that could help your body to burn the accumulated fat into energy so you could fight fatigue while losing weight.

    Benefits Of Using PhenQ

    • Rapid Weight Loss
      The potent formula of PhenQ is helping my sister in losing her weight. It is a support system that helps her in sticking to her diet and reaching her target weight.
    • Metabolism Booster
      My sister says that she frequently suffered from constipation but PhenQ helped her in resolving this issue. She now experiences quick and proper removal of waste items from the body.
    • Enhanced Energy
      Even though she is eating low-cal food and is constantly losing weight yet she never feels tired or weak rather she stays fresh and energetic throughout the day.
    • Appetite Suppressant
      PhenQ has helped my sister in curbing her diet and controlling her cravings which allowed her to avoid unnecessary munching leading to weight gain.
  1. Leanbean

    Leanbean is a product that could help women in hitting their weight targets and maintaining their progress by reducing their calorie intake with help of Glucomannan- the dietary fiber, say the makers.

    They also say that the natural thermogenic stimulant in the product could help in metabolizing the fat cells in your body which may promote quick weight loss.


    My wife is an active user of Leanbean, she started using this product around a year ago when she wanted to lose weight and now she uses it to maintain her weight and body shape.

    She says that the product helps her in overcoming the barrier of fatigue and tiredness even with the low-cal meals so she could perform exercises routinely without feeling drained out of energy.

    Ingredients Used In Leanbean

    • Glucomannan
      Glucomannan is a potent dietary fiber that could help you in suppressing your appetite and reducing your calorie by promoting satisfaction and a feeling of fullness for extended hours.

    • Choline
      Choline is an important nutrient that is naturally synthesized by your liver, it could contribute to normal fat metabolism that would promote a fat reduction in your body.

    • Vitamin B Complex
      A combination of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 in Leanbean could help your body in fulfilling its energy requirements and maintaining healthy body weight.

    • Chromium Picolinate
      Chromium picolinate might maintain blood sugar levels and help in increasing the lean mass and decreasing the percentage of body fat.

    • Chloride
      Chloride comes packed with essential electrolytes that could help your body in balancing its hydration level and also help in proper digestion function.

    • Zinc
      Zinc is said to play an important role in the normal metabolism of carbs and fatty acids. It may also help in boosting immunity and reducing inflammation.

    • Green Coffee
      Green coffee is said to be high in antioxidant properties and is a rich source of chlorogenic acid that might decrease fat accumulation leading to a decrease in total weight.

    • Turmeric
      Turmeric is called a thermogenic spice with an antioxidant called Curcumin which could help in suppressing the fat tissues in the body.

    • Garcinia Cambogia
      The Hydroxycitric acid in Garcinia cambogia could trigger the release of serotonin which could make you feel less hungry and help in losing weight and keeping it off too.

    • Acai Berry
      Acai berry in Leanbean is rich in antioxidants and could support your body in healthy digestion, efficient burning of fat, and appetite suppression.

    • Piperine
      Piperine is known for its thermogenic properties that could help in regulating and accelerating your metabolic cycle. Its combination with turmeric could help you in reducing body circumference.

    Benefits Of Using Leanbean

    • Quick Weight Loss
      The presence of multiple thermogenic agents in Leanbean helped my wife in accelerating her weight loss and now helps her in keeping all the fat away.

    • Suppressed Appetite
      My wife had a sweet tooth but now her cravings have diminished and her appetite is limited to her low-calorie meals only.

    • Accelerated Metabolic Cycle
      As per my wife, Leanbean helped her in overcoming all the unpleasant bowel movements and helped her in getting rid of the stubborn fat in her body easily.

    • Overall Betterment Of Health
      My wife says that this product not only helps her in maintaining the right body weight but also helps her feel healthy from within all the time.

    • Improved Energy
      According to my wife, she doesn’t feel exhausted even after performing all her daily chores and workouts as Leanbean boosts energy in her body.
  1. Instant Knockout Cut

    The makers of Instant Knockout Cut say that this product could help the bodybuilders and MMA fighters in shredding their fat in a 2-in-1 way.

    Firstly, it would suppress your appetite and secondly, it would give a boost to your metabolic cycle which could help you in successfully hitting your target weight, claim the makers.

    They also say that the product could increase the thermogenesis in your body which could help you in cutting and sculpting your body as you desire.

    Instant Knockout Cut

    A friend who uses Instant Knockout attests that this product helped him in melting down the excess fat on his body while retaining his lean muscles.

    He further said that even after cutting down his calories, his body is charged with energy and he could perform his intense workouts without feeling fatigued or weak.

    Ingredients Used In Instant Knockout Cut

    • Vitamin D3
      Vitamin D3 could promote healthy and strong bones as well as it may enhance weight loss by decreasing body fat and limiting weight gain.

    • Vitamin B6
      Vitamin B6 could help in metabolizing the fat and also reduce water retention which, in turn, could give a push to your weight loss.

    • Vitamin B12
      Vitamin B12 may boost metabolism and provide lasting energy to your body while ensuring a smooth nervous system and body functioning.

    • Caffeine
      Caffeine might blunt your appetite, kick-start your metabolism, and cut down the accumulated fat in your body.

    • L-Theanine
      An amino acid that could ensure a calorie-controlled diet and help in keeping away the weight once you lose it. It may also help in getting a sound and deep sleep.

    • Green Tea Extract
      This rich source of antioxidants in Instant Knockout Cut could help in improving the overall composition of the body, promoting weight loss, and reducing recovery time.

    • Cayenne Pepper
      Cayenne pepper extract consists of thermogenic properties that would turn up the heat within your body and boost your metabolism to burn down the fat quickly.

    • Black Pepper
      Black pepper consists of fibers that might help you in feeling full while it could improve your digestion and metabolism to reduce the accumulated fat in the body.

    • Glucomannan
      A well-known dietary fiber could help you in improving improper metabolic activity as well as suppress your appetite and reduce your hunger cravings.

    Benefits Of Using Instant Knockout Cut

    • Efficient Cut
      As per my friend, the thermogenic boost in this product helped him in cutting down all the extra fat from his body and bringing out his muscular look.
    • Faster Metabolism
      He says Instant Knockout Cut started working on his metabolic activities after a few days of consuming it and it has helped him in the quick removal of all the unwanted nutrients from his body.
    • Appetite Control
      My friend says that Instant Knockout Cut helps him in staying satiated even when he cuts down on his calories during his cutting phase.
    • Maximized Energy
      With all the weight loss going on and cutting down on calories, my friend says that he got all his energy from the minerals and vitamins in this product.
    • Better Exercise Output
      According to him, his stamina was intact and he could exercise for longer hours which helped him in retaining his lean muscles.
  1. PrimeShred

    PrimeShred is claimed to be the thermogenic fat burner that would not let you lose your lean muscles by the manufacturers of the product.

    They claim that this product could support proper and quick metabolic activity in your body as well as intensify your energy levels.


    They also say that it is a combination of powerful ingredients that could help you focus during your workouts and transform your body into a ripped physique.

    I am an active user of PrimeShred and it has been a constant support system in my cutting phase as it is helping me in cutting down the excess fat on my body.

    It has improved my physical performance by boosting my energy levels and has accelerated my weight loss by boosting my metabolic cycle.

    Ingredients Used in PrimeShred

    • Green Tea Extracts
      Green tea extracts in PrimeShred could act as a stimulant that would give a boost to your metabolic cycle and help you in burning fat even at rest due to the presence of caffeine in it.

    • L-Theanine
      An amino acid that could help in reducing your appetite and hence could help you in fulfilling your stomach with the low-calorie meals.

    • Bioperine
      Bioperine in PrimeShred could boost your metabolism and could also help in increasing the production of energy in the cells.

    • Cayenne Pepper
      Cayenne pepper could turn on the thermogenesis in the body which would not only regulate your metabolic cycle but would also increase the resting metabolic rate of the body.

    • DMAE
      DMAE could improve the overall functioning of the body while it might improve your metabolism and release energy in your body which may aid your weight loss.

    • Caffeine Anhydrous
      Caffeine anhydrous could increase your athletic performance, keep you energetic, and prevent further weight gain in your body.

    • Rhodiola Rosea
      Rhodiola Rosea might boost energy and help in reducing the stress-borne mental fatigue from your body. It could burn more calories by enhancing your exercise output.

    • Green Coffee
      Green coffee in PrimeShred could help you in maintaining a healthy weight and experiencing proper metabolic activity as well as prevent blood sugar fluctuations.

    • Vitamin B Complex
      A blend of Vitamin B3, B6, and B12 in PrimeShred could elevate your energy, curb your appetite, ensure the proper functioning of your body, and aid weight loss.

    • L-Tyrosine
      Another amino acid in PrimeShred could help in suppressing appetite and reducing body fat. It might also trigger the release of HGH which might help in building muscles.

    Benefits Of Using PrimeShred

    • Intense Cutting
      I have lost a significant amount of fat but there are a few more pounds to go yet. PrimeShred helped me in losing all the excess fat with ease.

    • Retention Of Lean Muscles
      My muscles got stuffed with fat also while I was working on bulking them, PrimeShred made sure that all the fat was gone and my muscles were left intact.

    • Metabolic Boost
      The thermogenesis effect of this product made sure that all the calories in my body are well processed and the end material is properly removed.

    • Improved Physique
      I wished for a ripped physique with popped-out veins and cuts on my muscles and shoulders, PrimeShred helped me in improving my vascular build.

    • Maximum Energy
      I never felt fatigued or weak due to the weight loss as this product fulfilled the energy requirements of my body efficiently.
  1. Trimtone

    Manufacturers of Trimtone affirm that this product could effectively reduce your weight by boosting your metabolism and burning more calories.

    The 5 ingredients’ potent formula could induce thermogenesis in your body and also suppress your appetite to contribute more to your weight loss, says the maker.


    A friend who consumes Trimtone says that she has been able to shed pounds with this product without bringing any major changes in her lifestyle.

    She says that she was able to control her hunger pangs as this product kept her satiated for hours and she never felt like cheating on her diet meals.

    The product has also helped her in overcoming her irritation and dullness due to weight loss and kept her energy levels well intact.

    Ingredients Used In Trimtone

    • Caffeine
      Caffeine in Trimtone could help in boosting your metabolism by increasing thermogenesis within your body. It might also help in staying alert, energetic, and active.

    • Green Coffee
      The chlorogenic acid of Green Coffee could help you in reducing the absorption of fat and glucose by your gut, lower the insulin level, and improve the metabolic cycle.

    • Green Tea
      Green tea may not only boost your metabolism but could also trigger the release of hormones responsible for breaking down the fatty cells in the body.

    • Glucomannan
      Glucomannan is a dietary fiber that could expand in your stomach which could make you feel fuller and hence reduce your calorie intake.

    • Grains Of Paradise
      Grains of paradise are the herb from the ginger family that might help in firing up the brown adipose tissue that would keep the body temperature high by burning the calories.

    Benefits Of Using Trimtone

    • Rapid Fat Burning
      My friend was quite overweight when she started using Trimtone, it supported her weight management program and accelerated the pace of her weight loss.

    • Energy Booster
      She says that her dullness, weakness, and exhaustion have been replaced by an energetic and fresh mood because her energy is always boosting and this also helps her in improving her stamina.

    • Improved Physical Performance
      Initially, she used to get tired within minutes of exercising but now she can perform intense workouts for hours without taking a break as trimtone has improved her athletic abilities.

    • Appetite Suppressor
      She flaunts her control over her appetite because according to her, Trimtone maintains the feeling of fullness within her and prevents her from overeating.

    • Well-Toned Body
      Overall weight reduction helped in reducing the hips, waist, and body circumference. This helped her in getting the well-toned body she always dreamt of.
  1. KetoCharge

    The makers of KetoCharge have claimed it to be a product that could boost the keto state of your body. This would help in burning more fat and energizing your body.

    According to the makers, it could release energy from the stored fat in your body and also elevate the ketones level in your bloodstream.

    I use KetoCharge to get rid of the excess fat in my body. It balances the electrolytes in my blood that help me keep away the keto flu symptoms like brain fog and bad breath.


    As mentioned on the official website, KetoCharge might help the body to use the ketones in the blood instead of sugar to produce energy. These ketones are released by the liver which uses the fat around your body to make them.

    Hence, I do not fight to fight my cravings and I can eat whatever I wish to while losing weight with the help of KetoCharge. It also maintains my energy levels so I do not feel tired.

    This product acts as a catalyst for my Keto diet, it helps me in burning more calories and makes my keto diet more effective and efficient.

    Ingredients Used In KetoCharge

    • BHB Salts
      The blend of Magnesium, Calcium and Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate in KetoCharge could help you in keeping away the keto flu, boost your mental focus and physical performance, and promote ketones in the blood.

    • Glycine
      This amino acid could help you in improving your sleep patterns and promote a good and energetic mood in your body.

    Benefits Of Using KetoCharge

    • Weight Loss
      I have lost a significant amount of weight and I am still on the track to giving a toned shape to my body. KetoCharge has effectively aided my weight loss.

    • Improved Energy
      My energy levels are always on point which helps me in intensifying my exercises and also adds more reps and sets to my workouts.

    • Sound Sleep
      This product has enabled me to experience a sound and deep sleep with minimal wakeups that make me feel energetic and healthy from within.

    • Improved Mood
      The low-cal meals and weight loss often made me irritated but now with KetoCharge, I can eat whatever I want and it is simpler to lose weight which keeps my mood light and happy.

    • Overall Health
      My body stays hydrated and it also helps me in keeping my cardiovascular and overall health in check while I focus on toning my body.

What Are Thermogenic Fat Burner Supplements

Thermogenesis or adaptive thermogenesis is a condition when the temperature of the body rises to ease the processing, digesting, and metabolizing of the calories you have consumed.

Generally, the manufacturers of these thermogenic fat burner substances claim that they prepare these fat burners with ingredients that could help turn on the internal temperature of your body which could help your body to boost metabolism and may as well assist you to meltdown fat easily.

When I consume any of these fat burners, I try to combine my consumption of these supplements with a proper diet and regular workout so that I am able to achieve my target weight and shape my body into the desired physique.

The right fat burners for me, some of which are mentioned above, worked on my metabolic activities, amplified my energy levels, and also helped my body in shedding off the extra fat from my body.

Apart from regulating my metabolism, thermogenic fat burner supplements also supported me in suppressing my appetite and reducing my calorie intake to promote weight loss and also helped my body in keeping away further gains.

The thermogenic fat burners also helped me in maintaining the right body weight after I lose the extra pounds so that the stubborn fat does not return.

More about diet-induced thermogenesis here.

Can Thermogenic Supplements Help You Burn Fat?

Any thermogenic fat burner substance on the market would work in different ways on different body types. Will they affect you or not is also dependent on the ingredients used to prepare it.

My primary concern is to take control over my calorie intake as a result, I look for Glucomannan which could help me in suppressing my diet and maintain the feeling of satiety even with the low-calorie meals.

The presence of such dietary fibers in the fat burner helps me in suppressing my calorie intake without taking a toll on my health and energy levels.

Thermogenic boosters like Bioperine, Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, and Turmeric are very helpful in raising the temperature of my body and inducing faster metabolism.

These genereally consisted of Bioperine and Cayenne pepper which induced thermogenesis that helped my body in breaking down the fat and metabolizing it quickly.

The vitamins and minerals present in this product made sure that my body is getting enough energy and strength to perform my workouts with ease.

I was able to maintain my focus during the workouts and fight off my mental fatigue which improved my exercise output. This not only reduced my fat but also ensured the retention of my lean muscles.

So yes, thermogenic fat burners are capable of burning the extra fat. PrimeShred is helping me in getting rid of the stubborn accumulated fat in my body.

On the other hand, while I was consuming these substances individually, I also started searching for natural ways to maintain a healthy weight.

This is when I came to know about the intermittent fasting benefits. This is when I also started following intermittent fasting as well. This really boosted my metabolism and my energy levels as well.

Natural Thermogenic Fat Burners

Given below is a list of certain natural thermogenic fat burners that you could either include in your diet or look for in your fat-burning supplements to accelerate your fat burning.

  1. Caffeine

    Caffeine in the thermogenic fat burners could act as a stimulant that might turn on the thermogenesis in your body. It may help you in burning fat even when your body is at rest.

    It could give a push to your metabolism and also increase the energy level in your body. The presence of Caffeine in your meal could also help you in boosting your focus and alertness.

    The natural sources of Caffeine are coffee and green tea.

    More about caffeine here and here.

  2. Green Tea / EGCG

    Green Tea is a rich source of the two most valuable compounds that may stimulate the thermogenesis in your body and these compounds are- Caffeine and Polyphenol Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG).

    These could help in burning the accumulated fat stored in your body. As caffeine could trigger the release of adrenaline in your body to encourage metabolism, catechin could target your belly fat.

    This is where more has been talked about green tea extract in terms of thermogenesis.

    Here is another reference.

  3. Capsaicin

    Capsaicin is the major ingredient of the red chili pepper that could work on increasing your oxygen intake and turn on your body temperature. Here is a study about the same.

    This natural thermogenic fat burner could stimulate the energy level in the body as well. Adding capsaicin to your diet may help you in reducing your calorie intake and promote weight loss in your body.

    This governmental study also acknowledges the same.

  4. Garcinia Cambogia

    Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that may benefit the weight loss process in your body. It could also be helpful for diabetic people to keep their cholesterol and blood sugar in check.

    This fruit contains Hydroxycitric acid that might block the enzyme called citrate lyase that is used by the body to absorb fat. It may also trigger the release of serotonin, which could help you in feeling less hungry.

    Here is a ref from a governmental study and an overview of the same.

  5. Yohimbine

    Yohimbine is said to have a natural fat-burning potential as it could block the alpha-2 adrenergic receptors to which adrenaline binds.

    This allows the adrenaline to stay longer in your body and burn fat to release energy. It could accelerate fat burning, enhance metabolism, improve your physical abilities and aid your weight loss.

    When taken in combination with workouts, caffeine, and synephrine, Yohimbine could give you effective weight loss results.

    Its consumption results by the soccer players have been discussed here.

  6. Bitter Orange/Synephrine

    Bitter orange contains synephrine which is a stimulant and could help you in losing weight and enhancing your athletic performance.

    Consumption of bitter orange in pair with workouts could help you in boosting metabolism and increasing the pace of your weight loss.

    Synephrine’s effects have been discussed here in detail. Also, safety measures and other information could be found here.

  7. Thermogenic Blends

    Thermogenic blends are a combination of various natural thermogenic blends like caffeine, green tea extracts, garcinia Cambogia, yohimbine, bitter orange, etc. that is used to trigger thermogenesis in the body.

    These nutrients simply turn on the heat of your body so that the food you eat is processed, digested, and metabolized efficiently. This not only gives a metabolic boost but also helps in burning extra calories.

    The increased temperature also supports in melting down the stubborn and accumulated fat stored in your body hence, many thermogenic fat burners are prepared with these ingredients.

    Thermogenic blends could also help in suppressing your appetite and reducing your calorie intake by promoting the feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

    Here is a concluding study. Effects are discussed here when it comes to energy expenditure.

Thermogenic Fat Burners - Safety And Side Effects

Thermogenic fat burners could generally be labeled as safe by their makers and based on my experience with them, I can say I had hardly felt any side effects of using these products.

As per the manufacturers, they are mostly prepared with natural ingredients, and following the exact directions of their dosage really helps me in keeping away the side effects.

Well, to avoid the side effects of the thermogenic fat burners, I always consumed a nutritious diet and tried to never skip my workouts.

Not to miss, I also got myself a diet charted out for my cutting phase with the help of a nutritionist. They also answered all the questions including what is the healthiest cooking oil as a result, I was able to make appropriate changes to my diet as well.

On the other hand, if you do not much about nutritionists, you may take a look at what is a nutritionist?

Having said all that, you also might want to note that I never abused these products for quick results which I think has helped me keep my health and body in a good condition.

Though there are fat burners that are prepared with natural ingredients yet there are a few that are prepared with artificial ingredients and could cause adverse effects on your body.

You might experience the following side effects due to the use of these synthetic fat burners or by overdosing the natural fat burners –

  • Heart Burn
  • Nausea
  • Allergies
  • Acne
  • Mood Swings
  • Cardiovascular risk
  • Insomnia

Final Words On Best Thermogenic Fat Burner Supplements

Deriving the conclusion from my friends’, my experience, and talking to a couple of users in my family regarding the use of thermogenic fat burners, I can say that it helped me in regulating my digestive system and metabolism.

Regular usage might be able to suppress the appetite and gave control over calorie intake so that overeating may never be the case. That might ultimately help in maintaining the calorie deficit.

I always try to stick to the above-listed substances for my cut cycle. This is because most of the time I am happy with the desired and effective results of this product on my body.

They have been helping me build a well-ripped physique. Doubtlessly, these substances ensure that all my fat is gone and my muscles stay intact. The other nutrients in this product help me in keeping my health in check.

As I require a higher amount of energy to perform my workouts, these substances make sure that my energy levels are always uplifted and that I do not feel fatigued.