Sugar Balance Review: Does This Herbal Solution Really Works?

In this Sugar Balance review, I will be talking about my consumption cycle and the results that I noticed in myself.

Hence, if you are someone who is thinking of starting the consumption of this supplement, this Sugar Balance might be able to help you out.

Not to miss, I have also added some of the essential pointers that might be helpful to you in understanding more about Sugar Balance.


What Is Sugar Balance?

An exclusive herbal supplement that may help you in staying healthy and fit forever. Also, it may combat diabetes and blood glucose levels with the clinically proven herbal extracts from plants.

It is manufactured in the USA that meets out all FDA guidelines that might ensure safe dosage in most cases. The facility is GMP certified with a meticulous standard for good manufacture. Hence, there are high chances that it could be pure and a better quality product.

Sugar Balance may as well play an important part as it is one of the topmost organic formulas that are rich in nutrients proven to be a reliable solution that may take care of your diabetic situation effectively.

This dietary supplement’s objective is to assist with uncontrolled diabetes, at the same time, it may make you trim and fit.

Sugar Balance tries to deal with digestion, may restrict the excessive fat that has been accumulated over the years, may as well use glucose levels, and could lift vitality levels.

How Sugar Balance Might Work?

Amorfrutins found in licorice root could reduce blood sugar spikes by binding to a nuclear receptor. This receptor may have a vital role in the fat and metabolism process.

Gymnema could reduce sugary cravings, potentially may as well reduce blood sugar levels, and glucose intestinal absorption.

Juniper berry is another extract that could reduce glucose spikes and balance the same after consumption.

Sugar Balance is an herbal dietary supplement that has these ingredients that are backed by clinical research where all these could play an important role in balancing blood sugar levels and prevents sugar spikes too.

A matchless product that could eliminate the extra fat around the liver. It could clean the liver and might help you in burning fat as well.

Hence, this could give a clear path for blood to flow due to fats been reduced in the body. The formula in the product could improvise pancreatic cells too.

This herbal supplement when consumed may produce energy, which could be used to perform various activities. This puts healthy effects on the brain and thus serotonin is increased in the body and might release anxiety, stress, and depressions.

Regular consumption may also boost metabolism, overall health, and could promote stamina. The results might be seen only after 4 weeks.

The formula in the supplement tries to target the liver instead of the pancreas that could result in promoting healthy blood sugar levels.

What Ingredients Are There In-Plant Insulin Sugar Balance?

The product comprises powerful ingredients which may help in regulating sugar levels. These herbs are completely organic and are blended into a unified mixture that is designed as per the taste buds. Let’s check the ingredients of the formula.

  • Magnolia Vine aka Schizandra

    These berries are of medicinal value which helps in curing health conflicts that detoxify the liver by supplying you energy. It might act as a shield that will protect your mind, balance your hormones, and also reduces redness.

  • Glycyrrhiza Glabra aka Liquorice

    An ancient herbal root’s extracts are used in plenty of remedies as it improves blood sugar levels & maintains kidney health too. It also helps to clear respiratory issues & is filled with anti-cancer properties.

  • Astragalus

    Another oldest herbal root that is found in plenty of Chinese Medicines. Astragalus root extracts are infused in this pill as it holds potential health benefits as it might lower blood sugar levels.

  • Juniper Berry

    An organic berry that has medicinal value that relieves diabetes. This herb is extracted to lower sugar contents in the blood.

  • Wild Yam

    Wild Yam root extracts have benefits as it treats health problems like arthritis, skin issues, hormonal imbalances, and swellings.

  • Polygonatum aka Solomon’s Seal

    King Solomon’s-Seal herb is compatible to grow in moist and holds health benefits which help in strengthening joints, cardiovascular problems, and also reduces swellings.

  • Gymnema Sylvestre

    A crucial ingredient that revivifies the pancreas is that ensures beta cells are working safely.

  • Morus aka Mulberry Leaf

    This plant is enriched with beneficial Vitamins and Minerals which are capable enough to fight Diabetes, promote weight loss, and also helps in liver detoxification.

  • Lycium Chinese Fruit

    Lycium Fruit extract also holds health aids like cancer prevention, weight loss, and preserves eye vision.

  • Platycodon Grandiflorus aka Balloon Flower

    This flower grows in a wild environment and is to be found in numerous herbal medicines as it is rich in health aids. Helpful in controlling cholesterol levels, regulate & stabilizes blood pressure too. The most vital is it acts as an immune booster that helps to improve the heart’s health.

  • Chromium Picolinate

    An essential mineral that creates pathways signaling insulin production to the pancreas. Chromium plus Picolinic Acid equals to Chromium Picolinate acts as an agent that increases the amount how much your body can make use.

    It may also help in producing a sustainable amount of insulin to control sugar levels and also acts as a burner as it helps to enhance fat metabolism and liver digestion.

  • Shepherds Purse Stem

    It helps to maintain the digestive system to improve blood sugar levels.

  • Additional Ingredients [Eleuthero Root extract and Milk Thistle Seed Extract]

    It helps in improving pancreas functions.

My Personal Experience With Sugar Balance

I came across Sugar Balance via my colleague. It sounded pretty good and hence, I was excited as this would control my blood sugar levels.

I went to the product’s official site and ordered the product without going for a second opinion.

Once the product arrived at my home, I started to consume it as per the dosage as directed in the supplement. And was looking forward to having a check of my glucose levels after the first week.

But there hasn’t been any change. Then waited to complete the second week, and still, there was no change. I was frustrated as there were no results even after 5 months of regular consumption.

Frankly speaking, there wasn’t any change or benefit that ever occurred to me. No control in blood sugar levels. It didn’t work at all without even the slightest results.

I called for a refund and but they told me I had crossed the limit in days. It is counted from when I ordered and not when I receive the package. It was just a fat bust wherein time & money were wasted.

How Did I Use Sugar Balance?

I consumed the supplement before every meal.

Precisely speaking, just before breakfast, lunch, and dinner [i.e., 3 times a day].

I drank plenty of water throughout the day to have its effect. And to ensure optimum results, I did stick to the dosage as recommended in the prescribed guidelines.

What Are Sugar Balance Side Effects? 

Having received no benefits, I did encounter some of the side effects while using Sugar Balance: –

  • Cramps in muscles during nighttime.
  • Reduced immunity level inside the body.
  • Torment.
  • Stress, anxiety, irritation.
  • Allergic reaction on skin.

An Alternative To Sugar Balance - Sugar Balance Premier

When received no benefits, I again started taking my diabetes pills daily. When I contact my doctor again, he mentioned that the increased sugar levels could be caused by my increased fat in the body.

As a result, he suggested that I should reduce my weight and start a little exercise. At the same time, he recommended a dietitian as well.

This is when I also took a consultation from the dietitian and she also mentioned the same and charted out a diet for me.

At the same time, she mentioned that I should start regular consumption of Leanbean as well. According to her, the triangle of exercise, balanced diet, and regular consumption of Leanbean, I would be able to lose weight.

This is exactly what happened. From the third week itself when I started this whole schedule, I was able to see a gradual reduction in my fat levels.

Personally speaking, it was one of the best decisions and for me, it was definitely one of the best fat burner supplement for me.

Consequently, my sugar levels started to keep normal. I am pretty happy as of now and I am planning to stick to this triangle formula so that I can lead a happy and healthy life.

Final Words On Sugar Balance Review

I thought Sugar Balance was the answer to my problem of getting rid of my sugar imbalance. Instead, it was a scam.

Nor reversed my insulin resistance nor it could reduce my blood sugar levels. The product could not deliver the safest and long-lasting results to me. 

Instead, I faced complications. I would not get this product. I ended up discovering the real solution to my fat problem Leanbean.

The product comprises wildly crafted ingredients that might regulate sugar levels and restores liver function. These elements are completely organic. The ingredients are: –

  • Magnolia Vine aka Schizandra
  • Glycyrrhiza Glabra aka Liquorice
  • Astragalus
  • Juniper Berry
  • Wild Yam
  • Polygonatum aka Solomon’s Seal
  • Gymnema Sylvestre
  • Morus aka Mulberry Leaf
  • Lycium Chinese Fruit
  • Platycodon Grandiflorus aka Balloon Flower
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Schizandre Chinese Fruit
  • Balloon Flower Root Extract
  • Shepherds Purse Stem
  • Eleuthero Root extract
  • Milk Thistle Seed Extract

Sugar Balance may work in such a way that it might help the body in the following ways: –

  • Restrains sugar levels
  • Reduces sugar cravings
  • Removes toxins in the liver
  • Cleanses body
  • Escalating pancreas role for adequate insulin creation to work better
  • Helps to maintain healthy blood glucose levels

I had these adverse changes while using Sugar Balance like muscle cramps, Headache, numbness, slow down the functioning mechanism, reduced immunity level inside the body, had frequent stomach pain, and was always Stress, had anxiety, and irritation. So, for me, it wasn’t safe.

Who should avoid this supplement are: –

  • Pregnancy and lactating moms
  • Excessive or irregular intake should be avoided
  • Children under the age group 18
  • Non-Diabetic people

Who should consult a Physician before taking up the supplement are: –

  • Low sugar levels
  • A long history of allergies
  • Pre-existing medical conditions

The cons of the supplement are: –

  • Excessive or irregular intake should be avoided
  • Continuity of usage is a must
  • Not suitable for everyone