How To Get Rid Of Inner Thigh Fat

Though fat is crucial to sustaining life, excessive fat in certain places might make you uncomfortable. Talking of the awkward spots, inner thigh fat might be one such area that is quite stubborn.

If toning your inner thighs is daunting, then this post is right for you. Here you will get to know the ways to reduce inner thigh fat.

On the other hand, you might want to note that target fat loss generally does not work. As a result, you need to look for overall fat reduction. The key here is to be consistent and progressive while ensuring that you adhere to a specific exercise regime and diet.

Moreover, since getting rid of your inner thigh fat cannot happen overnight, you have to change your lifestyle and develop some habits that will stick in the long run.

Each individual is different, and when you may start to lose fat, your body may reduce it from other areas. Hence you must commit to the process to eventually see the desired changes.

Moreover, there are no shortcuts that could reduce that thigh fat ultimately. Instead, you could follow a few ways to help reduce inflammation and bloating and tone your legs while you lose weight. So now let’s have a look at these ways.

remove Inner Thigh Fat


Ways To Getting Rid Of Inner Thigh Fat

  1. Watch Out For Your Salt Consumption

    The more salt you consume, the greater water will be retained in your body. In simple words, when your salt consumption increases, your body will not filter out the water and instead store it.

    This could in turn lead to bloating and hence affect the weight in your hips, thighs, and even the entire body.

    You could consume approx 1500 milligrams of sodium per day. Moreover, the upper limit of sodium consumption should be 2300 milligrams per day.

    However, in case you are consuming more than this amount, then you may cut back on items that have more sodium content.

  2. Reduce The Consumption Of Saturated Fats

    Found in animal sources like hydrogenated oils, dairy, or meat, saturated fats are less beneficial as compared to unsaturated fats.

    However, you may not completely exclude the consumption of these fats from your diet because they could provide different health benefits. At the same time, it’s crucial to reduce their consumption.

    Saturated fats are found in desserts, coconut oil, fish oil, etc. Though fish oil has healthy omega-3 fatty acids, it could even contain a high percentage of saturated fat. Due to this, you must read the nutrition label of the food items you purchase them.

  3. Avoid Some Types Of Resistance Training

    Certain types of resistance training exercises might make your thighs bigger. The reason behind this is that these exercises work on inner thigh muscle and hence may not help you to get rid of the fact.

    Due to the same reason, you may gain muscle in a particular area and hence your thighs may get bigger even after working out. The exercises that could make your inner thighs bigger, may include

    • Lunges
    • CrossFit
    • Squats and other variations of the squats
    • Weighted leg machines, and some HIIT routines that aim at targeting your legs
  4. Add More Protein To Your Diet

    Protein is a crucial component that could regulate the testosterone levels in your body and hence evade you from gaining any weight. No wonder how it could even help you reduce the weight in your inner thighs as well.

    Other than this, adding more protein to your diet is crucial because it could even balance the number of hormones in your body and hence keep your metabolism in check.

    However, when you add more protein to your diet, make sure to skip red meat and instead just go for lean protein. The simple reason behind this is that lean protein has fewer calories and less saturated fat.

    So you could replace the pork and beef in your diet with Turkey or chicken. Other than this, you may also add different types of fish to your diet which are low in fat.

    Another low-fat protein diet for vegetarians might include lentil soup, Pinto beans, or chickpeas.

  5. Limit Alcohol Consumption.

    Your body gets rid of the by-products of alcohol, namely acetate and acetaldehyde, by reducing its burning capacity by approximately 75%.

    This whopping figure may inarguably tell you the damage alcohol does to your inner thigh fat. Though it is an empty calorie source, it incentivizes your body to store the carbs and fat you consume.

    Moreover, even if you drink liquor at moderate levels, it could still decrease your motivation for exercising and increase the number of calories you consume.

  6. Focus On Certain Workouts

    When you wish to lose fat from any area of your body, you should know that a combination of diet and exercise is likely to help you. Some of the most efficacious exercises that could help you to get rid of your inner thigh fat include cardio workouts.

    However, not all cardio workouts may help you to get rid of the inner thigh fat. So here’s a glance at the different workouts which you could practice to tone your inner thighs.

    • Treadmill Exercises

      You could pick your cardio either running or walking and generally increase the incline to 10-15% as you exercise.

      Make sure to perform this exercise for at least 30 minutes and you could add it to your weekly cardio regime two to three times.

    • Hill Training

      All you have to do is to grab your stopwatch and climb the hills to reduce your inner thigh fat. This will not just help in the reduction of fat, but we also improve your fitness and increase the strength of your muscles.

      Make sure to run up the hills for 30 seconds and then walk back down. You could include this exercise in your weekly exercise regime two to three times.

    • The Seated Pillow Squeeze

      The name of this exercise might give you a certain idea of the equipment you will need to perform it. All you need is a chair and a pillow from your living room.

      Now you have to sit on this chair while your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle with your thighs. Once done, place the pillow between your thighs and knees.

      Now you have to squeeze the pillow between your thighs as if are trying to take its stuffing out. Make sure to maintain this position for one minute and exhale slowly while doing so.

  7. Include Good Sources Of Low-Fat Dairy In Your Diet

    Low-fat dairy like yogurt or milk may help to promote your weight loss process. Moreover, low-fat dairy sources could even be beneficial for women who may be prone to osteoporosis.

    But make sure to opt for low-fat dairy options instead of no-fat dairy options because they might be full of sugars.

  8. Maintain Your Ideal Body Weight

    Maintaining your ideal body weight is also crucial to get rid of the fat from your inner thighs. In case your body weight is above normal then it may be vivid why your inner thighs may gain more fat.

  9. Drink Enough Water

    As you may know, water performs myriad crucial processes in the human body, like balancing the temperature levels, transporting nutrients to the organs, and supporting your muscles or joints.

    At the same time, drinking enough water might help to remove all the toxins from your body and keep you healthy.

    Drinking more water may even make you feel full for a longer time and hence help to evade extra weight from the stubborn areas.

    So if you want to get rid of the fat from your inner thighs then you may drink at least three liters of water per day.

Let Us Wrap It Up

Thus, these are the different ways that you could follow to say goodbye to the stubborn fat from your inner thighs.

Apart from these ways, you may also focus to cut back on carbs and add more electrolytes to your diet to get rid of the inner thigh fat.

In the end, you could even keep a daily record of your meals to see if you are staying on track or not. Keeping tabs on your diet accordingly may help you to know whether you are consistent or you need to work harder.