Extenze Review: Is it A Scam With Hidden Drug Ingredient?

In this Extenze review, I have tried to mention some of the essential aspects of this substance. At the same time, you would be able to know some of the basic and important info about Extenze.

Not to miss, I have also added a story that we received from one of the consumers of Extenze. They have talked about the changes and the results that they were able to observe in their body during the consumption period.

Having said that, you might want to note that this Extenze review has also been checked by our health professionals post which this write-up has been published.


What Is Extenze?

The manufacturers claim that the new Extenze is an improved version of the original Extenze. According to them, this one is also pretty popular.

However, they mention that they stopped its production as they wanted to improve upon the previous formula.

Hence, now they claim that they have improved its ingredients list and made it even safer and better to consume. The official website also says that the supplement promises harder, thicker, and more long-lasting erections on every sexual intercourse and well delivers on that. 

This supplement, like most male enhancement supplements, is a dietary supplement. This means that it has to be consumed on a regular basis.

The researchers also say that regular consumers reap the maximum benefits with the lowest risk of any side effects. It could improve your sexual performance and may as well enhance the overall working of the body. 

Extenze also tries to keep a check on the hormonal and nutritional levels. Not to miss, the official website also says that it may also assist you with better production and retention of testosterone. 

How Does Extenze Work?

According to the manufacturer, the effectiveness of these pills lies in their ingredients. They may try to help your body with their unique abilities and also the way in which Extenze works inside your body.

When you might try to study in detail the ingredients of the supplement, it might become easier to decode the working mechanism of the same. As they are all-natural components, their working could be predicted in a better manner.

The main way of working could involve enhancing blood flow in the body.

  • Firstly, it tries to increase the oxygen levels in the blood which may ensure that the blood flowing to your penis is oxygenated and effective. An enhanced blood flow could imply a harder erection. Increased oxygen levels in the body may also improve protein synthesis, which could make your muscle fat look better on the outside.

  • Secondly, it tries to cleanse the blood vessels so that more blood may be carried along with them. This makes sure that the blood reaches every part of the body and that too, super quickly. Such action in the body also ensures good organ health and enhanced metabolism.

    In ways of organic methods, it tries to make the body better in sexual performances and may also help maintain a healthy blood flow to the penis which reduces the risk of you facing erectile dysfunction.

What Is Extenze Good For?

You could say that this male enhancement supplement is widely known for its unique blend of superb ingredients that have been historically proven to cure sexual dysfunctions. 

There are ingredients that could be by themselves enough to enhance sexual health in males. When mixed in the right proportions, with the right ingredients, their effect is multiplied.

The manufacturer also claims that common issues like erectile dysfunction could generally be treatable with pills like Extenze.

At the same time, these do not require a prescription from a doctor or anything. The only considerate factor is that you need to be above a certain age.

Having said all that, you might want to note that it is always a good idea to run the supplement through your doctor before starting with the consumption cycle. 

Is It Safe To Use Extenze?

extenze-pillsIt is important to note that, if you are already suffering from any medical condition, you should definitely consult a doctor before starting the consumption.

Generally speaking, it is recommended that such precautions are not taken lightly. By doing so, you may be able to avoid any side effects from the pills.

The official website also claims that since they use all the ingredients in the natural form, regular consumption of Extenze might not expose your body or its function to misbalance in any way.

At the same time, you might want to take a look at all the ingredients. This could enable you to skip this supplementation if in case you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

What Are The Ingredients in Extenze?

The manufacturer claims that the magic is mainly in the ingredients. All the components of Extenze have been naturally extracted and are carefully mixed to provide you with an effective consumption journey, with the utmost safety.

When one closely tries to examine the list of ingredients, he/she may realize that it has a very lengthy list. However, it has some ingredients in slightly more quantity than the others.

Here I would mention the key qualities of the major ingredients and also mention the other ones. It is important to consider that none of it is synthetic or artificial in any sense; they are just mixed in different proportions according to the benefits required.

Before taking any supplement, especially male enhancement supplements, one should make sure that the list of ingredients is genuine and accurate. This must be done to ensure effective results and no harm.

  • Korean Red Ginseng

    The gem ingredient in most male enhancement pills. It helps in hardening your erections and intensifies your orgasms. This is one of the most used herbs in treating erectile dysfunction among men.

  • Zinc

    Zinc is an important mineral when it comes to boosting the production of testosterone inside the body. Moreover, it also improves the quality of semen.

  • Folate

    Folic acid maintains a healthy level of white and red blood cells in the body. This in turn makes sure that your fertility is kept in check.

  • Yohimbe

    Another popular ingredient is majorly used to stimulate the production of testosterone and burn excess fat. It is a historically famous herb.

  • Gamma amino acid

    Amino acids are generally known for their fat burning and blood vessel cleansing properties. This amino acid also does the same for your body.

  • Piper longum

    The seeds of Piper Longum are known widely for their stress-reducing abilities. A low level of stress or depression or nervousness can help you perform better in bed.

  • Pregnenolone

    This hormone is already produced in the body. It helps in the production of other hormones, especially testosterone. Inducing more Pregnenolone would only mean more testosterone production.

  • Ginger

    Ginger is used in Asian countries to relieve an upset stomach. Apart from that it even enhances blood flow to your penis, making your erections harder.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

    This gen increases the production of testosterone and DHEA in the body, directly enhancing the sexual health of males.

  • Antler

    The antler of velvet deer, and the leaf of horny goat weed, enhance liver health and boosts testosterone. It also keeps in check the levels of other hormones.

  • Damiana

    This plant extract performs many functions. It boosts stamina, enhances orgasms, and even improves your erections to make them harder and long-lasting.

  • Puama Extract

    A great substance used to enhance mental focus and abilities.

  • Xanthopermelia Scabrosa

    The last one on the list is a great libido improver, which also has been widely used to treat erectile dysfunction issues in men.

Apart from these, the supplement has a number of other ingredients. The important factor to consider however is that they are all-natural too and hence are completely safe to consume.

The other ingredients specialize in the functions that the pills promise. Some ingredients help in cleaning the blood vessels, others enhance the blood flow. A healthy body curriculum is maintained.

Why Did I Start With Extenze Consumption?

There was a time in my life when I had become obese and overweight. This made me lose any motivation to carry out my daily work at the same time, it was pretty hard for me to physically work out, or even look up something online.

All I did was eat and sleep every day. Then, thanks to the circumstances in my life, and proper scolding from my homies, I finally decided to hit the gym so that I am able to shed those extra pounds.

After almost 3 years of gymming, I was able to get to an adequate weight level. It is not something hidden that I did consume certain supplements to fasten the process.

Maybe due to that, or maybe due to some other reasons, I witnessed a huge downfall in my sexual health and performance.

I was not able to maintain erections, and even if I did they did not last at all. Also, the erection time was seeing a gradual decrease and it was getting pretty hard for me to last long enough to satisfy my partner. 

This was when I started getting worried and my partner too was very concerned for me. When we looked up online, I won’t lie at all, there were innumerable options.

It was so difficult to analyze each one of them. So I decided to research the ingredients first.

Having done my work, I started looking up for pills with the best composition. It was then that I came across this gem. Full disclosure, I was pretty impressed by the long list of ingredients with authentic sources and trusted results.

I did not want to delay the process and hence began with the consumption as soon as they arrived. 

Extenze Consumption Results

From the time I started with the consumption, I did not see any changes in my body and there were no changes in terms of sexual performance as well.

As a result, I started feeling a little disappointed. I also started thinking that I have no one to blame but me only.

But from the initial phase of the second month, things started to change a little. To my surprise, I did not manage to get any positive response in terms of improvement in sexual health.

Moreover, I started facing issues like itchy skin, rashes, and an increment in hair fall.

At that point, I was really not sure what exactly was going on. I decided that I will track these things for a few days and if the situation does not improve, I would need to look for professional help in treating my skin issues.

The story was the same in the 2nd week of the 2nd month as well. Not to miss, there was an increase in hairfall. All this made me really worry about my overall health.

My partner took me to the hospital. There I underwent a couple of blood work. On seeing my results, doctors were able to find out that there were some infections that my body was trying to fight but was unable to.

Also, there might have been some allergic reactions as well. Hence, my doctors asked me if I was taking any medicine. This is when I told them about Extenze.

Listening to this they were really shocked. And pointed me to this FDA notification. They mentioned that I should immediately stop the consumption of this drug. As it is not at all safe for regular consumption.

They also mentioned that I could have really harmed my internal organs as well. But somehow I consulted them at a crucial time and saved my body.

Additionally, I also face some headaches and fatigue in the initial days of consumption.

Extenze Benefits

Frankly speaking, I did not see any benefits when it comes to improving my sexual health. On the flip side, it really hampered my overall health of the body.

As a result, I will not able to tell you any of the benefits that I faced when I was consuming Extenze on regular basis.

Extenze Side Effects

I really had a hard time during those two months. As the things were really not good in terms of the overall health of my body.

Below are the side effects that I faced during those two months.

These effects might include:

  • Cramps
  • Rashes
  • Hairfall
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • The decline in testosterone production
  • Sleeping troubles

Extenze Alternative

After all, this, when I returned back to my normal health, I still had issues with my sexual health. This is because I was still having a hard time maintaining a decent erection.

Having gone through so much, now I did not have the stamina that I will try and experiment with something else when it comes to consuming a pill that is listed on the internet.

Hence, I decided that I will take professional help when it comes to naturally improving my sexual health. As a result, I consulted a nutritionist and a certified sex expert.

With the help of a nutritionist, I was able to know about all the foods and the fruits that may be able to help me with my erections.

At the same time, my nutritionist also guided me on how to increase sperm count and I tried to follow the same with dedication.

On the other hand, the sex expert mentioned that I need to start a regular consumption of Male Extra. Not to miss, he even recommended that I need to concentrate on my leg workout as well.

This will help improve the circulation of blood in the lower part of my body.

When I was able to get all these instructions, it was really hard for me to follow all these instructions in my daily life. Somehow I managed to get these things into my routine life.

As I write this Extenze review, it has been around a couple of months for me since I have started following this routine. I should say that I have been able to notice decent results in terms of my sexual health.

I am now able to maintain a decent erection and am also able to satisfy my partner as well.

Not to miss, all three aspects played a vital role in my improvement in sexual health. I regularly consumed the right food that helped my sexual health naturally.

At the same time, I made sure that I am doing the leg work out a couple of times a week. And what I feel was the most important factor in my improvement in sexual health is Male Extra.

I am still following all this and able to see a few decent results.