Screamer Gel Review: Does This Scream Cream Really Help?

This Screamer Gel review is all about my experience and how exactly I used this Gel. At the same time, I have added some of the basic details when it comes to this Gel.

Hence, if you are someone who is facing issues with sexual performance or any issues related to your sexual organs, this Screamer Gel review could be the thing that you might need.

Not to miss, I have also added my usage results in the latter part of this writeup.


What Is Screamer Gel?

Screamer GelScreamer Gel, a sexual prescription enhancement product, that is designed especially for women. It tries to work and improve the overall sexual well-being.

It could also help you rise from boring to an unforgettable experience with a handful of scientifically proven elements.

It consists of 2-3 different elements that when combined it might improve the female sexual experience and may as well help to overcome female sexual dysfunction.

It might ease the purpose of internal systems, treats anorgasmia, and could help in improving the libido problems. An extra stimulation like the application of this product with its active ingredients when applied on honey beans, may offer an optimum effect.

This gel might help in enhancing libido, which could formulate and increase sexual satisfaction and reach orgasms.

You may also regard this one as the best female arousal gel. A topical solution that may be applied to genitals to increase blood flow which in turn could easily arouse you and hence, you may be able to enjoy sex.

How Does Screamer Gel Work? 

The ingredients like L-Arginine, Sildenafil Citrate, and Pentoxifylline may help to increase the blood flow rate to the genitals and all over the body too.

Pentoxifylline ingredients in the gel could also help you to increase lubrication in the vagina and may as well improve muscle functions.

Screamer Gel is stimulation that could make sex pleasurable. It could also dilate the blood vessels which is present in genital areas.

Once the cream is applied at first, there may be blood flow near the intimate area, and may feel aroused while having intercourse.

Then this could also increase sensation and be able to get orgasms during sex. And this could also improvise the overall sexual dysfunction and also female anorgasmia too.

The presence of Vasodilators and Bronchodilators could also perform a better function that may relax muscles inside the body which could result in widening, improvement, and could also dilate closed blood vessels. Altogether the quality ingredients may increase overall sexual health.

Screamer Gel Ingredients 

A female stimulating cream is a combination of ingredients that could be regarded as blood flow enhancers and vasodilators.

It has 5 different elements of which 4 are vasodilators and 1 is a bronchodilator. This female medication consists of elements that may act in widening and dilation of blood vessels surrounding organs like arteries & veins.

  • L-Arginine

    An amino acid that helps in immune functionality; releases hormones; increases the nitric oxide (NO) in the body; allows easy blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen; and also stimulates sensitivity in the genitals & all over the body too.

  • Sildenafil Citrate

    Also known as Generic Viagra a key ingredient in Viagra and sex enhancement products. It blocks an enzyme that may help in regulating blood flow to sexual organs, which increases the intensity and duration of sex too.

  • Pentoxifylline

    This is similar to L-Arginine which might help in enhancing the flow of blood to all parts of the body. It also improvises muscles functions; eliminates pain and muscle cramps; reduces vaginal dryness, and enhances vaginal lubrication. It might also help to enjoy sex for longer.

  • Phentolamine Mesylate

    This produces therapeutic actions in the body, muscle relaxation, widening of blood vessels, in turn, reduces blood pressure to a good extent.

  • Theophylline Anhydrous

    This is also known to be a bronchodilator that tends to increase the air inflow to the lungs by aiding the dilation of bronchioles.

These above-stated ingredients might help to enhance the genitals sensations and thus will arouse sexual desire and will get more orgasms and these all lead to a feeling of fulfillment.

My Personal Experience With Screamer Gel

I had always thought sex is one of pleasurable and had always been very active too. There was not even a single day where I and my partner did not do.

We enjoyed it but then life happened to us. Sexual intercourse was no longer an option. I started facing some of the common sexual problems in women.

And that is how I visited my Gynecologist. She was the one who advised & prescribed me Screamer Cream as I had vaginal pain at the time of intercourse.

So, to get back the sex life, I talked about it with my partner and then we placed an order. Once the package was received, I started using the same. It was difficult to find a difference at first.

But things changed after a week. I felt my vagina getting wet and so things started to get better for me ever since and finally, at last, I and my partner made love.

It was so pleasurable as if it seemed like in ages it happened. And from then there hasn’t been a single day where we missed sex unsatisfied.

This product could not only enhance my sexual experience but also helped to bring me fuller orgasm satisfaction. I could feel so erotic when my partner touches me and it is all because of this product.

Was this product a final solution? Yes, it was for me as it finally solved my problems and provided me with a complete libido enhancement.

Finally, there is something truly for me and with the help of Screamer Gel, I was able to enjoy sex again!!

What are the Benefits Of Screamer Gel?

Screamer Gel had a few positive effects on my body like helped me to overcome my issues. These were some benefits that I have personally noticed ever since I started to use the product such as: –

  • Increased Sexual satisfaction

    From the day I started to use, there wasn’t a day when I went to bed sexually unsatisfied.

  • Intense orgasms

    With the use of cream, I got more intense orgasms and so is an increase in frequency too.

  • Enhanced sensitivity

    It did enhance my sensitivity and I noticed the same as whenever my partner touches me I could feel an electric impulse that were been generated in my body and had a great impact on my sexual desires.

  • Increased sex drive

    With the usage of Cream, my sexual libido levels saw a significant increase.

In short, it solved my: –

  • problems like discomfort or pain during love-making sessions.
  • reduced my vaginal area from getting dry.
  • Intensified libidinous and sensibility in sexual organs.
  • Increases intimacy between me and my partner.
  • Improved blood flow in genitals organs.
  • Increased sex time.
  • Experienced multiple orgasms.
  • Worked within 30 minutes and be able to last for 2 hours.
  • Boosts overall desire, sexual pleasurable, and provided with satisfaction and enjoyable activity.

How Did I Use Screamer Gel?

I took a pearl-sized amount of transdermal cream on my fingers and gently massaged it over my clitoral and genitals until it is absorbed.

And I made sure that I apply the same 20 minutes before having sex as the instructions say that the cream should be applied within 15-30 minutes before having sexual intercourse.

There were instructions in the package and the same was prescribed to me by my Gynecologist. The effects of the cream can last for 30 minutes-2 hours.

This increased my sexual desire, enhanced stimulation, and had pleasure in my erogenous zones. And most importantly it will not affect the internal organs.

However, unlike the other sexual enhancement products, I found the product Scream Cream helpful.

Final Thoughts On Screamer Gel Review

I had personally used and felt Screamer Gel has helped me to clear out all the pain, regained vagina wetness, safe and easy to use, and had a pleasant time.

I think the decision of both of us as good as Screamer Gel did work and is now it is the ultimate solution for my successful sex life.

Personally speaking, It came with these 3 characteristics: –

  • Safe
  • Improves Sensitivity
  • Speeds up excitement

And I think I made a good decision when I made up my mind to use Scream Cream.

FAQs On Screamer Gel

I applied the cream 20 minutes before having sex as per the instructions. And the effects of the cream that I experienced were within 30 minutes and lasted up to one and half hours.

This product could only be brought through Doctor’s prescription. 

First I washed the area properly. Then took a little on my fingers and massaged in a circular motion onto my clitoris and outer genitals until it is absorbed through the skin. I took precautions not to apply on the inner side of the vagina and waited for 30 minutes before indulging in intercourse.  

Scream Cream works based on a doctor’s prescription. As the Doctor analyses symptoms and prescribes accordingly. The main purpose of the product is that it enhances blood supply, sensitivity to your genitals improves and increases the chances of achieving an orgasm. So yeah!! It was worthy enough for me.

It is applied in such a way that it is not into the bloodstream. I took the doctor’s advice before using the product.


The cream should be immediately stopped if there occurred any

  • Negative effects or allergic effects to any of the ingredients
  • Pregnant women or breastfeeding
  • Genital Herpes
  • Serious medical conditions like autoimmune disease or heart ailments
  • Vaginal infections

Also, make sure that you look out for these sexual issues and other related documents.