Phen375 Review- All About The Natural Phentermine Alternative !

In This Phen375 Review, I would share my experience of regularly consuming it. The best part is that it is claimed that to be made out of completely natural ingredients. This makes it a natural alternative to PHEN (phentermine or phendimetrazine).

With the inclusion of fast food, instant food and junk in our almost daily regime now, it is no surprise that shredding that extra weight or fighting those extra carbs has become a tedious task. 

While there exist many kinds of surgeries and medications to get yourself the desired weight level or body shape, it is always better to choose the healthy and organic way.

The basic fat burning happens through some cardio or detox food, like running a few miles in the morning, switching to a low-cal diet or even hitting the gym for a few hours. However, it might not always be as effective as you want it to be. It generally also takes time.

Such workout or detoxification could be best put to use when complimented with a natural fat burner supplement. Chemical prescriptions should be avoided as they expose your body to a lot of risk. So then, what are some of the options that one could explore?

In the article that follows, I have talked about the product, how it works, a detailed analysis of the ingredients and benefits of the same followed by my personal consumption story of the Phen375. Without wasting further words then, let us get to it right away!


What Is Phen375?

Phen375The manufacturers of Phen375 have claimed that this product could help you in losing weight and shredding every pound of fat from the body.

They also claim that it could mimic the effects of Phentermine on the body without causing the adverse effects of this product, due to which it was banned by the FDA.

According to the makers of Phen375, it could suppress your appetite and reduce your calorie intake which might aid in quicker weight loss from your body.

They state that this product may also accelerate your metabolic activity and might induce more energy in your body so you could perform exercises.

As per the manufacturers, Phen375 is prepared with all the natural ingredients and is safe for your consumption as observed in most cases.

How Does Phen375 Work?

Manufacturers of Phen375 claim that it could help you in reducing your stubborn and accumulated fat by speeding up your metabolism by using its natural ingredients.

They have claimed it is prepared with thermogenic agents that would not only raise the temperature of your body but would also help in curbing your diet and may as well act as an appetite suppressant as well.

The heat in your body could also help in breaking down the fat and eliminating it through the better and accelerated metabolic cycle, say the makers.

As per them, the presence of caffeine anhydrous could help in kick-starting your metabolism while it might help you in staying fresh and energetic before your workouts.

They claim that Phen375 could improve your physical performance by enhancing your energy and exercise output using the dendrobium extracts in it so you could exercise and lose weight efficiently.

What Is Phen375 Made Of? (Phen375 Ingredients)

  • L-Carnitine

    L-carnitine in Phen375 could help in producing more energy in the body by burning down the fatty cells. It may also help in reducing stubborn visceral fat.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous

    Caffeine anhydrous is a concentrated form of caffeine. In Phen375 it could help you stimulate your metabolism, enhance your performance, and uplift your energy level to maintain alertness.

    More info here.

  • Coleus Forskholli Root

    Coleus Forskholii root in Phen375 It could help you reduce your body fat percentage, make you lose belly fat, and decrease your blood triglycerides.

  • Citrus Aurantium

    Citrus aurantium is said to be an agent containing beta-agonists, which might aid in weight loss by increasing thermogenesis in your body, as observed in studies.

  • Cayenne Pepper

    Cayenne pepper has thermogenic abilities that might raise the body’s internal temperature and might help you in curbing your diet, boosting metabolism, and reducing fat accumulation.

  • Dendrobium Nobile Extract

    Dendrobium Nobile extract in Phen375 could help you in boosting energy, improve your exercise output, and lose weight. It is rich in anti-inflammatories and may also improve your physical performance.

Why Did I Choose Phen375?

I was looking for a product to help me maintain my body weight when I came across Phen375 through an old friend. He mentioned that he got to know about Phen375 from a website where he read a number of positive reviews about this product.

On that webpage, he was able to read all about Phen375, its ingredients, and how it could help anyone lose weight and help them with metabolic activities in the body.

Listening to all these things, I also got pretty motivated to try Phen375. This is because I wanted to lose the weight at any cost.

After this, I also went to the internet and tried my best to research Phen375. I was able to go through a number of reviews. Some of the claimed that it actually worked for them while others mentioned that there were no effects at all.

On the other hand, there were a few comments that listed a number of side effects that they faced when they tried to use Phen375. 

So all in all was not able to decide at that point if I really should go ahead with Phen375 or not.

Phen375 Review: How Was My Journey With Phen375?

The work-related stress and my preparation for the MBA made me prone to late-night snacking. Before I was able to make myself aware I found out that I had developed a habit of munching all the time which made it difficult for me to keep my belly in.

Not to miss, I started feeling really lazy as well due to all this munching.

This is when I decided that with the regular usage of Phen375, I thought I might be able to reduce or get rid of this habit as it could reduce my appetite, as per my friend. So, I decided to order one bottle for myself.

Upon receiving my order, I began its consumption and after a few days, I could notice a change in my energy levels. I was feeling more active and fresh than before.

Soon after this, I was able to lose a few pounds off my body but I was not able to stay satiated on low-calorie meals. I was constantly craving which made it hard for me to stick to my diet plan.

Though it did disturb my metabolism as there were frequent episodes of constipation and also slowed down my weight loss yet I kept on consuming it.

More problems began after a couple of months when there was no further weight loss even after exercising and I was not getting proper sleep.

I felt like my brain was too alert to let me fall asleep and this disturbed my chores for the following day. Apart from these, I also experienced sudden hair fall.

I dropped its usage when these symptoms began occurring more frequently and there was no progress in my weight loss. It degraded my metabolic cycle and did not curb my appetite, as well.

Phen375 Benefits

The initial charm of using Phen375 was too good. Suddenly I started feeling energetic and my concentration levels were really high and up to the mark.

My snacking habits also saw a little break.

Sadly, all these things did not last much longer as I have mentioned above.

Phen375 Side Effects

Side Effects Of Using Phen375

Based on my experience with Phen375, I could point out its side effects on my body. Given below is the list of side-effects of Phen375-

  • Nausea

    I used to feel nauseous after consuming it and this feeling continued to the end of the day. It kept me distracted and made me feel more irritated than I already was.

  • Constipation

    The product was meant to quicken the metabolism it almost put a halt on it. I used to get constipated for days and this made it very difficult to lose weight.

  • Occasional Insomnia

    I went sleepless for nights and then rushed to complete my daily chores. This problem of insomnia continued for a few weeks even after stopping its usage.

  • No Weight Loss

    Initially, I lost a few pounds but after some time it stopped. I tried to keep up with a low-calorie diet but ended up gaining more weight instead of losing it.

  • Acne

    I developed acne all over my skin and not just my face. They itched and caused a lot of pain. I am sure about getting it from Phen375 because my skin was never prone to acne.

  • Hairfall

    There were hairs on my pillow, shower, and everywhere in my house. Even after taking a lot of care of my hair, there is still a minimal hair fall regularly.

Phen375 Dosage

Each container of Phen375 contains 30 tabs according to the label of the bottle of Phen375.

My friend recommended consuming 1 tab with breakfast and 1 tab with lunch, the same as his consumption of this product. I combined its usage with a low-cal meal and regular exercise regimen.

I gave up the usage of Phen375 when it was not suiting my body and causing various adverse effects on my body even after following the right dosage and not abusing the product for quick results.

Phen375 Alternate

After getting the disappointing results from Phen375 and recovering from its side effects, I decided to conduct my research before using any product.

Also, I joined a gym where my trainer suggested PhenQ as he shared the link to its official website and told me that most of his trainees have used this product to reduce their weight and have gained positive results.

I went through the website and found the testimonials of many users that gave positive reviews regarding the product. Besides, the website mentioned the usage of all the ingredients added to PhenQ.

The reviews further motivated me to buy the product and I ended up ordering one bottle of PhenQ from its official website. At the same time, this time around, I did not depend only on a single pill.

But I also tried to include some of the natural changes that could help me lose fat. As a result, I also started consuming roasted Chia seeds in place of junk snacks.

I am presently using PhenQ and it has been a couple of months.

I have gained much better results without feeling any adverse effects on my health. Also, I have lost a significant amount of weight with a boosted metabolism and suppressed appetite.

With PhenQ, I have bid farewell to constipation or an upset stomach symptom. It also makes me feel satisfied and fuller for longer hours hence preventing any further gains.

Not only my energy levels are intact but also my body is functioning smoothly and my sleeping pattern has also improved over time.

Final Words On Phen375 Review

Phen375 was not as helpful as I expected it to be after seeing its results on my friend. Its side effects stayed for months even after giving up its usage.

I am thankful that I gave up its usage before it caused any serious harm to my body. I am an active user of PhenQ and I am deriving effective results from this product.

It has helped me in tipping the scales on my weighing machine and controlling my unnecessary and unhealthy cravings which help me in maintaining my progress.

My bowel movements are quick and proper which contributes to my fat burning. With all the positive and harmless results from PhenQ, I have decided to make it my healthy routine.