Stenabolic SR9009 Review: Is It Your Body’s Friend Or Foe?

This Stenabolic SR9009 review is about a user’s consumption experience with this supplement. He talks about how exactly he came across this substance and its impact on his body.

Also, I have added some of the essential points when it comes to this supplement so that if you are unaware of its properties, you can go through them.

Having said that, you need to note that this Steabolic SR9009 review is not a recommendation, and you should talk to your doctor before consuming anything new regarding supplementation.


What Is Stenabolic SR9009?

SR9009 also marketed as Stenabolic is a chemical that was developed by Professor Thoman Burris. It is popular as a metabolic modulator that could change the way your body utilizes fats.

It has been regarded as the Rev-Erba agonist that could increase energy expenditure and decrease fat mass, plasma triglycerides, and cholesterol levels.

Bodybuilders, athletes, and gym enthusiasts often use it to increase their exercise capacity, reduce weight, improve athletic performance, and many other uses.

This product was banned by the WADA after its abuses were reported and the agency found that athletes were using it as an unfair means to increase their stamina and performance.

Since then, SR9009 and other related chemicals like SR9011 have been described as “Hormone and Metabolic Modulators”. The agency has also issued a warning against the use of this product.

How Does Stenabolic SR9009 Work?

As soon as the Stenabolic SR9009 enters your body it could activate the Rev-Erba-α in your body which may increase the exercise capacity by increasing mitochondria counts in skeletal muscles, say the researchers.

They further added that this mitochondrial activity could not only improve the endurance of your muscles but also promote fat loss in your body. 

A website mentioned that Rev-Erba is said to be responsible to block the production of fat cells in the body and Stenabolic could enhance this effect.

Therefore, users of Stenabolic could reduce a lot of fat production in their body as well as it may also promote fat loss in their liver because of the reduced fat production.

This chemical could encourage your body to burn the accumulated fat reserves in the body into energy which could also have positive effects on the weight loss process, says the users of Stenabolic.

A user who is a bodybuilder share that this product could help him during the cut cycle and also maintain his energy level and physical performance even though he switches to low-cal meals.

Why Stenabolic SR9009?

If you are into bodybuilding then you must be aware of the bulking and cutting cycles followed by the bodybuilders to shape their physique into their desired shapes.

I am a gym enthusiast and I also write about various bodybuilding products. This not only gives me a wider knowledge about products but also helps me in deciding what to use and what not to.

I met a bodybuilder for an interview, he was a regular user of Stenabolic SR9009. He narrated to me that he has been into bodybuilding for quite some time and used Stenbolic for his first cutting cycle.

He said that he gained a lot of weight after his bulking cycle. There was a lot of fat and water retention in his body which made his muscles saggy instead he wanted stiffer muscles.

He tried to cut down on his calories but did not succeed due to the habit of consuming more calories. Also, his energy level was dipping down which prevented him from working out.

A friend of his suggested trying Stenabolic for cutting as it could keep his energy levels boosted even with a calorie deficit diet and would also enhance his physical performance.

Personal Experience With Stenabolic SR9009

Carl told me that he agreed to use Stenabolic because one, he was desperate to get rid of the excess fat from his body, and two, his friend was an active user and he had faith in him.

I began with a mild dosage for a cycle of 6 weeks and began to lose weight from its initial usage only, he ascertained. As per him, his body used to get charged with energy as soon as he took it.

He mentioned that the energy level was so high that he mostly performed exercises for extended hours without taking any breaks. He felt that his body became a fat burner as he was losing weight rapidly.

According to Carl, his metabolic cycle was accelerated which helped him in eliminating all the excess calories from his food items. This was very helpful for him after his cheat days.

It was easier to lose weight and perform exercises. As per him, his muscles and shoulders began to develop cuts and his abs were getting the chiseled look too.

Further, he mentioned, that he use to feel dizzy and nauseous sometimes after consuming Stenabolic, and when he conferred with his friend he told him that his body was adapting to changes and soon it’ll be over.

Although he was regular to his workouts yet he was finding it hard to focus on his workouts only as nausea and headaches distracted him a lot.

Carl recalled that it was after his second cycle was over that he started experiencing an upset stomach. He felt the acute pain followed by vomiting and frequent bowel movements.

Due to this, he also had to skip gym so he visited a doctor. His doctor ordered a few tests and asked him further about his routine. It was then he mentioned his usage of Stenabolic to the doctor.

The doctor, then, told him that it was a research drug that is not fit for human consumption. As per the doctor, bodybuilders and athletes misuse the product for their benefit and land in the hospital with side effects.

As soon as the reports came in he told me that my upset stomach and headaches were caused by my consumption of Stenabolic, affirmed Carl.

He was shaken by this news and immediately gave up his usage of this chemical as suggested by his doctor. His doctor also gave him a prescription to help him flush out the chemical from his body.

Side Effects Of Using Stenabolic SR9009

Though Stenabolic benefitted Carl in the beginning yet it started harming his health and he gave up its usage to protect himself from further damages.

He narrated his experience and then pin-pointed the following side effects of Stenabolic SR9009:

  • Headaches

    He used to get headaches and feel dizzy as soon as he consumed Stenabolic SR9009. Initially, the headaches were mild but they kept on intensifying over time.

  • Nausea

    There was a constant feeling of nausea after his intake of this substance. It was so strong that he wasn’t able to perform his workouts and this ended in skipping his sessions.

  • Insomnia

    Carl mentioned that his energy levels were always sky-rocketing which benefitted his workouts and daily chores but created a lot of disturbance in his sleeping patterns and made him an insomniac.

  • Upset Stomach

    His stomach problems increased at the end of his second cycle. He had improper and frequent bowel movements accompanied by stinging stomach pain.

  • Risk Of Heart Attack

    Well, Carl did not come across any heart-related issues. But the doctor mentioned that such energy boosters cause a rapid heart rate which might increase the chance of getting a heart attack making it a common side effect.

Dosage Of Stenabolic SR9009

Carl affirmed that as a beginner, he stuck to a mild dosage and followed the same dosage until the very end of his consumption of Stenabolic SR9009.

As you are aware, Stenabolic is taken in cycles with a varied number of weeks, ranging from 4 to 6 weeks and sometimes up to 8 weeks in the case of professionals.

Carl followed a cycle of 6 weeks each and used the liquid form of Stenabolic that he consumed three times a day at a gap of 5 hours.

Usage Of Alternate Product

Carl says he got lucky to get rid of this chemical before it could damage his vital organs and worsen his health. Carl mentions that he took a few months off from the gym to recover fully.

According to him, post-recovery time was hard as he lost his gym form and had to start from the beginning. He says that this was when he started looking for natural and organic products.

He started the keto diet, and with that, he started consuming foods eaten in the keto diet. At the same time, according to him, his foods comprised of high protein foods as well.

For external supplementation, he started using Stena 9009 by CrazyBulk. The company has a well-known reputation for producing legal SARMs and steroids made from natural ingredients.

He says Stena 9009 is one such product that could mimic all the effects of Stenabolic SR9009 but would not harm your body with side effects, claims its makers.

Carl attests to this claim as he has been using Stena 9009 for a few months now and, to date, has not experienced any side effects of this product.

It keeps his energy elevated and also enhanced his exercise output. He says his new trainer suggested pairing up its consumption with a calorie deficit meal and workouts to extract more positive results from the product.

He has been losing weight with this product, but as per him, there’s a long road to sculpting his body as he desires.

Final Words On Stenabolic Review

Carl is grateful that he gave up using Stenabolic SR9009 before it could harm him any further. He says that it also made him realize that he should not use any product without knowing its details.

He is quite happy with his usage of the alternate product that is Stena 9009. As per him, he would use it for all his future cut cycles as the product has only benefitted him.

His weight has significantly reduced and his muscles have become more visible. The product is working according to his pace and is acting as a support system in his cut cycle.

He affirms that though it keeps his energy and stamina boosted yet does not disturb his sleeping patterns. This allows his muscles to recover efficiently and also gives him adequate rest.

He is an active user and plans on continuing his consumption of Stena 9009 by CrazyBulk to make more progress and hit his target physique and body weight.