Figure 8 Fitness Review: Is This Ultimate Weight Loss Solution?

In this Figure 8 fitness review, you will learn about my gym trainer’s time after her pregnancy. Before her pregnancy, she was already a consumer of some diet supplements. But after pregnancy, she initially wanted to lose some weight with the help of exercise and diet, and post the initial phase, she wanted to start her supplementation again.

As a result, she started with the Figure 8 Fitness program. In this review, she talks about all the ups and downs during this tenure and how exactly she went about everything. Furthermore, you might want to note that the latter part of this Figure 8 Fitness review also talks about her results.


What Is Figure 8 Fitness

Figure 8According to Janna Kunitz, the maker of Figure 8 Fitness, it is a core training through dancing.

This dance fitness program could be advantageous in losing weight and getting the body in good shape.

Figure 8 fitness core dynamic training is helpful for those with little time to spend on a workout or those with a busy schedule.

Since this is not a hardcore weight training sort of thing, anyone could easily try this.

When it comes to dancing, even if you are a beginner or advanced in dancing, this effective core training could naturally improve your body fitness. It is though simple but intense cardio exercise.

This fitness program is easy; you must spend only 10 minutes working out simultaneously. It includes video coaching and workout session.

In Figure 8 Fitness, you would get a Workout journal after each video session where you could journal your process according to the creator of this dance fitness program.

In this program, you would get detailed instructions regarding the program through a fitness guide, according to the creator. It may be beneficial for you to achieve your fitness goal more rapidly.

How Does It Work?

Figure 8 Fitness could help you build a strong foundation of the core through dancing. It focuses majorly on targeting the core through three-dimensional exercise.

It is an innovative approach to target your muscles by doing cardio by this Figure 8 fitness. Also, it could help you get your body flexible, toned, and also pain-free midsection.

As in this core training program, you do natural movements which may not show any adverse effect on the body.

Figure 8 Fitness is different from the traditional cardio program in which you may experience pain in your body for a longer period of time. It is also quite different from the core training program where you have to perform crunches and sit-ups.

In this program, the creator mentions that body’s natural fluid movement would help you to tighten muscles around the core which may result in your toned abs.

This program is designed in such a way you may not experience any pain and you could easily able to do it as it is simple also you may get the ideal shape that you are desiring for.

This is a comprehensive nutritional blueprint as by adding this fitness program to your lifestyle along with an eating balanced diet you may improve your metabolism and overall health condition.

Three-Phase Approach Of Figure 8 Fitness

Following are the three phases in which the figure 8 fitness system is divided

  • Phase One

    Phase one is the initial as well as foundation phase of this core training program. In this learning phase, you would learn how to activate the core muscles, abs, and other parts of the body.

    It could be fun to learn the fluid movement while doing it with help of a hip. This may be beneficial for the body. It may enhance spine flexibility along with improving the body shape.

    In this phase, you may also learn about the dangerous body movements which should be completely avoided by performing this program.

  • Phase Two

    In the Second phase of figure 8 fitness the creator focus on the burning process. You have to do cardio which is effective and targeted directly to muscles.

    You could lose your fat with this effective and simple cardio. The significant thing about this type of cardio is that it may not increase your heart rate.

    It could give you a toned body along with that this power exercise may boost your metabolism.

  • Phase three

    The third phase of the figure 8 system is unique and by the end of this phase you may get the desired result or you achieve your desired body shape.

    In this phase, you would learn about sculpting the rest of the body. You could learn, how to tone the tough parts of the body such as arms, shoulders, legs, and gluten.

    You may not get the adverse effect of sculpting and you have to perform it without the help of dumbells which makes it simple and effective.

Why Did I  Choose Figure 8 Fitness?

I wanted to try fitness programs to help me lose some pounds and get in perfect body shape. Furthermore, I could not join the gym as I had just delivered a baby. As a result, I wanted to lose weight without a gym. This was when I learned about Figure 8 Fitness through my old friend, who read about it a few months back in a local advertisement.

She suggested I buy this fitness program because I could learn how to lose weight effectively with this video coaching and workout session.

She also mentions that according to the advertisement, if someone follows up on the video and workout session properly, they can easily get a toned body and flexibility.

Also, it could aid in improving the metabolic activities in the body. I  get excited to try this fitness program through dancing as it is not complex and sounds simple.

Without further delay, I purchased Figure 8 Fitness from the official site after learning a little more about it.

My Journey With Figure 8 Fitness

Post-pregnancy my body was no more flexible and my weight increased a lot. This causes a stressful situation in my life and this also hampers my day-to-day activities.

I used to feel less energetic and several times  I used to have pain in my back and joints. I was on medication but I was not able to cope with this pain and increased body weight.

I started performing random exercises which couldn’t have much impact on my body neither my body weight reduced nor my flexibility increased.

Then I finally decided to join in and purchase Figure 8 Fitness. I visited the official website and made the payment and purchase this dynamic core training program.

One of the reasons for choosing this fitness program is that it is simple as well as it requires only 10 minutes a day as mentioned by the creator of this program.

I was pretty sure that as it mentions it would not give any sort of pain also the whole figure 8 system is based on the movement of  natural fluid in the body so it could beneficial for me without providing any adverse effect

In this program, there were 30 video coaching and workout sessions, and detailed instruction was given about the program.

After purchasing I started doing it the next day as I was not having much time because of my kids and the daily house chores so I simply started dedicating 10 minutes daily to this fitness program.

As this core training is divided into three phases so I started with the first phase of learning. In the Initial few weeks, I started noticing a few changes in my body.

I was able to bend properly and also my metabolic activities improved. I was delighted to see such results so early that I continued with the program’s next phases with more dedication and perfection.

A few weeks later I started gasping in the middle of the session and after that, I used to feel more fatigued. I thought this is normal and continued with it.

After a few days, I experienced severe back pain along with a long-lasting headache. I was immediately rushed to the hospital with one of my relatives.

I was not able to stand properly at that time my doctor suggested I should stop that training program for the time being as it may be the reason for my this ill condition.

I stopped the training program I was at phase two then but there were not any significant changes in my body. My body weight was as it is, even though it worsen my metabolic activity and flexibility of the body.

Side Effects Of Figure 8 Fitness

  • BackAche

    After doing intense core cardio through dancing I experienced a severe backache problem. It worsens the pain in the back and joints rather than reducing it.

  • No Weight Loss

    I dedicated my 10 minutes daily to this program by following proper instructions but there was not any significant weight loss. I measured my body weight before starting the program, I re-checked it after doing it for a few weeks but there was no change.

  • Poor Metabolism

    Initially, the metabolic activities of my body increased but after doing it for a few weeks I experienced a sudden change in my metabolic activities.  This program reduces my metabolic activity even though I started facing digestion issues.

  • Headache

    The frequent headache I used to feel after doing it for a few days. Even after stopping the program, I used to feel headaches occasional.

  • Fatigue

    Fatigue is one of the major side effects of trying this program. I used to feel more tired after and sometimes even before starting the cardio exercises.

  • Disturbed Sleep

    With fatigue and less energy, I couldn’t get a proper night’s sleep also backache and headache disturbed the sleep pattern which resulted in occasional insomnia.

Alternate Choice

Dissatisfied with Figure 8 Fitness and  I give up on trying any other fitness program whether it is available online or offline. I stick to consuming only healthy foods and beverages.

For weight loss, I started consuming honey water with lemon in the morning as it may aid in weight loss and also cleanses the body.

Also, I started doing normal stretching to improve the flexibility of the body. My close friend who visited my place after listening to my condition suggested PhenQ which she was using for around the past six months.

She mention how the usage of PhenQ changed her life. She also mentions how PhenQ supports her in her weight loss journey.

She told me all about PhenQ positive results and impact on her body. As PhenQ contains natural ingredients and also could help in burning fat rapidly I decided to try PhenQ after reading reviews about this product.

I ordered one bottle of PhenQ online and started consuming it the next day. Immediately there was no effect of this product but after few days.

I was feeling less fatigued and more energetic. After consuming it for a month I noticed a significant change in my body weight. I was able to lose some pounds after eating a healthy diet and following a stretching regime along with consuming PhenQ.

This product totally supports my weight loss process along with it may also improve my metabolism. My frequent headache and backache were also reduced.

Now it’s been a few months and I’m actively using PhenQ. I’m grateful for choosing PhenQ as it supports and helps in improving my overall health.

For sure I will be actively using this product in the future and may permanently add it to my lifestyle because its unique ingredients support healthy weight loss.

Final Verdict

Choosing PhenQ is a better decision than choosing figure 8 fitness. It’s been a few months now and I’m an active user of PhenQ and like the quality of the product.

As I have not experienced any of the side effects of this product or any kind of damage to my body so I will continue with the product in long run also.

PhenQ has provided me with many health benefits as it not only improved my condition which got worsened by following up the Figure 8 Fitness program but also supports immensely in reducing body weight.

It may also resolve the problem of fatigue, digestion, metabolism, and many others.