Meticore Review: Is This A Rip-Off Or Just A Plain Scam?

This Meticore review is all about a weight loss journey of a consumer who happens to be one of my sisters. But on the other hand, the latter part of this Meticore review also reveals if Meticore had a role in weight loss.

Having said that, you will also be able to find some of the essential details about Meticore so that you can understand more about this supplement.


What Is Meticore?

meticore-reviewsAccording to the makers of Meticore, it is formulated to aid in maintaining the proper body weight. Moreover, as per the information on the website, its natural and unique ingredients help to control the appetite, which could result in healthy weight loss.

Manufacturers claim that the Meticore can help to increase the core body temperature. Also, they affirm that the increased core body temperature could enhance your metabolic rate, and you can reduce weight effectively. In addition, nutrient absorption could be beneficial for the body’s overall functioning.

As per the makers, Meticore can escalate nutrient absorption in the body. Further, they added that it might increase satiety and energy production in the body.

Hence, with it, you could optimize your resting metabolism and also be able to reduce weight efficiently.

How Does It Work?

Weight reduction could be a complex thing. An unhealthy lifestyle, improper eating habits, and irregular sleeping patterns could increase body weight. According to the maker’s claim, Meticore has a unique ingredient blend that eases the weight management process.

Low core body temperate could be responsible for the slow metabolic rate, makers mentioned that with the usage of Meticore, you could enhance the body’s metabolic rate effectively, and hence it also might aid in increasing the core body temperature.

The manufacturers mentioned that potent and natural ingredients of meticore also help improve the body’s digestion. Further, they added that the improved digestion and metabolic rate could effectively help in healthy weight loss.

Apart from this, the website claims the product’s ingredients, such as ginger rhizome effective in dealing with stress and anxiety.

Also, makers affirmed that its other ingredients could improve blood pressure, lung problems, and other aging issues. Subsequently, they mentioned that meticore contributes to improving overall health.

Ingredients Used In Meticore

Following are the Ingredients which are used in the formulation of Meticore.

  • Ginger Rhizome(Zingiber officinale)

    This organic ingredient is included in Meticore, it has anti-inflammation properties which could reduce the inflammation in the body.

    It might be effective in reducing pain, hypertension, and also excessive blood sugar level. Further, it may also aid in digestion and reduce nausea. It may also help in burning more calories by enhancing the process of thermogenesis in the body.

  • Moringa Leaf(Moringa Oleifera)

    Moringa Leaf(Moringa Oleifera), a herbal ingredient is present in this product. This natural substance might be effective in maintaining heart health, diabetes, and long-lasting inflammation.

    It is consist of essential vitamins and minerals along with antioxidant which improves the functioning of the immune system and also it could aid in healthy weight loss.

  • Fucoxanthin

    According to the study, Fucoxanthin help in improving the weight-loss process as it could be effective in decreasing the plasma leptin level. Further, it could also prevent the body from chronic diseases along the reduce the risk of heart and liver diseases.

    This natural ingredient is an antioxidant that might help in protecting the skin damage, also it could reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

  • Turmeric Rhizome(Curcuma Longa)

    It is packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it may be effective in improving the arthritis condition. Apart from this, it might help in reducing fat by boosting the metabolism of the body.

    It could be potent in reducing digestive disorders and also improves brain function.

  • African Mango Seed(Irvingia Gabonenesis)

    A study shows that this ingredient is beneficial in weight management. It contains several essential vitamins and minerals which might support healthy weight loss by affecting fat cell growth.

    It could also lower the cholesterol level and it might also improve digestion in the body because of the high fiber which is present in it.

  • Citrus Bioflavonoids(Citrus Aurantium Fruit)

    Citrus Bioflavonoids(Citrus Aurantium Fruit) could be beneficial in improving overall health functioning. As it could aid in reducing the sugar level, digestive disorders, and blood pressure.

    Also, it could show anticancer, antianxiety, antiobesity, and antidiabetes effects in the body. This also reduces appetite and improves the body’s metabolism.

  • Vitamin B12(As cynacobalamium)

    Cynacobalamium is a form of Vitamin B12 which is present in this product. It could be effective in enhancing energy production in the body. It could also help in reducing fatigue. As it may support the formation of red blood cells in the body.

  • Chromium( As A Chromium Picolinate)

    It could be efficient in improving satiety and reducing appetite. Further, it promotes healthy weight loss and also might improve body sensitivity to insulin.

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Knowing Meticore

It was a Sunday evening, and my sister and I sat on the terrace, discussing our lives. She was looking a little upset, so I asked her about it. She told me that she was worried about her physique.

Furthermore, she told me that she was body shamed by her collegemates and felt terrible about it. She also mentioned that she had tried various remedies, exercises, and fasting, but nothing worked.

She told me that she eagerly wanted to lose weight, not just because of looks or what others were saying but also because of her health issues.

At the same time, she also feared that she might face even worse health problems because of her obese physique. 

I told her to try some home remedies or make changes in her lifestyle to improve her health naturally and in a better way. She agreed to it but added that she wanted to get rid of these as soon as possible.

A day later, she told me that she would be trying Meticore. She told me that her friend’s aunt suggested her this product. She shared the details of the product with me. She mentioned that her friend’s aunt read about this product online.

Her friend’s aunt asserted that this product is effective in weight management as it could help to control appetite and mindless eating. Also, she told my sister that this product has unique and natural ingredients which could improve her overall health.

My sister got excited about this product as she wanted to eliminate the excess weight as soon as possible. She told me that she will for sure try this product. However, I told her to be cautious about this or any online product. I asked her to check the details of the product properly before buying it.

She assured me that she would do it, and the next day she ordered the product from some website but without doing much research about it, as she was keen to purchase it.

Consumption Experience With Meticore

My sister was inspirited to try out this product; she was expecting a good outcome from it. So, after receiving the product, she started its consumption the next day.

She started with the appropriate dosage, as instructed in the product description. But, unfortunately, one didn’t get the instant benefits she expected in the initial few days.

But she continued its consumption for a few more weeks, and then after a few weeks, she started feeling more active and energetic than earlier. She told me that her appetite was reduced a bit and also mentioned having fat loss.

I asked her to check her health because I was unsure about this product. Slowly and gradually, after passing few more weeks, she started complaining about fatigue.

She told me this might be happening because her body was adapting to new changes. But with each passing day, she started feeling sluggish throughout the day. Then, finally, she regained weight, and her food cravings began.

She gets irritated more often, sometimes even locks herself in her room, and spends the whole day there. My sister was losing her mental clarity and focus because of sleep disturbance.

One day, While going to her college, she blacked out while I stood there. I was shocked, but somehow I managed to take her to the hospital.

The doctor enquired me about her health and diet. I told him all the details about her health, weight gain, experiment with this new product, and everything. The doctor waited for the reports to conclude something intact.

The doctor told my sister and me that this product’s usage had significantly affected her health. He advised her to stop its usage immediately as it could be fatal for her health.

She stopped the consumption of Meticore after getting its adverse effects. Also, she decided not to continue or use this product as it deteriorated her health.

Side Effects Of Meticore

  • Fatigue

    After a few weeks of consumption of this product, my sister used to feel tired throughout the day. She used to skip college due to constant fatigue. Low energy levels also impacted her body’s metabolism.

  • Enhanced Craving

    Initially, her appetite was curbed a bit, but after its regular consumption within a few weeks her appetite increased and she started binge eating, which impacted her weight, her weight increased from earlier.

  • Brain Fog

    Because of the Lack of sleep, she had brain fog, and she started losing focus and mental clarity. She started forgetting about work and other things.

  • Insomnia

    My sister had a disturbed sleep pattern, she barely sleeps. After consuming the product for a few weeks she often experiences sleep disorders which impacted her overall health.

  • Uneasiness

    As I mentioned, she often got irritated and this was because of the uneasiness, she was experiencing after the regular consumption of this product.

Dosage Of Meticore

Per the product’s description, Meticore has 30 capsules in one packed bottle. The makers recommend consuming one tablet per day. They mentioned that one could get the desired results after following the proper dosage.

My sister took this product for a month; she used to take one capsule in the morning after having breakfast. However, she stopped using this product after getting its adverse effects and doctors’ advice.

Alternate Choice

My sister regretted choosing this product; she told me she would not consume any product before researching it. However, she was still worried as her weight regained, and constant fatigue disturbed her physical and mental health.

I told her to start with natural things so that she can be recovered from the ill effects of Meticore and also be able to maintain her weight and overall health.

She started the consumption of lemon and honey water in the morning. She used to go for morning walks, and she was also focusing on cardio exercises. She included nuts, cheese, and low-carb fruits in her diet. On the other hand, she loved to snack, so I requested she eats high-protein snacks.

With a proper healthy regime, she tried to reduce fatigue and enhance her energy level but still could not manage her weight correctly. As a result, she started losing her confidence to go out and meet people.

On visiting our house, my colleague asked about my sister. I shared my sister’s Meticore experience with her. She empathized with my sister’s condition, and she told my sister that, last year, she was also in the same situation.

Further, she added she improved her health by following a healthy diet and exercising; she also mentioned that Leanbean had supported her throughout her weight loss journey.

She suggested my sister try it because it has natural ingredients that could effectively improve health. Again, my sister wanted to try this product, so this time she did proper research about Leanbean, read reviews, and gathered information about it.

Then finally, she decided to order Leanbean for herself. Initially, she was a bit anxious about it, but with its regular and proper usage, she got the desired results.

She had significant weight loss after consuming it for a month, along with a proper diet that I suggested and a regular exercise regimen. As a result, she regained her confidence, and her focus and energy were also boosted.

Now it’s been a few months, and she is religiously following her healthy regime and the consumption of Leanbean. She is now relaxed and happy about her health. She has decided to continue this product usage in the long run, as she hasn’t experienced any side effects.

Final Verdict

Concluding her experience with Meticore, I will say that proper research and knowledge of the product are essential before its consumption.

My sister was glad that she chose Leanbean at the right time. Otherwise, her health condition could have been fatal. She will continue consuming Leanbean in the future without worries.

Not to miss she has also decided not to give up the healthy lifestyle she recently transitioned to. As a result, she will continue with her healthy regime.