Nucific Bio X4 Review: Is It Really Worth The Hype As A Weight Management Probiotic?

If you are searching for a proper Nucific Bio X4 review, then you should definitely be with me until the very end. This is because I have added a consumption experience of a person who used it for a three months period.

Here, this person has also talked about his consumption results as well.

You would also be able to find other useful and essential information regarding Nucific Bio X4. Hence, this Nucific Bio X4 review could really help you in finding all about this substance.


What Is Nucific Bio X4?

Nucific Bio X4 reviews latestNucific is a supplementary item that could help in managing the weight of the body corresponding with age, habits of eating, and body figure.

The company claims that it could help in controlling the craving for junk foods and unhealthy food items. This may also help in supporting a good digestive system.

The manufacturer of Nucific states that it could help in boosting the metabolism in the body. At the same time, it could help to resolve the digestive issue and might as well help in achieving a slim fit body, and could also empower the energy in the body.

As per the official website, It also tries to empower the nutrients in the body which could help to enjoy life happily. It could solve the problem of sleeping and may provide good sleep. Its ingredients might be gluten-free.

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Ingredients Used In Nucific Bio X4

The manufacturer states that Nucific Bio-X4 contains natural ingredients and could be safe to use in most cases.
The ingredient used in it are as follows:

  • Lipase 

    This is used in medicines and could help to cure the problem related to indigestion, and allergies caused due to gluten. This might work effectively to break down the fat and lose that excess fat from the body. This ingredient might contain many side effects such as headache, vomiting, and bloating. It could also lead to abnormal pain or diarrhea.

  • Green Tea Extract

    This ingredient could help in controlling the blood sugar level and could also help in managing weight loss. It could help reduce body fat and might help prevent diseases. This ingredient is generally used as capsules which might help in the recovery of the muscles after exercise. But if this is consumed at high dosage or more it can cause headaches, constipation issues or could create problems in the liver.

  • Caralluma Fimbriata

    This is the plant that generally grows in every region of India. It could help in weight loss and might help suppress the appetite. This ingredient could help in suppressing thirst and may be useful in building endurance in the body. This ingredient may also lead to some side effects such as stomach aches, headaches, and other gas-related issues.

  • Slimaluma

    This ingredient could help to treat the problem of digestion and may work effectively to suppress the appetite. It could help manage the calorie level in the body. It may help reduce the issues of anxiety and depression and may lead to a good sleep during the night. The side effect which was noticed from this is bloating.

Why Did I Choose Nucific Bio X4?

Earlier I was being teased because of my heavy bodyweight. I used to be unusual in my gym schedule and used to follow an improper diet schedule.

These all things were due to a lack of energy within myself which was due to eating unhealthy food items and I was not able to manage my diet.

As a result of all those things, I decided that I need professional intervention in this regard. The health professional suggested that I should give Nucific a try for at least 3 months as its company claims that it could manage the craving and could help in weight loss.

Since he was a licensed health professional, I totally believed in his advice and without thinking much started with the consumption of Nucific Bio X4.

My Consumption Experience With Nucific Bio X4

I started consuming the same without giving it a miss. Also, during this period I also made it a point to follow my diet properly. In my humble opinion, I thought that a proper diet might be able to help Nucific Bio X4 in working effectively. 

But after following a diet and a gym schedule of 3-day per week, there was no reduction in my body weight in the first month.

I used to feel a little energetic for a few hours after taking its dosage but then again things used to come back to the normal stage. With the regular consumption also, I was unable to get a good sleep and peace of mind.

Not to miss, I used to feel worn out with my weight and the workout session.

It didn’t work effectively to increase the metabolism in the body. Since the health professional suggested that I use it for 3 months, I continued its usage in the next two months also but it was of no use.

It did not solve my problem with improper digestion, on the other hand, my craving did stop to some extent but not to the extremes.

I was in dire need of a slim fit body and to obtain a good body figure which could automatically help me with inner confidence but since there was no weight loss and suppression of appetite I was unable to gain self-confidence.

I didn’t feel any benefit after taking its regular dosage so I stopped its consumption. My body didn’t react positively to this product.

After using it for a 3 months period I was able to notice that there was no difference in my body and overall health. Hence, I concluded that unfortunately, my body didn’t react positively to Nucific Bio X4.

In totality, I would be able to summarize the experience in a couple of points mentioned below.

  • Nucific Bio X4 Did Not Manage My Cravings For Junk Food

    I used to intake unhealthy food and junk food because of their taste and my food nature. I had been trying my level best to control it.

    Hence, along with Nucific, I started following a healthy diet too. But it didn’t help me in controlling my unhealthy food eating habit and all my diet and workout were going to the drain because of gaining calories.

  • Didn’t Help My Body’s Metabolism

    After having Nucific there was an increment in my energy level but for a few hours and then back to normal to fatigue and dizziness. Its consumption does not help in increasing my metabolism nor helps me to be energetic the whole day.

Side Effects With Nucific Bio X4

After observing no benefits with the regular consumption of Nucific Bio X4, I stopped taking its dosage. Another thing that I would like to report is that I also faced several side effects.

The side effect which caused me to stop its consumption are as follows:

  • Lead To The Improper Digestion

    Earlier I was having a lot of unhealthy food items hence, I was facing issues related to digestion. But since I had started consuming Nucific Bio X4, I tried to follow a proper diet too but then also my digestive issue did not vanish.

  • Didn’t Work Effectively On Weight Management

    Since excess weight not only leads to obesity, and other health-related problems but personally for me it was a reason for low self-confidence as well.

    I thought I would soon lose weight and get rid of these problems but the Nucific Bio X4 didn’t help me reach my weight loss milestone in those three months.

    Not only this, but my weight actually saw an increment. My regular clothes no longer fit my body.

My Nucific Bio X4 Dosage Schedule

While I was consuming this substance, I never missed any of its dosages. I used to take 3 capsules per day with each meal with water.

Frankly speaking, I was also regular with a 3day workout schedule as well. But the sad part was that I was unable to observe any positive signs when it comes to weight loss.

Nucific Bio X4 Alternative

After being completely disappointed with Nucific Bio X4, I came across another dietary supplement PhenQ. As I still had to lose weight, I told myself that PhenQ might work for me.

I took the reference about this product from a different nutritionist and then started consuming it. It has been 3 months since I started consuming it and it has not disappointed me in these three months.

I am taking a regular dosage of PhenQ as directed in the manual, at the same time, I am also following all the respective guidelines. I used to take 2 capsules per day, one before breakfast and the other before lunch.

It had helped me in losing weight in the initial month itself. It had helped me in gaining confidence by providing a healthy and happy mind which was due to a night of good sleep.

In these 3 months, I have achieved a decent weight loss and I am pretty positive that I will be able to reach my milestone of losing weight.

Not to miss, it had also helped in increasing the metabolism in the body and had also helped in increasing the energy level.

Having said all that, it has taken away the cravings that I used to have during office hours. Personally, this has been the biggest change that I am thankful for.

Also, the regular dosage of PhenQ with a healthy diet and workout schedule suited me the best without changing my lifestyle. I feel that my body is best suited to PhenQ and I don’t feel any sort of side effects after consuming it. I am still consuming PhenQ and loving it.

Final Words On Nucific Bio X4 Review

After consuming Nucific Bio X4 for those three months I realized it wasn’t a safe product for me to use and I didn’t get any benefits after its consumption.

I felt there had been a few changes which were accompanied by a few side effects too, therefore I stopped its consumption as I didn’t want to harm my health anymore.

PhenQ acted as the best alternative for me against Nucific Bio X4. It provided me with decent weight loss benefits which I was searching for and had also helped me in leveling up my good cholesterol level and my blood sugar level.

Its benefits enabled me to use this product for more time as I didn’t feel fatigued anymore and was more energetic.
I will continue to consume PhenQ as a dietary supplement as I am still looking to achieve my dream physique.