Meditation For Weight Loss: Tips, Benefits, And More

In recent years, meditation and mindfulness have gained a lot of popularity. Most individuals today are aware of its aim and value the benefits of meditation.

Its main goal is to prevent overreacting to one’s negative emotions, which, while they may be disturbing and occasionally divert attention, are always transient.

Meditation can take many different forms. They could take the form of mantras, breathing exercises, or mental concentration exercises focusing on a specific object.

Meditation lowers cortisol and C-reactive protein levels, which might aid in weight loss and healthy weight maintenance.

In this article, I have tried to talk in detail about how could meditation be related to weight loss and overall health. 

meditation for weight loss


Meditation And Weight Loss

In addition to helping us with focus, sleep, stress, and many other things, meditation can also affect how we feel about food and how we control our weight.

When people tend to overeat due to strong emotions or feelings instead of in response to their internal hunger cues, this is referred to as stress or emotional eating.

You can use meditation as a method or framework to mend your relationship with food and eating occasions.

A person who is not able to lose weight after repeated trials have an underlying issue that is limiting them.

This could be due to binge eating in the middle of the night after a long, challenging day or emotional eating brought on by the stress in your life.

Although meditation itself cannot make you lose weight, it can help with the underlying issues that are preventing you from losing weight.

Benefits Of Meditation On Weight Loss

Meditation can potentially have long-lasting beneficial effects on weight loss that may include-

  1. Meditation Increases DHEA

    Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) levels are higher in meditators than in non-meditators. DHEA, a hormone thought to aid in delaying the physiological effects of aging, aids in reducing stress and managing weight.

  2. Meditation Reduces Unhealthy Cravings For Fast Food

    Your awareness levels may rise as a result of meditation. It is simpler to fight off desires for junk food if you meditate regularly and you are in the awareness zone.

    You start to pay closer attention to what you consume. Your strong cravings for unhealthy junk food also lessen over time.

  3. Meditation Leads To Eating More Mindfully

    By supporting positive changes, meditation helps you become more patient, tenacious, and knowledgeable so you can make the best decisions.

    Knowing what to eat and what to avoid will help you lead a healthier lifestyle and reduce the stress hormone, which alters your metabolism and causes you to gain weight.

  4. Meditation Reduces Your BMR

    The entire quantity of calories your body needs to carry out vital, life-sustaining tasks is known as BMR or basal metabolic rate. Your weight loss goals will be best served by a lower BMR.

    By incorporating meditation into your daily routine, you need fewer calories overall, making low BMR possible. Your body’s BMR can be significantly decreased as a result, assisting in weight loss.

  5. Meditation Reduces Stress

    Many people gain weight as a result of stress. It is possible that healthy eating will suffer at a time when you are already under stress.

    Cortisol is a hormone produced in response to stress. Cortisol imbalances in the body have been linked to the buildup of belly fat.

    Deep relaxation, mental calmness, and a stress-free, clear mind are all results of meditation. It could give rise to clearer stress-free thinking and better decision-making.

  6. Meditation Instincts Positivity

    One of meditation’s most important advantages is bringing increased positivity into your life. You could imagine a happier version of yourself when you regularly meditate and practice peace. 

    If you have negative thoughts about your weight loss goals, you cannot believe in them and implement them.

    The healthy method of weight loss is built on the foundation of meditation.

Starting A Meditation Practice To Lose Weight

It’s possible to meditate everywhere and at any moment without any special tools or expensive classes. Start by committing to 20 minutes each day.

The early morning, before breakfast, is thought to be the best time to meditate. The practice of meditation can be intimidating, especially if you’re anxious.

  • Start by simply focusing for five minutes on slower, deeper breathing. You should choose a breathwork-based meditation technique to lose weight healthily and sustainably.
  • Make sure you have access to a peaceful location where you can meditate. Put yourself at ease. You might nod off if you try to meditate while lying down.
  • Instead, acquire a meditation cushion, which will support your back, and sit comfortably on a chair with an upright back.
  • Start by inhaling and exhaling slowly and counting to five after each breath. As you inhale, allow your lungs to expand.
  • As you slowly exhale through your nose, allow your shoulders to relax. Repeat.
  • To aid with concentration, close your eyes. When we are staring at the laundry that needs to be done, it’s simple to find a reason for our minds to wander.
  • If your thoughts begin to stray, begin to breathe. The best tool you have at your disposal to help you stay centered, connected, and grounded is your breath.


Remember that the first few times you do it, it might not feel like it is working very well. But with consistent practice, it will become simpler and more natural.

Is Meditation The Best Option For You To Lose Weight?

As per a study, participants who practice meditation report significantly lower stress levels. The consequences of the weight loss, however, varied quite a little.

A larger study done over a longer period might provide us with more insightful information on the direct relationship between meditation and weight loss.

Do not lose up on meditation even though there is no scientific evidence that suggests that it will help with weight loss on its own.

One of the best, safest, and most natural ways to lose weight is through meditation, especially when it’s combined with other healthy habits like eating well.


Your weight loss strategy might benefit from including meditation, particularly mindfulness meditation. Meditation fosters enjoyment, a good mood, a sense of satisfaction, and motivation.

This is crucial since there is a strong correlation between responding to unhealthy eating triggers and depressive states.

Meditation can help us get back on track if we do veer into the realm of emotional eating or lose focus on our diet plan.

To create a more organized, more coherent brain that improves executive function and encourages sound decision-making.

Meditation enables us to wire new, healthy reward-motivation neural connections and displace unhealthy ones. Our eating behaviors may be significantly impacted by this.

Overall, meditation can eventually assist you in changing your eating routines, thought processes, and even how you feel about your weight.