AndaLean Review: Is This Really A Legal Alternate To Andarine (S4)?

In this AndaLean review, a consumer who has been in the bodybuilding field talks about using this substance. Also, they have mentioned the ups and downs that they faced while using AndaLean.

Finally, they reveal the exact results of consuming AndaLean since they consumed the same on a regular basis.

Having said all that, you also might want to note that I have also included a number of essential details about this substance in this AndaLean review.


What Is AndaLean?

Manufactured under BrutalForce, AndaLean is claimed to be the effective, safe, and legal alternative to the SARM known as Andarine S-4 by its makers.

They say it could mimic all the benefits of Andarine S-4 on your body without causing any damage or side effects to your body, as seen in most of its users.

The manufacturers mentioned on the official website that Anda Lean has been prepared with natural ingredients in a facility that is approved by the FDA and certified by the GMP.

They also claim that regular use of AndaLean could help you in boosting your energy level and building stronger muscles as well as melt away all the excess fat stuck to your body.

As per the official website of this product, it may reduce your recovery time during an intense workout session, allowing you to add more reps and sets to your workout.

Also, AndaLean could charge your workout session and help you in breaking through the plateaus of weights and stack heavier weights to build a ripped physique, affirms the maker.

The elevated energy and rapid recovery could help you in strengthening your muscles and the removal of excess fat could help in bringing out the leaner look of your body.

The makers of AndaLean have also stated that the product would benefit both men and women who use it properly with a suitable diet and regular workouts regimen.

How Does AndaLean Work?

AndaLean may be able to naturally enhance your performance like Andarine S-4 due to the presence of ElevATP in this product, claims the maker.

Phosphocreatine (ref) is said to be essential for the body as it may trigger the production of Adenosine Triphosphate. ATP is a natural energy powerhouse for your muscle movement.

The makers claim it could improve your strength and energy by stimulating phosphocreatine synthesis within your muscles which could help in retaining your muscles while reducing the fat from your body.

They say this could sky-rocket your energy levels and increase the strength in your muscles so that you could perform intense workouts with ease.

As per them, the addition of Wild yam root to this product could help in relieving inflammation and might reduce the cramps as well as help in reducing the recovery time.

This might give you the advantage of intensifying, adding hours to your workout sessions to build stronger and quality muscles and amplify your fat loss.

Proper removal of fat might give your body a well-defined physique, pronounced veins, and natural cuts on your shoulders, biceps, and triceps, affirms the manufacturer.

The official website states that the researchers have also included a specific quantity of DHEA a steroid-like hormone present in abundance in the human body that might help you smash through weights without worrying about your DOMS and fatigue.

It also mentions that the presence of all the amino acids in the product could stimulate muscle growth and also balance your hormones production.

Ingredients Used In AndaLean

  • Soy Protein Isolate

    Soy protein isolate in AndaLean could help you in growing and retaining more lean mass and getting rid of the excess fat from the body. 

  • Whey Protein Isolate

    Whey protein isolate is a more processed form of Whey protein that may have higher protein content and lesser carbs, fat, and lactose. Hence, would help you in building new and stronger muscles.

  • Wild Yam Root Extract

    Wild yam is quite popular amongst athletes and bodybuilders as it may reduce inflammation and ease fatigue. It is also called to be a precursor of DHEA and could help in optimizing the hormonal profile.

    More info here.

  • BCAA 2:1:1

    BCAA also called the Branched Chained Amino Acids is a combination of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids could get metabolized in the body and produce more energy in your body.

    More info here.

  • ElevATP

    The ancient peat and apple fruit extract- ElevATP could help increase the production of ATP, support lean muscle growth and strength gains, enhance exercise output, and improve your body’s athletic performance.

Why Did I Choose AndaLean?

I came across AndaLean while I was reading about Andarine S-4. I am into bodybuilding and I keep trying different products that could help me in building a more profound body.

Andarine S-4 is a SARM that stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator that was popularly used by athletes and bodybuilders for enhancing their performance.

According to the believers of Andarine, it is one of the best SARMs. According to them, they felt a number of positive changes in terms of muscle and energy growth.

It is a chemical-based performance enhancer that helped them in building stronger and bulkier muscles while it maximized their energy levels.

WADA banned it as many athletes were found abusing it to enhance their performance and later when several cases of its severe side effects were reported, Andarine S-4 and other SARMs in the market were banned by the FDA.

I read that the makers of AndaLean claimed that it is an alternate to Andarine S-4 and it could give you the same benefits given by Andarine.

I logged onto its official website and on further reading about the product, I found that it was prepared with natural ingredients that could help in building muscles and boosting energy levels.

I wanted to give it a try so I conferred with my trainer. He told me that he uses it too and the product is effective on his body.

He affirmed its safety and said that it has caused him no harm so far but rather has benefitted his bodybuilding in several ways.

According to my trainer, this product helps him in cutting down the excess fat during the cut cycle and maintains his energy level all the time to help him in building muscles.

It also retains his muscles and helps him in powering up his workouts as well as amplifies his exercise outputs. He says he could perform tough workouts at a stretch as the product also reduces his recovery period.

With AndaLean, he has gained the confidence to enhance his resistance training which has helped him in improving his endurance and maximizing his strength.

My trainer’s experience and results with AndaLean further motivated me to try this product and I ended up buying my subscription for it.

My Journey With AndaLean

I have used the bulking stack of BrutalForce that consists of ABulk, SBulk, HBulk, DekaBulk, and DBulk during my bulking phase and have benefitted from these.

Hence, at the back of my mind, I had a belief that AndaLean would benefit me too. I began my dosage of AndaLean as directed by my trainer along with the diet plan and exercise schedule.

My primary purpose for using this product was to get rid of the excess fat stuffed in my muscles that somehow affected my strength and was also not giving my body the shape I desired.

Initially, this product gave a kick-start to my metabolism that helped my body in proper and quick removal of all the waste elements and helped me in overcoming my constipation issues.

AndaLean filled my body with energy and improved the stamina that allows me to perform better during the intense workouts and resistance training.

After a few weeks of consumption, I noticed that my recovery time was reduced, and my muscles were not fatigued and sore for a long time. This helped me in exercising without taking long breaks.

It has been a couple of months of consuming AndaLean regularly and I can say that my energy levels are always intact. I am able to stack my sessions with more weights and focus on building a well-ripped physique.

Well, now my body is getting into the shape, the cuts on my biceps are visible as a lot of fat has reduced but still, there are a few more pounds to go before I hit the target shape. 

Benefits Of Using AndaLean

AndaLean has been a constant support system in building muscles and cutting the excess fat from my body without causing any damage to my body to date.

Following are the benefits I have derived from this product so far-

  • Quality Gains

    AndaLean not only helped in building and maintaining the lean muscle mass but also helped in retaining the muscles while reducing the excess weight.

  • Fat Reduction

    I often experienced disturbances in my metabolism but AndaLean has solved that issue for me and has also helped in getting rid of the excess fat. Since the fat is continuously reducing, my muscles are getting a better look.

  • Maximum Energy

    My body is filled with energy all the time and it helps me in enhancing my stamina to perform better on-field. I can build my body and extend my hours at the gym due to the energy boost that AndaLean gives me.

  • Enhanced Strength

    The reduced recovery time has helped me in strengthening my muscles from within and this has also brought improvements in my endurance ability during the resistance training.

  • Improved Vascularity

    I have gained a better vascular build with AndaLean as it helped my sored muscles and damaged tissues to recover rapidly and gave me the power to exercise for longer hours at a stretch.

My Dosage Of AndaLean

AndaLean is produced in the form of capsules and each container consists of 90 capsules that would give a total of 30 servings if you follow the directions given on the label of the product.

I consume 3 capsules with a glass of water approximately 15-20 minutes before my breakfast on both my workout and non-workout days, as suggested by my trainer.

My trainer follows the same dosage and you may find this dosage on the official website of AndaLean as well.

He also asked me to strictly follow the diet plan and exercise regime to gain better and more effective results from this product.

Final Words On AndaLean Review

I have benefited from AndaLean as I did not lose my muscles while losing the fat and it also keeps my body charged with energy all day long.

There is no more fatigue or soreness and I can pull off all the intense exercises with a lot of ease. This product has caused no adverse side effects like steroids and SARMs.

I am still losing fat but it helps me in maintaining my progress and prevents my body from adding further weight. The continuous consumption of AndaLean has helped me in carving natural cuts on my muscles.

With all these benefits, I have decided to continue its consumption and fulfill my wish to sculpt my body into a well-ripped physique at my pace.