Modere Trim Review: Is It Really A Scam Or It Works?

This Modere Trim review is all about the consumption experience of my cousin sister, who wanted to manage her weight. At the same time, I have included what the manufacturer says about their product.

Not to miss, you will also be able to find how exactly Modere Trim tries to work as claimed by the manufacturer.

As a result, you could say that this Modere Trim review has it all in terms of information about the substance and a consumer’s review as well.


What Is Modere Trim?

Modere Trim Review - LemonThe manufacturers of Modere Trim claim that it is designed to help people with weight management goals and improve their lifestyle.

Their official website shows Modere Trim has also been awarded the best weight management product.

They affirm that consuming one tablespoon of Modere Trim could support fat metabolism by also working to improve muscle toning.

They have boasted about the claim based on CLA, which may help initialize PPAR, which may help in improving cardiovascular function through weight loss.

At the same time, if you visit the official website, you will find that they mention that they have also used a combination of technology that inhibits fat storage within the body.

On the other hand, the studies are still limited for Conjugated Linoleic acid to help in weight loss, more detailed research is required as it may not be that effective for weight loss in humans.

The makers claim that Modere Trim may help enable younger and youthful-looking skin.

The Liquid Biocell or Hydrolyzed Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid matrix used by Modere Trim to support this claim lack the same scientific research backing as CLA has.

Therefore, one may not be able to assert accurately that consuming hydrolyzed collagen can restore youthful skin or improve skin health, as done by the makers.

The manufacturers claim that, with regular consumption of Modere Trim, it may work to support joints and connective tissue health.

According to the manufacturers, Modere Trim improves muscle toning. But limited research has been done to support this claim.

How Does Modere Trim Work?

Modere Trim may try to work by reducing fat cells, which might encourage weight loss in its users.

As per the official website, there are two main ingredients included in Modere Trim which might be the basis of the product’s functioning.

These two ingredients include Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Liquid Biocell, which may work together to boost fat metabolism while inhibiting cellular fat storage.

According to the makers, Modere Trim claims to work by restoring younger-looking skin, which might be because of collagen.

Their claims indicate that Collagen could improve skin quality, but dermatologists found its topical application less effective as it was found under deep layers rather than on the skin’s surface.

But, due to a lack of thorough scientific research, one could easily say that such claims made by the manufacturers are a bit far-fetched.

Ingredients Present In Modere Trim

According to the official website, Modere Trim contains the following ingredients-

  1. Conjugated Linoleic Acid

    The makers have considered CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid in Modere Trim formulation. According to an animal study, it could help lose fat compared to placebo groups.

    Even though CLA has been demonstrated to be effective in animal studies, its effect on humans is still questionable and may not deliver practical advantages for weight loss.

  2. Liquid Biocell

    A patented matrix of hyaluronic acid and collagen matrix, liquid biocell is also added by the makers which they believe could be beneficial for weight loss. Hyaluronic acid may promote joint health.

    They may have also considered it for Modere Trim as it might as well aid in improving nail, hair, and skin quality due to collagen present along with hyaluronic acid.

  3. Apple Cider Vinegar

    It might support a minimal amount of weight loss and may help prevent fat deposition in the body as it could help improve metabolism.

    Thus, the makers might have considered adding apple cider vinegar to the Modere Trim mix. Apple Cider also has several other benefits.

  4. Raspberry Ketones

    Raspberry Ketones are another ingredient added to the small list of substances considered by the makers for Modere Trim formulation.

    Raspberry Ketones might help in hair growth and may also improve skin elasticity in humans but the research is limited regarding its weight loss benefits.

  5. Capsicum

    The makers have also included capsicum in the Modere Trim mix. It might help in improving metabolic health by aiding in weight loss.

    It is present in bell peppers and could help in switching up the body’s fat-burning process, which might eventually boost metabolism in the body.

  6. Garcinia Cambogia

    Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit that possesses hydroxycitric acid which is also considered by the makers of Modere Trim. It may assist in suppressing appetite and may help in weight loss.

    Additionally, Garcinia Cambogia might aid in boosting fat burn in the body which could further lead to weight loss.

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Why Modere Trim?

One day my cousin sister came to me with the good news that she had finally decided to get settled with the love of her life and wished to get engaged to her boyfriend.

All filled with excitement, I noticed something was bothering her. Upon asking, she told me she feels she has gained weight due to her desk job hours. But there was more to it.

She told me that, last month at her college reunion, her friends could barely recognize her as she was among the most good-looking people in the college at that time, and now she was a chubby girl.

She shared that the yearbook was filled with her achievements and different events, including model shows in which she had won a couple of times.

To my surprise, she was not lying. I went through all the previous pictures of her, and I stared in disbelief at a picture she showed me; she looked lean and fit.

She pulled out the weighing machine and was shocked that she had gained 32lbs, more than twice what she weighed in her college days.

She also believed that although her boyfriend did love her, he would appreciate her more if she became even more fit and slender, as this would amaze many people around them.

She decided to get back into shape to surprise her boyfriend with it on their engagement day. So, she started looking into ways to become more fit.

I thought my sister should confer with someone to help her as she was overwhelmed with many weight loss products that she could find on the internet with a simple search of Google.

She approached one of her friends for advice, and the friend suggested she try the Modere Trim weight reduction supplement, which she immediately ordered because she was in dire need of losing weight.

Modere Trim Journey

My sister started with his Modere Trim consumption with extreme enthusiasm as she was super happy that she could finally lose some weight,

But from the first week, she started experiencing stomach issues. The pain was such that she could barely move out of her bed the entire day.

To see if the stomach pain was related to Modere Trim, she took a break for a few days during the second week, and to her surprise, she did not experience any pain in her stomach.

For the following three days in the second week, she resumed her Modere Trim consumption, assuming that her body was trying to adjust to the ingestion of ingredients.

Furthermore, something worse happened after that. She started having a severe headache that could sometimes even last throughout the day.

After experiencing pain for three weeks, she stopped using Modere Trim. Modere Trim didn’t even manage to assist her in losing any weight or even an inch from her body.

Modere Trim was a waste of time for my sister, even after taking the recommended dosage by its makers.

Upon experiencing severe stomach pain and headache, she stopped her Modere Trim consumption altogether and saved herself from damaging her health more because of this rip-off product.

Side Effects Of Modere Trim

The following are the side effects of Modere Trim-

  • Diarrhea

    Upon Modere Trim consumption, my sister experienced several sessions of loose motions, which began on the 4th day of its consumption. It made her extremely weak without energy.

  • Headache

    After a few days of its consumption, she began to experience headaches that lasted several hours. This made her lose concentration, making it difficult for her to work during office hours.

  • Stomach Pain

    Loose motions were just the start, after which she faced days of stomach pain that might be a reaction to any ingredient in Modere Trim.

How To Use Modere Trim

My brother followed the same dosage as mentioned on their official website for his weight loss and health goals.

As per the recommended dosage, one tablespoon of Modere Trim should be consumed every morning, straight from the mouth.

Modere Trim Alternative

After the major disappointment, my sister was heartbroken and felt like she couldn’t lose weight for her engagement. But I made her understand, after which she gathered the courage to start working out.

She started her workouts with simple exercises like squats and pushups from 30 minutes of treadmill running. After a few weeks of continuing with this schedule, my sister gradually gained some motivation to work out more.

She thought even if the product failed, she would continue with her workouts and fitness routine so that she may get healthier even if she is not losing the weight she desired to lose.

After a few weeks, she could feel like she was getting healthier as her trainer was a complete beast who would train her rigorously and keep a close watch on her diet schedule.

She designed a moderate-calorie, high-protein diet for my sister, which provided her with nutrition and sufficient energy for her workouts.

After a month of training, her trainer suggested she increase the intensity of her workouts as it was time to include more exercises and switch the schedule.

Thus, her trainer included barbell workouts like squats, bench, and deadlifts, along with regular consumption of PhenQ.

He further asked my sister to be very particular regarding her sleep schedule, as the trainer mentioned that it was required for her optimum muscle recovery.

At the same time, her trainer mentioned that she should not snack on any of the bulking snacks to keep her calorie count to a bare minimum.

From what she told me, PhenQ did not disappoint her at all, as it benefitted her with everything that the makers of the product boast about on their official website.

The official website claimed that PhenQ could help maintain energy levels, enabling my sister to withstand heavy workout sessions.

Another claim fulfilled by PhenQ was that it could help my sister control her cravings so she would never be tempted to eat chocolates or pizzas, even on weekends.

However, with regular consumption of PhenQ and a proper diet and exercise schedule, she shed excess fat. She also ensured that she was not cooking any foods in cooking oils that could damage her health.

All these small litlle steps helped my sister manage her weight which helped me eliminate his insecurities about being overweight.

When the engagement day came, her boyfriend was shocked to see her tremendous weight loss transformation.

She was thankful to her trainer, who suggested my sister try PhenQ along with her strict workout and diet schedule. Because of this, she achieved her dream physique and impressed her boyfriend.

Final Takeaway

Thus, one could conclude that my sister decided to try Modere Trim for her weight loss goals and to impress her boyfriend, but it turned out to be the mistake of a lifetime.

Not only it caused her health issues like stomach aches and headaches, but Modere Trim also could not assist her in losing weight.

She addressed the issue quickly and saved herself from worse situations and health conditions that could arise from Modere Trim consumption.

My sister has decided to rely on natural ways to improve his lifestyle and physique.

She further mentioned that she would also follow her PhenQ dosage with it, which helped her lose a considerable amount of weight and maintain her energy levels.