12 Anavar Side Effects That You Must Know About

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is a widely consumed anabolic steroid formulated to treat several medical conditions. But, the supplement gained popularity with time among athletes and bodybuilders.

Now, the Anavar steroid is primarily used for muscle growth and reducing fat. The steroid compound has been beneficial to both men and women.

Hence, it is among a few steroids preferred by women consumers. Anavar consumption up to a limited and prescribed dosage is considered safe.

But, excessive or unregulated consumption may cause several side effects or trigger different medical conditions. Hence, this article will cover all the observed side effects of consuming Anavar.

anavar side effects


List Of Anavar Side Effects

  1. May Suppress Natural Testosterone

    Anavar consumption could be highly beneficial for bulking up quickly. But, besides an advantage, it may suppress your natural testosterone production.

    Prolonged consumption of Anavar may cause impairment of HPTA or hypothalamus pituitary testicular axis resulting in decreased endogenous testosterone levels.

    Generally, such a condition is observed after the completion of the steroid cycle. During the cycle, Anavar mildly suppresses the natural testosterone production, which could be restored after a setback period.

    But, the setback or reversal period may last up to several weeks in some people. Moreover, the HPTA impairment could be recovered by taking certain medicines prescribed by the doctors.

  2. May Excessively Pump Muscles

    Anavar is a bulking steroid that helps increase muscle mass. The steroid may help in increasing the glycogen storage that causes pumped-up muscles.

    But, sometimes, the pumped-up muscles may arise due to excessive fluid retention. Such a muscular body may cause severe pain and discomfort in doing regular tasks.

    Moreover, it may cause pain in the lower back while doing exercises. Hence, you should take several preventive measures to avoid such side effects.

    You may take short breaks during the workout session. Moreover, decreasing carbohydrate intake may reduce fluid retention in the muscles.

  3. May Cause Kidney Problems

    Anavar steroid consumption is considered highly risky for kidney health. Generally, kidneys take up additional pressure to process Anavar than other steroids. Thus, such high pressure results in increased kidney or renal inflammation.

    People consuming Anavar in higher dosage or continuing consumption beyond recommended period may suffer from chronic kidney injuries. Moreover, anabolic steroids cause excessive fluid retention and increase kidney health risk.

    Anavar consumption may increase blood pressure, which would cause damage to the kidney’s blood vessels. The condition may further extend to the death of nephron tubules resulting in reduced fluid filtration in the body.

  4. May Cause Liver Damage

    Anabolic steroids, especially oral steroids, increase the risk of liver damage. Generally, all these steroids are processed by the liver; hence, excessive consumption may cause slow functioning of the liver.

    Anavar is C-17 alpha alkylated (C-17aa) that prevents their breakdown in the liver. Thus, such a condition causes the passage of one Anavar dose twice or thrice through the liver for complete processing.

    Hence, the liver experiences excessive stress resulting in functional damage. Anavar consumers are advised not to consume any hepatotoxic medications or alcohol as it may cause severe inflammation.

    Moreover, anyone with existing liver problems should avoid consuming anabolic steroids like Anavar to prevent complications.

  5. May Cause Imbalance In The Cholesterol Levels

    Anavar consumption may cause an imbalance in the total cholesterol levels in the blood. Moreover, it may create unwanted changes in low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels in the blood.

    Generally, bad cholesterol levels may rise after consuming oral steroids like Anavar as the liver stimulates hepatic lipase. Thus, increased LDL or bad cholesterol concentration may cause clogging, resulting in increased blood pressure and heart diseases.

    People having heart diseases or high cholesterol levels should avoid consuming Anavar. If you prefer consuming Anavar with cholesterol problems, you should go through regular checkups for precaution.

  6. May Cause Virilization Problems

    Virilization could be defined as the development of male characteristics in the female body due to excessive production of androgens. Anavar is a mild anabolic steroid that a female consumer could comfortably adapt.

    But, sometimes, due to excess or prolonged consumption of Anavar, female consumers may experience male-like characteristics.

    Women facing virilization side effects may experience specific changes, including breast shrinkage, deepening of the voice, clitoris enlargement, and increased hair growth.

    Moreover, it may cause hormonal imbalances that would lead to irregular periods. Thus, female consumers should control their Anavar consumption or avoid consuming Anavar beyond the prescribed cycle.

  7. May Cause Oily Skin And Acne

    Skin-related problems due to Anavar consumption are rarely observed in consumers. Moreover, these problems aren’t permanent as they may stop after discontinuing the Anavar cycle.

    Generally, when Anavar consumption causes an increase in estrogen levels, it causes some skin-related problems like irritation, dryness, excess oil secretion, acne, etc.

    Sometimes, Anavar may boost sebum production that clogs the skin pores; thus, clogged pores allow the growth of bacteria that causes inflammation and reddening of the skin.

    On the other hand, acne problems may turn severe in some cases. Hence, these consumers may require medical attention for an immediate cure.

  8. May Cause Nausea

    Nausea is another commonly observed side effect of consuming Anavar steroids. Generally, nausea-like symptoms could be observed for several reasons, including irregular or higher dosage, the strength of the steroid, and insensitivity towards the steroid.

    Sometimes, the symptoms may arise due to a rapid influx or imbalance of certain hormones. Hence, such imbalances may cause disturbance in the brain chemicals resulting in feelings of sickness. But, these side effects are temporary and get resolved on their own.

    Some Anavar consumers have experienced nausea while doing workouts, as Anavar may increase the blood flow to the muscles. But, you may control such side effects by changing the dose or dosage pattern.

  9. May Cause Headache

    Headache is also widely reported by consumers after taking Anavar steroid. The side effect could be experienced after the first week and may last up to a few weeks.

    Generally, the potential cause of headaches after Anavar consumption is dehydration, overheating, or excess workload. But, other reasons for headaches include increased blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

    Increased blood pressure causes the blood vessels in the head to experience additional pressure resulting in headaches. But, you should avoid pain-relieving medicines alongside Anavar to avoid complications.

    You may consult any healthcare specialist if the symptom persists for a longer period.

  10. May Lower Sexual Urge Or Libido

    Anavar, an anabolic steroid, is primarily consumed to boost the body’s testosterone concentration. But, irrespective of its testosterone-boosting ability, Anavar may suppress libido or sexual urge.

    Generally, consuming anabolic steroids may slowly suppress the body’s ability to produce natural testosterone. Moreover, the steroid may interfere with other hormones and minerals responsible for better libido.

    But, the side effects may vary as some consumers have experienced boosted focus and performance in sexual activities.

    Some other possible sexual health problems due to Anavar consumption include impotence, ejaculation problems, reduced sperm quality, etc.

  11. May Impact Mental Health Or Cause Mood Swings

    Anavar consumption may cause mental issues like depression, anxiety, agitation, etc. You may experience these mood swings due to hormonal imbalances or increased hormone concentration.

    Generally, anabolic steroids like Anavar cause a rapid increase in testosterone production; thus, it may increase aggressiveness and irritation in consumers. These behavioral changes may disturb you mentally and impact your relationship with others.

    Sometimes Anavar may disturb an individual’s serotonin-producing ability that may cause uncertain mood swings. In some cases, frequent mood swings may make you feel depressed.

  12. May Get Addicted To The Steroid

    Steroid addiction is a potential side effect of consuming anabolic steroids. People consuming Anavar regularly and getting the desired benefits may get addicted to the drug.

    Generally, the consumer gets mentally and physically addicted to the spectacular results, i.e., increased muscle mass and the desire to retain the body.

    But, steroid-addicted consumers may fail to discontinue their ongoing steroid cycle, which may lead to dependency.

    In some cases, people prefer consuming Anavar excessively or frequently for faster results which causes overdosing. Thus, a higher dosage may cause severe health problems.


Mild anabolic steroids like Anavar are great supplements to boost the body’s overall performance. But, sometimes, these supplements react negatively and cause damage to an individual’s health.

Some of these adverse reactions are temporary, while a few are permanent. Hence, you may go through the side effects mentioned above to understand their severity and possible side effects.