Pre Lab Pro Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

In this Pre Lab Pro review, I have included a gym trainer’s experience who used Pre Lab Pro for the first time. At the same time, you will be able to find out most of the basic details when it comes to Pre Lab Pro.

Having said that, the latter part of this Pre Lab Pro review also contains the results that e was able to observe in his body with regular usage.


What Is Pre Lab Pro?

Pre Lab Pro Review latestAccording to the official website, Pre Lab Pro is an enhanced pre-workout drink. In addition, the manufacturer claims that they have enhanced the composition with nootropics.

The manufacturer of Pre Lab Pro is Opti-Nutra, a well-known company specializing in fitness and weight loss supplements. According to them, they have designed Pre Lab Pro to help with sustained levels of nitric oxide in the body, better stimulation, and improved homeostasis.

By boosting nitric oxide levels in the body through a dosage of Pre Lab Pro, the makers claim that blood flow could be sustained with more power, intensity, and mental clarity.

Caffeine, along with L-Theanine and other nootropics, is used to formulate Pre Lab Pro, which the manufacturers mention, could provide improved stimulation without crashes.

The makers mention that this nootropic pre-workout could enhance the mind and body, boosting overall athletic performance. They also guarantee that intense focus could be derived from Pre Lab Pro without making the user feel jitters and crashes.

Per the manufacturers, Pre Lab Pro is designed to deliver the most advanced pre-workout formula as they believe it contains breakthrough ingredients that could give next-level results.

Pre Lab Pro claims to enhance strength and endurance while keeping up with the body’s hydration levels throughout the workouts.

How Does Pre Lab Pro Work?

Per the official website, Pre Lab Pro tries to work by delivering through three significant aspects: increased blood flow, better stimulation, and homeostasis.

The makers have included concentrated beetroot extract, which they believe could promise to deliver higher nitric oxide levels that could turbocharge workout performance.

Makers preferred beetroot extract as it is said to be full of nitrates, which could boost workout performance and improve cognitive functioning through increased nitric oxide.

The makers claim that Pre Lab Pro contains caffeine, and L-Theanine and other nootropics could help in smarter stimulation and more energy, focus, and motivation.

They further claim that Pre Lab Pro could help deliver stronger homeostasis and keep the user hydrated with electrolytes. The makers also claim that Pre Lab Pro could boost performance and recover muscle.

Ingredients Present In Pre Lab Pro

The makers have included workout-boosting natural ingredients which include vitamins and minerals and have been used in the product using the technique of NutriGeneis.

This is a technique patented by the makers to enhance the potency of the vitamins and minerals added in Pre Lab Pro.

Let’s take a look at all these ingredients and how they work in Pre Lab Pro-

  • Beetroot Powder

    Beetroot has an abundance of nitric oxide which could help in increasing blood flow throughout the body which could enhance workout performance and make muscle contraction stronger.

  • Natural Caffeine

    Natural caffeine from robust seeds is also used by the makers in Pre Lab Pro pre-workout mix which could boost energy levels as it stimulates which could promote the central nervous system to be active and focused.

  • Vitamin D3

    A proprietary form of vitamin D  as nutrigeneis is included in the Pre Lab Pro formulation.

    In Ore Lab Pro, it could help in maintaining strong bones and also preserving the skeletal muscles.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt

    Himalayan pink salt can help in maintaining hydration throughout the workout and could also help in reducing muscle soreness derived from a workout.

  • Riboflavin

    Vitamin B2 or riboflavin could help in protecting the muscle tissues from experiencing excessive oxidative damage and like, Himalayan pink salt, riboflavin too can reduce muscle soreness.

  • Vitamin B6

    It may help in generating glucose during exercise and may help in breaking down protein which could enhance workout quality.

  • Folate

    Vitamin B9 could help in producing more red blood cells in the body and more red blood cells could determine increased energy levels in the body.

  • Vitamin B12

    It is required for the optimal functioning of the central nervous system and is also considered by the makers in Pre Lab Pro formulation. It may support energy levels.

  • Potassium

    Potassium is an essential mineral said to be added in Pre Lab Pro formulation which could help in preventing the individual from muscle cramps during workouts.

  • Iron

    It is an essential mineral that is included by the makers in Pre Lab Pro. It could play an essential role in carrying oxygen throughout the body and may also help maintain focus and stamina.

  • L-Glutathione

    L-Glutathione is added as Setria which is a performance blend and is considered in Pre-Lab Pro. It is a potent antioxidant that might protect muscle tissues during exercise and may delay fatigue.

  • L-Citrulline

    L-Citrulline in Pre Lab Pro might support in boosting muscle power output which may boost muscle growth and may also improve muscle efficiency.

  • L-Theanine

    This amino acid in Pre Lab Pro could improve the mood and may also increase focus and alertness levels in the individual. L-theanine could enhance the benefits of caffeine and could encourage brain health.

  • L-Tyrosine

    It is also an amino acid that could enhance focus under stressful and demanding situations and may support neurotransmitters that could enhance performance.

Why Did I Choose Pre Lab pro?

Working as a fitness trainer is not an easy task especially when you are surrounded by hundreds of trainees spread across multiple batches throughout the day.

My day used to start with morning walks, followed by a nutritious breakfast and a long hour of attending conference calls with clients.

My workout session has always been my favorite hour of the day. But, due to the increased demand for fitness coaches and people eager to work out one-on-one, I hardly used to get time for myself.

All of this was affecting my physique build-up and after a while, it started bothering me if because of my work schedule I lose my hard-earned muscles.

But, due to a tight schedule and several work commitments, I was unable to do anything about my situation.

I was unable to gain progress regarding my squats and deadlifts and I was desperate to level up my training program but under such circumstances, nothing was helping me out.

My business partner was a dear friend of mine and he had been observing me trying to keep up during my workout but I always felt drained out of energy levels.

One day, while having a conversation over coffee, I discussed about my issues with him and I shared everything including my urge to make some strong strength progress in my lifts

I told him that it’s been a long since I had been lifting the same amount of weight but due to the tight schedule and limited time workout, I was not able to achieve the same.

My business partner suggested that what I really needed was a push for acing my workouts. I felt like I had been eating and sleeping well but still, I wondered why wasn’t I not make any progress

He said I needed additional external support that could improve my workout quality and I could be able to perform my best even within the crunch time.

He suggested I try Pre Lab Pro pre-workout which could be a real game changer for my problem. He told me that he had been using it for a long time and had never felt out of energy levels during his sessions.

I asked him to enlighten me more about the product to which he shared everything regarding how it helped with more focus and power during his workout sessions which helped him gain more muscles.

I was already intrigued when I got to know about Pre Lab Pro and I instantly asked him to share the official information regarding the product with me.

While reading more about the product on its official website, I got acquainted with the various benefits it claimed which made me even more interested in trying it out for myself.

I made up my mind that even if I had a limited time frame for my workouts I would try to make the most of it and make progress. Thus, I placed an order for Pre Lab Pro as I was in dire need of a change.

My Pre Lab Pro Journey

Within a few days of placing the order, it got delivered to my place. I was excited to start using Pre Lab Pro thinking about if it would work for me or not.

By the start of the new week, I took my first scoop of Pre Lab Pro before my workout session and followed the exact dosage method as laid down by the makers.

On the diet front also, I made several changes. Like I added a few post-workout foods that could help my body by repairing the wear and tear within my body.

While performing my squats, I felt like I could go on and rep a few more repetitions as I felt a rush of energy throughout my body.

I felt more focused than ever before I had felt during my sessions. Within the limited time, I was able to clock in more sets than usual.

I was exercising like I had a complete powerhouse installed in my body as I felt like my body was allowing me to go all out during my sessions and making me push harder during my lifts.

I was able to finally shatter my long-standing bench record because of Pre Lab Pro, which drastically altered my workout routine.

I did not feel jittery during my workouts just a pure boost of energy and focus. Even though had an hour to work out, it did not stop me from losing motivation and I would go on to complete my sets.

My partner asked about my experience of trying Pre Lab Pro and I thanked him for introducing me to it as I was able to improve my strength and could always feel focused during and after my lifts.

Pre Lab Pro Review: How To Take Pre Lab Pro?

If you ask about my dosage pattern, I followed the recommended dosage pattern as laid down by the makers of Pre Lab Pro.

As per their official website, Pre Lab Pro is suggested to be single scooped, 30 minutes before exercise. They have also mentioned to increases it to double-scooping if need be.

Pre Lab Pro Benefits

The following were the benefits that I experienced with a regular usage of Pre Lab Pro-

  • Enhanced Power

    A regular dosage of Pre Lab Pro helped me gain excessive power which enabled me to crush my workouts and I was able to exercise more efficiently, as per my advanced-level training program.

  • Extra Boost In Energy

    My profession is all about how ahead I am in the game. With Pre Lab Pro I was able to stay energized throughout and I never felt I could run out of energy levels, even after my workout sessions.

  • Unlocked True Workout Potential

    I never realized I could break my own records and set up new ones. Another benefit I experienced with regular use of Pre Lab Pro was that I could push my limits and never help myself back from progressing.

  • Improved Focus

    There was always a distraction I used to feel while working out, but right after a few weeks of my Pre Lab Focus dosage, I was repping my maximum deadlifts and squats and I couldn’t have been happier.

Final Takeaway From Pre Lab Pro Review

As a result of Pre Lab Pro, which helped me focus better and encouraged me to lift somewhat more, I was able to accomplish a significant amount of strength progress.

After a long work day, I felt drained and worn out during my sessions after a long work day. Pre Lab Pro helped increase my energy levels while also assisting me with more concentration and focus.

These positive and desired results from this product have motivated me to continue using this product and maintain my gains.