Nexus Pheromones Review: Does This Attraction Formula Really Works?

In this Nexus Pheromones review, I have talked extensively about most of the aspects of this product. At the same time, I have also included my own personal user experience.

As a result of which, if you are looking for a first-hand user experience of Nexus Pheromones, you might want to read this one until the very end.

Not to miss, our health experts have also fact-checked this entire Nexus Pheromones review.


What Is Nexus Pheromones?

nexus pheromonesThe official website of Nexus Pheromones states that they are made with a potent blend of 7 human pheromone compounds. They try to work together to provide you with maximum effect.

Moreover, this Cologne for men may last up to 8 to 10 hours. It means you don’t need to worry about your cologne wearing off soon. And there are high chances that you would have a lot of time to attract women.

You just need to spray Nexus Pheromone cologne 1 to 3 times on your neck, chest, and pulse points like regular perfume. Just make sure that you are not over spraying it, which may create opposite effects.

This pheromone perfume has a natural musky smell, it may help to communicate you as a healthy, fit, and hot man around others.

Along with that, it comes in the form of scent thus you may use your usual cologne along with that without diminishing pheromone effects.

Ingredients Used In Nexus Pheromones

As per the brand, this male pheromone spray has been formulated after 12 years of pheromone research. These seven human pheromones could heighten the sexual response of women and send a message of masculinity and youth to their brains.

It tries to target the nervous system and might as well help women improve their mood and make them more comfortable around you. Which could allow you to have a better relationship with women

Nexus pheromones are a combination of well-known male pheromones that might immediately start working and may as well attract women towards you. Let us now take a look at its seven human pheromones.


  • Androstenone

    The first and the most powerful pheromone is known for boosting your sexual activity. Androstenone is a steroidal pheromone that may signal dominance. This makes pheromone is also effective for attracting potential mates.
  • Androsterone

    Another great male pheromone that may help to metabolize testosterone when it is activated. It has a musky smell and it could have some mood-elevating effects to attract women. Also, it may communicate masculinity to women.
  • Alpha-androstenol

    Alpha androstenol is a steroidal pheromone and may induce feelings of attraction and comfort through electing its scents. It may have effects on human ovaries when interacting with women. It may add more comfort by promoting a sexually charged reaction.
  • Beta-Androstenol

    It is popular as the icebreaker pheromone. Beta androstenol modulates neurotransmitters in your nervous system. It might result in the removal and relaxation of anxieties and euphoria. Using this male pheromone makes you more attractive towards women and approachable too.
  • Epiandrosterone

    This is an effective compound that promotes youthfulness by prolonging the testosterone detectable. It may also communicate with other pheromone compounds to attract the opposite sex.
  • Androstadienone

    AsterThe asteroid alone may help to boost the male hormone testosterone production. Thus it might enhance male performance in various aspects. Androstadienone heightens your sexual responsiveness towards women. It makes the opposite sex comfortable and attractive towards you.
  • Androstenone

    Another pheromone that produces powerful effects. It may not have an intimidating response but it could help you to grab attention towards you. Wearing this pheromone might make people sociable and warm around you. Whenever you wear androstenone it makes others feel that there is something special.

How Do Nexus Pheromones Work?

As your body produces pheromones along with sweat this might allow Nexus Pheromones spray to work well. These pheromones then diffuse in the air, which could allow the opposite gender to receive it and may as well attract their highly sensitive organ.

The manufacturer also states that once the pheromone is received by the women it could start giving them chemical signals which influence sexual and social behavior.

As per the brand, it has mood-elevating pheromones that attract potential mates and heighten sexual responsiveness. Thus when you wear it you would feel more confident and you could experience better sex.

The pheromones presented in this product could help you in influencing sexual behavior by releasing chemical messengers to women.

When they detect pheromones in you they would get more sexually attracted towards you. This is how it could make you more noticeable and attractive to women.

Wearing nexus pheromones might as well help you to increase the frequency of your informal dates, foreplay, and spice up your sexual intercourse.

Nexus Pheromones My Personal Experience

I was in my 40s, a fairly charming man according to my mom but was never considered as a hot guy.

I was a bit overweight and having trouble approaching women. Whenever I try to start talking with any women out there they just act like I am abusing them. Which gradually dented my self-confidence.

What affected me the most is all my colleagues have their partners and I was the only one who was single. Which always hits me hard at parties and get-togethers. I don’t know why but women around me are difficult to approach.

The number of rejections I was experiencing kept increasing. So out of desperation, I started looking for different options that could help me to date a girl. This is when I found nexus pheromones, it is introduced as a human pheromone cologne that may attract women.

Truly speaking this was sort of a game-changer for me. I still remember that when I went to a nightclub and sprayed this cologne perfume on my chest, wrist and back I found that I was noticeable to those women who used to ignore me but now approach me themselves.

I have been using it for months, maybe It’s my third bottle and I am loving my current lifestyle so much. It gives me the power to pick and choose any girl out there to take home at any time.

How Did I Use Nexus Pheromones?

I used to apply this cologne perfume on my neck, chest and pulse points to achieve the best pheromonal effects. Just two to three sprays of this perfume are sufficient for allowing those human pheromones to work.

According to the manufacturer, a single application of nexus lasts for 8 to 10 hours thus you have sufficient time to make an impression on women. but in my case, it lasts for 2 to 3 hours thus I always reapply it frequently for the best results.

As for the smell, it has a musky scent because of its human pheromones. The best thing about this perfume is it could be worn with or without Cologne.

Personally speaking, now I never think of leaving my home without spraying this one on me. It has given me immense confidence and has been a really big improvement in my day-to-day life.

Benefits of Nexus Pheromones That I Observed

Nexus pheromones contain a powerful human pheromone that is known for improving your sexual chemistry with the opposite sex.

In addition, pheromones work as a sex cupid when you apply them. It has been proven that women are affected by the pheromonal scene from fertile, strong men and may feel subconscious to attract men once the human pheromone scent sends messages to their olfactory systems.

  • Boosts Self-Confidence

    Honestly speaking, nexus pheromones are a complete game-changer for me. Whenever I spray it on my neck and pulse points it starts working instantly. I would become more noticeable to the women out there. And they were more receptive and relaxed towards me. I became more confident around women than ever!

  • Attracts Women

    You won’t believe this but women are naturally attracted to me who used to ignore me lately. It may have pheromones that start working whenever I spray it. It has a musky smell that might directly target the women and make you noticeable.

  • Improve Sex

    The pheromones used in this perfume are potent and known for their positive results. It might help you to be irresistible to women. It improved my sexual life and made my sex life more fun. Ingredients used in this spray could help heighten the feelings of women and enhance their sexual responsiveness towards you.

  • Develop Instant Chemistry

    Using this product might help you with better sexual chemistry and boost your sexual energy. It could work as an instant chemistry booster and make you more charming and attractive. Thus you might notice a spice up in your life and have fun you always desire for.

All these aspects were experienced by me. These were really some decent changes that really brought a number of positive aspects into my life.

Hence, there are high chances that if someone is using Nexus Pheromones might see the same benefits.

Final Words On Nexus Pheromones Review

In a nutshell, you might want to understand that Nexus Pheromones is not a magic potion that instantly works and attracts women.

It is simply science that might take some time but it’s a great confidence booster. In my case, it worked for me. However, I did change things in myself like my dressing, hairstyle and tried to stand out from others to be noticed by women.

At the same time, I tried incorporating a few healthy eating habits that helped me gain a few noticeable changes in my personality.

After using nexus you don’t need to worry about sweating anymore, the more you sweat the more it works and attracts women. Moreover, nexus pheromone is made with quality ingredients therefore it may be safe to use.