15 Ways On How To Increase Sperm Count: Boost Your Sperm Count Naturally

It takes one sperm to fuse an egg successfully, but why do doctors ask to maintain a healthy sperm count?

A healthy sperm count helps to keep all the sperm healthy and fertile, which increases the chances of fertilizing an egg.

But, what does sperm count refer to?

Sperm count is the average number of sperm floating in a sample of semen or per milliliter of semen.

Several experts consider sperm count beyond 15 million per milliliter as usual for a man.

Hence, timely sperm count testing is crucial for a male to know the number, shape, and motility of the sperm.

Unfortunately, a few men fail to achieve a healthy count due to several underlying reasons.

But, it isn’t a significant concern as many natural remedies are available that may help retain a good sperm count.

This article will get to know some beneficial methods to maintain a healthy sperm count.


15 Ways To Increase Sperm Count

  1. Relax More, Stress Less

    Increasing competition and stress in the surrounding might not let you relax.

    But, relaxing could be an easy and effective way to get back to an average sperm count.

    Stress may affect fertility by reducing sexual desires and satisfaction.

    Moreover, regular stress might increase the body’s cortisol level, negatively impacting testosterone levels.

    Hence, if you are struggling with low sperm count, start meditation, and go for regular walks to keep yourself relaxed.

  2. Avoid Drugs And Excess Alcohol

    Apart from the other harmful impacts, these substances could have a role to play in decreasing the sperm count.

    Moreover, heavy drinkers might face difficulty maintaining a healthy testosterone level and good sperm quality.

    To date, no scientific evidence has been reported related to the above claim.

    But, some reviews have mentioned that alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, etc., may cause some ethical problems associated with sperm count.

    Hence, an individual should check the consumption of these substances to avoid unhealthy sperm production.

  3. Quit Smoking

    Smoking has adverse effects on your health, whether the lungs or sperm. It is believed that people who smoke regularly may experience a fall in the semen quality.

    Smokers might find a less sperm concentration, decreased mobility, and distorted sperm shapes in their semen test reports.

    Moreover, smoking may take you closer to infertility. Cigarettes consist of toxins rich in cadmium and lead, which may be responsible for promoting infertility.

    Hence, it would be best to immediately stop smoking to regain your fertility and usual sperm count.

  4. Exercise Is The Key

    Regular exercise could be an effective solution to get back the average sperm count.

    You could experience a positive change in testosterone levels and sperm quality as you start exercising daily.

    Multiple studies and reviews have mentioned that men doing exercise at least thrice a week may find an increase in their sperm count.

    But, it would help if you don’t immediately jump into an excessive workout session daily as it may lower the testosterone level.

  5. Try To Maintain The Sleep Cycle

    A 7-9 hour sleep a day is sufficient and healthy for an adult.

    But, most men fail to achieve the average sleep due to a hectic life cycle, while some adults sleep more than the average sleep hours.

    The sleep cycle may have a massive role in keeping the sperm count healthy. People who suffer from sleep deprivation might experience a fall in sperm quality.

    Also, people sleeping more than they need may experience a lower sperm count. Hence, a balanced and routine sleep would be crucial in keeping the sperm count regular.

  6. Change Some Prescription Medications

    Medicines might cure a disease, but they may negatively impact the consumers.

    Several medications like antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antidepressants, anabolic steroids, etc., might lower the sperm count in a man.

    You should immediately stop taking these medicines if you face problems with sperm count.

    If the prescribed medicines are essential for other medical conditions, consult the doctor to change the medication.

  7. Antioxidant-Rich Foods Are Good For Sperm Count

    Generally, antioxidants are responsible for deactivating cell-damaging compounds called free radicals.

    But, they may also have a role in keeping the sperm count regular.

    Several studies have mentioned that antioxidants like beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, carotenoids, lutein, etc., could help uplift the sperm count.

    Hence, you should start adding antioxidant-rich food to your diet to experience a change.

  8. Vitamin D Is Helpful For Better Sperm Count

    Vitamin D is considered a potential treatment to improve fertility in males.

    The nutrient intake could gradually boost the testosterone level in men.

    With little evidence, experts believe that Vitamin D may have a more significant impact on sperm motility.

    Vitamin D might be beneficial in increasing testosterone levels in fertile and subfertile males.

    But, in infertile males, no significant changes in testosterone level due to Vitamin D has been observed yet.

  9. Consume More Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is primarily linked to boosting immunity, but it may play a role in increasing the sperm count of men.

    Vitamin C helps to increase the blood flow to the penis and allows you to get a firm erection.

    With better sexual health and activity, you may notice a positive change in sperm count.

    Hence, start eating fruits and vegetables containing Vitamin C like lemon, tomato, orange, etc., to increase sperm production.

  10. Eat Folate And Zinc Containing Food

    Multiple male fertility treatment supplements contain folate and zinc alongside other essential ingredients.

    It is believed that folate and zinc could play a role in increasing sperm production in men.

    Moreover, a study has mentioned that zinc and folate supplementation for a few months has increased the sperm count in many fertile and subfertile men.

  11. Fenugreek Supplements Are Great

    Fenugreek is a medicinal herb that helps to cure several serious health issues.

    But, it has been quite impressive in treating the low testosterone levels in men.

    Fenugreek herb may naturally boost testosterone levels in the body.

    Hence, a potential natural remedy to improve the semen concentration shows the research.

    Primarily, you may consume raw Fenugreek seeds or supplements containing the herb extract.

  12. Ashwagandha May Help

    Ashwagandha is another medicinal plant highly preferred in India and North Africa for its therapeutic benefits.

    The small woody plant is an adaptogen that helps suppress the stress level.

    But, the plant may help you boost fertility and improve reproductive health effectively.

    Moreover, a prescribed dosage of ashwagandha daily may improve the sperm quality of men.

  13. Increase Healthy Fat Consumption

    Many saturated and mono-unsaturated fats primarily found in junk foods may damage sperm health.

    But, a category of fat called polyunsaturated fats might help you gain good sperm health, according to the studies.

    Some polyunsaturated fats like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids may help you in sperm production and balance the sperm count.

  14. Maintain A Normal Weight

    Excessive weight gain could be a primary concern for any individual.

    Being overweight welcomes several health disorders linked to the heart, blood sugar levels, etc.

    But, you might not know that being heavyweight may lead to low sperm count in men.

    Due to excessive fat accumulation, the testosterone level in the body may drop.

    You would experience low sex drives with lower testosterone, which may affect your sperm concentration.

    Hence, shift your regular diet to a balanced diet to lose excess fat.

  15. Avoid Tight Clothes

    Tight clothes might make you look fashionable, but they may affect your sperm production badly.

    Men who wear tight jeans or undergarments might experience a rise in the scrotum temperature.

    The optimum temperature of the scrotum from healthy sperm production is 34°C.

    Due to the tight garments, the temperature may go beyond the optimum temperature and hamper sperm production and count.

    Hence, I prefer loose clothes like boxers over briefs to keep the scrotum temperature regular.


Low sperm count might be a problem for many, but the inability to regain it could be a significant issue. But, men can bring their sperm count back to normal naturally.

Some changes in regular lifestyle, dietary changes, and quitting habits may be enough to balance the low sperm count.

It is also believed that semen retention could also help in the case of low sperm count. Hence, start implementing the suitable options from the above list to improve semen density.