HerSolution Review: Could This Really Help Your Libido Levels?

I talk about my own experiences in this HerSolution review. I was in really bad shape due to which I had to do something in order to enhance my sexual life with my husband.

For this very reason, I started with HerSolution. Also, I have discussed other basic aspects of HerSolution as well.

Hence, if you are someone looking for something similar, then going through this HerSolution review could be an ideal step for you.


What Is HerSolution?

hersolutionAccording to the producer, leading-edge marketing HerSolution could be regarded as a  dietary substance that may help you to boost sex drive and might also assist in increasing the desire for sex in women.

It may as well help with menopause and PMS. If you are someone with hormone imbalance and vaginal dryness, then HerSolution could be a step in the right direction.

According to the official website, HerSolution is made out of a unique blend of ingredients that contains herbal extracts and vitamins.

This natural libido enhancer might as well work within your body and could make you want sex, by stimulating blood flow to the appropriate areas.

It might also try to work towards the correction of your hormone imbalances that could be one of the reasons for low sex drive.

Having said that, the regular usage of HerSolution might help you achieve pleasurable moments during sex. It has few herbs that could affect a bad Premenstrual syndrome system.

As a result, you might notice improvements like fewer mood swings and hot flashes. As per the brand, ingredients used in making HerSolution are high quality and natural.

Hence, there are high chances that it might not have any negative effect on your health.

How Does HerSolution Works?

According to the manufacturer, HerSolution is manufactured under the supervision of professionals. All the ingredients used in this supplement are natural and known for their ability to improve sex drive in women.

The formula of HerSolution contains herbs that try and aim to raise progesterone and estrogen levels naturally. Hence, it might help your body to improve libido, induce electrifying orgasms and intensify sexual sensations.

HerSolution has ingredients that may promote your blood circulation all over your body including your erogenous region.

Epimedium Sagittatum present which has icariin has been known for its efficacious properties when it comes to improving sexual health and erectile dysfunction.

Compounds like these have been added in this supplement may increase your nitric oxide output which could relax your blood vessels.

As a result, you could notice stronger orgasms, might see an improvement in the libido and arousal.

A few ingredients of this supplement have been used as an ancient aphrodisiac for years for improving sex through reducing vaginal dryness and increasing arousal.

Ingredients like mucuna pruriens added in HerSolution might work towards a reduction in your stress levels, mood swings, anxiety and may as well promote a healthy mindset conducive to sex.

Botanical ingredients like Ginkgo biloba might improve your cognitive functions, mental acuity and protect nerves in your body.

All these ingredients work together to increase energy naturally and stamina in your body by promoting a calmer mind and better sleep.

Ingredients Used In The Manufacturing Process Of HerSolution

The manufacturer states that all the ingredients used in this supplement are natural and are of high quality. The formula of HerSolution is nothing but a proprietary blend of botanical, herbal products, and vitamins.

These ingredients have been used for centuries to improve sex drive in females. Also, all of them try to work together and may help you naturally in enjoying sexual acts.

The official website also states that HerSolution is made out of natural herbs, hence they might not have any harmful effects on your body in most cases.

  • Niacin (Niacinamide)

    This ingredient is presented for increasing the blood flow in the genital areas. It may cause a sensation in the genital regions because of the increased blood flow. This Improved blood flow allows the genitals to stimulate actively. As a result, you might experience better bedroom performance and higher libido.

    Additionally, niacin may also help in the synthesis of testosterone, make sex hormones, progesterone.

  • Hops Extract (Flower)

    This ingredient has been used as a natural remedy for treating insomnia. There are chances that it might have the ability to prevent vaginal dryness. It produces estrogen that may increase your natural lubrication, hence you might experience more pleasure during lovemaking.

  • Ginkgo biloba (Leaf)

    This ingredient is also presented in HerSolution. Ginkgo biloba has been used for improving sexual function by the Chinese for centuries. It is tasked to help women reach maximum orgasm. Also, it may be an effective solution for reducing symptoms of menopause. Consumption of Ginkgo Biloba may help your body to eliminate free radicals, as a result, it reduces premature aging and boosts your energy.

  • Mucuna pruriens (Seed)

    It has been used as an aphrodisiac. The presence of mucuna may help in increasing sexual desire in women. This herb is a natural source of L dopa, a chemical that may have an impact on sexual functioning and pleasure.

  • Epimedium sagittatum ( Leaf)

    Another ingredient that may naturally increase female sexual desire. Epimedium sagittatum is an effective aphrodisiac. Also known for relieving or reducing the symptoms of menopause. To ensure more blood flow in your body it works by increasing the nitric oxide levels that may relax smooth muscle. So that you could experience increased orgasm and improve sexual pleasure. It is also thought to promote increased energy levels.

  • Cayenne (Pepper)

    Cayenne is known for its erotic effect on the body. It may increase circulation to your genital areas. The heat increases the blood flow to the major regions of the body, hence it may result in healthy sexual organs, intensify orgasms, and increased vaginal lubrication.

My Experience With HerSolution

I still remember that, When I crossed my 30’s, my birth control started disturbing my sexual life. You might be able to realize the effects of that.

During the same time, my partner and I hardly indulged in any kind of physical intimacy.

Whenever my husband tried to get intimate with me I ended up hurting him. I felt like I was forcing myself to do this stuff.

Then I decided to discuss this scenario with my physician. She told me that I have a low sex drive and libido levels. She also suggested libido enhancement pills.

I was hesitant at first, as I have never tried any health supplement before. But I have to take the risk before things start to get worse.

I did a little homework about various libido enhancement pills. Luckily I got a trial video on youtube about HerSolution.

I was amazed at the 7 days results shown in the video. Also, it has cayenne and niacin presented in the formula. Both ingredients are considered effective for improving sexual health.

hence, out of desperation, I ordered some from the official website of HerSolution. As soon as I received the product I started using it.

They also sent me HerSolution Gel which is extremely effective for reducing vaginal dryness.

I was skeptical about the results in the beginning. But honestly speaking it worked for me. I started seeing positive changes in just 2 or 3 weeks.

Frankly speaking, this supplement has drastically changed my sex life. I certainly started feeling the next level of satisfaction and relaxation.

Going from once every other week now I was able to get intimate at least 3 or more times in a week. This is my 4th month into the consumption and I am still consuming HerSolution with my daily vitamins.

My Dosage With HerSolution

For the dosage, I preferred following the instructions given by the manufacturer which is one pill per day with a full glass of water.

Each pack of HerSolution contains 30 tablets which are enough for one month’s supply.

Benefits of HerSolution

  • Blood Dilation

    Dilation of blood vessels is one of the most important things in a women’s body as if the blood vessels are not fully dilated at the time of sexual intercourse women may experience sex as a punishment rather than a fun activity.

    In some cases because of this obligation women may accuse their partner of rape. As per the brand, HerSolution is made out of natural herbs, these herbs are proven to offer effective dilation of blood. Hence you could experience enjoyment and satisfaction.

    Personally speaking, using HerSolution regularly allows me to experience maximum relaxation of body muscles. Hence I could find more pleasure in the intimate moments.

  • Muscle Contraction

    To get maximum satisfaction during sexual intercourse it is essential to have an intense orgasm. Using HerSolution allows you to have frequent muscle contractions. Hence, you could easily have an orgasm frequently and enjoy sex as you like.

  • Herbal Products

    As per the manufacturer, HerSolution is made out of natural herbs and products. These pure ingredients are proven to be very effective to restore your sexual drive.

    Since HerSolution formula is natural, it may not cause any allergic reaction and no interaction. Thus you can use this product for years without worrying about side effects.

    Just follow all the instructions written on the label of the product to enjoy the maximum pleasure of sex with your partner.

  • Better sex drive and libido

    One of the most major concerns of married women is the lack of desire for sex. As women have many responsibilities on their shoulders, most of the time they forget about their happiness and desire. As sex is the essential part of happy married life, some individuals with a lack of sex drive suffer a lot.

    In some cases, it becomes the reason for the difference among partners. As soon as you start using HerSolution regularly you might experience your sex life heightened within 60 days of use.

  • It could help in getting rid of vaginal dryness

    The main reason why I bought HerSolution is to prevent vaginal dryness. As the brand claims that this product is tasked to help you in the appropriate lubrication, thus you might notice a boost in lubrication.

    Also, regular usage of this product may reduce vaginal dryness and allows you to have the best time in the bedroom. This product produces estrogen, which is an effective source of vaginal lubrication.

Final Words On HerSolution Review

Finally speaking, I have been a really satisfied consumer of HerSolution. Especially because of the fact that I was able to improve my relationship with my husband.

On the other hand, I was also able to improve my mental health which was deteriorating because of a lack of physical intemacy.

For this very reason, I am still consuming HerSolution on a regular basis along with the usage of gel. Also, I am willing to continue the same in future as well.