Fenugreek Seeds: Nutritional Facts, Health Benefits, And More

Fenugreek is a Fabaceae plant that grows annually. This semi-arid crop is famous for its seeds and leaves prominently used in dishes.

Besides, the plant has also been used as an alternative medication while it is taken as a supplement.

There is a lot to cover when it comes to fenugreek. Despite all the benefits and the effects, it might have, it also covers its hands in soaps and shampoos.

The nutritional profile of fenugreek is very high. This article will discuss everything you need to know about Fenugreek seeds.

All About Fenugreek Seeds


Nutritional Facts

Fenugreek is a very beneficial herb that has a lot of nutritional qualities. There are numerous vitamins, minerals, and other nourishing components hidden in this herb.

It is claimed that a single tablespoon of Fenugreek contains the following ingredients in a ratio as given.

  • Fiber about 3 grams
  • Carbs about 6 grams
  • Iron is about 20 percent of the daily value
  • Magnesium is about 5 percent of the daily value
  • Manganese about 7 percent of the daily value
  • Fat about 1 gram
  • Protein about 3 gram

Is Fenugreek Good Or Bad For Breast Milk Production?

We all know how important breast milk is for a baby’s diet.

For mothers who aren’t capable of producing the amount of milk the baby needs, there are specific boosters that help a mother in such situations.

The drugs in such medicines might be fateful for the mother’s and baby’s health. That is why it becomes a tough decision to use such drugs in case of dire need.

A study has linked fenugreek to work in breast milk production. This herb could be considered a natural antidote for the problem.

Is Fenugreek Beneficial For Diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic condition where insulin in your body cannot manage blood sugar levels. It could be common in obese people. 

Fenugreek may help diabetic patients in such cases. Fenugreek works by improving the insulin functions in your body. 

This property of fenugreek is probably because of the fiber content in it. A study has proven that this herb can improve diabetic type 1 and type 2 patients. 

Health Benefits Of Fenugreek

Health Benefits Of Fenugreek

The following are some of the known benefits of Fenugreek seeds-

  1. Anti-Cancer Effects

    Fenugreek is a herb of such sort that has shown anti-cancerous properties and may help in killing cancer cells in breast cancer patients.

    Cancer is a medical condition that has taken many lives which clears that immunity development is important for one’s body.

    Currently, treatments can successfully treat cancer but the medicines and procedures used for this purpose tend to have major side effects.

    For a long time, scientists have been running tests on finding a better and more healthy component that could have anticancer effects.

  2. Testosterone Booster

    Testosterone in men is libido increasing element. You can find numerous men taking testosterone supplements for either weightlifting or increasing their libido.

    According to a study, men who took fenugreek along with weight training not only showed a minimal increase in testosterone levels but also experienced some weight loss as well.

    Fenugreek is a natural medicine that might help in increasing and boosting your testosterone levels.

    This herb can increase your libido and help you in weightlifting while giving possibly no harmful side effects.

  3. Appetite Control

    It has been asserted that fenugreek helps a person in controlling his appetite. This claim goes to show that it helps in reducing the fat intake of a person.

    Few studies have proven that the use of this herb has indeed decreased the fat consumption of a person over time. One thing to note is that the results of this may take some time.

  4. Cholesterol

    There also has been the insistence that fenugreek can help you reduce your cholesterol levels. While cholesterol may be responsible for a few heart diseases, it can help you eradicate the problem.

    That can be possible by reducing the bad cholesterol levels in your body. Besides this, there have also been some findings on the herb that could also help you lower triglyceride levels.

  5. Heartburn

    Heartburn is a minor health problem that can be solved easily. It is experienced as a feeling of burning sensation in your chest which seems like a digestion problem.

    On the other hand, antacids can help you to relieve heartburn. The people who often incur the problem of heartburn can use fenugreek as the remedy.

    Fenugreek could be an excellent herb to help ease the pain. The effects of fenugreek have been observed to match those of antacids.

    Heartburn might be one of the symptoms of a few bigger problems, but usually, it is not alarming. Avoid fatty chocolates when other such products can help you with this problem.

  6. Inflammation

    Inflammation in your body can be a disturbing thing. Anti-inflammatory foods and medicines are commonly used for such conditions.

    This is where fenugreek has been claimed to work.  According to this study, fenugreek seeds could possess certain anti-inflammatory properties.

How To Use Fenugreek?

Fenugreek is used as an ingredient in many medicinal products for different purposes. It also is used in many supplements.

The dosage intake of such medicines varies depending on the need of the user.

Every consumer of such a supplement must consume the supplements of this herb depending upon the demand of the condition.

The fenugreek supplements are always advised to be taken, either before or after the meal.

Besides this, doctors also recommend that consumers should take fenugreek with the meal that has the highest carbohydrate concentration.

Overall the consumption of fenugreek depends totally on the supplement you consume and its relation to the health goal you wish to achieve.

Side Effects Of Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a natural herb with many benefits, but the benefits come at some cost.

Though the side effect might be highly non-threatening to your body and health, it can be somewhat disruptive.

  • People consuming supplements relating to the natural herb have reported mild cases of indigestion or diarrhea anecdotally.
  • Besides this, loss of appetite is a drawback that also helps in some targets but is disruptive in most cases.
  • There have been many tests going on about fenugreek claiming this herb has side effects like- DNA damage, decreased fertility, and disorders related to the nervous system.


To conclude, we can clearly say that fenugreek is a very beneficial herb. It has advantages that can be revolutionary at a point.

From being used in supplements to having anti-cancer properties this herb has proven to be a medical gem. It is a natural method for hormonal balance. It holds a special spot in traditional medicine and Ayurveda. 

Although there are some side effects, this herb could be a natural substitute for curing many health problems.