Male Sex Drive: Importance, Superfoods, and More

Men are generally more affectionate towards the sex. On the other hand, women are considered to have more attraction toward romance.

The movie and entertainment industry plays a vital role in building such a perception among people. Is it true? Are men sex-obsessed machines and desperate for some action?

In this article, we will discuss the sexual drive in men. You will get to know how and why men are attracted to sex, most importantly, if this is a fact or a myth.

All the queries will be addressed and answered in this article.


Do Men Think About Sex Always?

There has been this myth in everyone’s mind that men think about sex all the time, making them obsessed with sex.

The funny part is that they have been observed to have thought about food and sleep more than sex, easily busting the myth.

Surprisingly, another revelation has surfaced in the research.

This claims that men think about sex twice as women, which is true since women have been registered to have thought about sex ten times a day, and men did it 19 times a day.

Do Men Masturbate More Often Than Women

Another popular myth claims that men masturbate more often than women on a usual basis.

A study had given specific intel on this claim, where around 68 percent of men claimed to have loved and done masturbation.

At the same time, around 48 percent of women claimed to enjoy and love masturbation. This revelation claims that, yes, men do masturbate more than women.

What is more surprising is the negative response of people to sex. This has been observed as more prominent in women, who are more reluctant towards masturbation than men.

Do Men Have Quicker Orgasm Than Women?

The sexual response cycle has 4 phases that make sex more enjoyable. These 4 phases of the sexual response cycle include,

  • Excitement

    This is the initial phase of sexual pleasure that begins several minutes or hours before a person’s climax, depending on the person.

    In this phase, the body of the person prepares itself for sexual activity. This phase starts with tensing up muscles and an increase in the heartbeat.

    The person is very excited to indulge in sexual intercourse himself/herself in this phase.

  • Plateau

    This is the second stage of sexual pleasure which continues the process cycle by tensing the muscles more and increasing the breathing of the person.

    Here, the muscles of sexual organs in both individuals contract and relax. Men get a boner, and women’s clit opens up.

  • Orgasm

    Orgasm, as the name suggests, is the peak of sexual pleasure or enjoyment where the individual is loving with what is happening to his/her body.

    The feelings come out of the body through the way of orgasms that tells the opposite individual to keep doing what he/she is doing already.

  • Resolution

    Resolution is the climax or the end of sexual pleasure where the body has completely enjoyed the activity until the end and ends with the discharge from the sexual organs. 

Do Gay Men Make Out More Than Lesbians?

This is another myth surfacing the internet where people claim that Gay men have more sex than lesbian.

This myth is as difficult to debunk as the absurdity of the myth.

While sex has different meanings to different individuals, determining the frequency of sex among gay men and lesbians gets ultimately hard.

This myth has surfaced only because of the belief that gay men tend to have more relationships than lesbians. Currently, there is no subsequent way to measure and debunk this theory.

Do Men Prefer Casual Sex More Than Women?

This is another myth created by the entertainment industry. Studies have proven this myth to be a fact and debunked it on the other hand.

Two studies to evaluate this myth showed that men were more interested in indulging in casual sex than women. This experiment was performed in a bar or college campus.

On the other hand, the same test conducted in a safer environment increased the number of women interested in casual sex more than men by a big difference.

This shows that women are more accepting of casual sex in a safer environment than men.

Are Men Less Romantic Than Women?

Studies have depicted that sexual arousal is different for different people. This means that the source of sexual arousal is also added for other individuals.

The world of sex has a lot of norms and taboos that affect the response of a person toward sexual activity itself. This is why different people have different triggers toward arousal.

Hence, it becomes difficult for scientists to determine whether men are less romantic than women.

Sex Drive And Its Relation To Brain

Sex drive is nothing but the feeling of sexual arousal in a person. This is usually related to libido.

Because libido has no measurement norms, sex drive becomes hard to measure itself.

Generally, more libido means more interest in sex or more sex drive and vice versa.

Because sex drive is a feeling, it is generated in the brain. It is usually connected to two parts of the brain.

One is the cerebral cortex, which focuses on your body’s motor and sensory jobs. The other is a limbic system that focuses on the reproduction system of the body.

Both parts do the thinking and planning portion of the reproduction together. Hence, these parts of the brain are responsible for sexual arousal in your body.

Importance Of Testosterone In Sex Drive

Testosterone is a hormone that plays the majority role in sex drive in men. This hormone is produced in the testicles of a human male.

It is responsible for the growth of sexual organs, hair, and other puberty-related functions.

Levels of libido are usually impacted by testosterone in the body. More testosterone in men results in high libido. This further increases the sex drive or interest in sex in men.

On the other hand, lower levels of testosterone in men result in low libido. Hence, resulting in less interest in sex or a lower sex drive.

The testosterone level in a man’s body has an increasing graph where the testosterone levels increase with age and start declining after late teens.

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Decreased Libido

Libido is generally related to sex drive or interest in sex in men. While this is a feeling with a certain graph, it may be decreased in itself sometimes.

Loss of libido is common with growing age, but other factors could affect libido as well.

  • Mental Health

    Stress plays an important role in the loss of libido in men. This is because of the poor mental health of a man due to many reasons.

    Managing stress may help increase your libido and interest in sex. You could take a doctor’s consultation for serious problems as well.

  • Reduced Testosterone

    Low levels of testosterone in your body may also decrease libido. This will further affect your sex drive negatively.

    Luckily, a certain decrease in testosterone could be reversed by exercising and taking action.

  • Diabetes

    Diabetes is a prime problem that may decrease your sex drive.

    Because of the harm that this disease causes to the vascular system, a man could lose the ability to have an erection. This ultimately decreases libido in the body.

  • Fluctuating Blood Pressure Levels

    High blood pressure is also a serious problem that may result in low libido. This is because of the damage it causes to the body’s vascular system.

Superfoods To Boost Male Sex Drive

Consuming a healthy diet could be one of the natural ways for treating erectile dysfunction problems.

Including healthy foods could also boost libido, as libido is very important to have a steamy time with your partner.

A few food items that could help you boost your libido, include oysters which are high in zinc salmon fish which has Omega 3 fatty acids, and nuts like walnuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and hazelnuts.

Apple could help you increase your sex drive while keeping “the doctor away”. Beetroot may also be a good source of vitamins and antioxidants to increase your libido.


Sex is one of the most important aspects of our life. While it is considered an entertainment source, this activity may help your body and your relationship in a lot of ways.

It is important to have a good sex drive. A good sex drive could help you keep your partner and yourself happy. It also improves your relationship and keeps the heat aflame.

Sex drive in men may be high or low depending on the age of the person or any medical conditions discussed above.

Overall, most of the problems related to sex drive could be reversed and give you a happier life. That is why staying healthy is the prime focus of life.