Lemon Grass Tea: Health Benefits And More

Cymbopogon is the scientific name for lemongrass, although it also goes by various names including citronella grass, silky heads, and barbed wire grass. It is mainly found in the South Asian regions. 

It is a perennial herb that can be used fresh, dried, or powdered. In teas, soups, and other foods, it is primarily used as a flavoring agent.

Since the beginning of time, lemongrass has been used as a natural remedy for enhancing sleep, reducing pain, and boosting immunity. The fragrant plant is a component of candles, insect repellent, soaps, and aromatherapy.

Lemongrass, a cooling herb that is fragrant and only very slightly pungent, goes well with both food and beverages.  Warm lemongrass tea contains vitamin C and has a calming effect on the senses; it is known to prevent sniffles.

The aromatic oils in lemongrass leaves can calm the nervous system when inhaled or consumed. Because it helps with metabolism, a lemongrass infusion is also a great detox beverage.

These leaves are not only used for brewing but also flavoring food. In this article, we will be looking at all about lemongrass tea.


What Is Lemongrass Tea?

The tall plant known as Citronella, a member of the grass family, is used to make lemongrass tea.  A cup of tea made from lemongrass is essentially a superfood.

Asian nations continue to flavor their food and beverages with lemongrass leaves. Since the beginning of time, people have been doing this in these nations.

In the aforementioned nations, lemongrass tea is still used as a conventional folk remedy. Lemongrass tea is well known for its health advantages, which include lowering blood pressure, easing digestive problems, and treating several neurological conditions.

Lemongrass tea has antifungal qualities and is a strong source of antioxidants. People have traditionally used it to treat fever and ease the pain.

One of this herb’s essential ingredients, lemongrass oil, is what gives it its widespread use. Regarding applications, lemongrass has been used in almost every industry, from the culinary arts to the cosmetics industry.

Benefits Of Lemongrass Tea

  1. Good For Digestive Health

    Lemongrass tea contains dietary fibers that slow down the digestion of simple carbohydrates, improving intestinal health and balancing metabolism and appetite.

    This greatly improves digestive health, reduces any digestive discomfort, and may even help you lose weight or keep healthy body weight. 

    The body can burn calories more quickly due to a sped-up metabolism after toxins have been removed from it. Additionally, lemongrass tea has been shown to increase insulin resistance, which leads to improved digestion and decreased fat storage.

  1. May Increase Breast Milk Production

    Medical studies demonstrate the advantages of drinking lemongrass tea in boosting breastfeeding production. The plant contains naturally occurring galactagogues.

    This makes it a healthy option for new mothers to increase their breast milk supply. Lemongrass can have other medical complications during the period, so it’s important to get medical advice before using it during or after pregnancy.

  1. Consists Of Antioxidants

    A variety of antioxidants found in lemongrass tea may help your body combat disease-causing free molecules. Three antioxidants to pay attention to include chlorogenic acid, isoorientin, and saponin.

    These antioxidants may help to avoid the dysfunction of coronary artery cells. Due to its high antioxidant content, lemongrass tea aids in internal cleansing and detoxification.

  1. May Help In Weight Loss

    People who are interested in health are aware of how lemongrass tea can speed up metabolism, detoxify the body, and help people lose weight.

    It is a natural diuretic, lemongrass aids in the removal of excess water and waste from the body, which speeds up the process of losing weight.

    Lemongrass also aids in reducing your daily calorie intake because it is a tasty substitute for calorie-dense sweetened beverages.

  1. May Ehance Immunity

    Lemongrass extracts may assist cytokines, the signaling molecules that communicate danger and cause the body to respond, in their inflammatory functions. 

    The body’s immune system is also known to be supported by lemongrass tea. When infections are spreading widely, lemongrass tea can help by boosting immunity and bolstering the body’s defenses.

  1. May Reduce PMS Symptoms

    For some women, premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, can be quite uncomfortable. Lemongrass tea reduces body heat to calm the stomach and, due to its diuretic properties, also aids in reducing bloating.

    It also manages hot flashes, which are typical of PMS and menopause. Lemongrass tea also helps the body cool down.

Ptoential Side Effects Of Lemongrass Tea

Everything remarkable regarding the health advantages of lemongrass tea has been explored. It’s important to confront the beverage’s adverse effects, which also include fatigue, increased drowsiness, dry lips, and frequent urine.

Through topical treatment, people who are allergic to the plant may also experience rashes, itching, difficulty breathing, and a quick heartbeat. 

In addition, because of its potential to affect blood pressure, it’s crucial to only consume it in moderation. This is because when taken in excess, it can result in significant increases in diastolic pressure.

Additionally, if you take prescription diuretics, have an irregular heartbeat, or have low potassium levels, it is best to completely avoid it. 

It is also very important to note that herbal tea consumption during pregnancy is generally discouraged by physicians, nurses, midwives, and other medical professionals. There is a chance that some types will result in complications.


Lemongrass tea is a veritable treasure trove of nutrients that can lengthen life. In the long run, it can offer a wide range of advantages, including improved heart health and a decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases, controlled blood sugar levels, and a decreased risk of kidney stones.

You may be less likely to develop brain disease and other degenerative diseases if you have anti-inflammatory effects. It can lessen the risk of cancer due to its flavonoids. It inhibits the development of cancer cells and might be effective against some varieties of the disease.

Infections, allergic reactions, migraines, and even inflamed gums can all be treated with lemon tea. You will get many excellent health benefits with lemongrass tea. 

The Food and Development Authority states that lemongrass is safe to consume and has no overt negative effects. It is best to avoid this herb if you are pregnant because it can cause menstrual flow.

Make sure you pick up some lemongrass leaves, tea bags, extracts, or powder the next time you’re at the grocery store to create the ideal brew.