Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills: For Safe, Natural & Effective Results!

Erectile Dysfunction is a situation that most of the men go through at least once in their life time. And there starts the search for safe and Best Erectile Dysfunction Pill.

While the dysfunction does not happen as a result of any particular abnormality in the body, it might be the result of any of the possible causes.

The dysfunction is said to be temporary. However, there is no fixed tenure of how long it might last. This condition not only cause problems to you, but also become a major factor of disturbance for your partner.

If you look up online or even ask someone about it, there exist surgeries for the same. On a more feasible level, there exist supplements and various natural herbs and foods that could help you overcome this phase.

To be on less complex end, I myself searched and tried some Erectile Dysfunction Supplements instead of Surgery. Some worked and some failed but none harmed my vital organs as I have only selected Natural and safe products.

In the article that follows, I would take you around the possible causes of erectile dysfunctions, the best supplements that I personally consumed to treat the same. 


Best Pills For Erectile Dysfunction

  1. VigRx Plus

    The best supplement for the enhancement of overall sexual health in males has to be VigRX plus. With its completely natural composition, the pills offer organic betterment in sexual performance and even bodily health.

    This one is a super popular choice among men from all over the world. It has been available for sale in various medical stores even without prescription.

    VigRx Plus offers hard and long lasting erections that make each intercourse pleasurable for you and your partner. These pills work naturally inside your body in a way that imposes no threat to the normal functioning of the body.

    What benefits does it have to offer?

    • Improved erections
    • Long lasting performance in bed
    • Enhanced libido levels
    • More controllable erections
    • Better overall health of body
    • Blood flow might also be enhanced, thanks to the ingredients present.

    How does it work?

    Part of ingredients work towards the enhancement of blood flow in the entire body and especially to your penis. This makes sure that the blood keeps running and the erections you get are rock hard and feel good.

    There exist ingredients that are natural erection boosters too. In addition to that the supplement consists of herbs like the red ginseng herb that have been historically proven to treat and improve sexual health issues in men.

    It drastically raises the level of sexual desires in men. This makes sure you and your partner have a healthy sex life.

    VigRX comes up as an overall enhancer in male body. It makes sure that your sexual episodes are nothing but satisfactory. Besides, they do not even expose your body to any serious side effects.


    The recommended dosage of the pills is two pills a day. When complemented with water, they perform their level best to work towards the betterment of you and your partner’s sexual journey.

  2. Max Performer

    This one is my personal favorite. The supplement Max Performer brings with itself a wide range of benefits to offer without any side effects. 

    This happens because of its natural composition of ingredients that have been historically popular to treat sexual unhealthiness in men.

    The supplement lets you experience a pleasurable sex that even feels satisfactory to your partner. 

    The working mechanism of the pills is designed to work in a way that does not cause harm to any micro function of your body in any manner. 

    This is an important concern while talking about Dietary supplements as they have to be consumed daily.

    Each pill of max performer has been proven to offer results from the first few consumption itself. Speaking from personal experience, they are one of the best option you could go with.
    Max Performer

    What benefits does it offer?

    • Harder and better erections
    • Longer stamina in bed
    • Enhanced libido levels
    • No problems of erectile dysfunction
    • Overall better sexual performance.
    • Increased production of testosterone.

    How does it work?

    The supplement is, as mentioned earlier, made out of completely natural elements. Hence the working is not very difficult to decode.

    The supplement works in two major ways. One it boosts the production of testosterone in the body. It does so by stimulating the testosterone producing glands to produce more of it. 

    This means that it does not have any added artificial testosterones to introduce into the body (which can be harmful by the way).

    Two, it drastically improves the flow and circulation of blood in the body, and to the penis. This makes sure that your erections are hard, long and lasting. It also enhances your orgasms and makes them more intense too.

    Overall, it has to offer a completely new sexual experience for both- you and your partner. Besides, it has no potential side effect to your body.


    The manufacturer recommends that every consumer that intends to get the optimal results, should consume exactly two pills every day for least 4 months.

  3. Male Extra

    Male Extra is a natural alternative to Viagra. It is popularly known for its varied preference among males from all over the world.

    Just like the above Supplements, this one is also made out of completely natural extracts and ingredients. This makes sure that the supplement has nothing but benefits to offer.

    Male Extra makes your sexual health better by offering better erections, more control-ability and even drastically increased stamina. The better performance sexually also ultimately enhances your desire to have sex, that is the libido levels.
    Male Extra

    What benefits does it offer?

    • Better erections that feels good.
    • More controllable orgasms.
    • Stamina improvement.
    • Overall performance enhancement.
    • Huge and improved orgasms.

    How does it work?

    The Male Extra is truly is a solution to the problem of erectile dysfunction among men. It works through natural ways to help you achieve the desired level of sexual performance.

    By increasing the levels of nitric oxide in the body, it improves the blood flow throughout the same. Enhanced blood flow to the penis makes sure that the erections are harder and better lasting.

    Male Extra also increases the oxygen levels in your body, which in turn help the protein to synthesize better. This improves the quality and quantity of semen produced and therefore the orgasms.

    That is not it though. There are other ingredients in the supplement that enhance the testosterone levels in the body, boost your body stamina and take your sexual drives to the next level.


    Just like the ones described above, Male Extra also has a recommended consumption of two pills per day by the Manufacturer’s. 

    With regular consumption of just two pills in a day, consumers could start noticing the benefits within the first few weeks of consumption.

  4. Viasil Plus

    The next up in the list of supplements is Viasil Plus with its 100% natural composition. 

    This one is also super effective in treating the issue of erectile dysfunction and even enhancing the overall sexual health with regular consumption.

    The ingredients of the Viasil Plus have been carefully chosen to work in an effective way that is super quick, and also completely safe to consume regularly. 

    The regular consumption of this supplement ensures that you do not encounter the issue of erectile function real soon, and also maintain a great performance in bed.

    What benefits does it offer?

    • Improved, harder and better erections.
    • Enhanced energy levels.
    • Better libido levels at all hours.
    • Boosts stamina levels in the body.
    • Overall better sexual performance which is satisfactory to its level best.

    How does it work?

    The major working procedure of Viasil involves the production of ATP, which boosts both- the energy levels and the blood flow throughout the body.

    The enhanced blood flow makes your erections harder and thicker. At the same time, better energy leads to better stamina and enhanced sexual performance.

    These are the major working mechanisms of the supplement. Apart from these, Viasil also ensures that you do not face the issue of erectile dysfunction or any such sexual disorders anytime soon.


    This one is not a dietary supplement. Instead Viasil needs to be consumed around an hour before having a sexual intercourse.

    It is important to note the fact that maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen is complementary to achieve the desired results.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

As I read somewhere, Erectile Dysfunction is not a disease, it is a symptom. It comes from the heart issues or diabetes, Obesity or unhealthy eating pattern and even from mental stress and anxieties. 

It is usually facilitated through low sexual desires, inability to get an erection or the incompetence to keep the erection for a long time. 

On a layman level, there are certain activities to make sure you don’t fall into the situation. Such activities include exercising daily, eating a varied and balanced diet, taking enough sleep every day and avoiding smoking or consuming alcohol. 

Various medical researches and doctors have also suggested that doing all of this while taking a supplement or any natural food enhances the speed of recovery and might help you cure the dysfunction faster.

What Are The Reasons For Causing Erectile Dysfunction?

The situation is not at all uncommon. In fact given the numerous reasons of such dysfunction happening, makes it something that almost every man goes through.

That being said, the reasons for every person might differ. The condition might be a result of any one or many causes listed below:

  • Physical problems- like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, high cholesterol or even inadequate sleep.
  • Mental problems- like anxiety, depression or stress.
  • Other reasons- like consuming alcohol or smoking.

Once happened, the condition might become difficult to deal with. It leads to a major setback in one’s sexual life. The victim often also witnesses low levels of confidence, low self-esteem and even a low desire for sex. 

These after effects are absolutely necessary to avoid and hence the erectile dysfunction must be treated as soon as possible.

What Are Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills?

Condition of Erectile Dysfunction leads to a vulnerable sexual life as well as severe damage to one’s mental health. 

There might exists ample of myths regarding taking erectile dysfunction pills however being a medical condition, doctors also recommends to take timely steps for correcting ED.

Every supplement have its own pros and cons but taking natural supplement might only end up nurturing your body in numerous ways.

Those supplements are considered as Best Erectile Dysfunction pills which work as Semen Enhancer, provide long lasting, harder and controlled erection and serve as Natural Testosterone Booster

Natural Ingredients For Curing Erectile Dysfunction

All above mentioned Supplements contains following herbs and extracts for treating the issue of erectile dysfunction and enhancing the sexual health in males. 

There are plenty of Natural Substances and ingredients that are widely known for their abilities to cure such situations and Male Enhancement tendencies. 

These ingredients can be consumed by taking the particular ingredient rich food or can be looked for in the list of ingredients in the supplement you are about to consume. 

Such ingredients have their own way of working, and when combined with certain other ingredients, might differ in their process. However, there is no denial to the fact that they are, by themselves, highly capable of doing the job. 

When there existed no medicines or supplements, people widely used these extracts to cure the sexual tensions in men. Such extracts and essences include:

  • D-Aspartic acid
  • L-Arginine acid
  • Pomegranate
  • DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)
  • Korean red ginseng herb extract
  • Yohimbe
  • Horny goat weed
  • Ginkgo Biloba


The mere presence of any of the above mentioned ingredients ensures the affect of the supplement. The ingredients might be used in varied proportions and combination. 

It is always a good idea to run through the list of ingredients or even take suggestions from your doctor to ensure a safe and effective consumption journey.

Having said all that, a regular ashwagandha dosage might be also able to help you.

I say so because according to the text mentioned in this governmental article, ashwagandha is an effective solution to fighting stress and infertility. 

At the same time, they mention that it could also improve the blood circulation throughout the body which might ultimately improve sperm quality.

Lifestyle Changes That Helps Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

Along with an external consumption cycle, it is important to maintain a healthy way of living. This includes imbibing healthy routine activities and shredding off the toxic ones.

For example, running across the lake every morning not only improves your body health and oxygen levels, but also indirectly works on boosting the testosterone levels in the body. 

Similarly, exercising daily and adapting a varied diet ensures that there is not nutrient deficiency in your body. Apart from these, maintaining a good mental health also goes a long way. 

Reducing stress and anxiety and having a control over your thoughts and emotions makes sure you don’t face any last minute breakdown (not even literally).

Besides, people should avoid the consumption of alcohol and smoking. These activities impose major threat of not being able to perform well sexually.

At the end what matters is your entire way of living and not some last minute workout you do. The dysfunction goes way back than you could think. Hence, it is always a great idea to maintain a healthy life.