Andarine (S4) Review: Does This SARM Really Worth Taking The Chances?

In this Andarine review, I have added a writeup that was sent to us by one of the consumers of Andarine. According to him, he is an MMA fighter, and hence, when he wanted to improve his physique he thought of taking help from external sources.

This is when he started consuming Andarine. He also talks about the changes that he was able to observe in his body.

Not to miss, the latter part of this Andarine review also contains the results that he was able to observe.


What Is Andarine?

Andarine S-4 is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, commonly known as SARM which is popularly used by bodybuilders and athletes around the globe to enhance their athletic performance.

The users of Andarine say that it one of the best sarms and could help in increasing the muscle power and strength to perform intense workouts for longer hours at a stretch.

They say that this product may support your body during heavy workouts and may as well enhance your exercise output so you might be able to increase your physical performance.

Andarine S-4 might also help you in reducing the extra stubborn fat stored inside your body to give you a ripped and a well-toned physique.

As per a website, Andarine S-4 was developed to treat conditions like osteoporosis, muscle wasting, and benign prostatic hypertrophy, but it was not approved for human use.

But due to its effects on muscle density and performance, athletes and bodybuilders tend to use it for elevating their muscle growth and amplifying their performance during sports and workouts.

Andarine including other SARMs is officially banned by the FDA and the WADA because of its side effects and usage as an unfair means during the on-field performance of athletes.

Though a warning was issued against the sale, purchase. and possession of Andarine S-4 and other SARMs yet all are available in the black market.

How Does Andarine Work?

As mentioned above, Andarine S-4 is a synthetic product known as a SARM, which unlike steroids would target and control only the selective tissues in your body.

It tries to work up the selective androgen binder in the body to bind with the proteins and then direct your tissues to build lean and stronger muscles.

This protein binding may increase the anabolic response and promote the athletic performance of your body while it may also benefit the overall physical performance of your body.

The believers of Andarine S-4 mention that it could instruct your body to increase the density and strength of your bones to help you during resistance training and intense workouts.

Apart from helping in building muscles and enhancing performance, it may also target your fatty tissues and cause a reduction of your body fat that might promote weight loss without hindering the muscles claim the believers.

The users of Andarine S-4 claim that it is a rapid working product and could also provide you a satisfying result after your cutting phase.

Why Did I Choose Andarine?

Let me introduce myself to you. I am an MMA fighter and would like to keep my identity hidden. There was a time when I wanted to increase the size of my muscles when a co-trainee at the gym suggested using Andarine.

He told me that Andarine S-4 has helped him in building quality gains, reducing his recovery period, and enhancing his physical performance during the training.

He added that the product gives quick and effective results and has to be consumed in cycles with a varied number of weeks. Listening to this, I told him that I wouldn’t resort to steroids for growing muscles.

To this, he replied that Andarine is a SARM and it aims at the selective tissues in the body according to your requirements to build muscles or lose weight.

This is a product that could enable the anabolic response of the body and is different from steroids. Just because it helps in gaining muscles does not mean it is a steroid, he asserted.

He affirmed that this product helps him in gaining more strength and increasing his endurance while he practices and performs intense exercises.

He uses the product for his cutting phase and it supports him in sculpting his body in his desired shape. It keeps his energy levels boosting so that he could perform better.

He said that energy is the biggest requirement during our practice and with Andarine S-4 he was not worried that he would underperform.

As per him, using Andarine S-4 has magnified his stamina during the intense workouts and martial arts practice to help him in performing without feeling exhausted.

This is where I would like to add a note that, no matter whatever governments do or the FDA does, there are always bodybuilders and athletes that consume these sorts of products.

At that point, I was also going to join the list.

My Experience With Andarine

Listening to all his benefits from Andarine S-4, I wanted to try it too but I wanted to make sure that I was using the right product. So, I googled Andarie S-4.

The Internet had mixed responses related to Andarine. I read that it was a SARM and had milder side effects when compared to steroids but Andarine including all the SARMs was prohibited by the FDA due to its side effects.

They have also added a number of warnings as well.

Besides the negative reviews and details, there were some positive responses too. I thought that I could use it a little and if I would suspect any side effects, I would give up the usage.

I shared these details with my co-trainee but he said that when taken in supervised dosage nothing could be harmful. He arranged a bottle of Andarine S-4 for me.

He directed me the mild dosage for a cycle of 5 weeks each as I was a first-time user and said that he would slowly increase the dosage according to the response of my body on Andarine. 

I began my dosage and also prepared a balanced diet and exercise routine for myself. Andarine had a dynamic effect on my body. I felt the instant boost of energy.

That day my energy was sky-rocketing and I was able to perform exercises at a faster and longer pace. My stamina is also improved with its regular usage.

At the end of my first cycle, I noticed a few more inches on my muscles and my veins began to pop out. I was also happy with its results in my fat reduction. 

However, I experienced a loss of sleep during my gap before beginning my second cycle. The sleepless nights increased during the second week of my second cycle even though my dosage was still mild.

My muscle growth slowed down during the 3rd week of my second cycle. Hence, my co-trainer suggested switching to a little moderate dosage as according to him my body might have gotten used to the mild dosage.

My strength and endurance were improving with this product. My muscles were growing in the desired shape and size and my physical abilities were improving too.

The only problem was the pain in my stomach and a little bit of yellow-tinted vision. Also, I threw up if I ate anything post my consumption of Andarine.

 My bowel movements came to a dead-end which caused a lot of irritation and also disrupted my schedule of workouts. One day while trying to push my limits in the gym, I fainted.

When I came back to consciousness, I was in a hospital where the doctor told me that I felt unconscious while exercising. I told him that I did not get enough sleep and it affected my energy.

He said that he found traces of Andarine in my blood and took my samples for some bloodwork that suggested damage in my liver as well as my testosterone count is too low for my age.

As per him, these were the common symptoms of consuming Andarine and it is illegal to consume this product as it is banned by the FDA.

At the same he mentioned that it has been banned in Australia as well.

I told him about my tinted vision and lack of sleep, he said that the tinted vision is a symptom of damaged liver. Though the damages caused by Andarine were reversible, my doctor instructed me to quit its usage immediately if I wanted to live.

He prescribed me a few medicines and referred me to a nutritionist who planned out a diet chart for me to help me in quick recovery from all the damages caused by Andarine.

Side Effects Of Using Andarine

I experimented with Andarine on my body to gain muscles and strength but this experiment turned out to be disastrous for me. The initial developments with this product encouraged me to use it further.

Continuing its usage was a mistake and I had to suffer the following side effects of using this product-

  • Liver Toxicity

    I had acute pain in my stomach as I moved or performed exercises which finally resulted in liver toxicity, although the damages were reversible yet it affected my progress in my MMA training.

    Here is one such article.

  • Tinted Yellow Vision

    As told by my doctor, the yellow tint in my vision was a sign of my liver toxicity but I never paid much attention to it. Well, it was cured soon after my medication began.

  • Lower T Count

    The reports stated my testosterone count has gone too down which could have been the possible reason behind my lack of sleep, quick tiredness, and a constant feeling of weakness. 

  • Lack Of Sleep

    Lack of proper sleep affected my energy level and performance the following day. I felt tired but found it very hard to fall asleep and even if I slept, I used to wake up in the middle of the night.

  • Upset Stomach

    Vomiting, constipation, and burning stomachs became normal for me after a few days. I was not able to eat anything nor I was able to perform the exercise.

My Dosage Of Andarine

I consumed Andarine in a cycle of 5 weeks each on a mild dosage and switched to a moderate dosage when it was second week of my second cycle after which I stopped using the product.

Inspite of consuming a healthy diet and working out regularly, Andarine caused severe side effects on my body.

My Alternate Choice

I still feel sorry for myself for increasing my dosage or even trying Andarine even though I read that this product has the potential to cause side effects on the body.

After getting recovered from the side effects of Andarine, I wanted to join back my MMA training but this time I had to start to square one again.

I found it difficult to exercise even for 5 minutes, looking at this my trainer suggested trying AndaLean by BrutalForce. He said that the company is known to make SARMs alternatives with natural ingredients.

This formulation would benefit the user but would not cause the side effects like Andarine. According to him, he too was an active user of AndaLean and has experienced no side effects of this product.

According to him, it will help me in building muscles, gain decent strength, and improve my performance on-field. He shared the link to the official website.

I opened the link, read that this product is a legal and safe alternative to Andarine, and also came across a few reviews posted on its wall. This further encouraged me to buy this product.

As I write this, it has been a few months of using AndaLean and I can say that product has helped me in increasing the size of my muscles. It boosts energy in my body and strengthens my muscles.

My recovery time is also reducing and so is my weight with its regular usage. My performance and endurance ability are improving over time with AndaLean.

Final Words On Andarine Review

Andarine S-4 was benefitting me in the beginning but then it caused severe side effects on my body. I am thankful that I was able to overcome all its side effects.

I have fully recovered from the side effects of Andarine S-4 and presently, I am using AndaLean by BrutalForce to support weight loss while it retains my lean muscles.

AndaLean fulfills the energy requirements of my body and also ensures that my progress in bodybuilding stays intact. The product also allows me to push my limits by reducing my recovery time during the workouts.

My muscles strengthened from within and this helps me in powering up and intensifying my workouts. I am an active user of AndaLean and plan on continuing its usage until I hit my target physique.

My test reports have shown that my body is healthy and there are no signs of side effects due to the consumption of AndaLean to date.