Mass Gainer Review: Will It Really Work As Claimed By The Manufacturer?

This Mass Gainer review is all about a person for whom gaining mass was proving to be a really difficult task. They were was looking to enhance their muscle mass.

As a result, they got a recommendation from someone about Crazy Nutrition’s Mass Gainer. Hence, in this Mass Gainer review, they talk about their consumption experience, the changes that they were able to observe, and the results of regular consumption of Mass Gainer.

Also, I have added a number of essential information when it comes to Mass Gainer.


What Is Mass Gainer?

mass gainerThe manufacturer of Mass Gainer is Crazy Nutrition. As per their claims, Mass Gainer could help you increase the size of your muscle.

At the same time, there are high chances that you may be able to gain and develop additional lean mass with their zero Maltodextrin formula.

They say that the product consists of clean ingredients, whole food, and digestive enzymes. Hence, you could also consume Mass Gainer as a meal shake when you are planning to cut additional calories and yet help your body with clean protein.

The researchers of Mass Gainer also state on the official website that with regular consumption your might be able to pack on lean muscles easily.

According to the makers, it is packed with proportionate calories and nutrients that would aid your bulking without fluctuating your blood sugar levels, causing gas, or bloating.

They affirm that Mass Gainer could support your body in boosting energy and improving your performance during the tough workout sessions while it may also support the quick recovery of muscles.

The official website of this product mentions that it is available in two different flavors, viz., Chocolate and Vanilla. So, you could add inches to your muscles with a flavorful experience.

How Does Mass Gainer Work?

The makers of Mass Gainer claim that the product is packed with a blend of whey proteins and Flax seed powder that may induce all the necessary amino acids in your body.

Amino Acids could be considered the building blocks of protein and may stimulate the process of protein synthesis in the body. This could help you in developing more lean mass in your body and bulking your muscles.

Flax seed contains omega-3 in a high amount that has protein synthesis properties but lacks the protein content so, when consumed in combination with protein could give you the stronger muscles that you always longed for.

The makers say Pea starch is a plant-based protein that provides your body with plenty of nutrients, fibers, and antioxidants that could improve the overall working of the body and health.

Apart from giving your muscles a bulky look, Mass Gainer could also boost energy in your body that may increase your stamina and help you in performing better during your workouts.

As per the makers, this product could give you the ability to improve your endurance and perform resistant workouts with ease. It may also help you in enhancing the exercise output.

They have stated that with the regular consumption of Mass Gainer you may be able to give your body a bulkier look and make your muscles stronger and stuffed with nutrients.

As this product consists of DigeZyme, it may help your body in better absorption of proteins and nutrients to help you power up your workouts. Such workouts result in the growth of muscles in size and strength.

A study on DigeZyme has been published on this governmental website.

Mass Gainer Ingredients

  1. Creatine Monohydrate

    Creatine monohydrate is said to be effective for increasing muscle mass and strength. It could also aid in improving the performance during high-intensity resistance exercises.

  2. Whey Protein Blend

    It consists of both Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate that contain a high amount of amino acid that may stimulate the protein synthesis in your muscles and could improve muscle growth.

  3. Pea Starch

    Pea starch in Mass Gainer is a rich source of digested plant protein that could provide a sumptuous amount of nutrients and fibers to your body as well as contain muscle-building amino acids that may stimulate the growth of muscles.

    Other health benefits are mentioned here.

  4. Flax seed Powder

    Flax seed powder in Mass Gainer could effectively aid the growth of muscles as it could boost the energy in your body which means it may provide you the required calories to build stronger muscles.

  5. Senactive

    A combination of Panax Root notoginseng root and Rosa Roxburghii fruit could provide sufficient essential amino acids to support muscle growth, boost size, and enhance strength.

  6. AstraGin

    It is a mixture of Astragalus Membranaceus and Panax notoginseng root extract that could help increase the size of muscles and boost the immune system and enhance your endurance ability.

  7. DigeZyme Enzyme Complex

    A bunch of enzymes like Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Lactase, and Lipase could ensure the proper absorption of proteins and nutrients in the body to fuel and accelerate the growth of muscles in the body.

  8. Other Ingredients

    • Sweetener- Sucralose
    • Flavoring

My Introduction To Mass Gainer

Have you ever seen a bodybuilder with lean muscles? Well, I was one of them. I had a well-built body and a toned physique but when it came to increasing the size of my muscles, it completely stopped increasing after a certain period.

I thought my only solution was to resort to some anabolic steroid to beef up my muscles. However, my trainer then introduced me to Mass Gainer. He said that it is a whole food product that consists of digestive enzymes too.

As a result, it would help me in growing the size of my muscles without harming my body with anabolic steroids. According to my trainer, it will provide all the essential nutrients to my body and will support my body in processing and absorbing them.

This technique of Mass Gainer works for him and helps in building stronger, bulkier, and display-worthy muscles. If it was true then, the results of this product were visible to everyone around him.

He told me that I could drink Mass Gainer whenever I want to, as it efficiently replaces meals and keeps you wholesome. He also added that it is available in two flavors, one chocolate and the other is vanilla.

As per my trainer, the product rapidly recovers the soreness and fatigue in muscles which strengthens the muscles. This adds to aiding the growth of your muscles size.

Mass Gainer helps in increasing the endurance ability of the body which might bring improvement in my physical ability to perform better during my intense workouts, according to my trainer.

He said that the product is packed with ingredients that would help me in extracting the most output from my workouts and end up giving my body the cuts and bulk I desire.

My Journey With Mass Gainer

As per the recommendation of my trainer, I logged on to the official website of Mass Gainer and tried my best to read every detail related to the product. The website also had positive reviews from its users.

I trusted my trainer and the reviews further encouraged me to buy my subscription for the product. I began the usage of the product as soon as I received it and my trainer gave me the instructions to use it.

I also made sure that I am consuming protein-rich foods as well. Not to miss, I also tried to add some of the healthiest cooking oils for cooking. As my trainer mentioned that I need to keep a track of my fat consumption as well.

The product started showing a few decent results from the initial week itself. Its positive effects on my body started to show from the initial usage only.

The very first benefit of using it was the decline of fatigued and sore muscles post-workout.

Mass Gainer filled my body with energy, the rapid recovery and boosting energy helped me in increasing my working out hours and focusing on gaining more inches. 

I noticed the improvement in my strength and endurance during my resistance training, this was after a few weeks of consuming this product. I was able to perform more reps and sets with ease.

I was even complimented by my fellow trainers and friends for my performance during the workouts. My physical performance was increasing as I was able to intensify my workouts at my pace.

Now, it has been a few months of regular consumption of Mass Gainer, I can feel strengthened and healthy from within. Besides, my muscles have grown inches, though there is a long way to go.

My strength and stamina are constantly improving and increasing as well as my energy level is maintained throughout the workout. This product has caused no adverse effects on my body so far.

I have recently started using Crazy Nutrition’s pre-workout Intensive Pre-Train as well. As I write this, I feel that it has started to show a decent results as well.

My Dosage With Mass Gainer Consumption

My trainer recommended mixing 6 scoops of Mass Gainer with 20 Oz of water in a shaker, as the drink is already flavored and consuming it post-workout. I sometimes, replace my breakfast with Mass Gainer.

You may find a similar dosage on the official website of the product that also states that it could be consumed before and after working out, or could be consumed in-between meals or replaced with meals.

Each container of Mass Gainer would give you 5 servings if you follow the directions given on the official website of the product. Each scoop size is 200 gms and they state to follow 6 scoops per serving.

Benefits Of Mass Gainer

Using Mass Gainer gave me various benefits. Based on my experience with this product, I have categorized its benefits under the following heads-

  • Increased Size

    I was always worried about increasing the size of my muscles and giving them a puffy and bulky look. With Mass Gainer, my muscles have successfully increased in size and look bulkier than before.

  • Enhanced Strength

    The presence of top-notch ingredients in this product that provide all the essential nutrients to the body has helped my muscles in gaining strength from within. This has also made my muscles stronger.

  • Boosting Energy

    Mass Gainer fills my body with energy and this allows me to fuel my intense workouts and perform efficiently during the workout. It also keeps me energetic the entire day that helps me in carrying out my daily chores too.

  • Quick Recovery

    The quick recovery of muscles helps in performing workouts for longer hours at a stretch. This also helps in strengthening the muscles and making them stronger.

Final Verdict On Mass Gainer Review

I am thankful to my trainer who suggested using Mass Gainer. I was able to extract maximum gains from the workouts and beef up the muscles with the required nutrients.

Not to miss, I also made sure that I am sticking to the gym schedule. Also, my trainer also made me perform incremental workouts when it comes to lifting weights in each rep.

It maintains my energy levels and increases my stamina during intense workouts. Apart from that, the presence of nutrients has helped me strengthen my muscles as well.

So far, Mass Gainer has been an efficient support system in developing quality gains. With this product, my recovery time has dipped down that has allowed me to exercise for longer hours.

I am happy with the results I have gained from this product and have decided to stick to this product to maintain my progress and gain more. I am still working on adding more inches to my muscles.

Now that I have been able to observe a number of decent results, I might as well couple the consumption of Mass Gainer with Legal Steroids as well and see how it goes in terms of muscle and energy gains.