Best SARMs In 2023 For Bulking & Cutting Cycles

The best SARMs are some of the most talked-about substances in the bodybuilding community. Most of the SARMs believers talk about its benefits.

If someone asks me about the best SARMs, I will always recommend them to stay away. This is because I myself have used them and suffered the consequences.

For this very reason, it becomes all the more important for you to read this article about some of the best SARMs until the end so that you are able to get a holistic view of these SARMs.


Best SARMs

  1. Ostarine MK-2866

    Ostarine is categorized as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator that also goes by the name MK-2866 or Enobosarm. It was developed to treat osteoporosis and muscle wasting.

    But, is now popular among many athletes and bodybuilders who use it thinking that it might maximize their strength and stamina during training sessions because it could mimic the effects of anabolic steroids.

    This product could help them in increasing their ability to push more and harder weights during intense workout sessions. This may also add inches to their muscles by adding more muscle mass and could support strong bone density in the body.

    Ostarine is an Androgen Receptor that could bind itself to proteins in the body and direct the muscles to grow hence, you may gain puffy and stronger muscles with its regular usage.

    Although clinical trials have been carried out. But still, nothing has been approved when it comes to treatment as well.

    Many gym freaks also use it as a pre-workout or lifestyle drug that may aid their performance in athletics and bodybuilding competitions. As it may allow them to exercise for longer hours and lift heavier weights.

    Ostarine is among the SARMs that have been mentioned in the World Anti-Doping Agency Prohibited List, since 2008. The FDA has also unapproved its regular consumption.

    The FDA has warned that the use of this product might lead to severe health damages like heart attack, stroke, liver failure, etc. Hence, it is unsafe for consumption and its possession will result in a punishable offense.

    Ostarine MK-2866’s Natural Alternate – OstaBulk

    OstaBulk manufactured by BrutalForce is claimed to be the safe and legal alternative to Ostarine. They say that it is packed with all its benefits but excludes all its negative impacts.

    They say the regular usage of this product could help you in boosting the T levels in your body which may help you in building strong and lean muscles. It could allow you to add more reps and sets to your workouts.


    According to them, OstaBulk could maximize your strength and stamina when you switch to intense workouts or resistance training. It could help you in breaking through the plateaus of muscles building.

    In my experience of using OstaBulk, I have made quality gains from this product. It has helped me in reducing my muscle recovery time and has strengthened my muscles which allows me to exercise for longers hours at a stretch.

    The product has given me a display-worthy ripped and toned physique. My vascular build has improved since its first usage. The product has helped me in stuffing my muscles with mass instead of fat.

    To build stronger and puffy muscles, I consume a protein-rich diet but it also has other nutrients added to it. OstaBulk helps me in cutting down the unnecessary fat that enters the body with other food items.

    As stated on the official website of OstaBulk, the product consists of Vitamins like B6, D3, and K1 that could help in building lean muscles, strengthening and repairing the muscles, and enhancing physical performance.

    It could strengthen the bone and increase its density, this has helped me in avoiding joint cramps and bone injuries caused due to friction while performing intense workouts and coping with physical exertion.

    • Vitamin B6
    • Vitamin D3
    • Vitamin K1
    • Magnesium as Magnesium Citrate and Magnesium Oxide
    • Zinc Citrate
    • D-Aspartic Acid
    • Nettle Leaf
    • Korean Red Ginseng Root Extract
    • Fenugreek Seed Extract
    • Boron Citrate
    • BioPerine Black Pepper Fruit Extract
    Benefits Of OstaBulk
    • Quality Gains
      This product has benefitted me in building stronger and leaner muscles. It has improved my vascular build and has helped me in building a ripped physique.
    • Testosterone Booster
      I am very particular about my health and prefer to keep it in check. My test reports have always shown a significant increase in my T level and no signs of any health damage.
    • Enhanced Strength
      OstaBulk has given maximum strength to my muscles by rapidly recovering the damaged tissues and muscles from the intense workouts. The strengthened muscles prove to be very helpful during the resistance training.
    • Reduced Recovery Time
      The regular usage of this product has helped me in slowly and steadily declining my recovery time. This has allowed me to add more reps and sets to my exercises and work out for longer hours.
  1. Testolone RAD-140

    Testolone is another SARM product that could act as a testosterone booster in your body and is very popular among athletes and bodybuilders who wish to enhance their physical output.

    This product, which is also marketed as RAD-140, has been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency and the National Collegiate Athletic Association just like all the other SARM products.

    Not to miss, it has also been tested on cancer patients as per this official webpage of the National Cancer Institute.

    Testolone may be utilized to expand energy, work on athletic execution, and increment muscle development, however, there is no logical proof to support its usage.

    Many users have reported hazardous aftereffects of this product most of them said that it may cause permanent damage to your vital organs like the heart, brain, and liver.

    This product was developed to treat patients suffering from muscle and bone loss but is now secretly used by bodybuilders. They think that it might benefit their intense workouts and bodybuilding.

    Testolone RAD-140’s Natural Alternate – RadBulk

    Manufactured by BrutalForce, RadBulk is a well-suited legal and safe substitute for RAD-140. The makers affirm that the product has been clinically tested and prepared in the GMP-certified and FDA-approved facilities.

    They say that the product has an efficient 2-in-1 formula that could help you in maintaining your fat level and eliminating the unwanted fat from the body while developing strong and lean muscles on your body.


    According to the official website of RadBulk, it could regulate your metabolic cycle and ensure quick and proper metabolism. This erases all the stubborn fat cells from the body and brings out your lean muscles.

    RadBulk might give your extreme energy and build the strength that could help you during your workout sessions. It could allow you to push harder in the gym and make progressive gains.

    A close friend who uses this product says that he has added inches to his muscles using this product without compromising his health and bodybuilding. It helped him in reducing his recovery time and preventing unpleasant metabolic symptoms.

    He also claimed that his vascular build has improved over time and has got pronounced veins with its regular use. He told me that he consumes RadBulk during his cut cycle too and does not have to switch to a different product to shred off fat.

    Though he follows a strict diet and is regular in his workouts, he says that RadBulk acts as a support system to stuff muscles with nutrients instead of fat. This strengthens his muscles and increases his endurance too.

    Once he told me that he could perform workouts for hours at a stretch because of the boosting energy in his body. Apart from this it also helps him in concentrating and coping with the physical exertion during these workouts.

    He is a satisfied active user of RadBulk as it has not harmed him in any way. He says that he has never abused the product and followed the dosage and usage as mentioned on the official website.

    Ingredients Used In RadBulk
    • Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl
    • Choline Bitartrate
    • Wild Yam Root Powder
    • Dimethylaminoethanol is DMAE Bitartrate
    • Safflower Oil Seed Powder
    Benefits Of RadBulk
    • Strong Muscle
      The Wild Yam element could trigger the production of anabolic hormones naturally in your body. My friend said that this helped him in retaining his existing muscles and develop stronger muscles.
    • Regulated Metabolism
      As per my friend, metabolism is the key to building a good body. He says that proper metabolism helped in eliminating all the unnecessary elements from his body and rapidly melting down extra fat on his body.
    • Reduced Recovery Time
      Anti-inflammatory agents present in the product could help your muscles and tissues to repair the damages rapidly. This helped my friend in quickly heading back and lifting heavyweights.
    • Enhanced Energy
      He told me that RadBulk could stimulate fat oxidation in the body that would help in turning the fat into a natural and direct source of energy. This is the reason behind his elevated energy levels which allow him extended workout hours.
    • Improved Vascularity
      My friend said that reduced recovery time helped him in exercising harder and building puffy muscles. With regular use of this product, his vascular build has improved which gave him the show-off worthy physique.
  1. Andarine S-4

    Andarine (S-4)  is a SARM that is widely used by bodybuilders and athletes to grow muscles and enhance their athletic performances. They believe it might aid their exercise output.

    It was believed that as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, Andarine could bind itself to the proteins known as Androgen Receptor in the body. This, in turn, could direct the muscles and bones to grow.

    It was developed to help patients dealing with Osteoporosis, bad prostate health, and involuntary weight loss. But, was proven to be ineffective hence, there is no scientific evidence to support its usage.

    FDA has tagged Andarine and all the products that contain Andarine as illegal and unsafe for consumption. The notice issued by FDA regarding Andarine stated that it has the potential to increase the risk of heart attack and liver failure.

    Many users of this SARM product have reported severe damages to their vital organs and other issues like altered vision, upset stomach, suppressed T count, etc.

    Bodybuilders and gym freaks use it to stimulate the growth of their muscles and enhance their bone density but keep their usage concealed as it is a banned product.

    Andarine S-4’s Natural Alternate – AndaLean

    The effective, legal, and safe alternative to Andarine S-4 is AndaLean which is manufactured by BrutalForce in a facility that is approved by FDA and certified by GMP. It could be used by both men and women.

    The manufacturers claim that this product is prepared with all the clinically tested ingredients. They say it may mimic all the benefits of Andarine but is safe for consumption as it excludes all the side effects of Andarine, as seen in most cases.


    According to the makers, AndaLean could trigger the essential amino acid in the body which may allow you to build muscles. It could also help you in preventing fatigue, and soreness, and repairing the damaged tissues quickly.

    They state that this product could accelerate the fat burning process in your body and once all the fat is gone, it could stimulate the growth of new muscles and their proper regeneration.

    A co-trainer who uses AndaLean once narrated his experience with it and said that this product steadily declined his recovery time which helped him in stacking weights during his intense workout sessions.

    He said it multiplied his energy level and gave him the stamina to work out for longer hours. AndaLean also benefitted from his resistance training by strengthening his muscles and increasing his endurance.

    The makers say that AndaLean could stimulate the creation of phosphocreatine in your body which is the key to producing ATP. Once the production of ATP is initiated it may turn your body into a natural energy powerhouse for muscle movements.

    This might help you in providing sufficient energy for your muscle movements and strengthen it so that your workouts could be productive and you could shape your body as you desire.

    My co-trainer says that the product works effectively in enhancing the physical output of the body. He said tells that it reduces the chances of cramps and injuries in the joints and avoids soreness and fatigue in the muscles during his workouts.

    He told me that he uses it during his cut cycle as it maintains the feeling of satiety when he switches to a low-cal diet and regulates the metabolism to make the fat burning process effective and efficient.

    He added that even while burning the fat his energy levels stays intact. According to him the potent formula of AndaLean effectively when paired with the right diet and regular exercises and also ensures smooth functioning of the body.

    Ingredients Used In AndaLean
    • Soy Protein Isolate
    • Whey Protein Isolate
    • BCAA 2:1:1
    • Wild Yam Root Powder
    • ElevATP
    Benefits Of AndaLean
    • Intense Weight Loss
      As per my co-trainer, this product is well-suited for the cut cycle as it rapidly reduces weight by accelerating and regulating bowel movements. The feeling of fullness also helps in preventing the addition of extra calories.
    • Maximum Strength
      He says that AndaLean could help you in maximizing your strength during the workouts. It effectively prevents soreness and fatigue from the muscles which strengthen them to exercise for longer hours.
    • Improved Energy
      As the maker states, the production of ATP spikes the energy level of the body. My co-trainer agrees with it, he says that the boosting energy in the body smoothly enhances his physical output.
    • Lean Muscles
      All the above benefits club to give you a well-shaped physique, lean, and stronger muscles, says my co-trainer. According to him, this product has all the qualities that have given him the chance to build his ripped physique.
  1. Ligandrol LGD-4033

    Ligandrol which is also known as LGD-4033 and VK-5211 is a SARM that could help individuals who wish to stimulate muscular growth and build bulky bodies.

    Initially, the product was ill-marketed under the name of supplements that might help you in reducing weight, increasing your physical performance, or building strong and lean muscles.

    Post this it was banned by the FDA and a notice was issued warning people of its consumption which may cause liver toxicity and affect blood lipid levels. It may also increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.

    Many athletes and bodybuilders are attracted to Ligandrol as it may mimic anabolic steroids and could help in adding volume to their muscles and power their exercise output.

    Ligandrol is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency and the National Collegiate Athletic Association as many players were found using it as unfair means to overpower their competitors.

    Ligandrol LGD-4033’s Natural Alternate – LigaBulk

    If you wish to build a bulky body without causing adverse effects to your body, LigaBulk is your go-to product. The makers claim that it is packed with all the benefits of Ligandrol.

    They call it a legal alternative to Ligandrol which could be used to enhance athletic performance and build quality muscles. They also state that the product is tested which makes it safe for consumption.


    As per the official website of LigaBulk, it is prepared with natural ingredients in a facility that is FDA-approved and GMP-certified. It mentions that the potent formula of LigaBulk could help you in enhancing your strength and stamina.

    LigaBulk may give you a breakthrough to build new and strong muscles by increasing the testosterone level in your body. This could also help in reducing the fat mass and boosting energy in your body, say the makers.

    The official website of this product states that it contains MSM that could help you in decreasing muscles fatigue and Hyaluronic acid that would help in healing the bones and tendons after an intense workout.

    I started using this product when I decided to beef up muscles and give them a bulky look. It was my trainer who introduced LigaBulk to me. He told me that it would help me in stuffing my muscles with mass instead of fat.

    He told me that this product contains L-Leucine that could trigger protein synthesis in the body which would help me in increasing the volume of my muscles.

    With its initial usage, I felt that my muscles were recovering quickly from the soreness and fatigue as compared to before. The joint pain and cramps were also going away slowly and steadily.

    As my recovery time was reducing, I was spending more time working out and it also gave me the confidence to stack weights in my workouts. This helped me in adding inches to my muscles.

    From my experience, I can tell you that regular usage of LigaBulk has enhanced my endurance and this has helped me in improving my performance during the resistance training sessions.

    I believe in keeping my health in check so I get myself tested on a routine basis. My reports have confirmed there has been a significant rise in my testosterone count and my overall health and hormonal profile look fine.

    Testosterone is a major hormone in a male body that ensures sound mental and physical health. It is also responsible for increasing the lean muscle mass and energy level in the body.

    I am an active user of LigaBulk and am still working on building bulky muscles. I have combined this product with a strict diet and regular workout schedule as suggested by my trainer and as stated on the official website.

    Ingredients Used In LigaBulk
    • Vitamin D3
    • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane MSM
    • L-Leucine
    • Suma Root Powder
    • Ashwagandha Root Powder
    • Puncture Vine Fruit Extract
    • Sodium Hyaluronate
    Benefits Of LigaBulk
    • Bulky Muscles
      It has been a few months of using LigaBulk and it has effectively helped me in adding inches to my muscles without compromising my health. It has made me sure to add mass instead of fat to my muscles.
    • Rapid Recovery
      Muscle fatigue and joint discomfort have seen a great dip in my body. The reduced recovery time has helped me in strengthening my muscles while exercising for long hours to get quality gains.
    • Maximized Energy
      With LigaBulk, I stay energetic all day long and also it helps in extending my stamina and powering up my intense workout sessions. This has also improved my physical performance.
    • Testosterone Booster
      As per my reports, my T count has increased which supports my body in maintaining the energy level, building stronger and leaner muscles, and adding volume to them.
  1. YK-11 Myostatin

    Labeled as the strongest SARM, YK-11 is a ligan to Androgen Receptors, in this manner it could trigger muscle cells to deliver more anabolic elements and may also extend the development of muscle.

    When compared to other SARMs it could have a greater impact on muscle cells as it could show quite higher anabolic movement than testosterone present in the body.

    It has wide popularity amongst athletes and bodybuilders around the globe as it could give them quick and effective gains and help them in intensifying their physical performance.

    Like all the SARMs, WADA and NCAA have prohibited the use of YK-11 and any player who would test positive for such products will be suspended and penalized immediately.

    The product has not received approval from the FDA as well but anyone could get their hands on this product from the online mode or black markets. Many users of YK-11 have reported permanent damage to health and adverse side effect.

    YK-11 Myostatin’s Natural Alternative – YKBulk

    YKBulk manufactured and marketed by BrutalForce is said to be the compatible and legal alternative to the YK-11. The makers claim that it could be as effective as YK-11 when it comes to building quality muscles.

    According to them, it is a tested and certified product that has not shown any adverse side effects YK-11 in most cases. They affirm that it could boost testosterone which would help you in building muscles and gaining energy.


    The official website states that this product could strengthen your muscles and allow you to push heavier weights during an intense workout session for longer hours. This in turn may allow your body to grow pumped up strong muscles.

    As per the makers, YKBulk might help your muscles and tissues to recover rapidly from your workout sessions which would lower the soreness and fatigue and would enhance your exercise output too.

    They also state that it could smoothen the blood circulation in your body which is the chief reason behind the maximized energy and strength in your body. It could boost your T count and give you quality gains.

    The boosting T count could not only add inches to your muscles but would also help you in revving up your sex drive and enhancing your sexual stamina, mentions the makers.

    My brother is a powerlifter and requires a lot of strength during his workouts and training sessions. He prefers staying clear from the SARMs not just because they are banned but also to preserve his health and body.

    He is using YKBulk for a very long time and affirms that it has benefitted his physical performance. As the product offers quick recovery, it lets him spend more time at the gym and expand his workout time.

    It has strengthened his bones and muscles which have increased his endurance too. The enhanced endurance helps him during his resistance training and allows progressive overload.

    If you are a bodybuilder or powerlifter, you must be familiar with the necessity of consuming high-calorie food which may give you more energy and stamina to work out and carry out your routine chores.

    The makers say that an ingredient like Muira puama added to YKBulk could act as an appetite stimulant which would allow you to consume the required amount of calories.

    It might also help you in improving any unpleasant bowel movements and ensuring that all the unnecessary elements are eliminated from the body. This ingredient could also reduce joint pain.

    My brother affirms that with YKBulk he feels energetic all day long and has not encountered any symptoms of an upset stomach since he consumed this product.

    He told me that he follows the dosage as mentioned on the official website of YKBulk and takes a proper diet to avoid any mishaps. He is very prominent in his workouts and follows a strict schedule to maintain his gains.

    Ingredients Used In YKBulk
    • Puncture Vine Fruit Extract
    • Bulbine Natalensis Powder
    • Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl
    • Muira Puama Bark Powder
    • Longjack Root Powder
    Benefits Of YKBulk
    • Quality Muscle Growth
      The increased T count helps my brother in maintaining and growing quality muscles. He says it helps in using his energy in maximizing the results from his workouts.
    • Strengthened Gains
      My brother says that improved blood circulation in his body helps in filling muscles with nutrients which strengthens the muscles and prevents the chances of fatigue and injuries.
    • Performance Enhancer
      He affirms that YKBulk has acted as a support system in enhancing his performance during workouts and competitions. It also helped him in boosting his libido and performing better in his personal life too.
    • Rapid Recovery
      The reduced recovery time plays a significant role while building muscles. As per my brother, with the regular usage of this product, his recovery time had declined slowly and steadily.
  1. Stenabolic SR9009

    Stenabolic SR9009 is one of the synthetic research drugs that Professor Thomas Burris developed.

    This could help individuals by providing them with enhanced calorie metabolism and may also play a significant role in guiding fat usage by the body.

    Along with this, there were studies conducted on mice in the lab, that observed an increase in aerobic power by triggering mitochondria in the striated muscles.

    Enhancements in mitochondria levels in the body could affect cognitive function. Along with this, it may also affect the body’s immune function.

    Lately, several reports are confirming the abuse of this drug among bodybuilders. Further, Word Anti-Doping Agency, WADA has placed Stenabolic SR9009 on the list of prohibited drugs.

    Stenabolic SR-9009’s Natural Alternate – CutSR9

    If you need to consider a support substance for your bodybuilding, you may find CutSR9 suitable for you. The official website of CutSR9 claims that it is a safe and legal alternative to Stenabolic SR-9009. They mentioned that The Brutal Force develops CutSR9.

    The makers also claim that CutSR9 was manufactured in FDA and GMP-approved facilities around the States. In addition, it uses scientifically formulated and proven ingredients such as Chromium, Potassium, Cocoa Powder, Green Tea, etc.

    They also affirm that the regular consumption of this support substance may enhance your fat-burning process and could also play a significant role in maintaining your overall metabolism.

    The makers also claim that CutSR9 is one of the powerful fat burners that could also increase your stamina and may improve your exercise capacity.

    As a result, you could spend more time hitting the gym; aser them, and this support substance may also improve your endurance. In addition, it could reduce your recovery times in between workout sessions.

    This may further provide you with quick and desired results. Likewise, one of my friends has recently considered CutSR9 as a support substance for improving his overall physique with enhanced muscle mass.

    Last evening, he met me and I observed the amount of muscle he was gaining, it was impressive. Later, he told about the user experience of CutSR9.

    He told me that his trainer has helped guide and motivate him toward considering CutSR9. However, he was a bit dicey about trying any support substance due to a few unfavorable complications he experienced earlier.

    My friend also told me that, since he considered CutSR9 as his support substance, he has observed quick changes in his training, which helped him enhance his stamina.

    Earlier, he used to feel lethargic easily while hitting the gym but now, he can spend hours working on his physique for hours in the gym through his sessions.

    Along with this, he also told me about the diet he is consuming that is directed by his trainer. He added that a maintained diet and regular consumption of CutSR9 are helping him in improving his overall physique.

    In between our conversations, he told me about the bodybuilding competition that he is planning to compete in. Later, I wished him luck in getting his desired physique, and may he achieve his goal.

    Ingredients Used In CutSR9
    • Chromium
    • Potassium
    • Cocoa Powder
    • Green Tea
    • Evodiamine
    • Guggulsterones from Guggul Extract
    Benefits Of CutSR9
    • Extreme Fat Loss
      After a month I again met my friend, and he was energetic. When I enquired about the reason for his enthusiasm. He told me about the enhanced fat loss experience.He added that since he started consuming CutSR9 and hogging on the proper diet, he has experienced improved fat loss and increased energy levels.
    • Enhanced StaminaLater, we headed to a cafe nearby for talking more about his experience maintaining his physique. He told me that the enhanced energy levels allowed him to exercise more during gym sessions.As a result, it helped him in enhancing his overall stamina. Altogether, it has positively impacted his physique as he could observe.
    • Improved RecoveryIn between our conversations, he mentioned the ingredients used in CutSR9 by its manufacturers. He added that, due to the anti-inflammatory properties of its ingredients.This helped him in improving his recovery time. It also motivated him for hitting the gym more often. In the initial days, he told me that he used to perform single sessions throughout the day. Now, he considers visiting the gym two times a day.

What are SARMs?

SARMs stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, popularly used by bodybuilders and athletes. They themselves claim that its usage helps them enhance their performance and gain lean muscles.

SARMs were formulated to achieve the binding of androgenic receptors but only for selective tissues so they do duplicate the effects of anabolic steroids used for muscle building but with low intensity of side effects.

Though these products were developed to potentially treat diseases yet have not been approved for human use. But, as per the believers of SAMRs, their potential to push the growth of lean muscles brought them into the limelight.

Today bodybuilders and athletes who speak for the SARMs usage recognize these substances as a safer version of steroids that could help them in improving their athletic performances.

As per them, these products help them in boosting their energy levels, enhance their stamina and strength, build stronger and bulkier muscles, and also lose weight during the cut cycle.

What Do SARMs Do?

SARMs would work by binding androgen receptors in your body that may increase the anabolic response of the body. This in turn could direct your body to build more lean muscles.

The triggered anabolism could also help in enhancing your energy levels and strength of your muscles which might reduce your recovery time during and after the intense workouts.

Not to miss this study where it was found to be having a few effects on bones as well. On the other hand, this article also claims that it could provide an effective alternative to testosterone replacement therapies.

Some of the famous SARMs used to stimulate the growth of your muscles and increase your stamina are Ostarine, Testolone, and Ligandrol.

Besides, muscles building SARMs there are also SARMs like YK11 Myostatin and Stenabolic that are used by athletes and bodybuilders to reduce their fat during their cut cycle.

Such SARMs might instruct the selective tissues in your body to rapidly burn the excess fat in your body and give you a leaner and more ripped look.

SARMs Side Effects

Believers in SARMs claim that the SARMs side effects are reversible as they are not as severe as those of steroids, abusing SARMs may cause life-threatening side effects.

After the users reported these side effects, the FDA warned against using SARMs or SARMs-like products in bodybuilding substances.

Based on my experience with SARMs usage, after some conversations with SARMs lovers and observing their usage journey, I can come up with the following SARMs side effects.

  • Liver Toxicity

    Using SARMs during my bulking phase landed me in the hospital, and I was detected with liver toxicity. The doctors told me it was treatable with medicines as the damage was not very severe, but I immediately gave up the usage.

    Here are some of the references when it comes to liver toxicity.
    Reference | Reference |

  • Stomach Issues

    There was a constant feeling of nausea and exhaustion in my body. I also threw up on certain occasions. Stomach issues disrupted my bowel movement too.

  • Increased Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

    Consuming SARMs regularly in higher quantities could increase the potential danger of experiencing a heart attack or stroke.

  • Mood Swings

    Well, it is widespread amongst many users. I cannot speak of frequent mood swings, but I used to get irritated and aggressive sometimes unnecessarily.

  • Acne

    My skin was not acne prone, but after using Ostarine, there was a severe acne burst out. My doctor told me it was a prevalent side effect of using Ostarine.

  • Insomnia

    After a couple of weeks of my first cycle, I found it difficult to fall asleep, and even if I slept, I used to wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake until morning.

  • Decreased Testicular Size

    Many users have found that their balls shrank after regular consumption of SARMs, which is said to affect fertility in men. However, this did not happen to me.

Apart from these, many users experience upset stomach, nausea, and maybe suppression of testosterone. In addition, SARMs act differently on different bodies, which can cause serious side effects.

More information in this survey, which the government conducted. On the other hand, you could also update yourself when it comes to knowing about controlled substances.

On the other hand, you might also want to observe the ingredients used in the substance you want to consume. And check if they meet these criteria regarding including the manufacturing ingredients.

Is SARMs Legal?

SARMs or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators were banned by the WADA when they found out athletes using them as unfair means to win the competition.

Followed by WADA, the FDA banned it too in 2008 as many cases of serious side effects were reported.

As per the believers of SARMs, the product containing SARMs may be capable of enhancing performance, improving muscular strength, and building a ripped and bulky body.

But you might want to note that even after this, SARMs pose a threat to your vital organs like the liver and heart.

The FDA also issued a warning that strict actions would be taken against the companies who are found selling it. Therefore, it is illegal to use, sell, or buy SARMs.

In Australia, patients that need SARMs are required to obtain a prescription. On the other hand, if someone needs it for another reason, they would be required to procure licenses for the same.

When it comes to specific cases like the usage of Cardarine, you may want to note that it is completely prohibited for sale and supply.

The government of Australia has also been working towards seizing any sort of unapproved substances. You also can report any cases here.

SARMs Vs Steroids

The anabolic steroids could bind themselves to the androgen receptor in all the tissues of the body. This could stimulate your muscle tissues to grow.

Anabolic steroids could help you in beefing up your muscles in response to your workouts by duplicating the effects of naturally produced testosterone in the body.

Whereas, the SARMs could bind themselves to the androgen receptor of only the selective tissues of your body leaving the tissues untouched.

It might work on enhancing your athletic performance and building bulkier and stronger muscles but with less potency than steroids. 

Steroids and SARMs both have been banned by WADA and FDA as they pose threat to human life. But still, people can get their hands on these products through the black market.

Some might say that the effects of SARMs on your body are reversible and they may last in your body for about 8-10 weeks after you stop their usage. But this doesn’t make it any safer for consumption.

Whereas steroids cause much more severe side effects on the body that may be irreversible sometimes, even if they stick to mild usage. Steroids could last for about a year in your body.

SARMs Cycle

Generally speaking, the believers of SARMs states that they consume SARMs in different cycles that may vary from 4 to 6 weeks or 8 to 12 weeks.

As SARMs could affect your hormones level and suppress your testosterone. As per them, every cycle needs to be followed by testosterone therapy so that they are able to maintain a sufficient amount of testosterone in the body.

According to them, if one does not follow the right cycle of SARMs, it might shut down the natural production of Testosterone.

At the same time, there are high chances that one could feel a decline in their libido. Also, it may harm your liver and heart, and may also increase the risk of cardiac arrest and blood pressure spike.

SARMs For Cutting

A very close friend picked Cardarine and Stenabolic for his cutting phase. Although, Cardarine theoretically is not a SARM still he went ahead with the cutting cycle.

Initially, the products we’re giving him extreme results. His body became a fat-burning machine according to him.

Just after his first cycle, his muscles and cuts on his shoulders and biceps became visible. The energy levels in his body were surprisingly high and it was inspiring to see him workout at a stretch.

He told me that he was shedding down pounds after pounds with the stack of Cardarine and Stenabolic. It helped him in maintaining his energy and hydration level as he was losing water weight too.

But suddenly after a few days, he fainted while working out in the gym. His pulse was too low and he was covered in sweat.

When we reached the hospital, the doctor immediately took him to the emergency room and told us that he has suffered a heart attack.

When my friend came back to consciousness, he told the doctor about his usage and dosage of Cardarine Myostatin and Stenabolic. The doctor said that though the attack was minor it may have been caused due to his consumption of these SARMs.

He added that for his good health and wellness it would be better to stop consuming these products with immediate effect. My friend followed the advice of the doctor but said that he wouldn’t be able to work out anymore.

After his full recovery, he came back to the gym but he gained a lot of weight and was not able to perform an exercise at his older pace. This made him depressed.

Then our trainer offered him CardaLean and CutSR9 by BrutalForce. He said that these are the legal and safe alternatives to CardaLean and Stenabolic.

According to him, these would have a similar effect on his body but as these are prepared with natural ingredients there are high chances that these wouldn’t cause any side effects to his body like the SARMs, as seen in most cases.

He said that my friend should try these for melting down all the accumulated fat while retaining the lean muscles on his body. It would also give him the energy boost to perform his workouts.

Our trainer also insisted he follows the consumption of these products with a proper diet and a regular workout regime which would help him in getting better results. 

He has been following his schedule and diet properly with the regular consumption of CardaLean and CutSR9 for about a couple of months and he has made good progress.

He says that he feels energetic all the time and the products help him in regulating his metabolic cycle and losing fat rapidly. His muscles growth has started to see an uptrend.

As per him, his stamina and strength have improved since his consumption and his routine checkups have shown no side effects of these legal alternatives of SARMs so far.

He is an active user and says that he would continue using them for getting a better vascular build and a well-ripped physique.

Best SARMs For Bulking

My encounter with SARMs happened when I wanted to build bulky muscles. I found that most people in my gym were using Ostarine and Testolone for bulking up.

As a result, I purchased a stack from the gym owner only and began my cycle. As I was a beginner, my trainer recommended a mild dosage and a cycle of 4 weeks.

He said that he would shift my dosage to moderate when my body will get adjusted to the mild dose. To be honest, my energy level was amplified and I felt like somebody has boosted my stamina too.

One might think that I was entirely dependent for my body’s growth on SARMs, but that was not true. I was on a properly balanced diet comprising a high protein diet, and snacks were also natural bulking snacks.

On the other hand, I did not take the rest day as a cheat day. 

My first cycle went quite well and my veins were popping out from my muscles. The only problem was I was feeling a bit dizzy during the day because I found it hard to sleep at night.

I began my cycle with the same dosage and by the end of the 3rd week, my stomach pain was excruciating. Due to this, I even missed a couple of days of workouts.

I used to throw up anything I ate and had a yellow-tinted vision. When the stomach pain and nausea weren’t going away, I decided to visit my doctor.

I told him that I did not feel like eating anything, was constantly feeling fatigued and nauseous, and the stomach pain wasn’t going away. He conferred if I was using steroids for bodybuilding.

Then I told him about my consumption of Ostarine and Testolone. He told me that SARMs are banned by the FDA as they could harm the vital organs of the body.

He requested that I should get my blood work done as soon as possible so that he is able to diagnose if there are any existing issues.

When the reports came in he told me that my liver was damaged due to my consumption of SARMs and these symptoms are the beginning, if I will not give up its usage, it will further damage my liver.

As per the doctor, damages were reversible with medicines. I gave up using Ostarine and Testolone immediately and focused thoroughly on my recovery.

My Uncle came to visit me and told me that BrutalForce manufactures the legal alternatives of SARMs that could be safe to use and prepared with natural ingredients.

He too is a bodybuilder and an active user of these products. He said that I can use OstaBulk and RadBulk for beefing up my muscles with nutrients, strength, and power.

It has been a few weeks since I am consuming OstaBulk and RadBulk. I am working on my lean muscles and these products have helped me in reducing my recovery time too.

I consume OstaBulk in the morning before my breakfast on my workout and non-workouts and RadBulk 20 minutes before my workouts. This helps me in extracting the most out of my workouts.

I have also paired my consumption of these products with a proper diet and workout routine as instructed by my Uncle. My growth is progressive and these products make sure to retain my progress.

SARMs Before And After

My experience with SARMs has been good in the beginning and devastating towards the end. Although I have recovered from its adverse effects, I wish I hadn’t used the products in the first place.

During my recovery period, I gained a lot of weight and upon recovering I had to work hard to get rid of my weight. I am thankful to my Uncle who suggested OstaBulk and RadBulk.

These legal alternatives of SARMs have helped me in building stronger and bulkier muscles. Apart from reducing my recovery time, they have helped me in increasing my stamina and performing intense workouts.

Over time, my strength and endurance have improved too and this has enhanced my physical performance without causing any damage to my health to date.

I have gained effective and positive results from OstaBulk and RadBulk. Therefore, I have decided to continue the usage of these products to build stronger and bulkier muscles.