Hims Hair Loss Review: Does This Really Work?

In this Hims hair loss review, I have shared one of my friend’s experiences with the hair spray that he used at an early age. In addition, he revealed the sequence of events from when he decided to use Hims.

Having said that, the latter part of this write-up also reveals his usage results. Not to miss, I have also shared some of the essential info in this Hims hair loss review about this product and its services.


What Is Hims Hair Loss?

hims hair loss reviewAndrew Dudum manufactures Hims Hair Loss. The official website of Hims claims that the Hims Hair Loss treatment kit may help enhance your hair regrowth.

They also affirm that they have used clinically proven ingredients in developing this hair treatment kit. In addition, the makers claim that they also provide online consultations.

Along with this, they mentioned that you might also get to connect with US-based licensed professionals. Further, you could get the necessary treatment through its application.

They also claim that this medical professional would be available with unlimited access throughout the treatment process, along with further follow-ups.

After purchasing, the makers claim that the Hims Hair Loss treatment kit will be delivered free to your doorstep. This could provide you with a hassle-free experience.

Apart from improving your hair regrowth. This hair loss treatment may enhance your overall appearance through your treatment journey and could also boost your confidence.

How Does Hims Hair Loss Work?

The official website of Hims Hair Loss claims that it contains ingredients that may help you maintain your hair growth. Furthermore, they affirm that this hair loss treatment kit consists of two primary ingredients: Finasteride and Minoxidil.

The makers claim that these could play a significant role in restoring your hair through the application.

Finasteride as an ingredient may help you by increasing your hair growth on the edge of your receding hairline. Along with this, it could enhance your scalp growth.

This may also utilize testosterone for turning into a hormone responsible for hair growth through your prostate gland. Therefore, it could trigger enhanced hair growth through its application, as suggested by medical professionals.

Likewise, Minoxidil is a water-soluble ingredient and may be helpful for you in dealing with pattern hair loss. This could also enhance your overall hair growth through its application.

Ingredients Used In Hims Hair Loss

  • Finasteride

    It is an FDA-approved pharmacologic agent that may help you by blocking the enzyme 5-alpha reductase.

    This could further change testosterone which may further trigger the prostate for enhancing hair growth in males.

    More info about this is discussed in this governmental sourced article.

  • Minoxidil

    This is a common medication prescribed for hair loss treatment. Alongwith this, it could also be used as an ingredient in hair loss treatment kits.

    More about this is here.

  • Propylene Glycol

    Alongwith Minoxidil, Propylene Glycol may act as a thickening agent in the medication.

    This could also help you by reducing the bacteria and may enhance the water absorption through its absorption.

    This link to the governmental source discussed more this ingredient.

  • Citric Acid

    It may help you by enhancing the blood flow through the scalp. This could further with enhanced strength and keep your hair follicles healthy.

    More on this is here.

Reason For Choosing Hims Hair Loss

My friend was in his early twenties and worked as a production designer at an over-the-top online streaming platform.

Since he joined the workplace around two years ago, he has looked excellent and handsome with thick hair. But, as time passed, slowly, his receding hairline and hair loss issues made him worried day by day.

We used to talk almost every day. So, now and then, he mentioned the hair loss he was dealing with. Then, one fine Saturday, he called me and told me about the project he was informed about early that day.

He added that it’s in the next six months, and he has to look good as he has to present in front of the production teams around the country.

At first, I told him to calm down as he panicked. Then, the same day, I went to his place later in the evening, and we talked about how he could reduce his hair fall.

While at his place, I went on the internet and started finding ways that he may find helpful. After intense research, I found the Hims Hair Loss treatment kit in one of the advertisements on the side tab.

Immediately, I clicked on their advertisement and went on the official website of Hims Hair Loss as my friend was by my side. So, he also checked out the hair treatment kit.

While checking the website, I saw one of the features of online consultation they provide to the patients that could further help them with the proper application through the treatment journey.

I also liked that they have professionals who deal with these issues and help people facing hair issues.

My friend seemed interested in trying on Hims Hair Loss treatment kit by reading this. So, next time, we went on taking on an appointment with the licensed professional as they mentioned on their official website.

The following day, the appointment was online, so he took time from home. Later, he told me it went well, and the medical professional advised him to apply Hims Hair Loss for the first two months to observe the results.

Medical professionals also advised consuming nutrient-rich and testosterone-boosting foods, such as berries, eggs, fatty fish, spinach, sweet potatoes, avocados, etc.

Usage Experience Of Using Hims Hair Loss

As advised by the medical professional, he had ordered Hims Hair Loss treatment kit. Within a week, it got delivered to his doorstep.

As soon as he got the packet. My friend informed me about the same. I happily observed this and went to his place that evening after work.

He was happy and hopeful that this may help get his hair back. Along with this, he said that he had also arranged the foods recommended by the medical professional to incorporate into his diet.

That evening, we sat and talked about everything going on with ourselves, from our personal life to our professional.

The next day, he started applying Hims Hair Loss treatment kit spray in the morning, before leaving for work, and in the evening, he used to get a head massage.

He also started consuming healthy breakfasts such as avocado toast, etc. He also started consuming Ashwagandha in the morning after breakfast.

In addition, he used to carry salads and healthy foods for lunch at work. This helped him maintain his stress levels as he was restricting junk food consumption.

Meanwhile, I also went out of the city for a month. When I came back, I met my friend again. He was full of confidence and also had maintained his physique, and looked gentlemanly.

Later, he told me that he recently spoke to a medical professional. So naturally, hearing this, I got excited and asked about everything.

He said he observed that his hair fall has reduced and is glad about this. Along with this, he was motivated that this would help him maintain his productivity at work with an improved appearance.

Benefits Of Using Hims Hair Loss

  • Blocks DHT

    The regular application of Hims Hair Loss as prescribed helped my brother by reducing the effect of baldness.

    This also reduced the hair-falling tendency which helped him eventually through its application.
  • Increase Follicle Size

    Apart from blocking DHT, this hair loss treatment kit helped him in enhancing the size of hair follicles. It could further help you maintain your follicle size. This may increase your overall hair growth.
  • Hair Regrowth

    The regular application of Hims Hair Loss kit helped him with enhanced hair growth. Along with this it also improved his appearance thoughts its application journey.

Final Words On Hims Hair Loss

As I conclude, my friend observed that his hair fall has stopped. Not only this, he claimed that now he could see some of the tiny baby hairs appearing in the area from where his hairline receded.

This helped him in enhancing his appearance. This eventually helped him in his work projects. Now he has also improved his diet consumption throughout the day. Every evening he massages his scalp as recommended.

All this helped him maintain his lifestyle, and since he started using Hims Hair Loss as his hair growth, he was a changed person who kept him motivated through his daily chores.