13 Ways To Increase Libido In Women That Actually Work!

Intimacy is a vital aspect of life. But sometimes spicing up things gets difficult. The evil factor becoming the hurdle between you is low libido.

Several factors like age, lifestyle, and medical conditions might be draining your energy and killing your sex drive.

Females are at a higher risk of occasional or long-term libido due to fluctuations in hormone levels throughout the menstrual cycle.

Puberty, post-Partum, and post-menopause all have different symptoms and impacts.

Sometimes the libido is at its peak and drastically low the other times.

If you are looking for solutions to boost your libido and get some stability over sexy time with your partner, follow the article till the end. 


Ways To Boost Libido In Women

There are several physicals, emotional and mental factors taking control over libido.

Depending on what is causing the loss of libido, you can find a suitable solution to it. 

  • Manage Your Stress

    Stress is a mood killer. Increased stress is a sign of high levels of a stress hormone called cortisol. It could drastically lower the sex drive of any person. 

    Moreover, the stress levels of females lowered when shown images of their partners than those who were not shown.

    It may have dual benefits as scientific evidence suggests men use intimacy as a stress buster.

  • Communicate

    The lack of libido might be due to misunderstandings. To build a healthy physical connection, you need to connect well emotionally with your partner.

    Fights, lack of support, and ignorance also kill the sex drive. If you are going through a rough phase, sit and talk with your partner.

    If they are unable to understand what gives them pleasure, express themselves and what they like.

    Even if things like financial trouble or work pressure bother you, tell your better half about it. Small talks might ignite the spark between both of you.

  • Watch Your Diet

    If you think eating habits and sex life are two different things, you might be mistaken.

    Everything is connected. Eating healthy foods not just benefits your health but also gives you the dose of energy you need in bed. 

    These libido-boosting foods are called aphrodisiacs. Whole grains, low-fat dairy, a variety of vegetables, protein, and fruits should all be included in the diet. 

    Fruits like bananas, figs, and veggies like hot chilies, cucumber, and asparagus are a few options.

    Adding some nuts and seeds like Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds and almonds would add a punch and crunch to your diet. 

    Avoid eating high-mercury fish, junk food, or foods with trans fat. Drink plenty of water and replace your sugary drinks with a healthy juice or detox drinks. 

  • Sex Education And Counselling

    Talking to a counselor or couple counseling should not be underestimated.

    It might help to get a deeper insight into your relationship, and intimacy and understand better.

    The counselor may recommend reading a couple of materials or exercises. 

  • Consume Dark Chocolate

    Chocolate is the flavor of love. To make things smooth and tempting in the bedroom just like your favorite chocolate, try eating some. 

    It has been in prevalent use for centuries to boost libido. It is rich in antioxidants and may improve blood flow to intimate areas. It might help improve sensation and stimulation.

    Moreover, eating chocolate is claimed to have the same impact as falling in love.

    The reason is dark chocolate releases the chemical phenylethylamine which resembles the feeling of love.

    It may increase excitement and instill a sense of happiness. Along with this, serotonin is also released which enhances this feeling. 

  • Consider Herbs In Diet

    Since ancient times, herbs have been considered a magical remedy for low libido. There are a bunch of options to select from. 

    To begin with, garlic improves blood flow to the genitals as it is a vasodilator. Another herb ashwagandha improves mood, libido, and stamina in women and men.

    Shatavari is great to balance the hormones and hence stabilizes your fluctuations.

    Basil is a sense stimulator. Ginkgo biloba is an extract of the Chinese ginkgo tree, which improves sexual dysfunction and revives the sinking sex drive. 

  • Lubricants

    Lubes are often overlooked and not even considered essential.

    But a suitable lube might make all the difference you are looking for. It makes the intercourse smooth and prevents the chances of cuts and bruises. 

    It is also the best buddy for ladies suffering from medical conditions that cause a lack of natural lube and hence painful sex. Water-based lubricants are usually great for arousal and satisfaction. 

  • Get Sound Sleep

    Your loss of libido is not necessarily because of age or because you lost the spark. All this can be a result of continuous work and reduced time to rest.

    For the body to keep going well, we need 6-8 hours of sleep. A lack of sleep reduces both sex drive and time to make love.

    Take a power nap after an exhausting day and a sound sleep at night to improve the love equation between you and your partner. 

  • Focus On Foreplay

    Diving straight into intercourse is usually a big no. That is where most of them start losing interest and drop the idea of sex.

    Sadly, most females try not to open up about it because they feel it is disrespectful.

    It is better to tell your partner about it. Spend some more time kissing, touching each other, massaging, or having oral sex. 

    Massage is considered great for the ladies to turn them on. Several vaginal oils are also known to boost libido, arousal, and lubrication.

  • Schedule It And Spice Up

    If you are having a hard time stealing some precious moments with your partner, the disinterest and loss of sex drive may take over.

    Even if you are trying the same plain boring things every day, the monotony kills the romance.

    To start exotically budding your sex time, preplan it. Decide the place and time beforehand.

    Try different positions, and places and if you are comfortable, try sex toys and roleplay. Ask each other about sexual fantasies and kinks. 

    Talk dirty to each other while making love. More importantly, let the romance start outside the bedroom. Text each other something spicy.

    Compliment one another. Wear something tempting like hot outfits and lingerie. Buy something appealing for your partner.

    Tell your man how he makes you feel and he will revert the energy in bed. All these little things will help revive your sex drive. 

  • Give Up Bad Habits

    Smoking, drugs, and alcohol cause no benefit. When studies were conducted to establish a relationship between these habits and sex drive, the results were negative. 

    Drinking too much, becoming addicted to drugs and smoking may cause hormonal changes, vaginal dryness, and several other health issues that reduce sex drive.

  • Seek Medical Consultation

    Sometimes, it is not possible to control everything with lifestyle changes and home remedies.

    If your sex drive is low for a prolonged period and not just an occasional matter, talk to a doctor. They might help you better.

  • Supplementations

    This is one of the most controversial topics. The universe of supplements is really huge. There are good supplements that may benefit you. On the other hand, there are junk supplements that may harm your health in the short term and in the long term as well.

    Having said ll that, you should always consult a medical professional before you consume any supplement. This is because, the medical professional will always give you sound advice that could actually be beneficial for you.

    Some of the famous libido enhancers for women are Vigorelle, Screamer Gel, Zestra Essential Arousal Oil, HerSolution pills and Gel.


Libido is necessary for good sex life. Due to several factors like menopause, post-Patrum, age, and medical conditions, the sex drive in females keeps fluctuating.

Occasional low sex drive is common but a continuous period of such a problem should not be taken lightly.

Initially start by making lifestyle changes like a healthy diet, proper sleep, and quitting bad habits.

Gradually, switch to home remedies like herbs, massage of the genital area, and fun activities together. Simultaneously build an emotional connection to your partner by communicating.

Take your romance to another level with foreplay, hot outfits, and spicy talks. If all this does not help, talk to your doctor to get suitable medical treatment.

Always remember to give importance to your pleasure and express your desires. Do not shy away from getting the needed help.