Active PK Review: Is It A Scam In The Making?

In this Active PK review, you will be able to find the sequence of events when it comes to consumption. My uncle consumed Active PK, and he shares his experience, he also makes us aware with the help of this review of what exactly led him to choose this supplement.

At the same time, the latter part of this Active PK review will describe all the results he could attain when consuming Active PK. Not to miss, all the other basic details have also been added about Active PK.


What Is Active PK?

active-pkAccording to the manufacturers, Active PK is formulated to help its users maintain their weight significantly. In addition, per the makers, Active PK also helps reduce food cravings, which could help you get a slimmer waistline.

They also mentioned the product’s effectiveness in enhancing the body’s metabolism. In addition, the makers asserted that constant usage of Active PK could increase your energy level and reduce your abdominal fat.

As per the information on the website, Active PK is a purely vegetarian product, and hence with its natural and effective ingredients, it improves the body’s overall functioning.

The manufacturers also claim that Active PK can help to reduce fatigue by boosting vigor. Further, they also added this product’s efficacy in enhancing cognitive function.

They boasted about Active PK’s ingredient quality. The official website claim that Active PK is caffeine-free, dairy-free, and contains no additional synthetic substances.

How Does It Work?

According to the information on the official site, this product contains organic compounds that might help activate the AMPK ( AMP-activated protein kinase) enzyme. Its activation could result in enhanced bodily function.

According to a study, AMPK could be effective in reducing inflammation and many other abnormalities. As per the makers, with AMPK activation, your body could have significant weight loss as it supports weight management.

Makers asserted that Gnostemma Pentaphyllum and Berberine promote AMPK activation in the body along with providing other health benefits to the body.

The official website claims that the product could also help balance your energy level as this enzyme regulates the body’s metabolism and better nutrient absorption, further resulting in elevated body energy.

They also mentioned that natural extracts present in this product could help induce satiety. Hence, it reduces food cravings and promotes better appetite control. Further, makers also affirm that using Active PK could train their bodies to stop storing the additional fat.

Not to miss, along with this restriction in storage, the fat that is already stored is converted to a clean and usable energy source.

Ingredients Of Active PK

The following are three main ingredients that are present in Active PK. Rice flour, Hypromellose, and Vegetable stearic acid are also included in this product.

  • Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Leaf Extract

    Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Leaf Extract is an organic compound that is included in this product. It is quite effective in improving many bodily functions.

    A study shows that Gynostemma Pentaphyllum could help to maintain the body’s sugar level. It could also be beneficial in controlling stress and anxiety problems and enhancing memory.

    It may support a healthy immune system and also it could contribute to maintaining better liver functions.

  • Quercetin Dihydrate

    It is one of the potent ingredients that is included in Active PK. It might be helpful for cancer patients. It is an antioxidant and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

    According to a study, it could reduce skin redness, and itching and helps maintain better skin health. It could be effective in controlling sugar levels in the body along with preventing the body from chronic heart diseases.

  • Berberine HCL

    This ingredient is also included in Active PK which might be helpful in weight management. Berberine HCL could also be effective in lowering cholesterol levels and it may improve the metabolism of the body. It could also reduce excessive sugar levels and strengthen the heartbeat.

Knowing Active PK

My uncle is in his late 60’s. He used to be a fit and active person in his early days, but aging reduced his strength and stamina. In addition, he is a diabetic patient who used to suffer from fatigue and weakness issues more often.

I still remember that day when he visited my home to see me. He shared his life and work experiences with me and mentioned his poor health. But there was more to it.

He further added that he had excessive fat around his stomach, which was quite uncomfortable for him. He wanted to get rid of it and be as fit and active as earlier. So I asked him to try exercises for physical fitness and yoga for agility and mental peace.

He told me he could not do that because of fatigue and poor energy levels. Also, he added that he had tried once but could not continue it because of body aches and joint pain.

After that, he showed me the product link his friend shared on his mobile phone. He told me his friend read about Active PK in an advertisement and suggested that my uncle try this out, as Active PK might help his body with his issues.

Hearing all these things rang bells in my mind as the product looked shady. But my uncle told me that, he has already read and researched about its natural ingredient. He was impressed by its effective ingredients, which could ease the weight management process and improve energy levels.

He mentioned that he had been looking for something like this only for soo long. After that, he added that he had already ordered it from the product’s official website. I asked him to check the reviews and other things properly before trying it out because I was a little doubtful about it.

He told me he was confident about Active PK and this product would work for him. Also, he asserted it has a unique formula that might not affect his health so he will try it.

Consumption Experience With Active PK

My uncle ordered this product from the official website, as I mentioned. He was excited to use this product as he wanted to get back in shape and relive that vibrant life.

I was at his place when he received the order. Finally, he was all ready to try it out. So he started the consumption of Active PK the next day. Initially, he expected a massive change in his body, but it didn’t happen. Still, he continued with the proper dosage.

After a few more days, he told me that he started feeling lighter as his food craving and irrational eating patterns declined. With reduced appetite, he was also feeling active.

He also mentioned that his stamina and endurance were also enhanced. He was able to try different exercises at home.

My uncle started getting up early as his energy levels improved. He told me that, with daily consumption, he could also manage to do all his house chores without experiencing fatigue.

He used to feel active throughout the day, so he continued the product consumption for a few weeks. But slowly and gradually, he started feeling low and lethargic often.

Initially, he thought it might be happening because he was doing too many things at once. So he reduced some work, but nothing worked. Instead, anxiety and stress started troubling him.

He also used to get jitters while going to sleep, and he mentioned that he could not focus on things as his thinking capacity was slowing down. With each passing, his condition started deteriorating.

After a few weeks, he started having difficulty with bowel movements. In addition, he used to get constipated more frequently. Sometimes he could also not sleep the whole night due to extreme stress and anxiety.

He gave up on exercises as he’s unable to do them more because of the enhanced joint pain and body ache. He was not able to decide whether he should go for a check-up or not.

He told me about it. I asked him to immediately consult the doctor because if these problems get elevated, they could become more fatal. So he decided to go for a checkup, and I accompanied him.

The doctor enquired about his health. He told the doctor about the Active PK consumption. He mentioned all his health issues, from anxiety to skin rashes.

The doctor immediately didn’t disclose something precise, but after the diagnosis, he concluded that his sugar level was excessively high and other health issues were associated with it.

The doctor at the hospital told him to focus on consuming healthy foods and reducing the consumption of sugary products. He also advised my uncle to stop the consumption of Active PK, as it might exaggerate his health issues.

At the hospital, the doctor further added my uncle should completely stop the Active PK consumption as it could be more dangerous at this age. Then he decided never to consume any product before getting proper prior knowledge.

Side Effects Of Active PK

  • Constipation

    Initially, it was good, his metabolism was improved but after consuming this product for a few weeks, he started having constipation issues, which affected his overall health.

  • Insomnia

    He told about his sleeping disorders, he mentioned that with stress and anxiety, he was unable to sleep properly. He often used to get up in the middle of the night, and thus it was difficult for him to sleep again.

  • Enhanced craving

    Initial days were better as he mentioned that his appetite was reduced and used to feel a bit lighter but eventually his craving enhanced and hence his weight was again enhanced.

  • Anxiety

    With the regular consumption of this product, he experienced severe anxiety issues, which further disturbed his sleeping patterns.

  • Joint Pain

    After consuming this product for a few weeks, his joint pain increased, and thus, he discontinued his exercises and did a reduction in work also.

  • Rashes on skin

    My uncle had red rashes on his skin after consuming it for a few weeks. It was itchy and uncomfortable for him.

  • Fatigue

    Initially, his fatigue was reduced but with regular consumption of this product, he used to feel lethargic and had low energy levels.

Dosage Of Active PK

One bottle of Active PK contains 30 capsules. According to the information available on the website, one can consume two capsules a day. My uncle consumed one capsule in the morning after breakfast and one after dinner.

He maintained the proper dosage but discontinued it after getting its adverse effects.

Alternative Choice

Initially, it was tough for my uncle to recover faster from Active PK side effects; not only his excessive weight was troubling him but also, with his high sugar levels, he was unable to improve his overall health.

He was distressed and apprehensive; he asked me what he could do to make a speedy recovery. I told him that, as he could not perform high-intensity exercises, he should focus on low-intensity exercises.

I also mentioned that he should improve his diet and manage his meal plan following his diabetes. So he decided to do the same. He included fruit and green vegetables in his diet.

Besides increasing protein-rich food items, he also minimized dairy consumption. As a result, he was able to reduce his sugar levels.

But as far as his weight is concerned, there were no significant changes. However, he didn’t give up at that point; he decided to use something effective. I discussed my uncle’s health issues with my friend.

He told me his mother was also in the same state last year. My friend further told me his mother improved her health by changing her lifestyle, including PhenQ.

He mentioned that PhenQ supported his mother in improving her overall health. He shared the details of the product with me. Again, I was not convinced about it, so I researched from my end.

I read about its natural and effective ingredients, but I need to be double sure so that it won’t affect my uncle’s health. I read the positive response and discussed it with my uncle.

I suggested my uncle try this product. Initially, he was anxious, but after listening to me,  he told me to order the product. After receiving the order, he decided to consume it the next day.

He began with the regular consumption of PhenQ. As good things take time, Phen Q was not much effective initially, but gradually, it started showing its positive impact.

My uncle started mentioning his increased energy level; he told me that his metabolism improved, and he also said that he saw noticeable fat loss, especially around his stomach area.

With constant usage, he could reduce his belly fat, and his sugar level also becomes normal. It’s been a few months now, and he did experience any of its side effects. He finally decided to go with PhenQ in the future without compromising his healthy regime.

Final Verdict

My uncle was quite happy with PhenQ usage. He has also decided to continue it in the long run, along with maintaining his diabetes with appropriate food consumption and a healthy regime.

Active PK  deteriorated his overall health. However, he is glad that he chose PhenQ and thanks me every time for recommending this to him at the right time.

It not only supported his weight loss journey but also helped him in improving his overall health.