15 Healthy Sex Tips For Men That You Need To Know

Sex is probably one of the most crucial aspects of our lives. Reproduction is a process as vital as food, shelter, and clothing. The activity is not just entertainment but an essential part of life.

To make it fun is as important as it gets. Men are usually eager to keep their game up top. Enhancing their own and partners’ pleasures keeps them interested a lot and invested.

While it is essential to do so, trying to keep your performance high can lead to anxiety. Hence, here are a few tips that men should follow when it’s all about sex.

Healthy sex tips for men


Healthy Sex Tips For Men

Note that these tips are easy to follow and primary to-dos for sexual pleasure.

  1. Try Foreplay

    It has been heard by every single person out there. Foreplay is the most fundamental part of sex. Indeed, penetration doesn’t mean sex or sexual pleasure at all but the build-up to it.

    It is heartbreaking to see that most men believe in the former part. Foreplay can be counted as the majority part of sexual intercourse which helps to arouse you and your partner.

    Another undeniable fact is that you do not need an erection to please your partner, and erectile dysfunction itself can be used as a good mechanism to try new things with your partner while making love.

    Foreplay means the build-up to intercourse. It may include dirty talk, kissing, touching, or oral sex. So, foreplay might have different meanings and significance for distinct people.

    The study has proven that females usually experience an orgasm with foreplay involved while doing the deed. Therefore, stimulation or foreplay becomes the most significant part of sex.

  2. The Start-Stop

    Another critical way to enjoy sex is to last longer in bed which will make your partner want you more, and one of the best ways to do so is to try the start-stop technique.

    It is a simple and effective technique in bed where you stop sexual intercourse when you are about to cum and start it again slowly and deeply.

    In this way, you delay the ejaculation and focus on enjoying your partner more and vice versa. This method can also help you control your ejaculation in the future.

    An additional pro tip involved with this suggests indulging in foreplay when going slow.

  3. Try New Things

    Sex is all about passion and excitement with a lot of love. It has been observed that people who date a person for a longer time might begin to consider sex as routine which may reduce the heat and the excitement among the partners.

    This can be a major turn-off for both individuals. In such cases, it is suggested to understand each other more and try new things romanticly.

    The couple can try new positions, new locations, or new activities like cooking together, shopping together, going to a museum or amusement park, or trying a new sport.

    This way the couple feels more connected which sparks the heat between them and the rest can be continued in the bedroom.

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  1. Work On Your Anxiety

    Anxiety plays a very important role in turning off the partner and it can make it hard for you to get an erection. Such bad feelings usually cause distraction and boring sex with their partner with major consequences.

    The lucky part is that it can be reversed by simply giving up this stress and enjoying your partner.

    Simple ways to reduce and eradicate anxiety are to indulge in a sport, sleep well, spend more quality time with your partner, work on a hobby or get therapy.

    All these tips can help you reduce anxiety in no time and give you better sex in bed. This will ultimately make your partner want you more.

  2. Communicate With Your Better Half

    Somebody has quoted it right “communication is the key to everything”. All the problems in your life can be resolved by just communicating with the respective party.

    When it comes to sexual pleasures communication is the key. This technique helps you connect more with your partner and find more kinks about her.

    It will help you open up with your love and treat her better in bed. The ultimate goal is to please the women you love and that’s what men want.

    Communication will be the best way to arouse your girl and enjoy being with her in bed more.

    On the other hand, the same technique can help you resolve any sexual problem among or with you by opening up with your partner and increasing intimacy.

    The more intimacy, the better your condition will be. Hence, communication stays one of the most important methods to improve sex.

  3. Solve Your Issues

    Relationship issues usually end up breaking your relationship with the partner you love. Sex with her can become a nightmare as well due to the same.

    All the fights and issues should be resolved then and there to avoid any complexities that may occur in the future. On the other hand, understanding your partner can also help you with all the relationship issues while making love.

    Sometimes fights to end up in lovemaking where she gets passionate and helps you to talk the issue out with her. This will further become a better way to improve your relationship with your partner.

  4. Exercise

    Physical activities play a very important role in improving your sexual performance in bed. On the other hand, it also improves your health which adds up to your performance in bed as well.

    Conditions like high blood pressure or heart disease can decrease the flow of blood to your penis further causing problems in sex. Luckily this can be resolved by indulging in good exercising activities.

    In addition to this, exercising can also improve mental and penis health. This will immensely help you to focus and stay passionate in the bed as well.

    A few exercises can also be used to improve your arousal and ejaculation like contracting the muscles of the penis for 10 seconds and relaxing them for the next 10 seconds, stopping the flow of urine while urinating to improve your control of ejaculation.

    On the other hand, working out together can be an excellent way to spend time with your loved one and make love to her in a different way.

  5. Quit Smoking

    Smoking is very injurious to health. It not just takes your life away but harms your daily routine and your penis as well. Despite lung, heart, or blood problems, it can cause erectile issues as well.

    The study has shown that smoking can cause erectile dysfunction in men. With this, smoking men have been diagnosed to have bad sexual performance too.

    That is why it is best to stay away from cigarettes or any tobacco products for better sexual performance. Else there can be serious consequences too.

  6. Eat Healthy Food

    Believe it or not, food can help you improve your performance in bed. Well l, this means to treat your body right. Eating good food and staying healthy will help improve your libido.

    This will further help you in reducing stress. Hence, you will be able to perform better in bed and keep your partner happy.

  7. Do Your Part In Household Chores

    Both parties play an extremely prominent role in sex. Arousing each other is like a game that ends up rewarding you with loads of love.

    While she does her part to arouse you, this type can help you in descending things to a great start. Domestic chores have become a day-to-day hectic part of a woman’s life. It shows her discipline in life.

    Assisting her or fully taking the responsibility for the household chores will be a major turn-on for your queen because that is how you are supposed to treat her.

  8. Flirt

    Flirting is the best part of foreplay that has existed. This simple gesture of smartly complimenting her can give you major rewards in bed.

    Flirting is like a fun game in which adrenaline rushes in both individuals at their peak. This in return turns you on and helps to make more passionate and hot love for each other.

  9. Manage Health Problems

    Health problems usually cause bad sex. That is why it is recommended to keep a healthy body. Eating good and avoiding bad stuff is the best way to do so.

    While erectile dysfunction is quite common these days, it is best to stay healthy and manage your health problems. Untreated health issues can be a serious threat to you and your partner.

    Medical care should be sought if symptoms get serious and prominent.

  10. Practice Abstinence

    Avoiding making love to your partner for a few days might help you perform better. Giving a gap of a few days or a week makes you grow fonder. As you wait for it more, it will help you perform better.

  11. Compliment Her

    Telling your partner how appealing she is in all aspects may give her the boost she needs. Compliment her body and tell her how good she makes you feel.

    It may increase her sex drive and result in a steamy time for you two.

  12. Use Lubricants

    Maximum people either completely forget about it or stick to weird alternatives like saliva, oil, and vaseline. It might be a blunder for you and your partner.

    Using proper lubricants may ease up the friction, avoiding bruises and uneasiness. So you might give your undivided attention to your lady love and have a good time.


Sexual performance has been essential ever since evolution. Along with understanding your partner, foreplay can play a vital role in bed, arousal, or both.

Passion and excitement are the two vital aspects of lovemaking, and making it fun is the duty of both partners in a relationship.

Many tips can be followed to keep the excitement and passion up in the relationship which has been discussed above. Do remember that communication will still stay the key to a better relationship and satisfactory sex.