12 Benefits Of Exercise: Are These Exercises Necessary To Stay Healthy?

Every individual needs to keep themselves fit and active to lead a good life. Regular physical activity could be the solution to maintaining physical fitness and overall health in people. 

You could start with any physical activity that makes your muscles work and burn calories, as every minute of exercise could offer you several benefits.

It would be best to start doing exercises slowly to fit exercise into your daily routine and keep increasing the intensity with time.

Regular physical activity could be a highly beneficial task for you in many terms, both mentally and physically. Read this article to know how exercise could be beneficial for your body.


Benefits Of Exercise

  1. Exercise Is Beneficial To Lose Weight

    Several studies and experts have suggested that the possible reason behind a person’s increasing weight is inactivity. Hence, to tackle the increasing weight, you should involve yourself in regular activity alongside curbing your calorie intake.

    Including simple exercises or high-intensity exercises in your lifestyle, could be useful in increasing the metabolic rate to burn more calories to promote healthy weight loss.

    But, it would help if you reduced the calorie intake alongside regular exercise to create a calorie deficit in the body for rigorous weight loss.

    Moreover, including aerobic exercises in the daily exercise routine would help maximize fat loss and maintain lean muscle mass.

    So, exercise helps you burn more calories than an idle person; hence, it is a beneficial activity to keep you healthy and fit.

  2. Exercise Helps To Boost Energy Level

    Isn’t it strange that regular activity helps to elevate your energy level? But, regular exercise indeed keeps you more energized than an idle person.

    The body movement helps gain more energy via cellular level changes occurring inside the body. Daily exercise induces higher mitochondria productivity in the muscle cells.

    Mitochondria in the cells are known to break glucose into fuel required for metabolic functions. Hence, you could gain additional energy for daily activities with an increased number of mitochondria.

    Regular exercise would boost oxygen circulation, enhancing the mitochondria’s energy production. The increased energy production helps your body function better and keeps you active throughout the day.

  3. Exercise Helps To Improve Digestion

    The digestive system helps break down food and supply energy to all body parts. The food you consume through the digestive tract by a process called peristalsis, in which two muscles contract and propel to move the food forward.

    The digestion time of an average human could take over a day, which is very slow compared to the food you consume.

    Hence, exercising could fasten the digestion process by increasing the blood flow to the muscles and improving the food movement in the digestive tract.

    Moreover, regular exercise stimulates the gut to increase intestinal activity, which helps to avoid several digestive problems, as per a study.

  4. Exercise Improves Brain Health And Memory

    You create many memories with each day passing, but only a fraction of those memories stay in the brain. But, with regular exercise, you could keep your brain healthy and store more memories.

    Exercising improves the blood flow to the brain which meets the high metabolic demand of the brain.

    The increased blood flow to the brain is crucial as the blood delivers all the nutrients and supplements required for better functioning of the brain.

    Moreover, the brain increases molecule production with increased supply to enhance several brain functions like memory, states a government paper.

    Another advantage of daily exercise is it increases some molecular targets like BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) that enhance memory.

    BDNF helps to increase synaptogenesis which produces new synapses. Synapses help strengthen the brain’s functioning and memory, storing more memories.

  5. Exercise Helps To Strengthen Muscles And Bones

    Whether it’s a child or an adult, routine exercise helps to keep your muscles and bones strong. For a young kid, it’s important to increase bone strength, but for an older person, it’s essential to maintain bone strength.

    Hence, effective and regular exercises help to keep things in balance. The bones and muscles work with coordination; hence, improving one’s strength will affect the other’s progress.

    Regular exercise releases hormones that stimulate muscle amino acid absorbance. The increased amino acid absorbance promotes muscle growth and decreases their breakdown.

    Studies have shown that regular exercise could aid muscle hypertrophy and along with muscles, the bones gain bone mass to make them dense and strong.

  6. Exercise Improves Balance And Coordination

    Balance and coordination are two essential aspects of a person’s mobility. Regular exercises help strengthen the lower limbs and increase balance and coordination of the body.

    Moreover, you could focus better on targets with a clear mind and improved coordination. For example, if you are keen to improve your balance, you might want to focus on lower-body exercises that target core muscles. These could be lower back exercises and leg exercises.

    The increased strength of the lower body could help you stand strong at any age. Exercising regularly will prevent falls and injuries in the elder age.

    It also helps athletes and fitness lovers to improve their performance in their respective fields, therefore, exercise could be effective in withholding balance and coordination.

  7. Exercise Helps Prevent Chronic Diseases

    Death and disability due to chronic disease are increasing rapidly worldwide. But, to tackle the situation, several experts have suggested that regular exercise could be an effective solution to prevent such chronic diseases.

    You could prevent or reverse chronic disorders like heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, cancer, etc., by doing regular exercise. You should start doing aerobic exercises to avoid heart problems in the future.

    Moreover, studies show that not performing exercises could speed up the loss of cardiovascular strength, promote high cholesterol or high blood pressure, and eventually lead to conditions like heart attacks.

    Some strength-building exercises are also helpful to keep joints healthy and balance the glucose level of type 2 diabetes patients.

  8. Exercise Helps You Stay Happy

    It is assumed that doing exercises daily could help you fight anxiety and depression effectively.

    Moreover, several surveys and studies have reported that people doing regular exercises, irrespective of intensity, stay happier than those who don’t.

    When you exercise, your body releases some neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, etc., which enhances the sense of goodness, proves research.

    Exercise also suppresses the hormonal activity of some hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, responsible for stress and depression.

  9. Exercise Improves Sleep Quality

    You might be struggling to get sound sleep due to a heavy schedule or struggling to fall asleep after lying on the bed. This situation could be tackled by exercising daily for at least 30 minutes.

    For good sleep, you should do moderate to vigorous exercises every day. Moreover, exercise could also reduce the time taken to fall asleep.

    Hence, optimal use of nighttime to sleep. Another advantage of physical activity is it could reduce your daytime sleepiness to a greater extent.

    If you are under sleep medications, exercising daily would erase the need for such medications. People struggling with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) found doing exercise the best remedy for the issue.

  10. Exercise Offers A Better Sex Life

    Regular physical activity positively affects every function of the body. Hence, exercising daily might have a direct or indirect impact on your sex life too.

    Exercising daily reduces different stress in life and keeps the mood fresh. Moreover, with regular physical activity, your body will release a natural pain reliever chemical called endorphins making you feel happy.

    A good mood could be a driving factor for better sex life. Moderate to vigorous physical activity increases the blood flow to every part of the body.

    The increased blood flow increases sensations and more frequent and intense orgasms. In males, exercising daily could help minimize the risk of erectile dysfunction.

  11. Exercise Boosts Your Self-Esteem

    People often struggle to gather self-confidence due to failures and stress. But, with regular exercise, you could gain your self-confidence back and boost your self-esteem.

    Regular physical activity could be an effective way to fight against negative moods to elevate low self-esteem. Moreover, exercise could be beneficial in reducing stress to a greater extent.

    Routinely exercising could be a bigger target for you, but doing it regularly could feel like a sense of accomplishment.

    Moreover, by setting new goals and achieving them regularly, you could quickly boost your self-esteem.

  12. Exercise Helps To Control Addiction

    Addiction to drugs and other harmful substances is alarming among many youths worldwide. Currently, rehabilitation centers are working hard to control the addiction of these youths.

    But, somehow, the medications and rehabilitation fail to cure the addiction completely. Here, exercise could have a role in controlling people’s addiction as exercising releases feel-good chemicals like serotonin and dopamine.

    Exercising could help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, which are common symptoms during recovery. Moreover, exercising could help you to stay distracted from the drugs.

    If you exercise daily during rehabilitation, you will connect with new people; hence, you will move away from the trigger points.

    Another advantage of exercise is it keeps the mind stable and helps to think clearly, reducing the chances of relapse.


It’s hard for a beginner to start exercising vigorously from day one. It would be best if you start doing exercise daily with the highest determination and discipline.

Moreover, begin slowly with light exercises to fit exercise into your daily routine. By planning things, you can quickly start exercising regularly and enjoy the benefits of regular physical activity.

If you are a busy person and do not have time to exercise, there are other ways by which you can lose weight without hitting the gym or exercising regularly.