CRN-5 Review: Are Results and Taste Really Worth A Try?

This CRN-5 review tells you about my usage experience of using this supplement. I used to face issues with creatine supplements, and consuming CRN-5 was just another supplement I wanted to try and see if that suited my taste buds as if that works for me.

I have added several points from my research about CRN-5 in this CRN-5 review.


What Is CRN-5?

CRN 5The makers of CRN-5 claim that it is a combination of the five most effective creatine and electrolytes that could boost energy and promote the growth of lean muscles in your body.

They say it could fuel your muscles with ATP energy to power up your workouts as CRN-5 could intensify the strength in your muscles. It could also help you lower your recovery time from an intense workout.

According to them, this creatine drink could help improve your stamina during the workouts. It would also ensure to keep your muscles hydrated, acting as a natural lubricant and keeping their movement smooth.

They say it might help you with mental focus and motivate you to maximize your performance without causing any damage to your health, as seen in most cases.

As per the official website of CRN-5, the product is popular among athletes due to its potent formula, which could quickly get absorbed in your body and enhance your athletic performance.

It also mentions that the product comes in the tasty flavor of orange and mango, making it easier for you to drink without leaving any foul smell or taste in your mouth like usual creatine drinks.

How Does CRN-5 Work?

Creatine could help your body to produce more ATP, which could be essential to help your muscles to work harder and function better during a training session as ATP is the primary energy molecule used in cells of the body. 

The makers of CRN-5 claim that it could boost the production of ATP in the cells, which would skyrocket the energy levels in the body and increase your stamina while your work out.

This product also consists of electrolytes that could help hydrate your muscles before, during, and after an intense workout. When the muscles are hydrated, they become more energized and help you perform better.

They say apart from this, CRN-5 could also increase the nitric oxide in the body, which promotes the process of Vasodilation. In this process, the blood vessels get expanded, which may smoothen the blood flow in your body.

This could help in supplying a sufficient amount of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. This could increase the strength of your muscles and give them a pumped look.

A proper supply of nutrients in the muscles could also aid the quick recovery and repair of the damaged tissues. As per the manufacturers, increased strength and reduced recovery time could help stack weights to your workouts.

Athletes who consume more significant amounts of protein may encounter Hyperacidity, a condition that may enhance muscle protein breakdown and bone loss.

The makers say that CRN-5 is packed with potassium and Magnesium that could lower the risk of hyperacidity and reduce muscle cramps. At the same time, it may improve strength and exercise performance.

The presence of Aquamin could support gut integrity, which could benefit the immune system and overall health of your body. It may also aid protein synthesis and muscle building post-workout.

Ingredients In CRN-5

  • Tri-Sodium Citrate

    Tri-Sodium Citrate present in this product could help you improve your physical performance. In addition, it may help properly absorb fluids and other electrolytes present in this product. 

  • Tri-Potassium Citrate

    Tri-Potassium Citrate in URN-5 could increase vasodilation and may maintain hydration in the body. It may have the capacity to support cardiovascular performance for improved endurance and physical performance.

  • Aquamin Ag

    Aquamin Arabic Gum is a natural mineral that may aid protein synthesis and muscle building. Therefore, it might be suitable for assisting you in quickly recovering from strenuous activities during an intense workout.

  • Aquamin Mg

    Aquamarine Magnesium could aid energy and enzyme production, support bone health, and improve the functionality of your body. It could also play an active role in building muscles and bone and nerve functions.

  • Citric Acid

    Citric Acid is added to URN-5 to make the mixture more soluble in water. It could increase the production of energy in muscles when consumed with Creatine Monohydrate. It may also enhance the ability of the body to absorb minerals easily.

  • Creatine Monohydrate

    Creatine Monohydrate could improve strength, increase lean muscles, and improve the recovery time during exercise. It may enhance your strength and produce more energy to perform intense workouts.

  • Creatine Hydrochloride

    Creatine Hydrochloride may help the weightlifter enhance their bench press and deadlifts routine by improving the stability and strength of their muscles. It may also help in muscle development. 

  • Creatine Ethyl Ester

    Creatine Ethyl Ester in URN-5 could promote muscle hypertrophy and increase the lean mass in the body. As a result, it may help you power up your performance during workouts and boost the strength gains in your muscles.

  • Tri-Creatine Malate

    Tri-Creatine Malate is a blend of Creatine, and Malic Acid, presence of this ingredient in URN-5 may increase your physical performance during short, sequential, and high-intensity exercise.

  • Creatine Pyruvate

    Creatine Pyruvate could boost the ATP synthesis in your cells, increasing their energy supply. This may result in quick and effective growth of muscles and strength.

  • Other Ingredient

    • Sucralose as Sweetener
    • Flavour- Orange and Mango
    • Silicon Dioxide
    • Colorant

Why Did I Choose CRN-5?

If you are a bodybuilder or an athlete, you must be aware of the importance of creatine. Though most of the creatine drinks available on the market have a horrible taste, they are consumed because they work.

I have lost the count of creatine drinks I have switched to date as I was tired of the foul aftertaste of these products that made me throw up. I tried mixing my creatine drinks with lemonade or juice, but no trick worked.

All this made me continue searching for a decent supplement with a decent taste. Hence, while surfing the internet and I came across CRN-5. I read that it was flavored, and some reviews stated it tasted much better than any other creatine drink and also benefits in increasing energy levels.

I discussed it with a trainer in my gym; he told me that he has recently started consuming this product and is delighted with its results on his body.

I asked him about the taste, and he said that it’s better than all the drinks he has ever consumed and that if I am willing to switch to a good and flavored creatine drink, there is no product better than CRN-5.

He said that he consumes it 30-45 minutes before his workout, which charges his body with energy, and he stacks his sessions with weights and more reps and sets.

According to him, he was currently trying to get rid of all the belly fat. Hence, in reducing his belly fat, he has been taking help from CRN-5, which has played a decent role in getting rid of the belly fat.

It allows him to exercise for long hours at a stretch because it quickly recovers the fatigue and soreness of his muscles. He added that he could pour all his focus into his workouts, keeping him hydrated.

He is no longer worried about injures and cramps due to the friction of his bones and muscles during his intense workouts. CRN-5 is an all-rounder for him, and he recommended trying it once.

He boasted that it has five different creatine types added in this product that fuels more ATP energy in the body to work out harder and longer to gain bigger, bulkier, and pumped muscles.

He asked me if I perform resistant exercises, and I told him I did but not very frequently. He said that once I start drinking CRN-5, it will increase my strength and endurance.

This will help me improve my physical performance during the resistant workouts without exhaustion.

My Journey With CRN-5

I was convinced of a specific limit after discussing CRN-5 with my trainer, but I was not very sure about the taste. But, then again, I thought to myself, if it wouldn’t taste, as they say, I’ll switch again like always.

I ordered one for myself from its official website. My first experience with this product was surprising, as CRN-5 tasted better than all the other creatine drinks I’ve had to date.

The other thing I was afraid of was the foul aftertaste, but thankfully it did not have it either. So, I could focus on my exercises rather than thinking about how to get rid of the taste.

It did not require me to mix anything with this product to make it taste better. Besides, it also helped me burst energy levels and increase my stamina to perform better during workouts.

After a few weeks of consuming it, I could push my minutes during the resistance workout as steadily it enhanced my endurance and strength. As a result, I was performing much better than I used to.

These few minutes have encouraged me to stick with this product and convert them into hours. However, not to forget my recovery time, since I am consuming CRN-5, my recovery timing has gone down.

I am bidding farewell to sore and tired muscles. There has been a noticeable development in the size of my muscles, and with the extra muscle strength and boosting energy, I can now work out for longer hours.

My performance is improving while my exercise output is enhancing too, with the regular consumption of this product. CRN-5 has caused no adverse effects on my body.

The product has safely and soundly helped me increase my physical performance, push more weight, develop lean muscles, and gain strength.

My Dosage Of CRN-5

My trainer suggested taking a single scoop of CRN-5, mixing it with 16 Oz of water, and consuming it 30-45 minutes before I begin my workout. According to him, this way, it could energize the body and help during intense workouts.

You may find the exact dosage on the label of this product. For example, a container of CRN-5 gives you 30 servings, as one scoop measure is about 10.2 grams. As the drink is already flavored, I do not mix anything else in it.

Benefits Of CRN-5

CRN-5 has benefitted my overall bodybuilding and workout sessions. Based on my experience with this product, I would like to share the benefits I have derived from this product.

The following are my benefits-

  • Tasteful Creatine Drink

    With my previous drinks, I had done a lot of experiments to make the taste bearable. For example, I mixed them with lemonade or fruit juices, but with CRN-5, there were zero experiments because they already had an excellent fruity taste.

  • Boosting Energy

    I consume the drink 30-45 minutes before my workout, and during my workouts, the drink boosts my energy levels. This gives me the confidence to break the barriers of my activities and extend my workouts.

  • Building Quality Muscles

    Since my first day of drinking CRN-5, I have been able to focus on my exercises and power up my workouts. This resulted in better exercise output and the development of bulky muscles in my body.

  • Reduced Recovery Time

    Over time my recovery time rate has dipped down, allowing me to add more reps and sets to my workouts and perform better during my resistance training.

  • Better Physical Performance

    My strength and endurance have enhanced after drinking this product regularly. This increased my physical performance and has helped me in performing better on-field.

Final Words On CRN-5 Review

I am an active user of CRN-5, and it has been helping me in building new muscles and make my workouts fruitful at my pace without compromising my health.

It helps me maintain my energy level during intense workouts and increases my stamina to push harder. Apart from this, my focus stays intact, and I am now working on bulking my muscles.

I can feel the strength in my muscles from within when I perform my resistance workouts, which has helped me improve my on-field performance.

CRN-5 has given me unexpected results as the product suited my body, did not harm it, and in addition to this, gave me a chance to enhance my workout sessions, so I have decided to stick with it and continue gaining good results.