Lipozene Review: Is It Really Worth Taking Risk?

In this Lipozene review, you would be able to find a user experience story who consumed Lipozene regularly. At the same time, our health experts have added a number of important details about this substance.

As a result, if you are looking for something that could provide you a head start when comes to weight loss, you should definitely read this Lipozene review until the very end.

Having said all that, the latter part also covers the user’s consumption results. Hence, you would be able to find out if it was Lipozene that really helped the user with the weight loss.


What Is Lipozene?

Lipozene is a dietary substance that could help in weight loss. It could also help you in maximizing the strength of your body.

The manufacturer of Lipozene claims that the product could help in the reduction of body fat. They also claim that it might be clinically tested and could also help in increasing metabolism in the body.

According to the official website of Lipozene, a box contains 60 capsules. They claim that the product could help you lose weight of the body naturally and may be effective to use as well.

The manufacturers claim that it could help in losing the weight of the body without affecting our lifestyle, that is without changing our eating habits, gym schedule, etc.

According to them, the product does not contain any stimulants. At the same time, it does not contain caffeine in its ingredients.

Its ingredients are gluten-free and non-GMO. It could help in creating fullness after taking the capsules.

It might help in controlling calories of the body as a result of which, if you have a habit of excessive munching, you might feel not doing so.

Also, it could also help in maintaining blood cholesterol. It could help in changes in the body naturally.

lipozene review

Ingredients Used In Lipozene


  • Gelatin

    This ingredient could help in reducing joint pain in the body. It is a flavorless food Crystal that might help in increasing the brain function of the body and could also reduce bone pain as it may contain rich in protein and vitamin properties. But the excess dosage of it may cause heaviness in the stomachs and could lead to allergy in the body and skin.

  • Microcrystalline cellulose

    This could act as a fatty substitute which might act as an anti-absorbent. This is safe to use if it may be used in normal dosage.

  • Magnesium silicate

    This ingredient might help remove the fatty acid from the body and in other polar components.

  • Stearic Acid

    this ingredient could help in leveling up the cholesterol level in the might be used as a binder in tablets and could be helped to digest. This ingredient may act as a lubricant property.

  • Titanium Dioxide

    It could help in boosting the energy level in the body and may be helpful to increase metabolism in the body. The overdose of it may lead to lung cancer and may give a negative effect on the reproductive system.

My Experience With Lipozene Consumption

I am sharing my Lipozene consumption experience after consuming the same for a continuous period of 3 months. Earlier with my diet and workout schedule, I was unable to fetch any proper weight loss results.

As a result, I tried several supplements to achieve my milestone of losing weight. During these supplement trials, I came across Lipozene.

The Company claimed that it could help in weight loss and could also provide a few add-on benefits. After reading their claims and a number of supposedly fake testimonials, I started consuming it for a continuous period of 3 months so that I could get its benefit to the fullest.

I used to follow all the guidelines mentioned in the manual during the consumption period and was consuming it regularly.

But its dosage had changed my eating schedule as I was having once in a day heavy meals since I was on my diet but after starting the consumption of Lipozene, my meals pattern really changed and now I was eating twice as much.

This was really a disastrous step for me and my body in the longer run.

I was wrong to expect any sort of benefit from it. I didn’t feel any changes in my body weight even in a single month. Later on, in the second month, it enabled the weight loss of up to 10% in my body accompanied by weakness.

I expected that it could help me in achieving my milestone by the third month but that didn’t happen and had not helped my body to manage my cholesterol level as well.

Even my complete lifestyle schedule was changed because I used to feel really tired throughout the day. This ultimately started affecting my workouts too.

It did not help me in reducing the excessive body fat from my body, nor did it help my body in increasing the metabolism.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t find any benefits after its consumption in those 3 months. As a result of which, I was completely disappointed with its consumption as my body didn’t react positively to these weight loss pills.

Hence I stopped its consumption completely.

Lipozene Side Effects Faced By Me

I was quite disappointed with the results as I didn’t get the desired result which I was expecting from regular consumption. The side effects which I felt after its consumption are as follows:


  • Didn’t work effectively as a weight loss pill

    The overweight led me to undergo fatigue, anxiety, obesity problems thus I was in a hurry to reach my weight loss milestone. After having Lipozene for 3 months I didn’t get to reach my milestone nor felt any changes in my weight.

  • There was no shedding off body fat

    The company of Lipozene claimed that it could help in reducing the excessive fat from the body and might help in the suppression of the appetite but I was unable to get this benefit from it. There was no energy left within me after work out and diet and the dosage of it didn’t work effectively for me to reduce the fat off the body.

  • Lack of energy was being felt

    Since I used to follow a strict workout schedule and was feeling very tiring after gym sessions the whole day so I started having Lipozene which might help in boosting the energy level in the body. Unfortunately, this supplement does not provide me with that level of energy to be boosted for the whole day. In the beginning for 2-3 hrs after consuming it, I used to feel energized but after that, I wasn’t feeling any power within myself.

  • There was an imbalance in the cholesterol level

    Before consuming Lipozene I used to suffer from the high cholesterol level in the body. But after using it I expected a balance in my cholesterol level but there were fluctuations in my cholesterol level.

My Lipozene Dosage

I used to take 2 capsules with 8 ounces of water before lunch and dinner. I have never missed its dosage during my workout and non-workout days.

Not to miss, I used to consume Lipozene regularly.

Lipozene Alternative

After experiencing the horrible experience from Lipozene consumption and then being completely disappointed with it, my nutritionist recommended using PhenQ.

It has been 3 months since I am using it and it acted as the best alternative for me to Lipozene. In the initial month itself, I had felt the changes in my body such as suppression in my appetite to some %.

A heavyweight is accompanied by a lot of other problems such as blood sugar, obesity, short breath, weakness, etc. and I was facing these types of issues which used to make me more anxious and depressed.

But since I had started PhenQ consumption my blood sugar level has become moderate. It has enabled me to boost energy by which I am able to hit the gym and work out properly.

Now I can do a tough workout easily and thrice that of earlier because of my enhanced energy levels.  On the other hand weight loss has been a decent one.

Not to miss, I was able to give up excessive snacking because of a suppressed appetite. I am no longer feeling anxious and depressed because of my body weight as a result of which, I am getting a night of good sleep.

There have been changes in my weight in the initial month itself and within the 2 month period of consumption, I was able to achieve the milestone that I set for myself when it comes to weight loss.

PhenQ has also prevented the formation of additional body fat and has helped in forming up lean muscle mass.
It has helped in leveling up my good cholesterol levels.

The company claims that it contains all-natural ingredients and could be safe to use. Personally speaking, I did not face any side effects with the regular consumption till now.

Its ingredients also contain essential nutrients that are able to fulfill any nutritional gaps that my body might have. All these things in a combined manner helped me in a natural weight loss.

I have been using it along with my diet and workout schedule. It had worked positively with my body and I didn’t feel any sort of side effects after its consumption. I loved the product and I am still consuming it.

Final Words On Lipozene Review

Finally speaking, Lipozene didn’t suit me. It was not a safe dietary substance for my body. I did not feel any benefits from it and had a terrible experience after its consumption.

I didn’t want any sort of risk for my health hence, I stopped its consumption. After being suggested by my Nutritionist about PhenQ as an alternative to Lipozene I gave it a try and it was really the best decision.

I was able to feel a number of positive changes within myself. There were side effects after its consumption and it was safe for me to consume.

Hence I will be continuing its consumption further on as it didn’t affect my lifestyle and had worked smoothly and acted as a natural support for me when it comes to weight loss.