Top 5 Best Fat Burners In 2022 For Successful Weight Loss

Are you tired because you have been searching for the best fat burners and you are not able to find any? Or have you consumed a number of pills and they did not help you in burning fat?

Whatever the reason might be, you might have understood that not all pills labeled as best fat burners actually work. Hence, I have come up with the list of my personal best fat burners that actually worked for me.

I have been consuming these fat burners for the last so many years and I have never been disappointed. As a result, I have been able to maintain a physique with lower levels of fat over the years.

Top 5 Thermogenic Fat Burners List

  1. PhenQ – The most effective fat burner to lose weight 
  2. LeanBean – A runner up fat burner for improved toning
  3. Trimtone – Supports fat burning though metabolism
  4. Phen24 – Supports metabolism 24/7 (day and night capsules)
  5. Zotrim – Supports weight loss by suppressing appetite


5 Best Fat Burners Explained In Detail

  1. PhenQ

    Claimed to be one of the most effective natural diet pills available in the market by its makers. The official website also mentions that PhenQ tries to work by concentrating on all the angels.

    As a result, the consumers might be able to notice a natural and permanent fat loss.

    Well, this substance could be regarded as a unique formula that could snap stubborn fat from your body. It tries to concentrate from all the angels that enable your body to lose that from the overall body.

    • Blast belly fat
    • Increases fat oxidation
    • Appetite suppressants
    • Energy levels are boosted up
    • Mood improvisations

    As per makers, PhenQ is an amazing pill when consumed, your body could make use of carbohydrates and sugar which may result in energy production and might let u feel full for a longer duration.

    The official website states that this product has scientifically proven ingredients, with strong fat-burning capabilities. For this very reason, most of the consumers report decent results when they start consuming PhenQ regularly.
    I myself have consumed PhenQ a number of times. Post that I am able to bring down my fat levels according to my comfort zone and then I try to concentrate on my overall fitness and physique.



    PhenQ ingredients specification ensures to have the exact formulae by your side that would help you to lose weight such as: –

    • Piperine (Black Pepper) extract
    • Nopal
    • Niacin Powder (Nicotinic Acid)
    • Capsicum Extract
    • Chromium Picolinate
    • L-Carnitine Fumarate
    • Calcium Carbonate
    • Caffeine Anhydrous


    • Burns stored fat – When I consumed PhenQ regularly, my fat-burning process saw an uptrend.  Also, it helped me in speeding up thermogenic rates. As a result, I was on a route to get a slimmer and toned body that could reveal the muscle underneath.
    • Blocks production of fat – It helped me in keeping the fat production on a complete halt. This leads to a gain in muscle weight.
    • Enhances energy– This pill component recharged me with an enhancement of energy.
    • Suppressed my appetite – With the consumption of PhenQ, my cravings and overeating saw a decline and helped me in cutting down the calorie intake.
    • Improvises mood – PhenQ acts in such a way that your mood could improve and simultaneously it may as well ensure your diet is not affected at the same time.
  1. LeanBean

    A product packed with the fat-burning formula that might help you to boost up your energy levels and create willpower to hit the gym. It could support fat meltdown by regulating your metabolic ability and battling your cravings.

    As per the product description present on the official website, LeanBean is a thermogenic fat burner that is exclusively for women who are struggling to lose weight and tone thighs, butt, and tummy.

    The thermogenic property of Choline added to this product could help you in removing the stubborn fat from your body by accelerating your metabolic cycle.

    Its main ingredients like green coffee and Garcinia Cambogia might give a push to your weight loss journey.

    My wife has used this product to lose stubborn belly fat after the birth of our child. The product was safe to use and helped her in getting in the desired body shape with regular usage.

    She told me that product helped her in strengthening her bones and muscles as it reduced her recovery time and also prevented muscle fatigue.

    The product could help you in overcoming the barriers of tiredness and fatigue during your workouts. It could boost your energy and allow you to work out intensely for longers hours at a stretch.


    The ingredients in LeanBean could help you to burn down your excess fat by igniting the thermogenic process in your body. These ingredients would give you a proper insight into what LeanBean is made of: –

    • Piperine
    • Chromium Picolinate
    • Konjac Fiber
    • Zinc
    • Choline
    • Chloride
    • Garcinia Cambogia
    • Turmeric
    • Acai Berry
    • Vitamin B6 & B12
    • Green coffee


    Here are a few benefits that my wife had derived from LeanBean and I would like to share her experience with you.

    • Boosts up energy – My wife said that the product has helped in staying energetic and light-headed all day which made it easier for her to manage her daily chores while losing weight.
    • Target Belly Fat – The biggest task is to lose belly fat but with this product losing it was easier. She said it helped her have proper and quick bowel movements
    • Suppressed Diet – The ingredient named Konjac Fiber reduced her appetite thus preventing cravings at irregular intervals. This provided her with perfect health and physique combo.
    • Less Fatigue – LeanBean provided her with a constant source of energy levels to work out and exercise. And this led to helping her to get rid of excess fatigue organically and tiresome.
  1. Trimtone

    Trimtone is claimed to be one of the fastest, natural, and innovative fat burners by its makers. They mention that it is a green tea-based formula specifically designed for women who struggle with weight loss.

    One of the best aspects that I like about this product is that it helped me in curbing my hunger and chomp habits. This helped me in keeping my calorie intake in check which prevented gaining any further pounds.


    Your body may undergo thermogenesis that would help to speed up your metabolism. This would help you not to crave for more that leads to fat accumulation in the abdominal.

    The product could help you in maintaining your energy level while cutting low on calories and losing weight. The regular consumption of this product may ease and accelerate your weight loss journey.


    These ingredients are handpicked that could provide you best results and those are: –

    • Caffeine
    • Glucomannan
    • Green tea
    • Green Coffee beans
    • Grains of paradise (black pepper)


    Trimtone has benefitted me in the following ways-

    • Energy levels are up – This product eliminates calories by burning the excess fat by the thermogenic process which uses the stored fat as a source of energy, this helped me in staying energetic.
    • Reduces appetite – Without affecting my energy level it helped me to reduce my appetite level. And also reduced cravings for junk food and sweets.
    • Accelerates metabolism rate – Proper elimination of waste and fat aided my weight loss process and also helped me in feeling light on the inside. It also helped me with my constipation issues.
    • Stops fat absorption – Glucomannan is a star ingredient that identifies stored fat that would go directly to the large intestine. This gave a push to my weight loss journey.
    • Stabilizes blood sugar levels – To keep my health in check, I go to routine checkups and the reports have assured that my blood sugar and cholesterol levels are maintained. So, I can conclude that the product has not caused any disturbances to my body.
  1. Phen24

    The manufacturers of Phen24 claim that it could be regarded as a unique fat-burning substance. As it might assist you with the round-the-clock formula that tries to deliver results if you are health-conscious.

    As per the official website, it is designed in such a way that it might facilitate a quick metabolism process and may as well reduce stress levels.

    It could target to lose fat hurdles during the day & night with different substances as it is indulged in dieting and workouts.


    Phen24 helped one of my friends who was looking for a product that would help him in reducing his weight and getting a stress-free sleep.

    While it helped him in filling up with power and energy to carry out his daily chores and workouts easily. It also helped him in giving a calming effect to his body which helped him in getting deep and sound sleep.

    The proper sleep cycle could regulate your Resting Metabolic Rate that includes breathing, blood circulation, cell reproduction, and digestion. This would aid the weight loss even when your body is at rest.


    Phen24 is a substance that could also act as an appetite suppressant and may as well help you with enhanced energy levels. The product could give you dual benefits as it is divided into two parts.

    Let’s take a look at the ingredients in Phen24 that should be consumed in the Daytime –

    • Copper
    • Caffeine
    • Cayenne Powder
    • L-phenylalanine
    • Guarana Extract
    • Iodine
    • Manganese
    • Zinc
    • Iodine

    Let’s take a look at the ingredients in Phen24 that should be consumed in the Nighttime –

    • Green tea extract
    • Glucomannan
    • Ascorbic Acid
    • Vitamins
    • Hops extract
    • D-biotin
    • Pyridoxine & Thiamine HCl
    • Chromium
    • Molybdenum


    My friend narrated his journey and mentioned how Phen24 has benefitted him in reducing his weight. I’ll walk you through the benefits of the product given below –

    • High energy levels – This product stimulated the stored fat in his body and turned it into the direct source of energy that fueled up his body with the required energy.
    • Reduces appetite – This product suppressed his calorie intake and made him feel fuller for longer hours. With all this calorie deficit he was able to achieve his target weight.
    • Boosts up metabolism – Phen24 has helped my friend in improving his digestive system and metabolic cycle which promoted the breakdown of calories and fatty acids.
    • Enhances better sleep quality – The components in this product gave him a calming effect that reduced his stress levels and helped him in getting a proper sleep which also increased his daytime productivity.
  1. Zotrim

    If you visit the official website of Zotrim, you might be able to find that the manufacturers claim that it is a 100% herbal product that could enable fat loss.

    At the same time, it is claimed by the producers that Zotrim tries to work by suppressing your appetite, and may as well curb your hunger, which ultimately could help you with a boost in your energy levels and metabolism.

    Not to miss the fact mentioned on the official website, it is a clinically proven formula. Also, they claim that it has been able to outperform the prescribed substances for fat loss.


    The researchers of this fat burner assure the effectiveness for both men and women. Hence, for me, it was a no-brainer when I was looking for something new in the field of fat burners.

    Personally speaking, I was able to give up my munching habit when I was using Zotrim. As a result, fat loss was pretty easy for me.

    At the same time, I also made sure that I am following my natural low carbs diet as well. All these steps really helped me in burning more calories and I was able to maintain a calorie deficit.


    The formulae are natural plant extracts, Vitamins, and Caffeine. The list of ingredients is as follows: –


    • Controls Your Appetite– It’s one active ingredient termed Yerba Mate extract acts in such a way that it could curb your hunger. The brain identifies a signal that triggers hunger to be controlled.
    • Controlled Eating Habits – When I was consuming these pills before my meals it used to give me control over the food and also helps me feel fuller for a longer period. And thus, I was able to avoid overeating, and also helped me to resist the temptations. Having controlled habits made sure that I stick to the required calorie intake that also helped me in obtaining decent fat loss results.
    • Boosts Metabolism Levels – Caffeine a natural metabolism booster, that is presented in the pills, also helped me in increasing my metabolic rate which was best for fat burning and provides me with enhanced energy.
    • Fat burning process – Guarana Seed when combined with Caffeine, tries to work in such a way that increases energy levels and may as well enhance the athletic performance that helped me in increasing the rate of fat loss.
    • Mood swings – When ingredients like Vitamin B3 & B6 and Damiana Leaf extract may also work together in providing proper relaxation, burns out the excess fat, and could also help you conquer your emotional eating too.

What Is The Best Fat Burner?

If someone comes and asks me what is the best fat burner? Personally speaking, I may have a different answer most of the time. 

This is because I have not made my body dependent upon any one particular substance. I keep on trying a number of substances and choose the one that works best for me at that point.

I say so because when I am regularly hitting the gym, I switch to PhenQ. As it works best for me when my body is constantly under the stress of a workout.

I personally feel, at that point, my body stops accumulating fat. At that stage, I generally reduce my fat consumption, and hence, my body’s fat reservoir gets depleted in meeting the energy requirement of my body.

On the other hand, when I am not working out regularly, I switch to Phen24. This is because the two-bottle formula of the manufacturer really suits my body.

The day pill helps me keep my energy levels up. At the same time, the metabolic process is at its peak. This is because the energy requirement of my body is at a higher rate.

On the other hand, during the nighttime, the healing process is at its peak. As a result, the ingredients in Phen24 make sure that I am able to sleep peacefully as a result the recovery process is completed smoothly.

How To Choose A Best Fat Burner In The Year 2023

A number of fat burners come with the controversies attached. While most of the fat burners are advertised in such a way that their fat burners act as miracle pills.

In reality, most of them could just be random substances that might prove to be really harmful to your overall health. On the other hand, you might also be prone to a number of side effects.

Having said all that, when I am using the fat burners that I have listed above, every time I was able to lose fat. Also, I was able to retain strength because of my proper exercise and diet routine.

Hence, I would categorize the above-listed substances as –

  • Secure  
  • Safe  
  • Effective
  • Cost-Efficient

5 Natural Fat Burners

Apart from using the above products, I also resort to a few healthy food habits. Adding these items to my regular diet also enhanced the results in my fat loss journey.

I’ll walk you through the benefits of such 5 natural fat burners below. Let’s take a look at them-

  • Caffeine

    Caffeine is commonly found in beverages like coffee, tea, energy drinks, and all the products made from cocoa and chocolates. You may also find caffeine in some medications and dietary products that aid in weight loss.

    Adding Caffeine to your diet may help you in triggering the thermogenesis in your body which would benefit you in two ways. Firstly, it would help you in regulating your metabolism and aid proper bowel movements. This would make it easier to get rid of excess fat in your body.

    Secondly, it would blunt your appetite which may prevent eating unnecessarily and adding pounds to your weight. Apart from this Caffeine would also help in maintaining the energy level of your body.

    In short, it would boost the process of weight loss and prevent further weight gain.

  • Green Tea Extracts

    Green Tea Extracts are rich in Polyphenol catechins and Caffeine. These too, come in the form of beverages, sometimes in the form of tea bags and sometimes in the form of powder. It is mostly consumed in hot or lukewarm water.

    It has potent antioxidant properties and would help in oxidizing the fat in your body. The ingestion of Green Tea Extract in the body could promote weight loss by boosting the metabolism and improving your physical performance.

    This helps in reducing the weight by circumference. It may also help in maintaining the Blood Pressure and cholesterol level. The regular intake of Green Tea Extract would contribute to reducing obesity and lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Protein

    Protein plays a vital role in reducing weight as it would maintain the feeling of staying fuller and satisfied which prevents you from overeating and adding more fat to your body.

    Food like carbs is easy to store in the body in the form of fat whereas protein-rich food has a thermogenic effect in them which makes it harder to store protein. Hence, it is could be digested easily.

    Food items like black and lima beans, corns, salmon, beef, eggs, cauliflower, broccoli, etc are rich sources of protein. These not only help in losing weight but may also help in retaining the lean muscles in your body.

    One must take 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of their weight every day, which might not be possible so you may resort to the protein powders present in the market to fulfill your requirement.

  • Soluble Fiber

    Soluble fiber could help you in eliminating fat and lowering your cholesterol levels. It may slow the rate at which fat and sugar would enter your bloodstream but would maintain a proper supply of energy to your body to perform other functions.

    The fiber-packed food is mostly low-calories but it may maintain the feeling of satiety because it swells up in your stomach when it absorbs liquid.

    So you would not feel like eating in between your meals and successfully hit the target weight. It could also help in avoiding unpleasant bowel movements like constipation. 

    Some of the fiber-rich food are nuts, oat bran, berries, apples, guava, etc. which could help in promoting gut bacteria that influence the body’s ability to lose weight.

  • Yohimbine

    Yohimbine is an Alpha-2 receptor antagonist that could block the Alpha-2 receptors that are found in the fatty cells hence, could help in reducing the weight. It could also help in improving the blood circulation in the body

    It could efficiently suppress your appetite which would limit your calorie intake and would also prevent the addition of more fat to your body. Yohimbine could reduce the feeling of fatigue in your body and promote exercise-induced weight loss in your body.

    Yohimbine is popularly used by bodybuilders for its ability to eliminate water retention from the body. This could help in effectively reducing the water weight from the body.

How Fast Could You The Expect The Results?

It may vary according to the product say 90-180 days. Better ways to lose weight is along with instructed fat burners do have a healthy eating habit and physical work out. 

When these happen automatically you could see expected results within some weeks. And you could make a note of it like say before and after measurements or pictures. 

Try not to skip a day or even a dose as it could kiosk your progress in the fat-burning journey.   

With these top five fat burners, choose one which you feel is the best, and to have your body to be in shape, push yourself towards the right direction and work on it for optimum results. 

Checkboxes That I Tick While Consuming Best Fat Burners

  • Keeping Body Hydrated

    I make sure that I keep my body hydrated every time. This is because dehydration may cause issues in the waste excretion process. As human body keeps on filtering out waste accumulated in our body via urine.

    Hence, if the body is not well hydrated, then the body’s overall functionality may get hampered.

  • Switching To Healthier Cooking Oils

    Another important step in the overall well-being of the body is to switch to healthier cooking oils options. At the same time, choosing the right cooking oil may support your body in fat burning and may as well enable your body to accumulate less fat.

    Having said that, the effect of Canola oil on body weight composition has been discussed here.

  • Striving For Additional Physical Activity

    Adding an increased amount of physical activity to my daily life routine has definitely improved my calorie deficit.

    It has never been a secrete that if one tries to maintain a low-calorie diet on day to day basis, it would be easier for the body to improve the fat and weight levels.

    The same has been discussed here.

Final Words On Best Fat Burners

Being slim & fit are essential activities for health & personal reasons. These fat burners might not only help you to lose fat but also could also allow you to follow up a proper eating regime and training habits. 

For best results, you might want to stick to a diet plan and follow it without a halt. I have been following the same for the last few years and the results speak for themselves.

To conclude I would like to state that, these pills are not some kind of magic pill, you will have to put in the effort. These fat burner pills are there to provide you with the required push that your body might need.

Ultimately I would like to say is that the ball is in your court and you are the creator of your own future.


For the safety of any substance, it is recommended that you contact your physician or a doctor, they would be the best judge about the safety parameters of any dietary supplement.

At the same time, you might want to check for the ingredients. You would need to make sure that you are not allergic to any of them.

Fat burners try to increase the metabolism rate by following a number of thermogenic and other processes that could be helpful in burning out your calories.

At the same time, they might boost your energy, could help you with hunger management, and might as well regulate hormones that might be responsible for any additional weight gains.

If you have tried a number of things and still have not been able to lose stored & unwanted fat, then fat burners could be an addendum to your health fitness regime.

At the same time, if you are suffering from any pre-existing conditions, then it is highly recommended that you check with your physician before you start the consumption of any supplements. 

Well, maybe you could see results say within four weeks. This may give tremendous time for the fat burners to react and act accordingly.

It totally depends upon the amount of work you put in along with a strict diet schedule. No fat burner pill is a magic pill, you need to follow a workout schedule along with a proper diet routine then only you could expect some results.