RAD-140 (Testolone) Review: Is It An Overhyped SARM For BodyBuilding ?

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If you are searching for an authentic first-hand usage story RAD-140, then this RAD-140 review is just for you. As I would be talking about how I was able to use the same.

Having said that, I am also going to list the consumption results in the latter part of this RAD-140 review.

On the other hand, our physicians have also evaluated the functionality and other important pointers when it comes to RAD-140.


What Is RAD-140(Testolone)?

It is a popularly accepted fact that professional athletes and bodybuilders may have been using anabolic steroids for muscle growth for so long. They try to energize their bodies for better performance and go through long hours of practice and workout sessions.

But eventually, they could have realized the negative consequences they may face due to the intake of these anabolic steroids in their bodies.


To solve this problem, the pharmaceutical company Radius Health, Inc. manufactured “Testolone RAD 140,” more popular as “Testolone.”

According to them, RAD 140 could be referred to as a type of investigational Selective Androgenic Receptor modulator (SARM) that may have all the positive effects of an anabolic steroid. But, as per their claims, they have ensured that RAD 140 does not harm the consumer like an anabolic steroid.

As per the researchers, it was initially manufactured to prevent muscle loss and other bone-related issues. However, it is still developing, as several researchers believe it could be used as a treatment for different health-related problems like breast cancer.

More has been talked about in this governmental article.

Regarding animal trials, it was found that it was relatively safe in testosterone replacement therapy.

You might think, why would someone use SARMs over anabolic steroids? But, as per the believers of SARMs, the main reason behind the same could be that the SARMs may be very careful in selecting the androgenic receptors in bones and muscle tissues.

They also try to work specifically for each androgenic receptor, whereas anabolic steroids do not.

Androgens are present in both male and female bodies in different quantities. It is a natural hormone that helps in developing male characteristics and controlling the growth of secondary sex organs.

The principal androgen is Testosterone which is present in a very high quantity in males and regulates male traits and reproductive activities.

Some of the best SARMs also try to imitate the functions of androgens and associate themselves with their receptors directly. SARMs could be sensitive in their approach and give the best outcome.

On the other hand, anabolic steroids could sometimes be dangerous and create health problems like liver damage, breast growth in males, and abnormal hair growth in different body parts in both men and women.

The believers of SARM even claim that the side effects of SARMs are nothing compared to the side effects of anabolic steroids. 

This is why they popularize RAD 140 among bodybuilders and athletes. It is considered the most potent SARM, and its characteristics are significantly closer to those of steroids.

Having said that, if you ask me, I would never recommend anyone to go for a SARM or SARMs-like substance since several side effects involve SARMs consumption.

My Experience With RAD 140 (Testolone)

I have been a regular gym-goer for years. My favorite workout would be the abs workout. Sometimes, when I cannot go to the gym due to my busy schedule, I go for a few sets of shoulder workouts at home.

Personally speaking, I never believed in steroids or the consumption of any harmful supplements.

My main goal has always been clean eating and sweating it out in the gym, which is old-fashioned. But, having said all that, people around me were trying new supplements now and then.

Hence, out of curiosity, I wanted to try something that could help me with quick muscle gain and increased strength. I wanted to show off my physique to my new girlfriend and waste no time in achieving my dream physique.

For this reason, I consulted a few gym mates who were into bodybuilding and consuming substances like SARMs and anabolic steroids.

They unanimously gave me the name RAD-140. I was surprised that most people could provide the same name.

I told myself that this could be a decent substance, which is why they all recommended the same to me. As a result, I decided that I would start the dosage as soon as possible.

My Results With RAD 140 (Testolone)

Since I started the consumption of RAD-140, I have been excited to notice the changes in my physique. This was because it was the first time I had tried any SARMs supplement on my body, and I wanted it to work for me.

An initial couple of weeks were average, and nothing changed for me. The changes started with my daily gym routine from the fifth week when I performed my regular exercise.

I could feel the rush of increased strength in my body. I was able to lift heavier weights. At the same time, I could also increase the number of reps with each exercise.

I was on cloud nine and used to look forward to hitting the gym daily.

All these things were short-lived. But then, things took a U-turn when suddenly, one day, I felt a massive pain in my stomach and abdomen.

My family members rushed me to the emergency room quickly. Doctors ran a few tests and told my family that I was also facing issues of liver toxicity and a couple of kidney stones.

This came as a shock to my family as they knew that I only follow clean eating and have never added any harmful substances to my day-to-day diet.

Sadly, this time around, to impress my girlfriend, I tried to follow a shortcut, damaged my internal organs, and became a kidney stone patient.

This is when I started my research with SARMs and came to know that even FDA issues warnings against the usage of SARMs.

As a result, I came to know about the seriousness of the issue and ultimately gave up the idea of SARM’s consumption.

How To Use RAD 140 (Testolone)

Personally speaking, I generally used to consume RAD 140 capsules. This is because I did not want to fill my stomach with powder or liquid.

As a result, my gym buddies, who gave me advice at that juncture, helped me obtain capsules of RAD 140. For the initial first week, I consumed one pill per day. From the second week onwards, I shifted to two capsules per day.

On the other hand, If you are new, it is recommended that you take eight to ten mg of Testolone once a day, and it should be continued for at least six to eight weeks.

Those with more experience and professional bodybuilders can consume about 20 mg daily for roughly ten weeks. After that, if anyone desires to consume it more than once a day, they can divide the recommended intake quantity and consume it twice daily.

As per the believers of RAd 140, the consumption cycle should not be more than seven to eight weeks, or it may harm the body. Unfortunately, I have also seen people becoming rude and fierce, and their level of exhaustion has increased.

After this traumatic experience with RAD 140, I will never consume the same or recommend anyone to use the same, not even for a day.

Side Effects Of RAD 140 (Testolone)

Here are some of the side effects that I faced with RAD-140 consumption. Upon researching, I discovered that there could be other adverse effects if RAD 140 is consumed regularly, hence I have added those as well.

  • From personal consumption experience, I was shocked as I felt a sudden pain in my stomach and abdomen.
  • I suffered a kidney stone as well.
  • The liver toxicity increased in my body. The same was indicated in this trial when a 49 years old man used RAD 140 for a period of four weeks.
  • Having said all that, it may hamper the natural growth rate of testosterone in your body if you repeatedly consume artificial testosterone from external sources. As a result, the testosterone level might rise, and your body may stop developing the same on its own.
  • Carrying out immense workout sessions for muscle building and fat burning by taking external support like SARMs could sometimes have adverse effects. Exercising for an extended period to gain muscles may not be supported by the body as the body has its demand and capacity to grow and build up the muscles. This could lead to high-level muscle and body pain.
  • Testolone tries to energize the body. For new ones, you may feel very impatient at times. At the same time, you might feel a little nervous and uneasy. Eventually, there are high chances that you might become short-tempered and ill-natured.
  • With regular consumption, you may suffer from continuous pain in the head and might as well have a feeling of sickness.
  • You may also face skin-related problems, discoloration, marks, and spots on your skin.

Here is a warning from the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority.

Benefits Of RAD 140 (Testolone)

Several bodybuilders regard RAD-140 as a substance that could benefit their bodies. They also claim that they also see an improvement in muscle mass.

Below are some of the benefits listed according to them.

  • They claim that Testolone carries out anabolic activities by explicitly targeting the androgen receptors in muscle tissues and bones. Therefore, it could help build muscles and increase their size.
  • According to them, RAD-140 also increases bone density and overall muscle strength in the body.
  • RAD 140 is also useful as a fat cutter. It melts down the fats stored in the body and promotes weight loss.
  • It increases the level of testosterone in the body. A higher level of testosterone brings a feeling of positivity and excitement to humans; their sexual desires are enhanced, which benefits those with sexual desire disorder.
  • It increases the muscle power and energy level in the body. The users feel motivated and triggered to lift heavy weights and perform challenging activities at ease. They do not face the feeling of tiredness in the gym, and they recover faster after every workout.
  • The most crucial factor that contributes to the popularity of RAD 140 is that it does not aromatize. Therefore, it prevents the users from facing problems like water retention and breast tissue swelling.
  • A protein called amyloid-beta is responsible for destroying memory and other functions of the brain. Testolone safeguards the brain cells by blocking the entry of this protein and enhances the brain’s memory power and learning capacity by improving brain cell growth. It will also safeguard the brain from memory loss, usually in old age.
  • As per them, RAD 140 discourages the production of a protein called ESR1, one of the factors responsible for activating breast cancer.
  • Pro RAD140 consumers also claim that It does not hamper vital organs like the liver and kidney.

Natural Alternate To RAD 140 (Testolone)

I was unfortunate, having been through so much and consuming RAd 140 SARM. However, this was when the geek in me woke up, and I started doing research online about SARMs.

Although I could not find any of the approved SARMs or RAD 140 sources, I did manage to find, RadBulk. The official website says it is considered a safe alternative to RAD 140 SARMs.

I was pretty impressed when I went through the official text on the website. The ingredients used in the manufacturing process were all-natural ones.

As a result, I decided to give this one a shot as I still had to impress my girlfriend with my physique. Hence, I ordered the package for myself and started with the consumption.

With 3-4 weeks of consumption, I did manage to obtain a few decent results. Finally, after regular usage of 5 months, I achieved what I wanted, and my dream came true when I was able to impress my girlfriend.

Having said that, during these five months, I only concentrated on clean eating and hitting the gym hard. I also got to know about some of the fantastic benefits of ashwagandha. As a result, I also added it to my daily consumption routine.

I wanted to elevate the natural levels of my testosterone.

This is why you could say that I believed in myself and concentrated on natural ways to build my physique and was able to achieve this with the help of a clean diet and enough sleep, and the usage of RadBulk also helped as well.

I want to update you on my RAD 140 Testolone alternative. Recently I also tried Testol 140, which could again be considered one of the better alternatives to RAD 140 Testolone.

Personally speaking, I found it to be helping me with better results. At the same time, there were no side effects as well. This is when I expect any of the substances that I am using to provide external support to my body.

Not to miss, one of the powerlifters has also been using this one. His consumption experience and results are also discussed in this Testol 140 review.


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Final Verdict On RAD 140 Testolone Review

Again, I would like to mention the same thing, that I have already mentioned a couple of times. After going through a horrible experience of using RAD 140, if someone asks me, I will never recommend them any SARMs usage.

This is because I will never want anybody to damage their internal organs for bodybuilding. Hence, I will never be consuming any SARMs in the future.

One more thing that I felt while I was going to start the consumption of RAD 140, they are not approved for regular consumption.

Hence, there was no authentic source through which one could buy the same. Furthermore, the capsules I received from my buddy were unapproved by any governmental body.

This is also one of the most significant risks when consuming SARMs.