Serovital HGH Review: Does This Really Support Anti Aging?

In this Serovital HGH review, I am adding a personal story of a consumer who used this formula for a period of 3 months.

Also, the results are discussed in a detailed manner in this Serovital HGH review. Hence, if you are someone who is looking for a substance related to anti-aging or improving your HGH levels naturally, you should definitely, read this one until the very end.

Not to miss, this write-up has already been reviewed by our health professionals.


What Is Serovital?

serovital reviewSerovital is a brand that provides different supplements and medications for women above 45 years of age.

These supplements could help women about 45 years of age in diminishing their aging by providing them better hair and skin.

According to the manufacturer, Serovital may as well provide you with two different supplements that could augment the HGH levels in your body.

However, these two supplements do not have HGH as an ingredient in them.

But they could try to stimulate the gland that could enhance the levels of this hormone in your body.

As per the official website, each supplement might include different ingredients, like vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.

They state that different supplements of amino acids might help women in improving their hair and skin by augmenting the production of HGH (Human growth hormone).

HGH or the human growth hormone may help you with cell repair, metabolic growth, strength, and recovery. This hormone might also be linked with age and physical performance.

But as you age, the HGH levels in your body might decline. So, you could make up for these levels by taking up additional supplements.

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What Does Serovital Offer?

  • Serovital HGH

    Manufactured by SanMedica International, HGH is a dietary supplement that may help to enhance anti-aging. The reason behind this is that its consists of different Asian herbs and amino acids.

    The presence of these ingredients might enhance the natural production of the hGH in your body. Thus, this could even stop aging and help to improve the quality of your skin.

  • Serovital HGH Advanced

    Serovital HGH is a supplement that includes a proprietary blend of some natural ingredients like olive extract, cumin extract, coffee bean extract, collagen peptides, etc. Other than the proprietary blend, this supplement also includes other ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B2, selenium, copper, and zinc.

    Particularly, zinc consumption is recommended for the elderly population.

    All these ingredients may work together to boost the immunity and metabolism levels of your body. At the same time, this ingredient might also enhance the levels of hGH in your body to improve your skin and hair.
    Out of the above two products, I had tried Serovital HGH to combat my aging issues.

Serovital HGH: Functionality

The functioning and working of Serovital HGH could completely depend upon its different ingredients.

The manufacturer of the supplement even claims that all the different ingredients present in Serovital HGH are clinically tested.

According to the manufacturer, these ingredients might even be backed up by 15 patents. Hence, due to the presence of the clinically tested ingredients, the manufacturers say that Serovital, HGH could help to enhance the natural levels of hGH in your body to 682%.

Not only this, but the manufacturers even say that the augmentation in the hGH levels might help to diminish the fat cells, improve your skin texture, immune system, and even the metabolic levels of your body.

Due to all this, the regular consumption of Serovital HGH might help to reduce your wrinkles and fine lines.

Serovital Ingredients

  • L- Lysine hydrochloride

    This ingredient is an acid that could help in the production of collagen. Due to this, it might be useful for skin renewal. It might even reduce stress, improve your athletic performance and HGH Secretion.
  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride

    This ingredient is another amino acid that might help to improve the vascular functioning and metabolism of your body. Both these functions might help to control the different signs of aging in your body. Along with this, L arginine hydrochloride might also increase the HGH levels in your body and have similar effects to the L- Lysine hydrochloride.
  • Schizonepeta Powder

    This ingredient is a natural herb that belongs to the catnip family. It may help to enhance your mood and energy levels due to its euphoric effect on your body. Generally, this ingredient may be used in different conditions, like menstrual bleeding, cold fever, et cetera.
  • N- Acetyl L cysteine

    The major purpose of this ingredient in Serovital HGH could be to lose the formation of the mucus in the body. This is the cause. The accumulation of thick mucus inside your body might lead to chest congestion and pulmonary disease. So this ingredient provides a neuroprotective effect on your body. It might even combat other age-related diseases, like dementia.
  • L- Glutamine

    This is another amino acid present in Serovital HGH. It could help in the regeneration of cells and improve your overall health, including the skin. The ingredient may even have some anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Oxo Proline

    This is the last amino acid present in the supplement. The major purpose of this ingredient might be to enhance your memory. It might even provide a positive effect on oxidative stress.

Why Did I Start With Serovital HGH Consumption?

Being 50 plus, I was facing different issues like lack of interest in the day-to-day activities along with extreme tiredness and stress.

There were days when I did not want to go to work, but I had to else I would not have anything to eat and to pay the rent.

Generally speaking, my mind was always diverted from the essential stuff that I had to complete during my job.

At the same time, I used to play in a band, this was just as a hobby and for a little side income. But at that point in time, I was not able to concentrate on my hobby as well and I did not take interest in the same.

Besides this, I could even find deterioration in my facial properties and beauty.

Seeing this, my family started to worry about me. This is when my younger daughter who was in her first year of medecine asked me to look up the supplements that could help to resolve all the issues related to my old age.

Serovital: My Consumption Results

After all this, I started my research and asked about the different old age-related stuff and supplements from my friends. At the same time, I also searched on the internet.

While doing so, I found out that, at old age, I might be lacking HGH hormones which could be really essential when it comes to the overall functionality of my body.

As a result, I started searching for an ideal HGH supplement for myself. While doing all this, I found out about Serovital on the internet.

The official website of Serovital exclaimed that it supports anti-aging and I would be able to benefit from it. On top of that, in the looks of it, the manufacturer has mentioned that it contains all the natural ingredients.

I conducted extensive research to know about the supplement. After knowing about its different ingredients I thought to give it a try.

Then I started consuming the supplement regularly. However, after a month I was not able to see any changes that were promised by the manufacturer.

I thought that I should be patient and consume the supplement for another few months. This is because the manufacturers of the supplements claim that you may see the results of the Serovital HGH in about 3 months.

As a result, I continued with the regular consumption, thinking that the supplement could show its results a bit late. Hence, I made it my goal to complete a three-month period of consumption and then notice the results.

Frankly speaking, on the energy front, I was at the same levels and I always felt dull and distracted from my work. On the other hand, there were no changes in my aging issues. In totality, I was at the same level both physically and mentally.

It was then that I decided that I should stop the consumption of these supplements and not waste my hard-earned money on this scam. Instead, I should spend my money on some professional help.

My Dosage With Serovital HGH

The dosage of Serovital HGH is quite convenient and straightforward. Due to this, I was able to consume the supplement for a long time without even missing any single dosage.

I used to take four capsules of the supplement on empty stomach with water. The manufacturer had recommended I either take these capsules before breakfast or two hours after dinner.

Side Effects of Serovital HGH

  • While I was consuming Serovital HGH, I had seen its different cons and side effects-
  • When I used to regularly consume this supplement, it even led to swelling in my feet and hands. The swelling caused a lot of discomfort due to which I was unable to perform my regular activities.
  • Just after the consumption of this supplement, I used to get constant jitters and headaches. So, this supplement was quite unhealthy.
  • One of my friends was also using Serovital HGH. He had even complained about Vertigo after he consumed this supplement.
  • My friend had even faced pain in joints and inflammation in his knees due to the consumption of Serovital HGH.
  • The regular use of the supplement even led to other side effects in my body, like heartburn, fatigue, nausea, etc.

Serovital Alternative

Since I was quite disappointed by the consumption of Serovital HGH, I decided to take help from a professional. I got myself an appointment booked with a health professional.

He created a diet plan for me and advised on some of the most critical things to take care of while I was aging. He laid stress on improving my vitamin D levels.

At the same time, he mentioned that I need to make sure that I am covering my basis with calcium as well. Also, he laid stress on proper eating and recommended that I need to indulge myself in some sort of physical work, this could really improve the overall scenario of my body.

Not to miss, he also mentioned that I should start consuming HGH-X2 as well.

Hence, I started following all those recommendations along with the consumption of HGH X2 which is, a supplement consumed by different bodybuilders.

When I read more about HGH X2, I found out that it consists of a well-researched formula of some natural ingredients. These ingredients helped me in the production of human growth hormone (HGH).

Also, as per the official website, the ingredients present in this supplement were clinically researched and are legal. Due to this, I did not face any harmful side effects.

Not to miss, I was able to improve my energy levels. The concentration power was really starting to build from the first week itself.

The cherry on the top was my jogging schedule every alternate day as the health professional recommended that I take up some physical activity each day.

When I started following all these things in my daily life, it really helped me keep my body fit as well. At the same time, I was pretty happy with the HGH-X2 consumption results.

Now I believe that I am on a right track and I am able to keep myself energized and active every day.

Final Words On Serovital Review

I had been quite tensed about my deterioration in the facial features as well as my mental capacity due to my age. Hence, I thought to give Serovital HGH a try.

However, I could not see any results after taking up this supplement even after three months I realized how I had wasted my hard-earned money on this supplement.

Besides this, I was so regular in taking up these supplements that I expected a positive change. However, my condition was the same as before.

The regular usage of the supplement even had some side effects on my body. I experienced fatigue, heartburn, nausea along with swelling in my feet and hands.

But things really started to change when I got professional help and started the consumption of HGH-X2. Since then, I am really satisfied.