All About DMAA: What Are Its Uses, Benefits, Side Effects And More

 A new product is introduced in the market now and then. Some are effective while others are just a source of making money.

Since the bodybuilding culture has increased the market for bodybuilding supplements of various kinds. Different types of chemicals and natural compounds constitute a pre or post-workout supplement.

Since there is such a huge market with tremendous advertisements and marketing strategies, it is difficult to decide which is the real one.

1 may have a hard time figuring out whether something will work for him or not. Whether something is genuine or overhyped.

Let us discuss one such controversial supplement DMAA.


What Is DMAA?

DMAA is a synthetic laboratory drug initially created for treating nasal congestion while nowadays it is being sold as a dietary supplement for people suffering from ADHD, weight loss, and bodybuilding.

The paper claims that 1,3- DMAA is extracted from rose geranium oil and geranium in general be it from the stem, rose, or oil whereas laboratory research has proven otherwise.

Specifically for food supplements, it is alleged that manufacturers artificially add this drug to the supplements and not from a natural source. 

Athletes consume 1,3 – DMAA drugs to improve their performance even though it has been banned by the World anti-doping agency with many food agencies also declaring it as an illegal drug.

What Does DMAA Do?

It has been found that DMAA works as a stimulant and has related effects on the user. Now being a stimulant drug it plays with your nervous system speeding it up and your heartbeat which can make you feel jittery.

It has the same effect on the body as other decongestants have on your body like ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, the only difference being that DMAA is a lot safer option. 

Although it has not yet been proven and a fact that it has been banned in many countries around the world Canada is in the lead.

Benefits Of DMAA

Even after being a pretty controversial stimulant drug, DMAA does have its good side with a prerequisite that consumption is in a very little amount.

  1. Combats Obesity

    As discussed above, DMAA has been actively connected with weight loss where 1,3 – DMAA has allegedly worked very well with weight loss where this stimulant drug gives you explosive power.

    This energy could help in working out with extensive power resulting in faster weight loss.

    Yet one thing to know is that there have been mixed results in this certain domain where many times researchers have shown that DMAA does not help in weight loss at all.

  2. Athletic Performance

    One definite result of DMAA is a better athletic performance where the drug intake stimulates your nervous system and heart to increase their performance helping to increase your athletic performance to an extensive extent.

    The heart rate increase due to DMAA does a very impressive effect on performance yet also risking your heart health.

  3. Treats Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

    DMAA has actively been used as an alternative to Adderall for Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) even though it has not been proven a safer option to improve attention in a person as efficiently as Adderall does. 

  4. Bodybuilding

    Similar to athletic performance, DMAA also helps in bodybuilding whereas similar to performance enhancement, this drug stimulates your blood giving you enough power to lift the weight.

    You may also indulge in high-intensity activities with less effort and explosive power while also meddling with your health which is a little sketchy on the part of this drug.

DMAA Pre-Workout

Since it is a pre-workout supplement,  it should be taken before workout sessions to increase the workout timing and performance.

If you consider taking it for a knockout match or anything similar, take it before the match but in a limited amount. Otherwise, it can make you feel dizzy or you may collapse.

They are both snorted and taken by the oral method. To be very clear, it is not recommended to do both as it is not safe. 

Additional details in this study.

DMAA Side Effects

This supplement is known for more side effects than gains. Both long and short-term uses have certain drawbacks.

It should be used with caution. Since teens use it very often, it can affect their lives sooner or later.

Let us have a look at some disasters it can lead to:

  1. Risk Of Heart Attack

    DMAA might be an excellent source of instant energy but providing this energy increases the blood pressure.

    Since extreme blood pressure is never good for the heart, there are fair chances that a person develops heart disease or may suffer a cardiac arrest as a result.

    Normal doses may be safe. But still, the safe notion depends on the person more. Some people start feeling high after 2 scoops. If a person is already having heart issues, this supplement is not a great choice for him.

  2. High Blood Pressure

    The very basic function of DMAA of providing energy and improving performance cannot be fulfilled without this factor. The increased blood flow increases bp.

    If a person has a preexisting condition of hypertension, it will only add up to the problem.

  3. Unsafe With Antidepressants

    There are fair chances of the medication and supplement interaction. They can have adverse effects. DMAA is a stimulant while the medication affects the production of neurotransmitters.

    When a person reported an overdose of DMAA, he was given antidepressants for treatment and advised to stop using the supplement.

  4. Addictive

    A very commonly reported side effect of DMAA is that it is addictive. When it is taken for a longer duration without any break in between it leads to addiction.

    This is due to the presence of caffeine in the supplement. The presence of caffeine is due for dual reasons. The first one is its athletic benefit.

    It provides energy, increases performance, and helps to stay focused. The second reason is the marketing strategy as it makes it more addictive and increases sales.

  5. The Sensation Of Being High

    Several cases have been reported that state that the person was feeling high after scooping in some DMAA. This can be due to the presence of caffeine, high energy flow, increased blood flow, and increased heartbeat.

  6. Crashing

    Though enough scientific evidence is not present to support such statements, the individual experience shared states that immediately or a few hours after the workout, the person can crash.

    The high levels of energy and followed by the low ones too. It is a pre-workout supplement which means it is taken before the workout or athletic activity like a wrestling match.

    It provides the much-needed energy but will be followed up by a crashing phase.

  7. Irregular Heartbeat

    Another common side effect that can be experienced in the form of an irregular heartbeat. Just after some time of taking the supplement, some irregularity can be felt.

  8. Tightness In The Chest

    Since it constricts the blood vessels, a major impact can be seen on and around the heart. As a result of this constriction, the chest can feel heavy or tightened up.

  9. Difficulty In Breathing

    Another interrelated aspect of this supplement’s side effect is difficulty in breathing. Excessive pumping of the heart or energy flow, constriction and chest tightness are the underlying causes of this side effect.

  10. Not Good In A Long run

    Since it is addictive, a short break phase has to be used between two consumption phases. If used for a long period it can affect health. The doses have to be kept short and no experimenting is necessary.

  11. Quitting After Prolonged Consumption May Cause Health Issues

    Large-scale studies are yet to be conducted to verify but small-scale reports and experiences of people suggest that when they stopped using it after a long time, they began facing issues.

    Some of which were frequent stomach issues, sexual dysfunction, and loss of energy and this was a long-term effect, according to the users.

  12. No Evidence Of Natural Existence

    Despite claims of greedy and profit-oriented companies, enough evidence is still not present to support the statement of DMAA being natural.

    Its large production is synthetic and still being carried out in laboratories.

Here is a case study on the side effects.

Is DMAA Illegal?

The short answer you are looking for is yes it is illegal but in some parts of the world. Others are still considering its safety.

Its close connection to amphetamine and the reports of people suffering from side effects after its use leads to its ban in Canada.

It was followed up by the US, UK, Newzealand. Its supplements are not licensed by the government.

Here is what governmental text has to say on its legality.


For now, it can be said that it is not a safe supplement. Even a slight case of overdose can lead to very big consequences. It may be legal in certain countries but it can interact with medication too.

It is not safe for pregnant ladies or anyone with heart disease. If you consider using it safely and for a short period, always keep in mind to consult your doctor before starting its use.

Always stay cautious about the dosage and its addicting tendency. It is most probably not natural and it is not a great alternative compared to other safe supplements.

Its benefits of instant energy are not enough to hide the dangerous side effects.