SBulk Review: Does It Really Really Work As Claimed?

This SBulk review is all about the truth that was brought forward by one of the consumers about this substance. As they bring forward their experiences, results and other essential stuff about their consumption journey.

Hence, I would say that if you are someone looking to bulk up or is looking for an authentic SBulk review, then you should definitely read this one.

Not to miss, this writeup has already been reviewed by the medical professional, then only it has been published here.


What Is SBulk?

SBULKAffirmed by its makers, SBulk could be considered as a legal alternative to Testosterone Sustanon. As per them, SBulk could naturally boost the testosterone level in the body.  This might ultimately help your body in building lean muscles.

The makers claim that as per the test conducted on the product it is safe for consumption and has shown no negative impacts on the body of most of the users.

According to the official website of SBulk, it is prepared from natural ingredients that could produce and regulate hormones in your body naturally.

It could naturally enable the testosterone-producing glands to produce increased levels of testosterone in your body.  As a result, it could ease the process of increasing muscular mass. SBulk also tries to elevate the energy levels in your body.

SBulk could help you in enhancing your stamina and endurance during intense workout sessions. It may also allow you to stack your sessions and build stronger muscles.

As per the official website, SBulk could help in overcoming all the plateaus of workouts by boosting your stamina during workouts. The increased stamina also improves your libido.

The makers also claim that SBulk could help you in improving your vascular build. You could give the desired shape to your muscles and body using this product.

How Does SBulk Work?

The amino acid regulator like D-Aspartic acid in the product could help in enhancing the production of testosterone which may help in building lean muscles and increasing stamina.

It could also stimulate the production of the luteinizing hormone that tries to play a major role in sexual development and functioning.

SBulk could give you maximum strength that may improve your physical performance during intense workouts and resistance training. 

As per the makers, this product could provide essential nutrients to your muscles by smoothening the flow of blood in blood vessels. This may induce nutrients in your muscles instead of fat.

The Bioperine fruit extracts could help in cutting down any extra fat on the body. It may also prevent the addition of any extra fat to the body as per some studies.

Zinc Citrate added to this product could help in quick recovery and repair of muscles from intense workouts. It may also improve your immune system.

The makers claim that regular use of SBulk could help you in reducing your recovery time and head back to your workout sessions faster than before.

They also say that this product could help in the overall coordination of your body. It could strengthen your muscles and bones and prevent cramps. 

The Magnesium Citrate present in the product could ensure the proper digestion of magnesium components in the body. It could also prevent injuries and cramps from workouts.

I sometimes also prefer to go for Testo-Max as well. This brings a change in my dosage schedule and my body is also able to take help from another substance at the same time.

Ingredients In SBulk

  • Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B6 in SBulk could help you in raising the testosterone level in your body. It could help in bringing down the recovery time, may improve your sleep cycle, and strengthen your muscles.

  • Vitamin D3

    This element may improve the quality of muscle fibers and repair the damaged tissues in your muscles. It may promote the healthy growth of muscular mass.

  • Vitamin K1

    The elevated proportion of Vitamin K1 in blood plasma could promote muscles strength and may also improve the physical performance of the body.

  • Magnesium

    SBulk consists of a combination of Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Citrate. This could help in improving the flexibility of the muscles and could prevent injuries.

    This study proves the fact that most individuals have a deficiency of magnesium. On the other hand, magnesium supplementation could really help in increasing aerobic and anaerobic performance in humans as well.

  • Zinc Citrate

    Zinc Citrate could boost your immune system. It could lower the recovery time and also repair your damaged muscles. 

  • D-Aspartic Acid

    It regulates the hormones responsible for producing testosterone in the body hence could improve the level of testosterone in the body.

  • Nettle Leaf Extract

    Nettle leaf extract could help in producing the active testosterone by binding it to Globulin which is a sex hormone. Thus, could improve the libido.

  • Korean Red Ginseng Root Extract

    It could boost your cardiovascular and immune systems. It could help in coping with physical exertion by boosting your strength and endurance.

  • Fenugreek Seed Extract

    This element could effectively enhance your physical capability, strengthen your muscles and prevent muscles fatigue. Reducing the recovery time could help you in beefing up your muscles.

  • Boron Citrate

    Boron Citrate could help in coordinating the muscles during a workout session. It may also promote bone strength and prevent cramps and joint pains.

  • Bioperine Black Pepper Fruit Extract

    This black pepper extract could help you in burning down the excessive fat on your body by accelerating metabolism in your body. It could also help in boosting energy.

Why Did I Choose SBulk?

A few months ago while returning from the office, I stopped at a cafe and a college friend waved at me. I couldn’t recognize him at first but then he came to me and introduced himself.

I was shocked to see him. He was all skinny back in college days but now he looked like a bodybuilder. He had a ripped body and his muscles were noticeable.

He told me that he wished to be a model and that required him to have a good body shape. So, he approached a gym trainer who prescribed him a diet management plan.

He said he began his gyming and it used to be so exhausting that he wanted to give up. After a few weeks of workouts, he told his trainer that post-workout he had no energy to keep up with his daily chores.

His trainer then added SBulk to his diet plan. He told him that it would help him in increasing his energy levels.

He began consuming SBulk and gradually his view towards regular gymming changed completely. Now he was able to enjoy things in a much better way, inside the gym.

Gradually he was able to notice that after a few weeks of regular consumption, his energy levels were increased and it was helping him with his workouts and post-workout life too.

He told me that with its regular usage, his stamina was increasing and he was able to push more weights during his workout sessions. This was helping him in building stronger muscles.

He realized his enhanced endurance during the resistance training sessions. He also made me aware of the fact that initially, it was difficult for him to walk home after these sessions.

There were days of muscles fatigue, joint pain, and cramps. But, now with regular consumption of SBulk, even resistance training was fun.

He said SBulk helped him in strengthening his muscles and bones. He said he is an active user and that helps him in maintaining his muscles and body shape.

My Journey With SBulk

Though I never wanted to be a model, what is wrong with a good vascular build and lean muscles. So, I surfed the official website of SBulk.

I found not only my friend but also the users of SBulk had the same opinion regarding the product. There were many positive reviews with pictures of the users.

All these pictures, reviews, and my friend’s transformation story encouraged me to buy my subscription for SBulk. With this, I also signed up for a gym.

I told my trainer about SBulk and he prescribed me a diet plan and workout schedule to follow with it. I also consulted my doctor regarding the product and he gave me thumbs up to use it.

I began my consumption of SBulk with the provided diet. The product initially affected my energy levels and improved my stamina during workouts.

The increased stamina gave me the confidence to add more reps and sets to my workouts. It took me a month and a half to reduce my recovery time.

With the reduced recovery time, I was able to focus more on strengthening and growing lean muscles. With every passing day, my endurance to intense workouts was increasing.

My first routine check-up results showed a notable increase in my testosterone levels. My doctor also assured me that my health was unaffected.

These effective results encouraged me to stick with the product and I followed my diet strictly and tried to be regular to my gyming sessions.

SBulk helped me in reducing muscle fatigue and cramps after an intense workout and I was also able to perform harder exercises for longer hours.

My physical performance is improving with its regular usage. My muscles have grown inches and my vascular build is slowly becoming show-off worthy.

My Dosage Of SBulk

Each container of SBulk contains 30 veggie capsules.

As directed by my trainer, I take 3 capsules with a glass of water at least 20 minutes before my first meal on my workout days. I consume the same dosage on my non-workout days too.

You can find the same dosage on the official website of SBulk. I follow my dosage with a meal plan and routine workout prescribed by my trainer for better and more effective results.

Benefits Of SBulk

From the benefits that I have derived from SBulk, I can categorize them under the following heads-

  • Maximized Strength

    SBulk has helped me in attaining the maximum strength and pushing more weights. My endurance has improved and I can heavily stack my workout sessions.

  • Strong Muscles

    With the reduced recovery time, I was able to focus more on muscles building. There has been an effective growth in my muscles and they are growing stronger with time.

  • Upgraded Performance

    My stamina and endurance have improved and there are no cramps and muscle fatigue anymore. This has upgraded my physical performance in the gym and personal life too.

  • Improved Testosterone Level

    My routine test results have shown a significant rise in my testosterone levels and this has helped me in growing stronger muscles and retaining my energy level.

Final Words On SBulk Review

I am an active user of SBulk and it has been 4 months of using this product. Based on my test results, my doctor has assured me of its safety.

I am happy with my current body shape and the effective results of this product. I have decided to make SBulk a part of my routine permanently as I do not want to lose this body.

SBulk has given me effective results with its regular usage along with a strict meal plan and workout schedule.

I am full of energy all day long and it is easier for me to balance my professional and personal life.