Ibutamoren Review: Does This Really Promote Natural Growth Hormone?

This is Ibutamoren review is not a regular article about this substance.

I say so because, when and if you go through this Ibutamoren review, you would be able to find out personal experience, changes, and ultimate results of consuming Ibutamoren.

At the same time, there are other basic pointers that try to encapsulate a number of essential pointers when it comes to Ibutamoren.


What Is Ibutamoren?

Ibutamoren reviewIbutamoren could be referred to as an intensely potent anabolic substance that could be used to increase the lean mass in the body. It may work similarly to ghrelin receptors in the body.

The product could stimulate the Growth Hormone (GH) and Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) in the body that may promote activities like muscle building, cell generation, and recovery in the body.

The believers of Ibutamoren mention that it may act as a growth hormone secretagogue in the body that could be consumed orally to gain all its benefits.

They also state that it is profoundly consumed by bodybuilders and athletes who wish to grow bigger bodies and enhance their physical output during workouts or training sessions.

According to them, this anabolic substance could help you in increasing your energy level and reducing your exercise recovery times that may promote the growth of strong and lean muscles in the body.

Having said all that, a number of users of Ibutamoren affirm that it could help you in preventing muscles fatigue and joint cramps by strengthening the bones and muscles in your body.

They also claim that Ibutamoren has been able to help them in enhancing their appetite. As a result of which they were able to enhance their physical endurance which ultimately resulted in harder and longer workouts.

On the personal front, I will never recommend anyone using any of the anabolic steroids or any kind of SARMs like products. This is because firstly, they have been banned by FDA for general consumption.

Secondly, I already have tried legal steroids in the place of anabolic steroids. Also, on the other hand, I have consumed some of the best SARMs alternatives as well. They both have worked for me every time.

How Does Ibutamoren Work?

A few of the reputed websites states that regular consumption of Ibutamoren could increase the secretion of various hormones in the body, among which GH and IGF-1 are the major ones.

IGF-1 hormone in adults may show the anabolic effect and may also manage the body’s effects of growth hormones. A combination of these two could promote the growth of muscles and bones.

The secretion of IGF-1 and GH in the body may boost muscle growth and building. It may bring noticeable changes in the size of your muscles and strengthen them too.

Ibutamoren could support in quick recovery of muscles from the intense workouts that may help you in handling the hardcore workout sessions.

Ibutamoren may also help you in improving your sleep cycles and may ensure sound sleep and rest which plays a crucial role in better productivity of the body.

It could help you in increasing your appetite hence increasing your calorie intake that may promote nutrition and stuff your muscles with mass instead of fat.

On the contrary, you might want to know that there could be long-term side effects when and if you start consuming Ibutamoren regularly.

Why Did I Choose Ibutamoren?

I was a fitness coach in a gym but 2 years ago I decided to pursue boxing as a full-time profession. It required me to build a stronger and more muscular body.

I was aware that to build strong muscles I need to increase my protein intake and perform intense workouts. I tried following the same schedule but did not get the desired results.

I turned to a friend for help who recommended Ibutamoren to me. He told me that it was the best product that would help me in giving the desired shape to my muscles.

He told me that it helps in regulating the production of IGF-1 and Growth Hormones which are the building blocks of growing strong and lean muscles.

He said it increases the energy of the body and enhances the stamina and endurance ability of the body that prove fruitful during resistance training.

According to him, Ibutamoren helps in increasing the calorie intake by increasing the appetite so I need not worry about calorie deficit in my body.

He told me that many bodybuilders, powerlifters, and athletes use this product to build stronger and leaner muscles and also add volume to them.

He mentioned that this product may also cause some serious side effects but the potent formula of the product gives effective and quick results.

My Thought Process Behind Initiating Ibutamoren Consumption

Though I was aware of the negative impacts such products can cause to the body I wanted to grow lean muscles quickly so I anyways opted to use the product.

I decided that I need to use it for a short while. Post which, I need to stop its usage after achieving the gains. I asked my friend to get me a bottle of Ibutamoren.

I also conferred with my trainer about the usage of the product. He warned me of its negative impacts too but also suggested following a strict meal and exercising routine along with the intense boxing practice with it.

He advised me to begin with an 8-week cycle and follow a mild dosage. According to him, a mild dosage would help me in adding inches to the muscle without damaging my health.

Changes In My Body During The Ibutamoren Consumption

The product showed its effects by enhancing energy levels from its initial usage. With the increased energy I added more reps and sets to my sessions.

On top of that, I was able to chip in with some amazing boxing practice sessions.

Gradually, the product improved my endurance and my recovery time was also declining this helped me in stacking my workouts heavily and working out for longer hours.

By the end of my 2nd week, my muscles were growing bigger and my body adapted to the mild dosage so I decided to begin my 3rd week with a moderate dosage.

The increased dose of Ibutamoren caused a few disturbances like periodic insomnia, swelling in ankles and knees, and frequent pain in my legs and back.

I did not pay much attention thinking that my body might get used to the dosage soon. During the fifth or sixth week maybe,  I started facing frequent insomnia.

I used to stay up all night which affected my energy during the workouts and did not allow me to keep up with my regular exercises. I was getting exhausted very quickly.

When this problem continued for another couple of weeks, I went to consult a doctor who prescribed me a few tests and waited for the results before coming to any conclusion.

My reports came in and I was shocked at the revelations made by my doctor. He told me that I was in the initial stages of Type 2 Diabetes, which could be one of the reasons behind my fatigue.

He mentioned that because of Ibutamoren my body has turned resistant to insulin due to which my cells could no longer absorb the required glucose which has increased my blood sugar.

He confirmed Edema to be the reason behind constant pain and swelling in my legs. He said if the water retention increases it may cause difficulty in breathing that may also result in heart failure.

He asked me to quit using Ibutamoren with immediate effect to avoid any further damages to my health and I did that.

My Dosage Of Ibutamoren

Ibutamoren is consumed in cycles that vary from 8 weeks to 16 weeks.

As a newbie to Ibutamoren, my trainer suggested I should start with an 8 weeks cycle. I consumed a mild dosage during my first couple of weeks in order to observe any side effects in the initial phase.

From the third week of the cycle, I planned and increased the dosage in a gradual manner as I progressed in the cycle.

It was a moderate dosage and my body did not respond well to it. As per my doctor’s suggestion, I immediately stopped using Ibutamoren after the latter part of the sixth week or the initial part of the seventh week.

Side Effects Of Ibutamoren

I faced a number of side effects in the latter part of my consumption cycle. I guess these side effects might be due to the regular consumption of Ibutamoren. Based on my experience, I can divide these side effects under the following categories-

  • Lethargy

    Though the product elevated my energy levels during the 2nd week of the cycle I started experiencing occasional insomnia and it caused lethargy. Frequent fatigue prevented proper workouts.

  • Sore Muscles and Joints

    As I switched to the moderate dosage, the frequency of muscle and joint pain increased. The sore muscles and joints acted as barriers during resistance training.

  • Edema

    Constant bloating and swollen ankles were the indications of water retention in my body. My doctor said that it could have caused breathing disturbances too.

  • Reduced Insulin Sensitivity

    This was one of the major damage that Ibutamoren did to my body. My sugar levels were shooting high and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

  • Periodic Insomnia

    My doctor confirmed that Ibutamoren was the reason behind my periodic insomnia. The elevated energy levels made it difficult for me to get sound sleep, affecting my practice sessions.

My Alternate Choice For Ibutamoren

Post the diagnosis of Diabetes; my doctor ordered bed rest for a few weeks to get the product out of my system and ease the swelling caused due to water retention.

When I recovered from the swelling and pain, I resumed my workouts. But I knew I might never be able to develop bigger muscles without Ibutamoren.

This was when I searched the internet for some of the natural alternatives of Ibutamoren. As a result, I learned about several legal alternatives to Ibutamoren MK677. The first was Ibuta 677, which CrzyBulk manufactures, and the second was IbutaLean, manufactured by BrutalForce.

I also consulted my trainer on this one. He told me that in the gym, some people consume Ibuta 677 while some consume IbutaLean.

He gave preference to IbutaLean. According to him, IbutaLean could mimic all the benefits of Ibutamoren. On the other hand, there are only a few changes that I may face in any side effects.

According to him and the official website,  IbutaLean could be regarded as a legal substitute for Ibutamoren and could be safe for consumption. In addition, he mentioned that the product increases energy levels and promotes muscle growth.

According to him, it gives effective results rapidly when paired with the proper meal and exercise routine. He affirmed that he, too, uses the product.

With a ray of hope, I visited the official website of IbutaLean and ordered a bottle for myself when I read the positive reviews of its users.

It has been a few months of using IbutaLean, and I have noticed a few quality gains with the help of regular consumption of IbutaLean.

Having said all that, I feel that the best part about IbutaLean’s consumption cycle was that I did not face any side effects or damage to my health.

Final Words On Ibutamoren Review

Undoubtedly Ibutamoren gave me quick and effective results by increasing the lean tissues in my body and growing bigger muscles but it also caused severe side effects to my body.

I was fortunate to stop the usage of this product before it caused any major damage to my body. I was able to reverse most of its side effects and am still working on the remaining.

I am a happy user of IbutaLean by BrutalForce as it has helped me in giving the right shape and size to my muscles. It is prepared from natural ingredients, thus is safe for consumption.

My reports from the routine check-ups have shown no negative effects of this product on my body. With IbutaLean, I am developing quality gains while maintaining good health.