CUTSR9 Review: Are The Claims Made, Really True?

In this CUTSR9 review, my childhood buddy talks about his experience using CUTSR9. He mentions all the tiny details, like his dietary changes and daily routine, after he started using CUTSR9.

At the same time, you will be able to find several essential pieces of information about this substance in this CUTSR9 review.


What Is CUTSR9?

CUTSR9Brutal Force manufactures CUTSR9. They claim it to be a powerful fat burner that could boost stamina and enhance user endurance.

The official website markets CUTSR9 as a completely natural and legal alternative for SR9009 Stenabolic, a performance-enhancing drug.

For those who do not know about Stenabolic SR9009, it was initially developed to gather more information about cardiac rhythm.

But later on, it was discovered that it could also increase physical activity output exponentially, making it a go-to choice for many bodybuilders and athletes.

Regular usage of Stenabolic SR9009 could pose severe threats to its users regarding their organs as it was dangerous to consume it, affecting testicles and other health concerns.

Thus, Brutal Force came up with the idea of designing a product that could mimic the metabolism-enhancing effects of SR9009 but without any of its side effects.

The manufacturers affirm that their product has a fast-acting formula that could incinerate fat deposits and may aid in reducing recovery times.

As per the official website,  CUTSR9 contains fat-burning agents that could work together to boost the thermogenic potential.

How Does CUTSR9 Work?

According to the official website, CUTSR9 is a cutting SARM that aids in fat loss by boosting metabolism, changing lipid profiles, and enhancing and metabolizing insulin sensitivity.

The company claims its working efficiency by mentioning CUTSR9’s ability to imitate the performance-enhancing properties of Stenabolic SR 9009.

By doing this, the manufacturers claim that CUTSR9 may allow you to burn fat while working out harder than before because it improves endurance along the way.

CUTSR9 may also try to restore natural metabolism. For example, the makers have included scientifically formulated fat-burning ingredients that could help in increasing the body’s heat-generating ability.

They claim that the user might experience extreme fat loss as CUTSR9 could decrease glucose typically stored as fat in the body. This would speed up metabolism, which helps you keep less fat.

According to the manufacturers, CUTSR9 could also provide better recovery times. CUTSR9 could try to decrease the rate of the destruction of old mitochondria while increasing the rate of mitochondrial activity.

Thus, this anti-inflammatory action of CUTSR9 may improve recovery even after heavy workout sessions.

Ingredients Present In CUTSR9

The following are the ingredients added to the CUTSR9 formulation by Brutal Force-

  • Chromium

    200 mcg of chromium per serving is considered in CUTSR9. It is a trace mineral, which could help in increasing energy levels.

    According to a study, chromium might assist in building muscle mass while also aiding in decreasing body fat. Chromium could enhance the effects of insulin and might change how glucose, amino acids, and fat are metabolized.

  • Potassium

    33mg of potassium in the form of potassium citrate and potassium chloride is delivered through every serving of CUTSR9.

    Potassium could help in reducing muscle soreness which could add to increased workout efficiency during and after workout sessions and may promote healthy muscular function.

  • Cocoa Powder

    Around 100mg of cocoa powder is available in every serving of CUTSR9.

    Cocoa powder could help in the treatment of many allergies and might as well work for insulin resistance. It could be added to supplements as cocoa flavanols could facilitate nitric oxide production and for lowering BP.

  • Green Tea Extract

    Around 100mg, a similar quantity per serving as that of cocoa powder is considered by the makers of CUTSR9.

    Green tea extract is said to be full of antioxidants. It is made from the camelia sinesis L plant which has an array of polyphenols, catechins, and caffeine.

    Even though the research is inconclusive, it is argued that green tea extract might aid in fat metabolism during rest and workout hours.

  • Evodiamine

    50mg of evodiamine is added to each serving of CUTSR9.

    Evodiamine may be able to stop the onset of diet-induced obesity in part by preventing lipid accumulation, according to some research.

  • Gugglesterones

    2.6mg of guggulsterone obtained from guggul is also considered for CUTSR9 servings.

    Gugglesteone may aid in providing several anti-inflammatory properties which could help in inhibiting the factor responsible for inflammation in the body.

Other Ingredients: Hypromellose, Rice Flour, Silica, Magnesium Stearate

CUTSR9 Journey

Before I share my friend’s exciting story, I should tell you that he has been an ardent lover of muscles since his teenage days.

We have been good friends since childhood and have shared almost all of our younger years. Never had a day gone by when we did not meet up.

But his higher education goals changed everything. Now it was countless exchanges of emails and video calls that kept us together and not losing out on friendship.

A few months back, my friend shared a life-changing experience with me which he told me through an email. He shared how his lifestyle ruined his passion for weightlifting and what he did to regain it.

He shifted to Mexico City. He lost his connection with weightlifting due to his college and work hours. This made him put on some weight, and he felt lethargic most of the time.

Putting on weight made him frustrated as it was causing him a few more health problems like he could not take a flight of stairs without running out of breath.

Moreover, he would prefer to avoid physical activities at all times, which added to his critical health condition.

His build was always massive, but back then, it was all gains and muscles, and now he was only left with the excessive fat build-up in his body. This was making him sad.

One day while surfing the internet, he saw an ad about a local bodybuilding championship scheduled to happen in his city.

Something clicked in his mind, and he felt he should also participate. But he told me that it would need a lot of homework on his body.

I convinced him not to give up the idea and look for a gym in the neighborhood and start working out. If all went well, he could go ahead and participate in the competition, or else he would withdraw his entry.

Thus, he moved ahead with this thought and joined a commercial gym nearby his house. He told me that within a few days, he started feeling the lost spark he had for bodybuilding.

By doing a little research on the internet and with the help of his trainer, he started following a balanced meal and also worked on getting his daily steps in.

This changed his routine, and his work was manageable, too, and he was starting to regain his confidence in himself.

One day after his workout session, while conversing with his trainer, he shared his will to participate in the bodybuilding competition that was supposed to happen in the city.

The trainer suggested he be very particular with his diet or else he wouldn’t be able to develop enough muscles to show off at the competition.

He also mentioned a product named CUTSR9 by Brutal Force which could additionally assist him in torching away excessive fat.

His trainer further added that it could help with burning fat while also increasing stamina at the same time, which would enhance his workout efficiency.

My friend’s trainer was a professional one, so he guided him with his diet with high-protein foods like eggs and chicken while keeping carbs and fats in check.

At first, he told me he was super skeptical about trying it, but after all his trainer claimed about the product’s effectiveness and cross-checked it from their official website, my friend decided to try it.

CUTSR9 Experience

As he had now been a bit used to working out, adding CUTCR9 wasn’t too difficult to add to his workout routine.

Thus, it was his day with CUTCR9, and he told me that he did not go all experimental and followed the dosage instructions on the official product.

He took two capsules around 20 minutes before his pre-workout meal. This made him all set for his workout session, and he felt excellent energy levels and out lifted his previous lifting weight levels.

Not only this, but by regular use of CUTSR9, he could endure intense workout sessions easily and was not as exhausted as he used to be.

His transformation was finally taking its ultimate form. He mentioned that a day would never go by when he would miss his sessions or his meal.

His meal included nutritional sources like eggs, chicken, brown rice, quinoa, cottage cheese, salmon, beans, and greens. My friend mentioned that he continued with CUTSR9 for about two months and stood consistently on his rest days.

Thus, he shared with me that he was a bit nervous on the competition day as the complete change in his personality was too good for him, and he had not expected it to work for him so effectively.

My friend told me about his incredible experience using CUTSR9 and that there were no side effects because it was an all-natural substance.

Hence, he stood second upon participation and won cash and a trip to Bali. He was thankful to his trainer, who was always there to guide him with his expert advice.

My friend couldn’t thank him enough for his CUTSR9 recommendation, which assisted him in achieving his dream physique by keeping his energy levels intact while also working on reducing his fat.

He has decided to keep his newfound physique with impressive and neat muscles and continue with his CUTSR9 consumption in the future to remain in his best form.

CUTSR9 Review: How To Take CUTSR9?

According to the official website, the recommended dosage of CUTSR9 is taking 2 capsules along with water, around 20 minutes before meal time.

The makers have suggested consuming CUTSR9 on the workout as well as on non-workout days.

CUTSR9 Benefits

The following were the benefits experienced by my friend along his CUTSR9 course of consumption-

  • Potent Fat Burner

    Being a powerful fat burner, staying consistent with its usage helped my friend become a fat-burning machine. It helped him burn way excessive and stubborn fat which was built up due to his changed sedentary work life.

  • Balances Metabolism

    Due to his desk job, he gained weight which was also because of his slow metabolism. CUTSR9 benefitted him in stabilizing his metabolism by naturally restoring it without any side effects.

  • Reduces Recovery Times

    Bodybuilding requires the athletes to look in their best form. By adding CUTSR9 to his workout routine, my friend was able to work out with more intensity as it helped him restore his energy and reduce his recovery time in between sets.

  • Enhances Stamina And Endurance

    Another benefit experienced by my friend that he shared was that he was able to lift more weight in the gym after he started with his CUTSR9 consumption which played a major role in increasing his endurance as well as stamina.

Final Verdict

From being a person stuck in a sedentary lifestyle to participating in a bodybuilding competition and finishing second, my friend achieved tremendous physicality with CUTSR9 and a proper exercise routine.

It helped him regain his confidence, which made him more dedicated to his goals and staying consistent with them in the future. 

Thus, being an all-natural and legally accepted alternative for Stenabolic SR9009, it provided him with increased energy levels while torching fat and keeping it off for good.