Andro 400 Review: Could This Really Support Your Testosterone Levels?

In this Andro 400 review, you will be able to find all the important specifications about this substance. At the same time, I have also added a consumer’s experience story.

In the experience story, you would be able to find why circumstances lead him to start the consumption of Andro 400. Also, the latter part of this Andro 400 review illustrates his experience results as well.

Having said all that, you might want to note that this write-up has already been reviewed by our health professional and post that it has been published.


What Is Andro 400?

Andro400The makers of Andro 400 claim that this product could help you in maintaining the appropriate levels of testosterone in your body.

It could also support boosting your energy and may as well help your body in melting the stubborn belly fat.

They say it may lighten up your mood and improve your memory. The product could help you to maintain your physical and mental health while aging. It may strengthen the body as well.

The official website also mentions that Andro 400 could enhance your athletic performance and may as well help revamp your libido without causing any severe side effects in your body as observed in many users, claims the manufacturers.

According to the manufacturers, Andro 400 is prepared with natural ingredients that may help you safely and efficiently restore the testosterone level in the body. 

They say it could naturally boost the testosterone in your body which may help you in improving the functioning of your body while maintaining the blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

As per the claims made by the manufacturer, Andro 400 could also help your body decrease the chances of cardiovascular issues and bone-related diseases like Osteoporosis by maintaining the T level in your body as you age.

Osteoporosis symptoms are discussed here.

How Does Andro 400 Work?

Testosterone is a hormone that could be referred to as the “Hormone of Youth” in the male body. It tries to play a vital role in balancing the mental and physical health of males while it also induces libido.

The makers of Andro 400 claim that it could help men in reviving the testosterone level in their body which could, in turn, increase their energy levels and enhance their physical performance.

The official website claims that it is prepared with the herbal ingredient Eurycoma Longifolia which could help you in restoring the level of testosterone in your body without causing any damage to your health.

According to the manufacturers, the regular consumption of Andro 400 could also help you in melting the excessive and stubborn fat on your body by blocking the enzyme ( more info about enzyme ) that increases the fat uptake of the body.

It could allow you to eliminate all the unnecessary fat from your body effectively and may also help you in preventing the addition of further pounds to your weight.

The most common effect of aging on the body is the steady decline in bone density. This ingredient may help you in preventing the loss of calcium from the bones, hence could increase and maintain the bone density in your body.

As you age, the T level decrease may prompt high blood pressure ( CDC on high BP ), heart disease, depression, fatigue, declining libido, and an unending list of such issues. Andro 400 could help in overcoming these challenges with its effective formula, affirms its makers.

Ingredient In Andro 400

  • Eurycoma longifolia

    This only ingredient in Andro 400 could help you in improving your testosterone levels while maintaining overall health and body functions. It may help you in increasing your libido and bone density too.

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Why Did I Choose Andro 400?

After my parents, my Uncle is the closest person to me, he is both, a friend and a guardian to me. In the past few years due to Covid-19, my Uncle mostly stayed indoors.

This affected his mental and physical health. He is in his early 40s but he seemed twice his age and developed a lot of problems like high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

Before the Covid lockdown, he used to walk for 9-10 miles followed by Yoga to maintain his health and physique. Previously, it was difficult for me to compete with his energy level but now, he mostly stayed dull and tired.

This became a serious concern for me and I began reading articles regarding diet and products that might help my Uncle to become his old being.

While reading one such article, I learned that as males age, the testosterone level in the body starts decreasing which is the main reason behind problems like a spike in blood pressure, greater chances of heart disease, and osteoporosis.

It is said that most males experience a decline in their sex drive, increase in their weight, low energy level, quick exhaustion due to the low T level in the body.

I read that proper diet and care may help in overcoming these problems. I came across Andro 400 in one of these articles. The article stated that this product is prepared from a natural ingredient.

It stated that it helps in restoring the testosterone level in males and is safe to use. The site mentioned that this product has numerous happy users who were able to revive their lives with its usage.

I logged on to the official website of Andro 400 and thoroughly read about the product. Many active users had posted their effective results with their before and after pictures on the website.

This product gave me hope that I might be able to revive the mental and physical health of my Uncle.

My Uncle's Journey With Andro 400

I discussed the product with my Uncle and convinced him to try it once. I promised him not to force him to further use the product if it did not show any positive results.

He was happy to know that I care for him and also agreed to use the product. I ordered a bottle of Andro 400 for him and also prepared a diet chart for him. He decided that he would resume his exercise regime.

Initially, the product showed no significant changes but my Uncle said that he did not feel dull and tired like before. He followed the usage of the product regularly with his meals and exercises.

Slowly, he noticed a few changes like elevated energy and stamina in his body. He told me that he could now perform Yoga for almost an hour and has reduced a little weight too.

My Aunt told me that my Uncle did not look dull and exhausted anymore and he has also started going for walks with her. I was happy to hear such positive changes in my Uncle.

I visited him to ask him if I should reorder the product but I noticed that my Uncle has gone partly bald. I asked him about it and he told me he started experiencing hair loss after using the product for a few weeks.

He did not look very pleased and said that there were little improvements in his body but no effects were long-lasting. Apart from frequent hair loss, he also felt occasional insomnia and anxiety.

He said that even after following the proper dosage of the product he could not get the desired results from this product. It was a bit strange to me that the product was not as effective as it was claimed to be by its makers.

He mentioned that recently he has been experiencing improper bowel movements and frequent throw-ups which caused a lot of restlessness in his body. This also raised a concern what if this product has caused any internal damage to my Uncle’s health.

I immediately headed to the doctor’s clinic with him and the doctor ordered a few tests. As the results came in the doctor confirmed that there were no signs of any internal damage.

My Uncle told the doctor about his usage and experience of Andro 400. The doctor suggested he must quit using such a product which is causing so many problems to him and might also cause severe problems in the future.

Listening to all the problems my Uncle underwent because of me, I felt bad for my Uncle and apologized to him for suggesting such a product that harmed his health so much.

My Uncle's Dosage Of Andro 400

One bottle of Andro 400 consists of 60 capsules and gives you 30 servings.

My Uncle took 2 capsules per day with water. 1 in the morning before his yoga and 1 in the evening before his walks. My Uncle followed this dosage as stated on the label of the bottle.

He preferred taking Andro 400 on his non-workout days also to maintain the effectiveness. He followed a nutritious diet and performed Yoga to maximize his results.

My Uncle stopped using the product when our doctor advised him to. As it did not give him any results instead caused upsetting symptoms.

Side Effects Of Andro 400

Andro 400 was not as effective as the makers of the product had claimed it to be. It had more negative impacts on my Uncle’s health instead of positive effects.

Mentioned below are a few side effects that my Uncle had experienced during his usage of Andro 400. 

  • Baldness

    My Uncle told me that there were hairs on his pillows, showers, and everywhere. Everyone in our family has a good growth of hair and voluminous hair so did my Uncle. But, he had gone partly bald which also reduced his confidence.

  • Anxiety

    After a few weeks of using the product, he started feeling anxious once he took the capsule. He said that sometimes his heart raced really fast and at that point, he feels like he might get an attack, and most of the time he was worried unnecessarily. 

  • Insomnia

    The frequent feeling of anxiety sometimes resulted in staying up and not being able to have a sound sleep. Insomnia also affected his chores of the following day and made him feel tired.

  • Upset Stomach

    He told the doctor that there were days when he had no bowel movements and on some days he had frequent bowel movements. He also vomited twice or thrice a day in the past few days.

  • Restlessness

    The anxiety, insomnia, and upset stomach added to his restlessness. He was deprived of sound sleep that did not give his body enough rest so he was easily exhausted.

Andro 400 Alternative

The doctor said that not all the products available on the internet are safe for consumption. We should have consulted him before using this product. He then suggested my uncle needs to add some of the testosterone-boosting foods into his diet.

Also, he suggested that my Uncle should also add ashwagandha to his diet on every alternate day along with the usage of TestoPrime on daily basis.

He said that TestoPrime is manufactured in the FDA-approved and GMP-certified assembly. He also mentioned that according to the manufacturer, the product is prepared with all the clinically evaluated ingredients that would target the roots of low T level and improve the existing testosterone level.

He said that the product is tested, safe, and does not cause any negative impacts on the body in most cases. According to him, he too uses it to maintain his mental and physical health. It helps him in overcoming the aging challenges easily and effortlessly.

The doctor affirmed the effective results of TestoPrime by telling me that it might help my Uncle in maintaining his energy, stamina, and may also enhance his sex drive.

Final Words On Andro 400 Review

The official website of Andro 400 made claims of effective results but the product did not prove to be fruitful on my Uncle. My Uncle rather experienced a lot of problems that affected his well-being.

I cannot be more sorry for suggesting this product to him and spoiling his health. I am thankful that this product did not cause any severe damage to my Uncle’s body and he stopped using the product at the right time. 

On the doctor’s advice, my Uncle is using TestoPrime since then and is happy with the results he has gained. It has helped my Uncle in reducing his belly and developing a few muscles too.

Now my uncle exclaims that TestoPrime is definitely one of the best testosterone boosters for him.

He strictly sticks to his diet and eats a balanced and proportionate meal. Now he has also made a habit of regularly performing exercises and going for a walk which has improved his physique.

I am pretty happy along with my aunt who was worried about my uncle’s health since the lockdown began. Having said all that, I feel that my Uncle’s health is on the track of reforming.

My Uncle has decided to continue the usage of TestoPrime to gain better results and maintain his health.