How To Increase Your Libido And Sex Drive Naturally

Libido, also known as sex drive, is the urge to engage in sexual activity. A high libido is an increase in sexual desire, whereas a low libido is a decrease in sexual desire.

A person’s age, hormonal balance, daily stress, mental state, and physical health can all affect libido. Regardless of a person’s biological sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity, libido can be affected.

If one partner desires sex more frequently than the other, low libido and the sexual urge may become a problem in the relationship.

Desire differences are what it is called, and they can lead to complications in a relationship. There are several things you can do to increase your sex drive if your libido level worries you.

Determining what appears to be affecting your libido and experimenting with solutions to this are necessary steps in solving the issue.

In this article, you would be looking at natural ways to increase your libido and sex drive.

How to Increase Your Libido and Sex Drive Naturally


How To Increase Your Libido And Sex Drive Naturally

Following are a few of the natural ways which could be tried in order to increase your libido and sex drive-

  • Spend Time In Meditation

    Lack of sexual desire is frequently a result of many different aspects of your personality, including your relationships and various beliefs regarding sex. Meditation helps to enhance your inner feelings about sex.

    Additionally, by regulating blood flow throughout the body and reducing stress, which would otherwise interfere with hormone function, meditation can help us respond more quickly to sexual arousal.

    A regular meditation routine can aid in your inner healing, insight-gaining, and eventual sexual awakening. The benefits of meditation’s relaxation can free up our minds so we can fully appreciate the emotional pleasures of sex.

  • Eat Dark Chocolate

    Dark chocolate’s impact on sex could be more psychological than biological. 1/5 of men and 50% of women experience concerns with decreased libido.

    Given that it boosts the body’s release of chemicals like serotonin and phenethylamine, dark chocolate is one food that is great for sexual health.

    Additionally, eating dark chocolate boosts libido by encouraging the body to produce dopamine, a chemical that affects the brain’s pleasure centers.

    This can have several effects, including aphrodisiacs and elevated moods for the desire to engage in sexual activity.
  • Increase Your Self-Confidence

    Your sex life can be significantly impacted by your self-image because it can affect how at ease you feel around your partner and yourself.

    There might be a part of you that fears rejection or judgment. So, without knowing how to alter or switch things up, you go through the motions of your sexual life.

    Learning what you like and do not like is a great way to boost your self-confidence. All you have to do is be honest with yourself.

    Additionally, because a deeper understanding of yourself is correlated with a better understanding of your sexuality, it helps to boost your self-esteem and as a result, your sexual desire.

    Exercise is another effective way to boost your self-efficacy because it not only helps you look better but also releases endorphins, which can make you feel better and increase your libido.

  • Emphasize On Foreplay

    Better sexual encounters can make you want to have more sex, which would improve your libido. For a satisfying sexual experience, foreplay is essential.

    Most people start having sex right away, but 20 to 30 minutes of foreplay are essential to developing a sex drive.

    Foreplay can increase the pleasure of sex for women. Your sexual desire will reach a new peak after some time spent kissing and touching.

  • Eat A Balanced diet

    Your libido problems will usually fall into place when you follow a healthier lifestyle, which could also positively affect your relationships. 

    A healthy diet has an influence on mood and energy, which might modify sex drive. 

    Choosing the right foods promotes a circulatory system that is at its best. A healthy diet can also promote cardiac health, increasing sexual endurance.

    Additionally, it assists you in better managing mental health issues like depression or anxiety that may hinder having fulfilling sexual experiences.

  • Get Adequate Sleep

    You’ll feel wearier and probably not be in the mood for sex if you do not get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep has an impact on your energy levels, waistline, and skin.

    Each of these elements affects how sexy you feel. You can therefore bet that if you are not getting enough sleep, it will decrease your desire for sex.

    Lack of sleep has often been linked to decreased arousal and desire for sexual activity. Therefore, insomnia may increase the risk of low libido and sex drive.

    Getting enough sleep, which is eight to ten hours per night, is necessary for good sleep.

  • Try Maca Root Supplements And Ginkgo Biloba

    Peruvian natural plants produce maca roots. It has long been thought to boost libido and desire for sexual activity. Regardless of a man’s testosterone levels, maca root increases his desire for sex.

    Ginkgo biloba, another Chinese native tree, may arouse sexual desire, especially when sexual dysfunction is brought on by antidepressants.

    The effect of ginkgo Biloba on the body’s blood flow and smooth muscle tissue is thought to be the cause of this.

    In most health stores, you can buy ginkgo Biloba and maca root supplements.

  • Limit Alcohol

    Alcohol use can diminish dopamine and testosterone levels, which will ultimately result in a weaker libido. Your sex drive may be negatively affected by drinking.

    Although drinking alcohol may seem to increase libido, it has a depressive effect. Alcohol abuse affects vital processes including blood circulation, breathing, and nerve end sensitivity.

    They are necessary for arousal and orgasm and binge drinking over an extended period could directly impact your sexual desire.

    Furthermore, excessive alcohol consumption can prevent you from having an erection, which can ruin your entire mood for sex.

  • Speak With Your Partner

    An excellent way to address any lingering issues and get your worries off your mind is to have an honest conversation with your partner. Coming out and admitting that you have low libido is your best course of action.

    Your partner can make it easier for you if they are aware of how you feel about sex in general. When they are aware of how you are feeling, they can better meet your emotional needs.

  • Spice Up Your Sexual Life

    Physical intimacy is an indication that your partner loves you. However, the sexual urge that existed at first faded over time and couples have to deal with it.

    It may cause low libido issues if you’re getting bored with your sexual life. By incorporating something fresh into your routine, you can strive to spice up your sexual life.

    Simply stepping outside of the box and allowing yourselves to be a sensuous human being is the aim. Use these suggestions to liven up your romantic encounters with your lover.

    Focus on your partner’s contact with your skin, the rhythm of a jazz song, or the enticing aroma of flowers filling the space.


Some people frequently have less sex drive than others. However, occasionally, variations in desire can cause anxiety and unneeded tension in relationships.

These lifestyle adjustments could boost your libido, but if you’re worried about changes in your libido, you might also find it helpful to speak with a healthcare professional.

They can give you more details about the possible reasons behind your low libido and suggest ways to help you get it back up.